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September 12, 2021

Coming Unvaccinated Covid Leper Camps

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President Biden is setting forth plans for dividing the American public between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Slowly, but inexorably, the Biden Administration is inching toward forcing every American to receive the Covid vaccines in order to operate and survive in the society going forward. Already calls are sounding from coast to coast to close all interstate travel, refusal of hospital medical services, denial of service at restaurants, forbidden entry to all food retail entities and innumerable newly invented daily restrictions aimed at the unvaccinated. These restrictions would make life itself impossible for the unvaccinated; a fact not lost on these people; it is their actual goal to eliminate the unvaccinated from polite, vaccinated society. One can only wonder why vaccinated people fear the unvaccinated, but that is where this problem sprung. Let us continue and research this phobia and its origins.

Camp for the Unvaccinated

Covid Hysteria, potentially a serious mental ailment, is traceable to the Democrat Party efforts to injure President Donald Trump sufficiently to allow for his defeat by Joseph Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. The public fed on Covid lies and exaggerations which were not considered to be beyond the cusp but in reality, they qualified as obvious absurdity. Very soon into the election season, absurdity would become the expected norm concerning Covid in society, thus birthing Covid Hysteria. Comparing Covid to the Spanish Flu of a century past, a far deadlier pandemic, the media, Deep State, Democrat Party and the Biden campaign made this connection so often and casually, that it became accepted fact. The aim originally was to divide the nation against President Trump but has now evolving into a wedge placing blame for Covid on the unvaccinated eventually demonizing them to the point the public will again allow interring people without due justice under the law, just as was committed against American citizens by race during World War II. The Biden campaign built Covid into the disease which might destroy civilization and now are going to milk Covid in order to victimize his opponents. We have to ask, how much longer before people begin to disappear with these events covered as a necessary medical emergency precaution because of the latest Covid mutated version? We predict that should Covid unvaccinated camps become a reality; the majority will be those who may or may not actually have taken the vaccine but fall closer along political alignments of conservatives, Trump supporters and others who might not hold ideas that the mainstream media defines as being on the right side of history. The right side of history takes time and careful inspections, taking ramifications not known in the immediate, but only after time permits their revelation. The question is will the American public allow these incarcerations while using Covid vaccine status as a requirement to vote in 2022 and 2024 and ever after.

Beyond the Cusp


  1. […] the world; even violent protests in Europe and Australia. We pray people wake before governments’ Coming Unvaccinated Covid Leper Camps. >. Maybe governments will start fighting the virus and leave the people alone to care for […]


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  2. I remember giving my animals shots for covid canine .It came with the other shots that Anyone could buy from any Feed why did / do they say there was no vaccine?
    Further more whatever Covid shit is going around has been made in The government arm pit to control WE THE PEOPLE.


    Comment by Randy Golder — December 16, 2021 @ 6:49 AM | Reply

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