Beyond the Cusp

January 14, 2021

Just Waiting for All That Healing

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President Biden has stated that he will be a President who heals the nation. At the same time, he has refused to even attempt to temper Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in her rageful drive to impeach President Trump for a second time. Meanwhile, there are Republicans looking to an impeachment of President Trump as their means of ridding the party of Trump and his MAGA Movement and all its supporters going forward, once and for all. The alienation of everything Trump, by cauterizing after surgically removing the MAGA disease from their more ordered society and their elitist Republican Party, in order to be rid of the stench of the little people, will return establishment Republicans to their former positions as the permanent minority. There actually might be one bright spot in all of the recent events, despised actions and other developments; we are finally seeing something with bipartisan support, the end of the Trump era and permanently shutting it off from the levers of power forever. President Trump has come out and condemned the storming of the Capital Building calling for those perpetrators to be held responsible for their acts to the full extent of the law. He has promised an orderly and peaceful transfer of power, but nothing he does will call off the mobs out for his blood, and nothing less.

What will the far future of mid-February 2021 bring and where will this madness lead? The one item that is obvious, President Trump is almost as popular with the Republican country club elites as was Republican candidate for the 1964 Presidential elections, Barry Goldwater. They were successful in sabotaging his candidacy through starving him of funding and other forms of passive resistance to this imposter representing their party. Should the Republican party elites and leadership turn on President Trump and go so far as to allow him to be convicted with their blessings when Miss Nancy’s Impeachment reaches trial in the Senate, it could easily be the end of the party for at least a decade. Some have even called for the Senate to also take a snap vote as soon as the Impeachment papers are presented to their presumably deliberative body. The effort is to exorcise President Trump from the national memory, something which will only serve to embolden him to possibly support the formation of a MAGA party hoping to attract disenfranchised Democrats as well as their wing of the Republican party. Would a MAGA party have any future, as they would be required to gain ballot access in each state individually? Trust us when we state that ballot access is very difficult and that there are numerous pitfalls which could derail their efforts. One is that they can bet that their signatures will be examined to the point of erasing the ink and many will not be accepted as the definition of the inspector job will be the ability to critically discount any signature in order to thwart Trump and the MAGA Movement. From this point, the only course will be to petition the courts for relief, like they would ever entertain such a motion. If the establishment Republicans reject Trump and the MAGA Movement, then we can fully expect them to revert to their former, swamp infected selves. This is how a nation tears itself apart and its freedoms die, one group at a time until nothing remains.

Beyond the Cusp

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