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August 9, 2021

Expected Results from Shutdowns and Eviction Moratoriums

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The continuing of the eviction moratorium by President Biden, in the face of the Supreme Court warning they would rule such unconstitutional, could only be part of the plan to bankrupt as many small rental property owners as the Federal Government is able by any means necessary. Then there are the threats of shutdowns, intermittent shutdowns, lengthy shutdowns and other various impositions upon retail stores impacting the small business owners the hardest while favoring the large box stores, the people with lobbyists. Finally, as we reported here, the push to place a vaccine in any available arm is a straight forward scheme to enrich the officers and major stockholders of the three companies making the vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer. Reports have shown that at least three new trillionaires, with a tril, resulted from their successful work of providing vaccines at an unearthly price per shot, paid by Americans’ taxes. All of these could have been, and likely were, debated before even the initial call for, “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and were determined to be acceptable losses by those behind the COVID policies.



Those planning to change the United States into a more European nation emulating France, Germany, Italy and the rest of Old Europe are becoming desperate as Europeans are protesting the draconian COVID policies; so, they are unsure how much more American society will be prepared to tolerate. These socialists, potentially fascists, are spending additional bonuses for the unemployed with the current extension lasting through the summer. Then there is the coming ‘infrastructure’ bill and additionally the Pelosi attached budget-busting bill which is rumored to potentially include an immigration amnesty section plus additionally the HR1, the ‘For the People Act’ making many of the 2020 COVID adaptations to voting rules and laws permanent. These two bills are going to pass both houses of Congress as it has the support of the usual suspects. Many fear that these two pieces of legislation will initiate the end of the United States as we know it and thus the end of the world as we know it. Will the sleeping ones, the silent majority Reagan excited, the Tea Party and whatever self-proclaimed patriots decide to name their movement wake up, assuming they ever become motivated as it is getting late, and organize before it becomes too late. All there is to say is people should investigate how much of the Critical Theory, COVID world release, Biden financial policy and the open southern border is traceable back to Chinese interventions in order to bring Uncle Sam to his knees forcing an American surrender. President Biden is the American version of Neville Chamberlin.

Beyond the Cusp

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