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March 26, 2021

Gun Control, Boulder and the Border

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We actually agree that gun control laws were insufficient to prevent the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. Unlike the majority blaming gun control laws, our complaint was the complacency which prevented the laws from reaching their proposed effects. I resided in Colorado forty-five-years ago and such a mass shooting would never have even been considered no matter how lacking in sanity one might possess. My initial run to a local supermarket after moving into my shared rental house will explain why immediately. My wife and I were in a near empty market that Thursday early afternoon in August. There were a few employees and one other family. This family consisted of three young children, their mother and the father, the latter of which had a large caliber long bore revolver strapped to his hip and a carbine held casually over his shoulder. This was a wake-up for a kid raised in the Washington DC metro area. I came to realize that in that cozy little town at the very least one out of every five people, or there abouts, was armed either concealed or open carry. My friend who now resides in Colorado had decried the death of the culture we both knew of Colorado in the day.

United Nations Twisted Gun
Twisted Gun

One major difference is that Colorado has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States thanks to the culture change brought about when California refugees fled the broken system back in California and then enacted the same laws in Colorado expecting something different. My Colorado was full of very respectful and friendly people. It was also a very safe Colorado. My friend wishes he could take his family and move. The atmosphere and social norms which made Colorado so attractive worked all too well bringing too many Californians who remolded a new Colorado to fit their image and all but extinguishing the old Colorado. We all know of such stories even if we had to witness the change to the place where we were raised. All the increased gun control laws merely served to disarm innumerous Coloradoans making everybody less safe as the Boulder shooting is exhibit one. I cannot honestly give you any case comparison as they do not exist from my Colorado. Often it appears that when it comes to gun control, other than hitting exactly what you are aiming to shoot, less laws makes for better law.

* * *

Less undocumented ‘illegal’ immigrants crossing the borders, any border and not just the southern border with Mexico, is better than their crossing by the thousands daily reaching over one-hundred-thousand in February 2021, But we will do our best not to upset Jen Psaki or President Biden or especially not Vice President Harris and will refer to the border with Mexico as a ‘challenge’ as they insist. Of course, if their wording has changed, well, then we will just have to circle back on that for you. We are told that the Biden/Harris Administration has a plan which they are in the process of setting up the necessary conditions and protocols and assuring the marriage of the two cover every condition and would be humane, especially when it comes to the children. Thus far, there have been next to, if not, nothing explained about this grand plan other than it is in the process of being implemented.

Biden Border Children

We fear that this presumed undisclosed border plan is exactly the program, situation, disaster or ‘challenge’ we are witnessing currently along the southern border. There have been numerous interviews where administration personnel from the President to Vice President to Psaki and on and on where they actually mouthed the words, “Do not come (now),” while their body language and answers to every other question screamed to get in while you can. The unending stream of humanity is not going to be reduced until the administration is forced to bring this cruelty to an end, and then we will watch their foot-dragging. The end result desired is a complete destruction of the immigration system while placing such a strain on support systems for those children who will require care. Welfare, Medicaid and other social assistances will be taxed beyond all limits. The United States will actually require the fifteen dollar an hour, doubling the minimum wage, as the ensuing inflation will halve the debt as the currency will have devalued by half. Decades from now the United States might actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. The threat facing the Congress will be to mollify the administration while maintaining some modicum of restraint. Unfortunately, the Democrat leadership appears ready to force through two or three more multi-trillion-dollar pieces of legislation. Who can predict if that will be the end or are their plans to all but force one-third or more of the population dependent upon the government for their very existence? Beware America, beware!

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