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January 17, 2021

Long Road to Unity for America

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Incoming President Biden has promised to bring America together again once more forming the ideal of a United States of America with her people united going forward. This has been one of the competing stories in the media being played as the best possible solution for healing the nation after the raucous riot and storming of the Capitol Building during the rally held by outgoing President Trump to protest the presumed stealing of the election. The rioting and violence we witnessed this past summer has been relegated to the old news cycle and thus out of thought and mind, at least as far as the mainstream media is concerned. The numerous protests and riots which are now old news may be referred to as the preferred means of protest where people are free to express themselves in approved and appropriate manner. But how is the United States going to unite after being so deeply fractured and what will need deconstructing in order to facilitate a complete healing?

There are troubling signs being revealed as some vital turning incidents of the past year are being revealed not to be as reported. We were told that police were murdering unarmed black men at such a rate that they could be said to be hunting unarmed black men. We have since seen revealed that, “Hands up don’t shoot,” never happened and the perpetrator had fought with the policeman who shot the unarmed black man as he was charging to attack the policeman. We now know that the unarmed black man who was simply reaching into his car to peaceably leave the area was disobeying police orders, had outstanding warrants for domestic violence and other crimes and had reached for his knife in the front seat when the police reacted. Time after time the final reports about the vast majority of police shootings contradict the media narrative and instead revealed that the police acted as per department policies and were involved in the legal defense of the officer and not cold-blooded murders as reported. With this information reported and now known, the media story going forward has remained largely unchanged claiming that those who contradict the media lines defining their leftist view of events going forward will be required to meet and understand the new reality as defined by the left.

We fear that the upcoming new war on terror will not be centered in the Middle East but rather within the lines of political beliefs in the United States. The focus will be almost totally on those domestic terrorists such as those who stormed the Capitol but not those who attempted to storm the White House this past summer. There are approved political beliefs which may protest and riot as long as these actions can be used to hammer conservatives. People have recently started to call for making lists of those who worked in the Trump administration and barring them from employment or giving presentations, such as has occurred at Harvard. Congresscritters are calling for Impeaching leading conservatives in Congress as they had to have assisted in inciting the storming of the Capitol. One can only wonder whether and when the storming of the Capitol, the most anemic coup attempt ever committed, will replace the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. There are calls for reeducation of Trump voters and supporters removing them from the body public until they prove to be healthy in their thoughts and politics before being readmitted to society. Conservatives are soon to be in season for receiving the full treatment called for by the far left which will hold undue influence upon President Biden administration.

These ideas are toxic to any free society. Should the ideas for cleansing the American body politic of Trump supporters, code for conservatives, be followed up upon by the Biden administration, we may soon be witness to the fall of another presumed Super Power. True, like Rome, the United States will remain militarily powerful just as Russia remains powerful. Any nation with nuclear arms sufficient to completely reset the existence of humankind is by default powerful. In the world today, power is economic as a strong economy is necessary to retain military power. China is attempting to corner markets and become the leading world economic nation supplanting the United States. China is but as long as it takes to build, train, arm and launch additional aircraft carriers to approach parity with the United States. Where Trump opposed China at every turn, Biden and the Democrats have announced their intentions for working with China assisting their rise claiming that a stronger China is good for America. Apparently, they think supporting Chinese development, while leaving them free from meeting climate policy pollution reductions, such as the Paris Accords, building coal-fired-plant one after another, while allowing such treaties to handcuff American manufacturing is desirable. Add other ideas and positions being taken and announced by Biden and top Democrats including open borders, illegal immigrants given path to citizenship, higher taxes by rolling back the Trump tax cuts, additional regulations as well as numerous Orwellian concepts in order to silence and retrain any who dare oppose their agenda. There has been at least one call for taking the children of all Trump voters allowing them to be brought up in a home of peace and true thought instead of being raised by those violent revolutionary subversives who almost ruined the nation over the last four years. Whether what is coming in America most closely resembles “1984” or “Brave New World” or some twisted combination of both, this would mean the end of America as we knew her. What makes this situation even more troublesome? The fact that by showing any opposition to the coming Democrat remaking of America has automatically fallen into the category of Trump supporter; so such voices can be ignored and then silenced. America, it was nice to have known you and we will await your return in the future when commonsense becomes more prevalent.

Beyond the Cusp

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