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August 6, 2021

Great Reset and a One World Government

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This piece is pure conjecture by the BTC editor and numerous outside and inside discussions with our advisors and friends. Most of us agree on the single point that Israel would not be a member of any presumed singular world governance. This is simply because we see too many, likely a large majority, of the world’s nations insisting that Israel not be permitted to be a member in what they perceive as their most civil and inclusive society. A plurality of those willing to discuss this in depth added that soon after any single world governance is enacted they would soon segregate out the Jews demanding Israel take in the rest of these undesirable peoples. Israel will gladly take them in with great celebrations, as such a move would serve only to excite the anticipation amongst many Jews that this is simply the means by which the Jewish people are returned home from the four corners of the Earth by Hashem through the black hearts of the anti-Semites. What was interesting was how these discussions increased in numbers and intensity after the American elections, no longer believing that America would oppose such a world government; now it appears that America is prepared to play second fiddle to a world ruled by a conjunction of China and the Islamic world.

One World Order Minus Israel

Needless and unfortunate to say, the central power of any new world rule would come about as all nations agree to be subservient to the decisions and rules coming from the United Nations, the closest entity approaching truly universal world membership. Israel being spat out by the United Nations has always been a joke claiming that the United States’ veto would never permit such to come from the Security Council. The refusal by President Obama to veto UNSC Resolution 2334

permitted the condemnation of Israel and her having any claim to the areas referred to as the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount. This sent a shudder through those who believed that the United States would be different than the world powers of the past who almost universally acted to destroy, murder, eradicate or dispossess their Jews. Now that, in our opinion as well as some others, President Obama is the main hand controlling the President Biden puppet who is being controlled by a select group of powerful, far-left ideologues who are almost universally anti-Israel and anti-Semitic; Israel cannot look to America and must finally stand for herself by herself with only the smallest number of friends within the United Nations. Israel knows that for the time being the American people largely support Israel, as this is represented within the Congress of the United States.

Should the world establish a singular governance minus Israel, we expect that the United Nations would install a socialist-capitalism where the capitalism will be limited and heavily influenced by the central controlling government. The religion will be some form of a mix of a secular religion somehow centered around a strong core of Islam. The leaders of this world order will come from China and her third world pseudo-colonies, Iran, Russia and the European Union. The United States will be minimally represented as demanded by the loudest voices of hate, those same voices which demanded the expulsion of Israel. The greatest unanswered question is whether a third world war will necessitate the formation of a singular governance. Since this coming possible WWIII, the final war to end all wars, will involve almost every nation of the planet with one obvious exception; Israel will manage neutrality supporting none of the combatant nations. When the nations of the world meet to sign an armistice ending WWIII establishing a singular world government; they will note how Israel remained, their wording, aloof pretending moral superiority and a refusal to support any of the new world government nations who were sucked into WWIII. This will lead to Israel being regurgitated from the community of nations and denoted a pariah. Such a convergence of evil intents toward Israel and Jews in general will only bring the Messiah and the Messianic Age that much more quickly.

Beyond the Cusp

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