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August 22, 2021

Fears Over COVID Leading to Fascist Policies

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Hopefully, the majority of Americans have noticed the fraying around the edges of their Constitutional guaranteed freedoms. Watching this, we are forced to ask our American friends if they are actually going to allow the voiding of the Bill of Rights, ending medical privacy and so much more including the frightening threat allowing ostracization of those refusing to comply with government pressure to fall in line to satisfy the fears of the loudest protestations of the morally superior? Where all the vindictive threats of and actual treatment of those who decided not to get the experimental COVID vaccines, states have gone to various extremes to bribe people. Some places are limiting where the unvaccinated are permitted to tread, specifically indoors with even stricter limitations on places serving or selling food. Have any of these pontificating, holier than thou politicians actually thought about their insistence that people be vaccinated in order to eat at restaurants, bars and lounges while also preventing their entering grocery and other food establishments know they are basically starving of the unvaccinated. Well, that is another means of reaching a fully vaccinated public, simply murder the unvaccinated by denying them food, their jobs or almost any other public inclusion of those refusing to follow government dictates.

Victoria Police and ADF on COVID Lockdown Enforcement in Melbourne

Granted, Australian measures for enforcing their lockdown was more severe than most, using the military to force people to remain locked within their residence. Just the same, the efforts applying public pressure by a boisterous core, potentially backed by a plurality of the fear frozen public who see nothing but threats and trepidations over returning to a normal life while any version of COVID exists, be it the alpha, beta, delta or zed variant when it finally is discovered. In much of the developed world, the pressure currently is passively backed by big government politicians while being amplified by the mainstream media and vocalized by a surprisingly erudite spokespersons forcing entire industries to refuse to serve the unvaccinated. The initial target is almost always the food service industries demanding all employees and patrons be vaccinated and those who insist on their right to refuse the vaccine will be terminated or refused service. The next target is the remainder of the entertainment industries after which they move on to schools and universities. There exists a general feeling that unvaccinated people need to be the twenty-first century’s lepers who must be shunned and kept at a distance, possibly even establish colonies for these misfits away from civil society. In numerous locations these efforts are granted political support implying beneficial treatment going forward for those who comply with exclusion of the unvaccinated from their grounds and of their service. There is a name for governance through a general collusion using industry in cooperation with the ruling elites to mold society in their desired image and crush those who refuse to comply; that name is Fascism. Tread carefully our American friends as you are entering a region of thin ice covering the freezing deep waters of fascism numbing freedom of thought or action.

Beyond the Cusp

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