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April 25, 2021

Democrat Policy Lacks Speed Bumps

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Between the initial flood of Executive Orders and the current torrent of proposed legislation in the House of Representatives, including but not limited to, statehood for Washington DC, elimination of the filibuster, as well as adding four Justices to the Supreme Court; we will finally admit that keeping up with everything has gotten away from us. Initially we thought we were suffering from shellshock, but then we remembered that ‘that condition’ had since been renamed (doubling the number of syllables each time) battle fatigue and finally post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One has got to love how the government can give the grandest of names to the most simple of items. Here’s how this works. Each time funding gets cut, it is only because there is at least one new program funded for the same research with the same core staff and a far more difficult and longer name.

President Biden broke that tradition when he simply destroyed numerous programs outright forcing tens of thousands of Americans into unemployment. Now everyone sits awaiting those well-paying union jobs he promised were imminent. I understand their pain as retail work literally disappeared as a profession and micro-electronic repair, be it in medical equipment, satellite communications, audio-video or any other type are now rapidly disappearing as it has become less expensive to just make more boards than paying a technician, let alone an engineer, to repair the failing items. Soon we will begin witnessing the replacement of people in numerous professions performed by automated units. But we wish to take a hopeful but realistic peek at what we see as coming in the Middle East and beyond and potential dangers.

President Biden promised during his campaigns for the candidacy and then the Presidency that he would reinstate the policies in the Middle East from the Obama administration. This would result in a turn from the Sunni Muslim nations to the Shiite Muslim nations, or more simply stated; from Saudi Arabia to Iran, from Israel to pro-Palestinian statehood. The steps already taken include, but are not limited to, setting date for complete American troop removal from Afghanistan of September 11th of this year and removal of virtually, if not all, sanctions off Iran and their leadership allowing the restart of Iranian centrifuges announcing intent of enriching uranium up to 60% levels. This is sufficient for a more primitive low-yield device and but a relatively easy further enrichment would easily clear the 90% level believed necessary for production of atomic bombs or, with additional hydrogen isotopes, thermonuclear devices. Iran has long been known as being extremely hostile towards Israel since the 1979 revolution placed the fanatically religious Mullahs into power. But then again, the Iranian leadership is not exactly enamored with the United States, even if they smile to Biden’s face, they will have a knife behind his back.

Walls Have to Go

Oddly enough, should any large-scale war which actually might come to pass, Israel will not be involved initially, or hopefully ever. There currently exist two potential fronts where any conflict could easily escalate to involve the United States. The first potential conflict might breakout between Russia and the Ukraine. Russia regularly holds wargames close to the Ukrainian border and some lower-level violence has broken out between the two sides within the Ukraine. The pro-Russian groups within the Ukraine regularly demand additional Russian support including active engagement against Ukrainian forces. This potential powder keg has become competition for where a greater war may first erupt, as Mainland China has reportedly been flying military fighter craft over Taiwan airspace. China has regularly reminded the world how they consider Taiwan to simply be a breakaway province which will be reunited with the homeland. Should the United States allow Taiwan to suffer forced unification under Mainland China, then Viet Nam, Japan and the Philippines should feel vulnerable and abandoned to suffer the whims of China while the United States sleeps its way on foreign policy. Whichever conflict erupts first, it will be the initial test of President Biden which if left unopposed will signal the other conflict that it is safe to attack without any fear of any response of consequence by President Biden. The only path forward must include American responses to both these threats aiming to prevent either from coming to fruition and forcing a conflict, a potential widespread conflagration, upon the world.

Beyond the Cusp

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