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March 22, 2021

Can Anyone Actually be ‘Woke’ Enough?

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I admit up-front, I am most probably anything but ‘Woke’ as I am not sure how it is actually defined. The problem is that the definition often appears to change, to have been altered or maybe amended to fit the requirements of the moment. What I have deduced, concluded even, is that it is implemented in order to enforce one side or person’s power over the accused. It has also become evident that once accused, one must recant, repent and humble themselves in an effort to cleanse themselves of whatever evil they had committed. And it is apparent that no amount of cleansing reeducation one submits themselves to endure is ever sufficient to return amongst the ‘Woke’ society as apparently perfection is a basic requirement; thus any past offence will automatically preclude membership. As sinister as the above so apparently is, there is another use which is far more perverse, closing any debate.

Woke Meter

To end any debate, claim the other side has transgressed against some sensitivity calling their wokeness into question. Such a claim ends the actual debate as now the relative or actual guilt of the accused, making them no longer ‘Woke’, must be concluded. The aggrieved who claimed injury from a micro-aggression presents their description of the offence. The more emotional the presentation, as emotions outweigh facts, the more the other ‘Woke’ supporters will circle together and denounce the now obviously guilty and their ejection from ‘Woke’ community is immediate. The worst offenders can even be written out of history so as to remove such a threat to ‘Wokeness’ and must be forever removed. Once denounced, one could soon face the ‘Woke’ version of excommunication, you might be cancelled.

Cancelled, now this is something that can be fought with absolute sarcasm. Now this does take a modicum of poor acting, something within my meager abilities. First feign being shot with an arrow in an old Erol Flynn movie where death scenes took quite some time. Claim verbally what this mortal wound of being cancelled has caused and then appear to have made a realization and straighten-up and continue with either grand gestures or just be the jester. Point out that you continue to exist, talk, dance, and argue the point for which you were cancelled. Then end your grand fun by simply and quietly stating firmly that just because the accuser does not approve of your political or social position does not permit them to remove you from society as you refuse to surrender this right to them or anybody else. Such a charade of anything having actual meaning usually leaves the average accuser with their mouths wide open but, thankfully, saying nothing. Now enjoy the silence.

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