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January 24, 2021

Democratic Republic or Unity in America

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We could be way off base here, but thus far the only unity we have seen supported by Biden and the various Democrats in the Congress has been for a unity of thought. We have witnessed calls for excluding, reeducating, deprogramming and scrubbing of Trump supporters from the body politic in America. Add to this the cancelling of as much as possible by Executive Order of anything related to President Trump and the Republican efforts of the last four years. American unity has historically existed with the acceptance of America as an exceptional nation, regarding all fellow citizens as allies even when they disagree and any number of concepts upon which the nation is based including but not limited to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Amendments and Supreme Court Decisions. American unity is unity in love of the nation and belief in the infinite possibilities for the future but should never be based on political positions and ideology as the Democrats are currently demanding. Any rumors that many Americans are fearing the end of American civility may be proven correct depending upon exactly how far the Democrats will take the nation with their complete control of both Houses of Congress and the White House.

MAGA Burning

There are numerous nations where the principle aim of governance is enforcing unity. Such nations are Monarchies, Dictatorships, Single Party Nations and some other outliers. China, despite its heralded reforms, is still a one-party repressive state with unity for all or else; just as the Uighurs, Xinjiang Muslims. As a Democratic Republic, the United States was founded to encourage differences of opinion giving the individual states reserved powers with some reserved for even more local governance such as cities and counties. It is also partly the reason that there are numerous political parties with two major parties which often exchange holding power responding to the electorates’ decisions. By targeting supporters of outgoing President Trump, the assumed target is obviously far more than Donald Trump and targeting conservatives and Republicans, especially those who supported their party’s choice for President. The reality is should the government turn a deaf ear to complaints and a blind eye to the actions of numerous Silicon Valley and Big Tech companies as they have delisted or deplatformed, as they did Parler, as well as others who were in the Trump administration, his defenders and lawyers; they will continue to set the conversation preventing opposing sides from being expressed. Much of this has been seen as threatening the foundations of free speech and representation in the cyber society by those targeted and their supporters and other stout defenders of the First Amendment as well as the rest of the Founding Documents. Given the choice between unity and civility which permits and defends the right for disagreement, we pray America chooses the path of civility.

Beyond the Cusp

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