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February 25, 2021

Seeking Something Positive from Biden Administration

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We have been attempting to find nice, warm, fuzzy and pleasant news from the flurry of Executive Orders signed by President Biden and the general direction of the body politic operating out of Washington DC with absolutely no success. We might be able to claim that the news sure appears to be far more forgiving in accepting efforts from the White House. Were we to go by much of the mainstream media coverage of these early few weeks of the Biden administration, we would likely be wildly joyous and simply gushing in our praise of the unbelievable intellect, abilities and direction being taken. Unfortunately, we have this, what many call distressing, ability to find alternate news forums which are painting a far different picture where the swamp has reinfected the White House with Congress all too willing to follow every lead coming out of the Biden administration.

Deep State
Deep State

At this point we find it necessary to place some of the blame with the failure of the Trump administration to complete his greatest challenge; draining the swamp. We believe even The Donald was and remains incapable of draining the swamp for many reasons, last of which is that the Washington DC Mall is built on lands reclaimed from an actual swamp. The political swamp consists of thousands of departments filled with employees by the thousands making up the self-replicating bureaucracy. Just as it took Hercules to end the terror of the Lernaean Hydra in the mythological story, it will take an effort at least as long as the seventy-plus years it took to establish, and it will fight for its life every inch, employee and position. It is more likely the Lernaean Hydra of a bureaucracy will eventually self-destruct; it is simply a matter of time. But for the time being, the swamp is back in its full glory, or is that gory.

Back to Biden who is fulfilling everything he promised in his campaign. The problem many people are having is that they are trying to match the efforts by President Biden to his campaign for the Presidency. That is the wrong campaign as that was designed to get him elected and had to not scare anybody, thus Biden ran as an undefined Democrat which allowed for people to place their desires as the Biden policy. Any undefined major party candidate will almost always poll against a named candidate for the other party as having a campaigning candidate defines where they stand. The only campaign which President Biden actually spoke his heart was in his campaign for the Democrat nomination. During that campaign there was only one candidate more left than Biden; it was not Bernie Sanders but rather Kamala Harris. We pray for the health of President Biden every day as things could be worse.

What is the most frightening reality for the next two years is if the Democrats can press their thin majority with a 50/50 Senate tie vote decided by the Vice President, then they will be capable of passing everything from candidate for the Democrat nomination Biden’s campaign promises. Hold on, it may be a wild ride into places unknown in America. We will offer one admonition, do not allow government provided single payer, Medicare for all healthcare as this would lead to even higher healthcare costs pushing up taxes and lowering the bar forcing all but those making minimum wage will be taxed despite a generally lesser level of service with longer waiting lines. If government healthcare becomes unavoidable, please seek out a workable system which retains some level of choice and competition as has been accomplished in Israel. But we are talking about America, an idea which still motivates people everywhere as she is a nation beyond any which preceded with a possible exception for China.

Watch China and Iran and whether or not President Biden folds before their pressures, and pressures are guaranteed if we have read things correctly. We heard of no strong response to China overflying Taiwan and Iran demanding the dropping of all sanctions before they will come to the table only to refuse to comply with any restrictions going forward being the other great challenge. Then there will be the demands for Israel to once more give land to Arabs for another Arab state. Apparently, when the world led by Britain and the United Nations demanded the Jews give away their promised lands east of the Jordan River, an area making up over three-quarters of the total land mandate, that was not enough. We expect little if anything from the Biden administration or from the majority of the Democrat party. This is actually a good thing as standing largely on one’s own is always a positive step.

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