Beyond the Cusp

March 14, 2021

Coronacopia and Other Disasters

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The almost two-trillion-dollar Coronavirus relief legislation which we have decided to name “Coronacopia” as it has something for every leftist cause with a smidgin reserved for actual coronavirus relief and vaccine. There have been those who are claiming that the Coronacopia legislation did nothing towards the cause of unity which had appeared to be the central message of the nascent Biden Presidency. Perhaps this would be the time to redefine what unity means to leftists throughout history. Unity to the left is being able to enforce discipline within your own ranks since you have a small but leverageable majority in the Congress and hold the White House. The Biden stressing unity meant exactly what we witnessed, strict Democrat enforcement assuring that even with their minimal advantage they will still milk whatever crisis they are able to define. This is all part and parcel for implementing the Cloward-Piven Strategy of overwhelming and stressing every last department within government and push the situation on the mean streets riddled with ever increasing crime until the people reach a point of such fear and frustration that they become willing to sacrifice every liberty and freedom for the promise of some security.

As noted in the illustration, beyond financial assault, the opening of the southern border will allow as many immigrants to enter the United States as are able to get across in order to stress other areas within society. The desired side-effects, and the elite leftist leadership actually desires these results, including but are not limited to stagnant wages, higher unemployment, increasing levels of crime, housing shortages (especially low and affordable rentals), additional stress on schools plus far more. The assumption is that these incoming immigrants will vote for the leftists by overwhelming percentages which could flip additional purple states firmly into the Democrat Party. Add to these efforts, granting statehood to Washington DC and potentially Puerto Rico, if they can convince the people of Puerto Rico to actually accept their offer. We had often told people in answer to what the future might hold after President Trump won his election that they should prepare for the next time the Democrat Party managed to hold majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House. They would force such changes such that any complete return to ‘normal’ from their ‘boot on the neck hypocrisy’ where all are told it is for their own good and safety, would become impossible. By the end of the first year of the Biden/Harris Presidency the United States will be close to being turned into a socialist state with the wall around the Capital Mall remaining in place and guarded by a new command tasked with protecting the new and dear leaders of Amerikka.

Beyond the Cusp

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