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March 8, 2021

Truth Behind Defund the Police

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Now that the House of Representatives passed a circuitous means for defunding city and other local police in order to fund social programs which they claim will end crime significantly, perhaps it is time for BTC to predict the leftist end game. The denials that crime will inevitably rise and rise significantly as a direct result of their programs are just another lie like keeping your doctor. Increasing crime is the actual desire by the leadership on the left who are leading many who are willfully blind and will eventually become casualties when their usefulness passes. The aim is for the cities to fall into such levels of chaos which will soon be spilling into the suburbs leading to a general call for the government to bring order. This will result in the establishing of a Federal Police Department which will bring order quickly, potentially using excess violence, and follow up with strict, even rigid, enforcement of the law. The Democrat Party majority in both Houses of Congress, plus holding the White House, can pass any legislation they are able to enforce their votes, something the Democrats have proven to be quite adept. This could go so far as to put in place broad mail-in-voting and other loosening of laws for all Federal elections, something which Republicans have complained would end state rights completely and their hopes of ever regaining the White House and be greatly challenged to ever hold Congress for the foreseeable future. Much of the Democrat actions are driven by their hatred and fear of Donald Trump.

Trump and Two Minutes of Hate
Trump and Two Minutes of Hate

One might even start to believe that the riot at the Capital is being treated in a manner very much resembling the events following the Reichstag fire. That is stretching things a bit, but most of the news is presented as a series of either imminent disasters or complete normalcy where things are finally showing promise. We try to figure where between these two extremes reality lies. We also noticed that the news coverage has done a complete 180 degree about face since the election with the only holdover being denigrating Donald Trump as they intentionally omit his title even as former President though Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter and even Nixon retain their title when in the news. The reality of the depth of how far the farthest left politically desire to revamp the United States into a replica of China with everything under direct control of Washington DC is almost beyond imagination. This will become beyond dispute when the violence returns over the late Spring through the Summer and into the early Fall every night after the mostly peaceful daytime protests demanding even more radical agenda be passed into law. Should the Democrat far left who are controlling President Biden, the puppet masters, actually be capable of passing their agenda in these first two years before the midterm elections, things might never find a path back to normalcy. Just as the goalposts keep moving off into the horizon, the leftist demands will become more irrational as the violence and screaming will climb until it becomes unbearable. When the population becomes sufficiently frightened, terrified and demanding the government do whatever is necessary and needed to bring order back to their cities and suburbs; this will be when too many, possibly a broad majority, will be willing to break against the warnings of allowing trading of liberty for security. Benjamin Franklin famously said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” A common variation of this quote is, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” Benjamin Franklin’s warning should be taken to heart and shared with all before it becomes too late.

Beyond the Cusp

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