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September 1, 2021

Vaccine Mandates Great for Governments

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The first thing we realized about the Vaccine Mandates (VM) was they seldom if ever state that it will be limited to only the COVID vaccine. A trusting soul might query for what else could the VM be used? Well, apparently it will require at least another booster shot. If the VM has this much variability already, how much further could it be stretched? Perhaps it will include annual flu vaccinations and once from there it would be but a small step to insisting on universal use of a health monitoring chip. Does any amongst us truly believe that the health chip, which will necessitate RF capabilities and will be powered by our own bodies, will not become an identification chip, the ever-feared RFID implant? Remember that the Social Security number was never to become a universal identity number used for anything other than Social Security. Well, that sure worked out well as it has become your driver’s license number, your Medicare number, your Military Service number and almost everything else use it or some logarithm thereof.

RFID Chip Implant Measures 4cm

Please do not try to convince me that the government would not drool at the opportunity to place these inside everyone at birth. They already attempt to sign every child onto the Social Security roles as many major city hospitals already require one as part of their full and community-minded service. This comes as part of regulations which are being applied to any hospital which collects government payments including Medicare or Medicaid. One last food for thought, one year ago the whole discussion of VM was considered inconceivable. Now it has become opposing VM is becoming inconceivable, but never accepted here as long as we control our own lives. Already we have witnessed many rights squandered to government for promise of protection and we have seen liberty lost.

Beyond the Cusp

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