Beyond the Cusp

July 30, 2021

The COVID Way Forward

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Something inside tells us that the end of this forced social warfare over vaccinations will lead to intentionally measurable resistance. The powers in Washington DC, as is their way, feel empowered as the people apparently will follow any demands from government and even non-governmental organizations such as the CDC. Sure, there have been the few holdouts refusing to wear a mask whenever they are able to get away with ignoring governmental edicts. Some claim that to ignore these unfounded demands is patriotic and others, like myself, have simply decided that taking the vaccine allows me to live free as was promised. The coming problematic confrontation will erupt over vaccine mandates which will inevitably lead to a federal vaccine mandate with criminal charges for any refuseniks.


Calm down if the idea of vaccine mandates makes you believe that it is a principled fight for personal choice and medical privacy. I support your fight as I was ordered to get the vaccine by the one who need be obeyed as she knows where I sleep and so have already surrendered. The problem those of you insisting on carrying on with the good fight face is that the Supreme Court already ruled that government is within their given powers over public safety, medical and physical, to mandate the public receive a vaccine with only the strictest of medical exceptions permitted. On February 20, 1905, the Supreme Court, by a comfortable majority of seven to two, said in Jacobson v. Massachusetts that the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts could fine residents who refused to receive smallpox injections. The court did place a limitation where the vaccine presents threat of health or life being permitted exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

We expect that even here in Israel such mandates will meet with opposition from both religious and secular ends of our society. Such a confrontation in Israel will await mandates being enacted and becoming effective in the United States. We may not be legal eagles, or even have studied law in college, but we did study logic. Unfortunately for those opposing forced vaccines, they will be hard pressed to even attain a court order excepting compliance until a final verdict can be reached. The current conflict-adverse Supreme Court will doubtlessly refuse to even take such a case pointing to their previous 1905 decision quoted above. Still, such resistance will provide interesting contrasts between CNN, BBC and FOX news commentators. This is being exasperated by President Biden insisting upon one-hundred-percent compliance and being vaccinated drawing the lines for coming conflict. Perhaps further articles might even be forthcoming, who can foretell the future? Who, me? Not a chance, even in Poughkeepsie.

Beyond the Cusp

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