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May 23, 2021

Vaccine Passports the Diabolical Inevitable Endgame

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I am against virtually any form of government inclusion, thereby government exclusion, being required one to carry documentational proof of compliance. This includes vaccinations, period. Do not get me wrong, the government can demand people meet certification in order to perform particular occupations or take advantage of other everyday activities which can pose imminent harm in the wrong or incapable hands. Driving a vehicle is a perfect example as driving is almost a necessity for many people in order to go to where they are employed; as people, more often than not, move from one employer to another with varying regularity. This often requires committing to a lengthy commute or relocating, something one’s wife/husband/life-partner might have some influence over. One needs to voluntarily request being licensed to be sufficiently competent to enjoy utilizing the public thoroughfares. Some professions require licensing, such as physicians, plumbers and so many other professions; that it virtually boggles the mind. Licensed professions usually require one have specific skills and other abilities, some gifted and others more mundane, and the license is utilized to prove ability that others might desire. None of these licenses preclude people without such license from utilizing public resources such as entering government buildings for any reason, going grocery shopping, actually shopping anywhere, visiting museums, attending publicly financed schools and virtually anything else.


Now, let us discuss the vaccine for the Covid-19 Virus, which are hopefully being distributed worldwide, and have come with an identification card proving that one has been vaccinated. Some places require that you actually go so far out of one’s way as to make a request in order to receive proof of being vaccinated. People have not chosen to receive the vaccine because they are going to put their certificate on the wall and hope to make some profession of being vaccinated. You are vaccinated and can prove it with a government issued license proving you have joined in being vaccinated. Goody-goody for you, and what if I either chose not to be vaccinated or simply was far too busy or lazy to request any silly license which does nothing presumably to anybody else. But we have those calling for only people with proof of vaccination should be permitted to hold most jobs, enter almost any public building, use public transportation and these unvaxed-heathens must be ostracized. They intend that either you get vaccinated and have proof or be driven from polite society.

So what BTC, just get the vaccine. What about those who already survived Covid-19 Virus and thus the vaccine has proven to be extra risky? There are probably a million or more other reasons where people’s own physician advised they not get the vaccine. Now there are those who desire these people driven out as if with leprosy three-thousand years ago. And people actually claim that we have become civilized and one good scare and it is leper camps for the unvaccinated. REALLY? But it goes far beyond the vaccine cards as they are already talking about the dire and real need for everyone to get their booster Covid-19 shot or shots. Then they will add flu vaccinations and all the childhood vaccinations all be incorporated on the “COVIDCARD” which now has all the extras of a credit card with codes, holograms, magnetic strips, and all the necessary information to access your personal vax-file which would present you with a rating depending on how many and which vaccines you have and have not received, reasons be damned. And we would be remiss if we did not at least give a nod to those who have warned for decades about our freedoms being stolen by the mark of the beast. The government could demand one have an RFID chip implanted and it would be registered on your COVIDCARD, a chip which would report to the government every action you make, every location you visit and so much information that within six months they could tell you what organizations and clubs to which you belong, whether you are so old fashioned as to actually use the local library and take out books, what genre of movies you prefer and have a complete list of your closest friends and the others in your contact list and far more. Sorry; we must refuse this horrid and threatening concept which would surrender all our freedoms to the government losing them in whichever order the government deemed to be the least threatening and minimizing resistance by the populace. Israel and the United States and any other nation which cherishes freedom must refuse this poisonous idea of a vaccine license as it will simply lead to another form of segregation claiming it is based on the science, not on science and as the French might say, “Cherche les différences.”

Beyond the Cusp

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