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April 9, 2021

From ‘Red Flag’ to Total Gun Confiscation

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President Biden just issued a set of new gun regulations under another Executive Order. We decided to simply choose the most perniciously subversive section which is intended to be implemented leading to eventual total gun confiscation. First, allow us to explain exactly how ‘Red Flag’ legislation functions providing the government with a near complete listing of every firearm owner and likely a fairly accurate list of their weaponry. This system relies on reports from police, psychiatric physicians, close relatives, neighbors or any busybody as anyone can make such a report placing their targeted individual onto the list.

United Nations Twisted Gun
Twisted Gun

Presume for a moment that you are a responsible gun owner, just like the millions of gun owners who go about without endangering others. For actual responsible gun owners, you will not need to stretch your imaginations. Now think about your friends; acquaintances; people you work amongst; people from your place of worship, gym, spa, or club along with any other people with whom you meet regularly. Ask yourself whether anyone from amongst all of these groups who is fervently in favor of complete gun confiscation or is or may become excessively angered blaming you for something wrong in their life. Anyone of these people will be permitted to question your right to own firearms and register this complaint with the federal or state government to investigate. We can confidently predict that most of these investigations will have as step one the removal of your firearms until their review is complete. Perhaps you will immediately realize that all your firearms will never be returned or it may take potentially years before the realization that there is no review of your legitimacy for firearm ownership and that your firearms are gone for good.

We will even attempt to explain how exactly this will work out along the way. The initial stage will have two main objectives; the first is to accrue a complete list of firearm ownership and second will be to prove that the Red Flag system works to keep guns from people who could pose a severe threat to their communities. The initial use of Red Flag will rely upon psychiatric professionals’ reports, police reports and any other situation where the disarming of these particular individuals chosen to be the public face of Red Flag. The end use of the lists may not even come about during the current administration as the longer wait, the more complete their lists of gun owners across the United States. Further, anyone purchasing any firearm requiring background check and other government paperwork will have their name added to the Red Flag list as BATFE, or ATF but not AFT, employees will be required to fill out a Red Flag report for every firearm or ammunition purchase. After a decade or so the government Red Flag system will have been utilized for numerous principled and correct use that the public will have full faith that it is a decent and properly run system. This will be when the government can feel fairly assured that almost every last firearm owner has received at least one complaint and thus are on the list and vulnerable. The government, in the initial final stage, will first go after those people on the list with the most registered reports. The frightening part is that should the DOJ decide to use their total enforcement arms, Treasury Agents, FBI, BATFE and local law enforcement in assisting with the complete confiscation of all privately owned firearms, they could easily complete their actions within two weeks. Their initial step would be getting warrants for the detainment of everybody on their Red Flag list. This could be accomplished by arresting as many as possible early Monday morning at each subject’s place of work. The remainder of subjects could be hunted down starting Monday afternoon EST. There will be no avoiding this federal net casting to remove gun owners from their firearms and then searching their home and other locations where their weapons might be stored to confiscate their weapons. The detained, not actually arrested, firearms owners will be released once every weapon they reportedly own has been surrendered. This will, undoubtedly as President Biden assures us, bring an end to gun violence in the United States…….RIGHT!

Beyond the Cusp

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