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January 25, 2021

Equality, Equity and Unity

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We have heard and will continue to hear these three words thrown around with relative meanings attempting to merge equity into the new equality through which they can force a form of unity. We would also like to first go out on a limb and make a prediction based on the flurry of Executive Orders signed over this past weekend and likely continuing through the week. A Biden administration will in numerous ways mirror the tactics implemented by President Obama. The first two years, while the Democrat Party has total control, if only by the smallest of margins, spending in the majority of government departments will be increased at a far greater rate than the average. This is done so the President can campaign on holding down spending and even cutting spending for the year of the elections because there will be no need even under the grandest plans to increase spending, that was covered by the off-the-scale spending the first two years leaving an excess with which to play politics. Such an appearance of fiscal responsibility by the Democrat Party going into the 2024 elections holding an advantage as their spending routine greatly increases spending while leaving the final runup to the elections allowing the appearance of frugality. Now, to the definitions and comparisons.

Equality or Equity

Equality and equity have the appearance of having a basically similar meaning yet they have very different meanings when used in defining economics and political policies. The difference in these usages is rather basic though often forgotten. Equality means that people have the same opportunity to succeed while equity is all having the same result with no concern for their profession or if they even have a job. Likely, the best illustration uses a race as illustrated above. Equality is a system where all have the same opportunities, the same laws, the same systems. From the start, those with the greatest drive and ability will perform better and cross the finish line before those who have lesser abilities or give less effort, and from what we have witnessed in life, it is most often effort which still succeeds over superior ability. Equity is a system where those who are most likely to run the race fastest are inhibited such that everybody will reach the finish at the same time. Equality will produce winners and losers depending on performance while equity punishes effort and inhibits success such that everybody will cross the finish line at the same time, as fast as the slowest runner, and then all will be given a trophy and then celebrate with equity of recognition.

Unity, as being proposed by President Biden and many Democrats, is a demand and not a desirable end. America was founded to encourage diversity as something to which the people and their governance were to aspire. The Democrats are demanding unity of thought, something that should be very threatening to any Constitutionalists. The United States was founded under the most radical and liberal form of governance imaginable, a governance where the people ruled themselves and there was no need for kings, queens, royalty or a presumed superior class which rules over the people. What one need remember, especially those elected to rule, is the American challenge is living up to the guidelines defined by the Declaration of Independence. That is the founding soul of America with the concept that all people are created equal. This intended to demand an even playing field from birth and your life will be the product of your efforts and ability to apply your best qualities in order to succeed. This concept has become more generally accepted in Europe and select other nations while much of the world remains under autocratic rule. The current state of politics under a Biden administration insists that most of the people require government interventions in order to be successful or to reach a minimal level of success. This success is bestowed rather than earned such that the least amongst us receives exactly the same results in life as the most able amongst us. President Biden and the Democrats are demanding a unity behind their program and in order to squelch all conservative thought. Listening to numerous Democrats who have demanded that Trump supporters, conservatives and the Republican Party be deprogrammed, expunged, purged, destroyed and in all ways discouraged and potentially made illegal making opposition punishable by removal from society until correct thought can be impressed upon those who are seen as a threat to their unity. Plain and simple, unity and equity have little space in a true American society based on the desires and wishes of the Founding Fathers who placed their faith in equality and the greatness of each and every individual. The Founding Fathers had faith that the people would also look out for one another as was the practice in their time. Such has fallen from practice except for the efforts of Dave Portnoy with his Barstool Fund with which he has been assisting businesses which have fallen through the cracks and are desperate for some assistance which he provides. Unity in America is defined by the American people working, each in their own chosen means with the efforts they wish to invest, towards personal success, however they define success, in order to form that perfect union where the whole becomes so much more than the individual parts. American unity is unity in each doing their part towards the greater success of the entire nations assisting one another with government simply facilitating by staying out of the way. It would be nice were America to ever attain the high ideals of their Declaration of Independence which defines the Shining City on the Hill.

Beyond the Cusp

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