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September 21, 2021

The Death of the American Military

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The American Military is one of, if not the, most capable militaries on Earth. The rank and file, the actual fighting forces, are competent and capable of achieving near miraculous achievements. That begs the question as to why the United States has not actually won a war producing the desired results and removing permanently the existing threats since World War II. Perhaps a large part of the problem is the train wreck at the top where there are over nine-hundred General and Admiral level officers, nearly quadruple the numbers of General Class officers than were present at the height of the fighting during World War II. Promotion of General Class officers takes political action by the Senate forcing these officers to be more concerned with the politics than the actual mission of the military. This has produced, what we referred to back when I served, ranks of ‘Perfumed Princes’ in the Pentagon and the highest command levels. These General Class officers, Perfumed Princes, spend more time playing the Washington political games than they have planning the actual fighting of the soldiers under their commands. In many ways, the General Class officers spend far too much of their efforts pleasing the members of the Senate in order to grease the tracks to their next promotion. By the time that these Perfumed Princes reach the rank of four-star general, they have forgotten most of their training and education concerning warfare, replacing that knowledge with playing the Washington political theater. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, in concert with the rest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has recently so overstepped his command authority, powers denied his office by the Constitution and legislation passed into law over sixty years ago, by working around the actual command authority of the President, the Commander in Chief.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint Chiefs of Staff

General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are stressing political correctness, woke lifestyle and fighting the enemy within, namely white supremacy, over actual war-fighting, weakening the American fighting soldier. They even took the military off all missions ordering a stand-down as the command officers work to remove extremists, white supremacists, from their ranks. The disastrous result of the pullout of American military forces from Afghanistan is the direct result of the incompetence of General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The overstepping of their authority by General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing war-fighting as the foremost responsibility of the military with internal review seeking to remove white supremacists from their ranks, is unprecedented. The American military has become a tool of the Pentagon used to continue support their budget to ever higher levels. The military budget must tie to successful war-fighting and denied for any social engineering projects. To put it in the simplest language, the American military must return to their primary mission, killing enemies and breaking their infrastructures, in other words, actually winning complete victories. This will require a strong Commander in Chief.

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