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June 14, 2021

Potential Approaching Biden Unyielding, Pants on Fire Challenges

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The numerous potential challenges and threats to the United States, which President Biden and his various advisors at all levels including the Democrats in the Congress will most probably be facing, are growing daily. Please allow us the privilege to list some of the top tier problems already manifesting themselves which will be left to fester and metastasize, infecting the entire nation over the next four years. The obvious and most egregious situation is the broken open border along the southern border with Mexico leading to Central and South America and the world at large crossing freely into the American southwest from where the Federal Government has been distributing the newcomers across the nation to the various states. There are other sticky problems already rising on the near horizon which include but are not limited to deficit spending, gender separation pertaining to trans individuals, election reforms and the radical elimination of all policies and Executive Orders which emanated from the Trump administration. Where there will be many alarms, impassioned speeches and legislative attempts to reverse some policies which were hastily enacted in the first weeks of the Biden Presidency, none of these Biden policies are up for debate and will remain in effect for as long a the Democrat Party will remain in power. Despite numerous friends and others, the same who claimed Trump would be easily reelected, have claimed that the Biden agenda can be prevented, we must inform them that they are chasing an impossible dream which might lead to Republican losses in both 2022 and 2024 elections (more on this later).

Xi Jinping with Vladimir Putin and Sayyid Ali Khamenei

The most immediate challenge facing President Biden, who we will give the benefit of the doubt that he is actually in charge, is obviously China. This is so much so that Biden actually discussed this with presumed allies at the G7 Conference. These discussions will merely result in ‘a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!’ Trust that there will be a collection of idiots before all is over. China may or may not wait until they have undermined democracy and completely pacified Hong Kong before executing their plans to reincorporate Taiwan completely under direct control of Beijing ending their autonomous democratic rule. While Chinese President Xi Jinping will leave it to his underlings to respond to President Biden and any ultimations or ‘red lines’ drawn by the American President which will be discarded without comment yet providing as many insults as President Biden, Vice President Harris (or as we call her, KAYmahLAH-DARling) and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are capable of consuming with minimal if any protestations; there is one response which will be forthcoming from China overly early in their discourse with Washington and President Biden, their threat for a nuclear exchange initiated by President Xi fully intending to slam President Biden onto his heels stumbling and struggling with his response. But these events will merely signal the beginning of the end of America as we knew her.

While President Biden has his plate full with threats and actions emanating from China initially over Taiwan and escalating from there potentially threatening either the Philippines, Japan or both as China also has designs for these nations in their near forecasts, another great threat will arise in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. This challenge will initiate out of Russia as they will initially link with the Crimea, including the important port city of Sevastopol which Russia occupied almost a decade back, by attacking the remainder of the Ukraine reincorporating this former part of the USSR. There are those who believe that Putin also has his eyes on the small trio of eastern European nations of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. The multisided threats emanating from China and Russia both taking lands, conquering nations and enslaving the peoples to enrich their conquerors as these lands’ riches are stripped and their peoples impoverished. Even this will not be the end of the rising threats as there is one more evil actor out there on the world stage ready to attempt to take advantage of a distracted and disadvantaged President Biden and company as they bumble their response to these first tests.

The missing actor on the world stage has at least a pair of warships currently crossing the South Atlantic Ocean is none other than Iran. Initially, Iran has demanded concessions before even considering a restart of the nuclear deal made with President Obama, ripped-up by President Trump who put in place sanctions, and now Iran has received nearly total sanctions relief without giving up even one iota of their nuclearization of their military weaponry. President Biden and company have oozed the pathetic and rotting stench of total collapse giving in on every demand from Iran making only apologies and bowing concessions while receiving only contempt. Once the United States has been strung-out and completely engaged with China and Russia while ineptly offering tepid at best responses to the Sino-Soviet aggressions taking near surrounding territories and nations attempting to reestablish their former kingdoms, Iran will likely complete their conquest to control all of Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, yet their greatest threat will be their warfare across the Middle East and potentially spreading to northern Africa and southeastern Europe including Turkey, Greece, Crete, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and their GCC allies. Our prediction, one we expect people will believe is proof we are insane, is that Iran will not waste their limited nuclear weapons testing the effectiveness of the Israeli missile defenses. What Iran will attempt is to fortify their position claiming themselves to be the proper and rightful leaders of the Islamic world. Currently that position has been claimed by the Saudis who conquered it from the Hashemites in order to take the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina, impressing upon the Family Saud the title of ‘Servant of the Two Noble Sanctuaries’ or ‘Protector of the Two Holy Cities.’ Iran, similarly to China, has made it evidently clear that should they have produced nuclear weapons, they would have no compunction about their use. Chinese leaders believe, and always have believed since the Maoist Cultural Revolution, that they could lose three times the population losses and still destroy every last American and China would still have a viable population with which to recover and finish their world conquest.

Iran poses the largest threat, please allow us to explain. The Mullahs, the real rulers over Iran and their militaries, the Iranian regular army and the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) which is their religiously motivated force who strictly follow Sharia Laws, have questioned the history of the Western world as all falsehoods and callous lies. They believe that everything surrounding the dropping of atomic weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are merely western lies used to frighten other nations from even attempting to develop such presumably horrific weapons which could end the world as we know her. One of the reasons is that the Mullahs, as is much of strictly interpreted Islam, desire ending the world as we know it and rebuilding it in their image, that is a world where all follow Islam in its strictest of forms. To attain this end, the Iranian religious leadership are not only willing but anxious to destroy the world and all civilizations upon her if there is even the remotest chance that they would rule the remains. A ranking officer from the IRGC stated he would gladly have Israel destroy much of Iran if in the exchange Israel is destroyed and all her Jews dead. Despite such hatred, it will most probably be more important to remove Saudi Arabia from their current leaders and allow Iran to claim themselves the protectors of Mecca and Medina, the sponsors of the annual Haj and claim the throne over all Islam. With Mecca and Medina under Iranian control, we can expect for them to impose their Shiite Islam replacing the Sunni Islam which currently makes up over ninety percent of Muslims.

The world will be shocked over the near immediate conversion of large segments of the Sunni Islamic world as their nations are subdued by Iranian forces. Once Iran has occupied the Saudi Arabia peninsula, the main Islamic nation then capable of fighting Iran is Egypt. The wildcard in the attempt of Iran to take the Saudi Arabia peninsula is Israel. Since any invasion by Iran of Saudi Arabia by the Mullahs would need include at least a few dozen missiles launched into Israel targeting their main population centers, Israel would defend not only their own little corner of the Middle East nestled against the Mediterranean Sea but also assist the Saudis as any widening of the front opposing the Iranian menace would serve to make Israeli efforts more effective as Iran would face the IDF on all fronts. Lastly, should Iran launch towards Israel from within their territory, Israel has to assume that, at the very least, a fair percentage would be armed with nuclear warheads atop their ballistic missiles, very accurate ballistic missiles. This would necessitate an Israeli response in kind including nuclear tipped missiles. We are not going to argue the point of whether Iran has developed a nuclear weapon. Simply stated, America made two completely different types of atomic bombs within four years while Iran has been researching nuclear weapons for over twenty years and are such nincompoops that they have failed at every turn. Iran may or may not have thermonuclear weapons, but nuclear bombs are more than sufficient to destroy most Israeli cities. Any Israeli response to an Iranian overt launch of numerous missiles likely including chemical warheads and very probably some nuclear warheads (atomic or thermonuclear hydrogen weapons), twenty should be a sufficient of a threat, the Israeli response would necessarily include some nuclear tipped weapons largely intended to eliminate as much of the head of the Iranian snake as well as neutering IRGC by eliminating their barracks, weapons, armor, aircraft, fast-boats and other offensive weapons and all command and control centers and networks. But the real question remains, will President Biden surprise the world and act purposely and forcefully or will he return to his Delaware basement.

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