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April 8, 2021

Border Bonanza and Coming Hot Summer

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Just in case you may have missed the news flash, the southern border of the United States shared with Mexico has been opened allowing migrants lacking documentation to flood into the southern states. The numbers of unaccompanied minors have grown far beyond the ability of the border states to absorb them all. The Biden administration has decided that every state should be provided with the opportunity to take in hundreds, maybe thousands, or tens of thousands or even more, of these children providing them with food, lodging and general care. But there is a bit of a problem as the border has become so porous that we can most likely multiply the given numbers by as much as ten as the Border Patrol is overly taxed simply caring for those they have apprehended. But the surging rush crossing currently is but an introduction of what will be coming when the tsunamis of caravans strike the border over the spring and summer. We can only wonder if in the coming months the news will continue to report that there are merely eleven million undocumented immigrants as has been the number for decades. Please excuse us for not believing the number of undocumented immigrants has remained constant while suspecting the number has grown significantly, but politicians are once again treating the people as so ignorant that they will believe whatever they are told. But the border could easily become an insignificant problem compared to the rioting burning through cities coming this summer across the United States.

Biden Border Children
Biden Border Children

Yes, we realize that predicting unrest, protests and, more than likely, nightly rioting is not exactly a wonderful prediction. The main difference between the rioting last fall will be that the rioting and arson will spread into some suburbs, often targeting fenced communities. The problem will only exasperate police as mayors and local governments refuse to provide the necessary backing while leaving them out to dry allowing protesters to sue police for perceived mistreatment. Many cities and localities will allow any protester and rioter who are arrested to be released on their own recognizance. The streets in these locations will belong to the BLM and ANTIFA while citizens are forced to hide in their own homes whether the COVID lockdowns are finished or not. For our final thought; please, may our predictions in this article be proven overly pessimistic.

Beyond the Cusp

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