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May 13, 2021

Violence in Israel Only the Opening Salvo

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Over the past few days Hamas in Gaza has initiated aggressions having fired over a thousand rockets targeting civilian population centers including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashkelon and numerous others. Israel has responded and the usual complaints are already being broadcast by a predominately pro-Palestinian world media. There have been emergency meetings of the United Nations Security Council which fortunately produced mere statements calling for calm. Hamas basically laughed at their call and actually have been increasing the numbers of rockets each day. Many Israelis are hoping and praying that the United Nations, European Union, United States and all too many others simply continue addressing their own problems and ignore the situation out of Gaza and allow Israel to act in a manner similar to the response our critics would employ in any similar situation. Israel will act to protect her people from all assaults on the ground and from the air.

Hamas Rockets and Missiles Depicting Increasing Ranges by Conflict with Yellow – Dec. 2008-Jan 2009 Tan - November 2012 Orange - July-August 2014
Hamas Rockets and Missiles Depicting Increasing Ranges by Conflict with Yellow – Dec. 2008-Jan 2009 Tan – November 2012 Orange – July-August 2014

We have held back in order to read and watch world reactions to the current situation resulting from Hamas initiating or attempting to force another Gaza war. Once again, we are hearing how the poor, suffering, destitute and homeless Palestinians suffer due to their not having bomb shelters or any Iron Dome systems which eventually demands will call for Israel to provide shelters and Iron Dome systems for the Palestinians. Perhaps, Hamas might spend a mere ten percent less on rockets and build shelters and invent their own defensive systems. Many have ignored that Israel spent their efforts building an anti-rocket system, the Iron Dome, instead of building more destructive weapons. Israel placed saving her people above destroying her enemies’ people while Hamas and Islamic Jihad place killing Israelis and using their vulnerable population’s deaths to convict Israel of war crimes. So, Israel who works to minimize all casualties, both Israeli and Palestinian, warns residents of buildings used by Hamas for their weapon placements by using warning hit before destroying the Hamas military positions so civilians can escape. Yes, this also allows the Hamas fighters to escape as well, a price Israel pays to save the innocent as much as possible. One can only wonder how President Biden having resumed sending hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinians upon entering office may have been the impetus to rain rockets on Israel.

Lastly, we wish to address the UN, US, EU and a world full of busybodies requesting one small favor, look away and remain silent and the problem might resolve itself. As for President Biden, if he truly desires ending the violence in the Middle East concerning Israel, simply do not give the Palestinians funding as you are merely buying rockets, explosives and other arms for them to use against Israel and should they defeat Israel, the rest of the Middle East and then the world. When all the rest of the world lives in peace and free of violence, then lecture Israel on how surrendering to Palestinian demands, namely that we all drop dead, is necessary to end world violence. Truth be told, such a surrender would only serve to increase violence and terrorism throughout the world. Israel seeks peace for all everywhere which is why we greet people saying, “Shalom,” Peace.

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