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April 27, 2021

Workable Alternative Education System

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The obvious is that the present education system is either failing or falling into a shambles, causing even more rot in the system. We suggest forget school choice and instead have choice schools. What is needed is an entirely new education system targeting and providing realistic qualitative results. The system must have at its base a merit system using known and well-defined metrics. Finally, each student and their parental units should attend regularly scheduled meetings with teacher and school representatives where student progress is noted and plans made for their future education. The problem is that this system requires local and national industries, companies and other employers including government, should they wish to be included, to work within the student review system while relenting control and content to those paying for the new system.

School House
School House

We hear you querying, OK, who is paying for this grand new system? First, this system is not designed nor intended to replace the public school system, sorry. This would be a private school system run by and to serve the companies which cover the costs for this entire education system. Each student would receive an education which best serves their abilities and interests and work through rewarding efforts which produce actual results. Many of the students may choose to pursue a specific education tailored for a specific position who would begin a work-school melding resulting in their either receiving a position upon graduation or even further education either within the company confines or at a mutually chosen institution of higher education.

The independent school system, as we will refer to this concept, would require students to apply and take aptitude tests measuring their ability to receive placement. Once accepted and as long as the student makes expected progress, tuition would be free as the companies paying for these schools have first pick of students to offer them positions. These positions would be desirable; thus, students would put in the needed effort in order to be considered. Each student would receive an education best suited to their abilities and would be constantly monitored and adjusted with the agreement reached at each regularly-scheduled student-patent-teachers’ meetings. Such a system also allows for the companies to offer tailored instructions and training for actual positions. This is a new modernized apprentice program being reintroduced to education as not every child need go to college to study astrophysics.

Lastly, the teachers and administrators of the independent school system would be hired by a committee formed by the joint union of companies providing financial support. Each company will receive at a minimum two positions with those providing more funding being awarded additional seats. This committee would also adjudicate any complaints or other problems. Teachers could come from within each company with the additional teachers hired by the committee by whatever qualifications and requirements they see fit. These teaching positions would be reviewed similarly as any employee, by their measurable achievements, the improved abilities of their students in the field taught by each teacher. It would be up to each overviewing committee whether or not to allow the teachers to unionize, though we would advise against allowing them. Discipline in these schools would not be tolerated and each offence would be met with by the administrator of the school. Students not receiving admission into the independent school system would, much to their detriment, be relegated to the public school system. Then again, perhaps such a system as the independent school system being set-up in a few major cities and the public school system might read the writing on the wall and decide to improve and actually compete.

Beyond the Cusp

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