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January 15, 2021

Are You Tired of Politics Now?

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Have you, like us, reached near the end of your rope about almost everything politics? We are finding it difficult to write anything additional about the just completed 2020 elections in the United States. Impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has or had lost all connections with reality while also becoming incapable of thinking logically or being pertinent to the actual desires of half the voting population. Most that we have spoken with simply prefer that President Trump simply be permitted to leave office as scheduled and then simply leave him in peace. Just for clarity, we said in peace, not impeach. We understand that there are quite a few who also favor Impeaching President Trump to prevent him potentially of ever seeking elected office again. This shows a level of paranoia, fear, hate, spite and vengeance beyond the levels allowing for clear thought and deletes one’s ability to realize consequences for their spiteful actions. We pity Speaker Pelosi hoping she can soon find some solace when the Bidens move into the White House. Unfortunately, Miss Nancy and many of her fellow Democrats are not going to take solace until they have politically, financially and in as many other areas as they can, pressured and ruined Trump hounding him into the poorhouse or, better yet, the hoosegow.

Pelosi Spitefully Tears-Up Trump State of the Union Speech

The second round and record-setting Impeachment of Donald Trump with the trial likely to be held after Trump has left office, would set a precedent that any President could be Impeached at any time after leaving office and becoming a citizen. We could Impeach Ulysses S Grant for a second time so as to deny Trump playing the sole martyr to such a witch-hunt. Actually, any elected official could face Impeachment at any point in time even after leaving office, which is against the Constitution and all logic, but who ever claimed politics had to be logical. The effort against Donald Trump will not end with the presumed Impeachment and will hound him and his family for the rest of their lives with the intent of ruining the entirety of the Trump family. They will not stop until their businesses have all been shamed, bankrupted, impoverished, hounded and terrorized by every level of the courts and government and IRS audits reaching back as far as legally possible, if they bother to allow legality to enter this entire charade. Donald Trump and all that were part of his administration must be denied anything normal going forward as they will be made to pay for aiding and abetting anything Trump. If only it might have ended here, but sorrily, no.

There are numerous sources calling for deprogramming those people who supported President Trump. Actually, deprogramming was far kinder than the call to cleanse Trump supporters from society. This call to divide the people into two camps, those who are woke and those who need to be woke. They desire placing those requiring whatever processes are going to be required in order for them to be permitted back into society as a fully woke citizen. There has been little talk of placing these undesirables into camps, and when such is stated, they are warned to be careful with their words for now. But we have heard calls for reprogramming, deprogramming, reeducation, retraining, reinstructed and similar terminology for Trump supporters as the desirable means of attaining the harmonious society these well-meaning people have always envisioned from their ivory towers or in their dreams where everything works as they expect, not necessarily proven by track records of such systems in the real world. True, as I have been advised and reminded, there has been no mention of this harming the diversity of the resultant society as range of political thought is not one of the chosen integral parts of a diverse society as singularity in thoughts is their preferred world model which promises harmony. Truth be told, their harmonious world would be achieved should their brainwashing work to make all compliant, quiet, content, submissive and obedient all while eventually learning to love Big Brother and hate Trump, the new target for the daily two minutes of hate.

The unfortunate item all too many are desirous of is actually reeducating all of the population which does not fully and enthusiastically support everything in the Green New Deal and the Bernie-Biden Agreement, the first actual legislation and the second a rumored piece which presumably inspired the Democrat Platform and what incoming President Biden has promised Bernie Sanders and the Squad in order to gain their active support, support which proved quite valuable. Perhaps that will be the biggest problem for the Biden administration and the Democrats going forward, satisfying all the disparate branches of the party. There will be infighting and squabbling over priorities and demands made for specific positions from which individual groups can press their agenda. The fact that there are plans to have at least twenty-thousand National Guard fully armed troops providing some additional security in the nation’s capital in addition to the entirety provided by numerous police departments plus everything performed by the Secret Service, this Inauguration is being made airtight as well as well-attended just counting the security personnel. Things are going to become interesting, which is good for us.

Beyond the Cusp

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