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June 29, 2021

What Can One Honestly Say?

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The last eighteen months passed so slowly initially. This was before the September to early November push which elected President Biden starting the massive shift in almost every item even slightly political. But the situation in the United States at least has a direction, whether you agree with the new direction or are opposed. More on that after this aside about the new government we have inherited due to the same political positioning which gave America President Biden.

President Biden (top) Prime Minister Bennett and Prime Minister in waiting Lapid (bottom)

President Biden was definitely not President Trump and the coalition now ruling Israel is not Prime Minister Netanyahu placing Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister initially, and should the government survive, then Yair Lapid would assume the office of Prime Minister. The parties making up this coalition are Bennett’s Yamina, Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid, New Hope, Labor, Meretz, United Arab List, Kahol Lavan, and Yisrael Beiteinu. These parties span from right-wing-nationalist to left-wing-secular socialism to left-centrist-secular and finally even to include the United Arab List. There does not exist even a singular article, idea, concept or political view which is shared by this coalition of the not Netanyahu governance Israel has inherited from yet another inconclusive election. May the blessing come from the not Netanyahu coalition that it set a new record for the shortest coalition from history. Perhaps the one blessing is that apparently nothing will be accomplished as it is unlikely anything can pass in the Knesset unless Likud ministers are free to vote their conscience. We doubt that even should Likud leadership pass from Netanyahu to whoever desires stepping forward, both will very probably insist on party unity and vote as the loyal opposition, a new position for the Likud Party. This coalition should provide some very interesting, if not outright weird, politicking. It promises to be surprising should Israel avoid another new election for even a single year.

I better watch what I write or I might get in trouble. Presumably, the American people were promised that President Biden, once elected, would govern as a centrist and anything but an ideologue. Well, that was what so many people were likely hoping would be the reality. What was actually promised was that Biden as President would be defined best as ‘not the evil orange man’ and would undo all the evils which President Trump wrought. This second definition was actually how Biden was presented, as the ‘not the evil orange man,’ aka the un-Trump. Now President Biden concentrated on countering everything accomplished and touted as positive by President Trump. What else did everyone expect from a candidate presented and campaigned as the coming of the un-Trump. This has led to a situation where the border with Mexico is wide open while Americans are not permitted to freely enter Canada (due to Covid fears of course). In many cities the police have faced large budget cuts while they are also being told that they are racist and their every action is second-guessed. There are calls to remove the limited liability protection for police which if enacted would force every officer to either never making an arrest or even any encounter with criminal acts. Response time would expand until there was no possibility that the situation to which they were to respond was still ongoing. But let us move on. There have been intimations of runaway inflation, rampant increasing crime, homeless camps, higher taxes and numerous other internal problems and we wish Americans well with their political future. We are more concerned with the foreign policy changes in how President Biden and his administration’s team might respond and act in those areas of most concern to us. We always desire good relations with the United States and support a strong presence supporting democracies over other political systems, especially those nations who have already set the destruction and replacement of the United States as the sole superpower, in particular, Iran. We understand that numerous Americans consider China as that threat, but they should know that Iran is just as set on the destruction of America if not more so. Trust the Iranian leadership support the “Death to America” demonstrations just as much as they support the “Death to Israel” chants. Remember that Israel is the little Satan while Iran labels America as the great Satan. We could recount the numerous threats posed by Iran to the United States but will only have you wonder why the Iranians are sailing warships across the Atlantic Ocean heading most likely to Venezuela and potentially Cuba as well.

We have our own concerns about Iran in Israel, something with the history of the Jewish People we learned is to trust those who threaten to annihilate you to actually attempt to do exactly that. Also, a fully financially wealthy Iran results in more rockets for Hamas in Gaza which is also financed by numerous United Nations NGO’s and by the Palestinian Authority which received a quarter of a trillion dollars as an initial aid payment from the United States. Surprisingly, just a few weeks after the aid moneys were reaching the Palestinian Authority and the ninety billion dollars were reaching Iran as an initial bailout, Hamas launched over four and a half thousand rockets into Israel targeting our population centers. Often, it is pointed out how the Iron Dome anti-missile systems are over ninety percent effective on intercepting these rockets. May we introduce a mitigating factor, while the Hamas rockets cost between five dollars to as much as a few thousand dollars for the largest provided by Iran, each anti-missile missile for the Iron Dome costs approximately $50,000 each, although costs ranging from $30,000 to $100,000 each have been cited for the various type of interceptor. Yes, being on the targeted end of the rockets, Israelis believe they are worth every dollar. Still, when you start to figure the potential cost for intercepting merely one-fourth of the rockets launched, that results in $50,000,000 cost taking the average price. For the time being and knowing that our current ruling coalition is untenable, we can afford to wait, watch and be wary as the new foreign policy, especially concerning the Middle East, becomes more clear. I better stop now as I am probably already in trouble.

Beyond the Cusp

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