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May 16, 2021

Hamas-Israel Conflict and Some Salient Background

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We need to go back a distance to reveal some of the reasons for the current violence. Israel and the Palestinians just finished four years of minimal terrorism and conflict which was on the cusp of possible cooperation. Further, in a similar manner the Israeli population is split evenly between the left and right. Such a split was only possible due to the general feeling of peace and security which the current violence is bound to push the population towards the right. Due to the even split, Israel has faced nondeterminative elections which made a situation where it has become next to impossible to form a ruling coalition. The latest election was as evenly balanced as we have come to expect but this time there was a difference. One of the main Arab parties was willing to join in forming a center-left government which was to also include Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, an Israeli odd couple. Both Lapid and Bennett have long sought the office of Prime Minister almost as much as does Netanyahu and their attempting to put together a government has put their overriding desires to become Prime Minister all too clearly as two men who have disagreed on almost every major issue now have become friends.

Top Left Yair Lapid, Bottom Prime Minister Netanyahu, Top Right Naftali Bennett
Top Left Yair Lapid, Bottom Prime Minister Netanyahu, Top Right Naftali Bennett

Did anyone spot the problem which proved so provocative that Hamas chose to risk all-out war with Israel? Well, the glaring new development was the willingness of a more broad political coalition to be formed where an Arab party was willing to sit in the ruling government coalition. Hamas knows, because they have instigators, fighters and commanders residing within Israel who have a larger influence over the younger Arabs, that a war will break apart any possibility for the Arab parties to even consider joining a ruling coalition as doing such after the start of the current violence is now impossible. To form a coalition with an Arab party as a member, it is required that there be an extended period of peace for such a decision to be even considered. When the truth is finally reached, in a few decades, when the need for lies has passed, then the truth for the timing of this conflict will reveal its sinister core. Israel was closing in on forming a government which hinged on at least one Arab party joining the government. The starting of this conflict is destroying any chance of the Arabs actively joining in a ruling coalition. Well, Hamas will also have to reap the rewards of their initiating this war, the need for Israel to go to elections again after the violence has lessened. This election will necessarily, as the generic reaction to the rocket attacks, turn rightward and very likely return Netanyahu to the Prime Minister and the Arabs will return to being in the minority and we can expect the world deploring their being excluded from the ruling coalition coming to their aid and denouncing Israel.

So, what should Israel expect as we know Hamas will continue launching rockets, drones, anti-tank rounds and incendiary devices into Israel and eventually peace and order is returned to the mixed Arab-Jewish towns and cities when the rockets finally run out. We should be prepared for many western European countries to place sanctions of varying degrees on Israel or Israeli goods and services. Iran, Russia, China and the United States will denounce both sides while placing heavier expectations upon Israel while their leftist media covers the violence stressing the inequality of the deaths and casualties. One of the overriding reasons is Hamas has refused to build shelters or defensive weapons and instead only purchases offensive weapons such as rockets, anti-tank guided rockets, drones delivering Molotov Cocktails, machineguns, grenades and explosives to make bomb-belts amongst other weaponry. Hamas obviously desires to maximize Israeli civilian casualties as their rockets are fired almost exclusively targeting population centers, Ben Gurion International Airport, the Dimona nuclear reactor, all while ignoring military targets. What the world ignores is that Hamas also desires to maximize the numbers of Gazans killed or injured while ensuring that these deaths include a measurable large number of youths, children. Hamas has even been proven to force civilians to remain in buildings they know Israel is targeting. How do they know? Well, believe it or not, Israel calls people on their cell phones, drops leaflets and sends emails to civilians residing in structures which are also utilized by Hamas for launching sites, main operational offices and other militarily sensitive targets, warning them to vacate the area. Even further, Israel will, when feasible, drop a small explosive device, a large flash-bang, to allow everyone inside the building, including civilians and Hamas fighters and operatives, to leave with urgency and even then, the building cannot be bombed unless a military IDF lawfare officer, again with the lawyers, gives the aircrew the authorization to strike and even then, the pilot can call off the strike if civilians are within the dangerous region of the strike. Unfortunately, civilians on both sides are being injured and killed and this pains Israel’s leadership while Hamas simply calls for more death on both sides as every death, they believe, aids their cause of wiping Israel off the map as the first step in their war against all Jews. For the record, Hamas had fired well over one-hundred rockets before Israel responded in kind. Should Hamas end their rocket barrages, then Israel would end her reprisals and the violence would quickly tail-off. This will not occur until Hamas has run out of rockets which is solely and directly dependent upon funding of the Palestinians as aid moneys given Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority result in direct funding of Hamas in Gaza. Making the situation even less stable, Iranian weapons and aid, assisted by Russia and China, are backing Iran while America gives hundreds of millions to Abbas to hold until Hamas demands their share.

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