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Beyond the Cusp has changed its mission over the years. We had posted news stories that we felt were of importance or were probably mostly overlooked/under-reported. Our mission statement has changed and we now assume that people reading Beyond the Cusp are well versed in the events and news stories. We no longer feel the need to point out news as that can be found almost anywhere in the blogosphere.

The aim now is to present ideas, interpretations and predictions that may not be found elsewhere. We treat our readers as being among the most informed and well read people they are. We hope you will find slants and outlooks that are challenging and unique and hope that you will share your views as comments.

We try to post comments within one day, often within hours, and hope you will understand that reviewing comments before allowing them on site is an unfortunate but necessary protection in the current state of the world. Trust, we only block hate-filled or obscene comments. Views differing from ours are posted the same as those that agree. We appreciate when people point out errors they feel we have made, and if we feel their point is valid, we will make changes and state a response to their comment thanking them (this has happened on a few occasions).

Hopefully you will enjoy and bookmark or register for e-mail notification of new posts. We do not use your e-mail information for any purpose other than notification of new posts (actually wordpress does this for us).

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  1. Fascinating background on how Islam’s holy book can be used to justify both war and peace, just as the RC church did 1,000 years ago. Depending on who’s doing the talking and the nature of their agenda, we could be led to believe Islam good or evil. In my own tradition, we have been warned by a true and faithful martyr to beware of ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing that will seek to lead us astray. I fear that the Iranian leadership are devotees of this wolf and that they have hoodwinked our neophyte president, or worse, that he gets this and is doing it on purpose, in a misguided attempt to further his one-world agenda. Either way, this excellent note informs and educates. Should be required reading for hs students.


    Comment by Tim Goebel — August 6, 2015 @ 2:47 PM | Reply

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