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October 22, 2021

China-Taiwan and Other Threats

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The numbers and types of threats in our world are mounting as the United States tends self-inflicted wounds. We will concern ourselves to the immediate two threats posed by China and very likely Russia as her ally. You have heard, as have we, about the near daily overflights of Taiwan by Chinese warplanes. Recent overflight patrols have reached sizeable numbers with one flight reportedly having more than twenty aircraft. Additionally, a fleet of Chinese and Russian warships cruised from the Sea of Japan through to the Pacific Ocean using the waterway separating northern Japan from mainland southern Japan. Things were ominous enough caused by China warning Japan, the Philippines, United States and Australia not to interfere with internal Chinese matters. They were referring to their intent to reincorporate Taiwan some time in the future. The Taiwan situation shakes the nerves more than enough; but what if there is more?

Route of Russian-Chinese Naval Fleet

Everything begins with increasing insistence, leading to demands, that Taiwan be returned to its proper home, under mainland Communist China. There will be a brief reprieve while China prepares for what President Xi claims are just war games, possibly including naval exercises with the Russians. Those war games will appear to be just another simulated taking of Taiwan with the world expecting the invasion fleet to stop and return only going half the distance to Taiwan. President Xi will watch closely reading President Biden waiting for some action or at least the threat thereof. Xi knows the Europeans are unable to have the nerve to oppose China and only the United States has such power. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen will attempt to rouse a response from President Biden and there things will rest. Unfortunately for the world, President Biden will likely have called it a ‘lid’ and turned off from the world for the rest of the day. Restoring Taiwan under rule from Beijing is just the initial thrust by China, especially should the United States stand idly by. The message was loudly made when Russian and Chinese naval fleets sailed through the Strait of Japan, separating the northern island from the main island, that Japan is the next target. Without United States interference, Japan will fall fairly quickly to the combined Russian and Chinese militaries. How far will China go on their list of nations? For China the Philippines are simply a necessary stepping-stone on their way to Australia. There is another front where China is threatening a neighbor, India. There has been a low-scale intermittent conflict even to the point of exchanging fire. Watch Taiwan and any reaction out of Washington and if things go poorly, prepare to duck. If Afghanistan was any representation of the United States military command, then we are all in danger and better prepare to defend ourselves by ourselves. Fortunately for us, Israel has always refused to allow other nations to fight our wars, that is a wholly (or holy) Israeli responsibility. In closing we advise we watch Taiwan and wonder why the United States is hinting they will accept a nuclear armed Iran.

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