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June 9, 2021

Why I Might be Racist

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Perhaps the most straightforward means to address this would be to list those races and even complete divisions of our Earth-based communities. I have a definitive preference for multicellular lifeforms over single-celled lifeforms. I realized this when I have attempted to consume products made by single celled organisms such as bacteria and others of the most simple lifeforms. These would include such foods as yogurt and cottage cheese amongst others with an exception, beer. To be honest, I have little regard, despite their necessity for life as we know it, for almost all lifeforms which require magnification in order to be detected. I also favor greatly land based lifeforms over those residing in the waters of the Earth be they fresh or salt. Many of my friends often invite me to eat at sea food restaurants and my question is always the same, do they serve roast beef.

Fish or Roast Beef Diner

So, allow me to move on to the more visible species of our planet. You have probably already guessed that as a rule I favor most other species other than insects. Cutting to the chase, I have a strong preference for mammals over reptiles, arachnids, crustaceans et al. I even have my preferences within the family of mammals with a distinct preference for those who have been domesticated. Despite the apparent fact that not all homosapiens always act in the manner of a domesticated beast and more resemble a wild beast and are far from civil, I still prefer homosapiens from amongst all mammals. There are times, such as when in need of unrequited affection, when my primary preference is often to strike our canine and secondarily our feline.

Amongst human being, homosapiens, I have preferences and dislikes just as anyone else and I am not about to pretend otherwise. Those who treat me poorly or even with antagonism, these people I will return as neutral set of responses as I am able. I attempt to treat all people well or, at the very least, with a neutral yet respectful and polite manner. These are not the people with whom I enter into deep conversations but prefer to keep it short and sweet. Then there are the great unwashed masses whom I have yet to meet and for them, may their lives be worthy and meet their own expectations. Then there is the smaller set of people who are acquaintances and friends with whom I spend my time and with whom I socialize. These are the people I hold closer and shower my best behavior assisting them as I might be capable.

But the one arena where one’s true self shines through is how one treats a complete stranger who requires a fair degree of assistance. The current means of treating such a situation currently appears to require one film it and livestream the problem for the world to enjoy someone else’s misery. Let us use as an example a situation I have faced and nearly always stopped to assist the person with a problem, a flat tire. Very few people actually enjoy changing tires at the side of the road and I am not one of them. Despite this, I will take the ten minutes it takes to change a tire. But what I witnessed on the news the other day so sickened me that I am tempted to make a new class of humanity, the eternal recorders of reality. The news reported of the police responding to a ‘shots fired’ situation. The first officer to appear on the scene approached the people who it appeared had sent the request. When the officer had not even had the opportunity to get any information, some of the people jumped and began to pummel the officer while the rest recorded the event and may have even live-streamed it on line. I have also seen scenes of people jumping upon police vehicles with the police remaining in their vehicle and either stopping the vehicle or drove slow and careful so as not to injure anyone. Now these police may end up disciplined for allowing their vehicles to come under such attack. One can only imagine the trouble any officer would encounter had they yelped their siren to possibly have the ‘protesters’ to dismount or had forced them off the vehicle by pressing hard on the accelerator forcing them from the vehicle. Had the latter method resulted in injuries, a likely potentiality, the officer would have been fired and probably charged with reckless endangerment or worse. The only solution I believe will repair our world is simple, each of us need only repair how we ourselves act and treat one another. Unfortunately, working on self-improvement is amongst the most difficult undertakings and, anyway, it is so much easier and more fun to ridicule everyone else while ignoring our own deficiencies.

Beyond the Cusp

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