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January 19, 2021

Coming Revolution in America

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There is revolution in the air, or so we are told. This revolution, we are informed, will be manned by those supporters of the Big-Bad-Orange-Man, Donald Trump. These are White Supremacists and other unsavory right-wing extremists and uber-patriot militias. The events of the storming of the Capitol Building revealed the dark side of Trump supporters. We are to be filled with fear that these enemies of American Democracy will attempt to murder President Biden as he is being sworn into office. In order to avert this threat, the Biden Inauguration and transition teams have called up twenty-five-thousand National Guard troops with contingents from every state. We can just feel the warmth and inclusivity, this must be a good thing. But wait, it gets even better. We assume this originated from somewhere within the Biden camp, for the FBI to investigate the National Guard troops starting with and emphasizing white male Trump supporters to make sure all of these troops can be counted on to support the new Biden administration. Pictures from Washington DC show the town I grew up in, way back in ancient history, fenced and walled in and more secured than we remember ever having seen; and we were there for the late 1960’s riots, which came within one block of burning down my father’s shop. We are glad that so much is being invested for the safety of the new President as he attends his virtual swearing in ceremony. We wonder what steps are being taken to intercept the immigrant caravan approaching the southern border and have almost breached the Honduras-Guatemala border with hopes to reach the Guatemala-Mexico border, but at the first border the Honduran and Guatemalan forces proved adequate to prevent their crossing in the thousands, for now.

Guatemalan Soldiers and Police Block Honduran Migrants

If only the border was the sole or even largest of the problems facing the nation. We have detected some troubling messages being thrown around irresponsibly. Amongst the foremost given reason for the unbelievably strict and overbearing lockdown of the Capital City ahead of the Inauguration; fences, riot police in body armor, twenty-four-thousand-armed National Guard forces, FBI background checks seeking out White Supremacists within the National Guard troops, the complete layered shutdown of the Capital Mall and who knows how many more paranoid-schizophrenic security measures have been drawn out and will be executed before the Inauguration. There is also news that numerous states, they seldom if ever that we could catch give an actual number, have called up National Guard forces to guard the state capital from any potential threat of revolution or from riotous groups or individuals, the later being the most likely if anybody is intercepted by any of these Guard Forces in the individual states. The levels of overreaction after the infamous storming of the Capitol Building, even when compared to the reaction this summer to the attempted storming of the White House which, once stopped after they penetrated the initial barriers, were pushed back and out of Lafayette Park while the President and family were escorted to the bunker by Secret Service for their safety, is frightening.

It is becoming difficult at times to detect hyperbole from actual news as recent events have entered into some new territory. This may be the first time since the Civil War that both sides of the political spectrum have resorted to violence and some even speak of possibly another Civil War. The FBI running checks of troops brought to keep the peace during a Virtual Inauguration where nobody, or next to nobody, will be admitted to the Mall to attend the Inauguration. One can only expect there to be crowd noise cheering the newly sworn-in President Biden giving his virtual acceptance speech just as cheers are piped into sporting events. Isn’t a virtual event so much easier to choreograph than actual live crowds such as the Trump rallies during the campaign. We wish to further plead with any supporter of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the founding of America not to enter any state capital or Washington DC either open or hidden carrying of a firearm. Such would be playing directly into the hands of the anti-Second Amendment groups. A quiet ending to January and a no excitement February would be wonderful. The next exercise in social unrest will start as the weather warms this spring coming from the far left. Those terrible Trump supporters will largely have gone back to work and are far too busy with life for a summer of unrest. The far left will be extremely upset with the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party as there will always be a collection of next steps which need taking immediately. There is little hope that the farthest left leadership will ever run out of necessary next steps which are cause for an emergency and social unrest. The fun had just begun this past summer, just wait for the coming summer of love, not.

Beyond the Cusp

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