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May 19, 2021

Israel New Mask Reality

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Yes, we are aware, as are numerous people with even basic awareness, that the CDC finally retired masks for much of the world. All are aware that masks were, at best, merely a means of allowing us to foolishly believe we were preventing the spread of Covid-19 and being obedient to our presumed authorities such as Fauci. Even here in Israel there are those who would mask-shame anyone with the bold audacity to go with their face hanging out with absolutely no visible sign of masking. How do I know? Well, I pretty much refused to wear my mask inside or outside since returning to the world from life-saving surgery this past fall. Maybe I felt invulnerable or perhaps my experience working in healthcare gave me additional experience to realize that no readily accessible mask prevents the passing of viruses even from casual breathing.

Israeli Flag
Israeli Flag

Israel has this way of eventually, often sooner than we appreciate, putting masks and other silliness in their place and emphasizing those things which have true importance, family, friends, congregation, community, country and the preciousness of life. Remarkably, rockets raining down on parts of your small country, even if, like us, you are outside of their range and more so should you be within range, had this way of centering one’s trains of thought on those things most precious such as peace, calm and boring quiet. Oddly, since the onset of rockets falling on the southern two-thirds of Israel, nobody seems all that concerned about masks and people going full-faced masklessness. Reality can often break through the games governments and bureaucrats all-too-often play with our lives, and the mask was the current game pitting natural and normal faces versus masking-up and hiding our identities from one another. The alternative to masking-up was a public shaming. That foolishness disappeared with the first salvo of rockets reaching to Jerusalem and central Tel Aviv as the under one-percent potentiality of dying from Covid-19 faded into history and from our minds as we had bigger fish to fry and masks do even less against rockets exploding near your neighborhood and country. So, we will congratulate all those who have been permitted to join most Israelis who are already maskless. Now, if there was something as simple as wearing a mask could end the terror rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from within Gaza, largely from within Gaza City, using the civilians and public buildings as human shields to force civilian casualties within their own populations to flaunt before the world media when Israel defends herself striking those rocket launching positions; then surely I would wear a mask.

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