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August 15, 2021

Where America Failed in Afghanistan

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As was also true about the Korean War, the Viet Nam Action (it was not officially a war), the Iraq conflict, the American effort in Syria and any other engagement the American government decides to take on in the foreseeable future; the situation in Afghanistan is potentially getting worse in the near term. There is more than sufficient blame to smear around to be shared between the Generals, Admirals, Joint Chiefs of Staff and political leadership. Further blame can be leveled against the media, disassociated public from military actions and especially the, quoting President Eisenhower’s farewell address, “Military-Industrial Complex.” The one area where there is almost no blame to be assigned is the American fighting forces, her troops. Were we to point out one absolute absurdity within the American Military, it would be the over nine-hundred Generals and Admirals which currently breaks down as 38 generals, 141 lieutenant generals, 310 major generals and 420 brigadier generals. So, what exactly went wrong again?

Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Joint Chiefs of Staff pictured above are more interested in applying WOKE policies and seeking out any domestic terrorists and all suspected of harboring white supremacy such as voting the wrong way or making posts supporting Trump or numerous other legislators and media personnel who have been tagged as racist, white supremacist or other right-wing individuals labeled subversive for opposing the Biden agendas. They are employing vital importance on WOKE training, equity, critical theory and other social sensitivity training (see video below). The military has placed WOKE-equity-critical theory training ahead of readiness training while applying these same principles to determine who is eligible for promotion. The politicization of the upper ranks of the military is further eroding military readiness while officers from Lieutenant Colonel through to the top, including General Miley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are approved for promotion by the United States Senate. This forces these officers to forget about the dire situation of military readiness and instead seek to apply the current social trends in an attempt to placate the ruling party in the Senate.

There is one last and quite substantial reason for the sorry state of readiness which is reported to infect every unit and occupation within the military. War fighting training has been replaced with WOKE-equity-critical theory training satisfying the General class genuflection to the political left. Such training requires the military to hire outside ‘experts’ to perform these training sessions. Needless to say, these WOKE ‘experts’ have little if any knowledge or experience with the military. These ‘experts’ also allow for the military to request additional funding for this sensitivity training. Funding is also the last reason that no war is permitted to be fought to win. Instead, wars are, from the command level, fought to perpetrate funding, trillions in funding between the actual military budget and the less well-known military black budget. Fighting conflicts or wars, breaks equipment, fires thousands of bullets, and uses all related equipment all of which requires servicing or replacement. The current official and unofficial list of conflicts which include United States service personnel include Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan (returning troops to embassy), Somalia, Yemen and the airbase on Diego Garcia and this is just the list for the Middle East. The one consistency of military is their actual concerns in keeping the military budget as bloated as politically possible. Should the military allow success in training these foreign troops into an actual fighting force, there would be less need for American boots on the ground which means less funding. The military establishment in Washington as well as across the river at the Pentagon hinges upon a budget which has little actual oversight. The military has become just one more sorry bureaucracy within an ever-larger government which is approaching being completely unaccountable to the American people.

The new military is not permitted to succeed because actually solving problems or training their military and Afghanistan is a perfect example. The big problem which was and never will be revealed was that the Afghan people mostly wished to continue with their traditional lives without foreign presence and interference. No matter how long or how hard one attempts to train people who have little desire to actually perform, they will never be successful. In Afghanistan the forces being trained by the United States troops very probably are made up of Afghans who need to job and the money and have no interest in fighting and risking life and limb. Then there was an estimated one-quarter to as much as two-thirds Taliban fighters placed within the Afghan military where they learn everything taught to the presumably loyal Afghans. The simple problem is that throughout the Middle East, the United States is seen as an imposition on the simple lives these people prefer. But an untrainable army is perfect for the military leadership as it keeps the money tap fully open. Until the military returns to training to kill and break things.

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