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March 31, 2021

Biden Border Bash

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Listening carefully, Biden said that they were working on perfecting the current situation. There will be no screening for diseases of these new entrants. The unaccompanied children will stream in today and their parents will be brought as family unification. I’m old enough to have seen this before where children were used as anchor children allowing the remainder of the family; mother, father, siblings and as many other family members within reason. Now all the Democrats require is passage of HR1 and many of these new immigrants will be registered and voting the same day and place, signing an affidavit swearing they are who they claim and are legal voters. Other than this, no other requirement can be required of anyone deciding to vote. This means no picture identification, no identification is required at all, potential to make age to vote down to sixteen and near-unlimited mail-in voting. The border situation is simply part of overwhelming the system, the entire system. What is coming this summer will shock many and expand on last summer while President Biden remains comfortably and cheerfully confounded by the events massing and swirling around him.

Biden First Press Conference

There will be rioting, complaining that the government has not produced on their promises given last year. What promises you ask? These are imaginary promises which simply had to have been given or else why did they stop the protests. Obviously, the Democrats promised if they won, they would enact what we demand. Well, no, we do not know exactly what or which demands were promised as it would involve intersectionality. Intersectionality is the filter by which the many groups limit the membership to a select group. Warning, supporting Israel or appearing too Jewish and thus supporting Israel is guilty by association and will place one on the outside and not included in intersectionality. Further warning, any transgression by any group or even individual will transform them into pariah from the intersectionality society. BLM, ANTIFA and a pro-Islam and pro-Palestinian group decide who is sufficiently pure and who is to become instantly cancelled. Yes, cancelled, one of our favorite pieces of terminology.

How exactly does one become cancelled and what the blank difference does it make? Has it ever occurred to these brainchilds that many people prefer to keep their impure thoughts and wish you luck when they come for you. Understand, nobody will ever be pure enough as we are all human and thus flawed. Eventually everyone will cross the path of a professional canceller who lives to cancel people for the least offense. They will dig until they find that little something or they will prey upon you inspecting everything you do until they find their reason to cancel their victim. We already know we are not included within the intersectionality society as we reside by choice in Israel. Nope, we won’t even try to feel bad or react to being cancelled beyond trying to make hay while such notoriety might last. That is providing somebody even bothers to tell us of our lack of standing within the Woke society.

Beyond the Cusp

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