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January 14, 2017

Paris Conference in Paris and Inevitable Challenges


Tomorrow, Sunday January 15, 2017, will be a date that will start the cause of infamy when seventy nations convene in Paris, France to craft the future war in the Middle East. The organizers of this confab have already met with Mahmoud Abbas and his terrorist supporters and carefully created the closest they dare go in granting the Arab Palestinian Authority their wildest desires, the end of Israel. They will give the Arab world the one item they have hoped for ever since they fought the June 5 – 10, 1967, Six Day War; a redo from the original borders. The seventy nations will include the United States which will be represented by President Short Term Barack Obama’s puppet and lackey, Secretary of State Kerry who was instrumental in meeting with Abbas in Nablus to craft the finalization of the formation of a new Arab nation named Palestine cut from the legal borders of Israel as per more treaties than we care to list again, the League of Nations, the Mandate System and Article 80 of the UN Charter which binds the world to that very Mandate System which set the eastern Israeli border as the Jordan River. Also included among the nations and others joining the United States and France will be European Union Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, a representative of the United Nations, many Foreign Ministers from European nations, a number of the Sunni Arab nations high representatives, advisors from numerous anti-Israeli NGO’s for a reasoned flavor of authenticity and fairness and various other national representatives to round out the merry band of vigilante diplomacy. The truth be told, this is an internationally prearranged lynching where under the direction of France, the United States President and his State Department, the European Union, selected leftist pro-Palestinian Arab nations and the usual anti-Israel third world nations being brought together to give the feel of an authentic and reasoned conference which has the backing of the world and thus is really dispensing justice. Israel has denounced this conference knowing that the final decision has already been set in cement and left to dry.


Protesters in support of Palestinians in Gaza last weekend displayed a swastika at a Paris rally. The demonstration had been banned by the government and prompted deployment of police.

Protesters in support of Palestinians in Gaza
last weekend displayed a swastika at a Paris rally.
The demonstration had been banned by the
government and prompted deployment of police.


There is little left to chance and the only item which will be decided at the conference is how long they will appear to debate and deliberate before all but unanimously approving the pre-prepared proposition for an “equitable” resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the misnamed Palestinian-Israeli conflict as the Palestinian Arabs are simply the bludgeon with which the Arab world had attempted for years to beat Israel into submission and return them to the pre-June 1967 borders, press Israel back within the 1949 Armistice Line also referred to as the Green Line. After the ill-fated October 6–25, 1973, Yom Kippur War where the Arab allies of Egypt and Syria believed they would be able to defeat Israel if they caught them completely unprepared for an attack. Their plan worked as they caught Israel literally deep in prayers and unaware and unable to recall their military as the soldiers were in Synagogue and all transportation and communications were all either closed or in holiday mode. Eventually the Israelis cobbled together their units and survived. What was learned that month was had Israel not still held the Sinai Peninsula and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and should there have been additional forces attacking from Judea and Samaria backed by other Arab nations with Israel within the pre-June 1967 borders, the Arabs would have had a very good chance of being in Tel Aviv under similar conditions of surprise. The first and most vital need for an Arab victory and the erasure of Israel is to force Israel back behind the Green Line. The next requirement is for a heavily armed and ready force within Judea and Samaria. With such in place the Arab assault to eradicate Israel would be assured. Such an assault would be initiated with rockets fired from the Judean Hills overlooking central Israel. These rockets would initially be a few the first week and a slow ramping with accuracy guaranteed by having direct visual ranging from the Judean cliffs and the world cautioning Israel to remember the peace agreement and not to react harshly. Israel would be condemned as foolish for any concerns and would be told that the government of “Palestine” was not behind the attacks and was doing everything possible to apprehend those responsible and were very concerned that Israel might react foolishly and hold them responsible for these horrific attacks. The United Nations would call emergency meetings which would issue warning after warning to Israel not to take matters into its own hands as doing so would break the Israeli obligation from the Paris accords which were confirmed and formed the core of the UNSC Chapter Seven Resolution establishing the independent state of Palestine. The shrillness of the warnings coming from the UN, the EU and even from the United States should somebody of a similar viewpoint as President Obama be elected, an eventuality which will come to pass, and various NGO’s, Human Rights Organizations and possibly through decisions from the World Courts all condemning Israel even before she has taken any defensive actions. The one item that must be recalled is that Israel is not permitted to defend herself, Israel if defending herself may not prove victorious, at the first signs of an Israeli victory the fighting must be terminated and the original borders reestablished no matter how long it takes (as is becoming all too evident currently) and finally when Israel is proving victorious then it becomes the vital mission of much of the world to threaten Israel with annihilation if they do not cease winning and return to their borders immediately.


So let us get back to Paris and the conference of the damning. The prearranged findings will call for the establishment of the Arab state of Palestine with the borders that the world realizes is the only proper and inevitable borders, the Green Line and the Jordan River. The call will be for an unarmed Palestine with only a security force having weapons necessary for dealing with crime and for preventing any encroachment or invasions by Israel. As time passes the amount of weaponry required for the security of Palestine will include armor, artillery, rockets and an air force. They would also call for their having a navy with aircraft carriers except the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) are just too small to require any naval forces, but a small coast guard might be authorized to patrol the Jordan River as well as these other waterways. Simply stated, within a decade, two at the most, the Arab state of Palestine will be better armed than Jordan, something which will rightfully make the King of Jordan very nervous as he recalls the Black September revolt where the PLO attempted to overthrow the Jordanian government. Meanwhile, Israel will be in mortal danger and likely once again without a friend in the world. Much like the position Israel finds herself in until January 20, 2017 at noon Eastern Standard Time when President Obama gives way to President Trump.


The one saving hope from a world gone mad is that the Paris ambushing of Israel takes longer than five days and the protection of a United States veto returns to the Security Council. Should the protagonists in France complete their dirty work before the morning of January 20, 2017, then there is a possibility of the UNSC officially recognizing Arab Palestine with the Green Line as its western border and forcing close to a million Israelis to become refugees instantly and needing to be rescued by the IDF and escorted to safety. The one item that would be considered fighting words is if the Paris ensemble tries to take any part of Jerusalem from Israeli control. Israel has officially annexed all of Jerusalem and granted its Arab citizens Israeli identification papers, medical coverage and permitted them voting rights in local elections with the possibility for full voting rights once they complete certain requirements to qualify as full citizens. Israelis have accepted that Jerusalem is an integral part of Israel and our reclaiming of our eternal Capital City and that is the one thing which will never change. This is something which must be made clear as well as making the Israeli position on the main cities and residential blocks which must remain part of Israel as even under the Oslo Accords Area C was to remain with Israel.


Despite it becoming clear that the entirety of the Oslo Accords was a ruse, a grand deception designed to allow for the slow and eventual erosion of the right of Israel to even exist within any borders. That eventuality has yet to materialize but not for lack of efforts. The BDS, boycott, divestment and sanction, movement developing from the Arab boycott of Israel and their Khartoum Resolution with the three No’s; no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel, and spreading throughout the world and gaining traction numerous college campuses in the Western World, the isolation of Israel was looking to make inroads. Within the past year the BDS has seen setbacks as governments in numerous cities and states in the United States and elsewhere, it required a boost which came almost as if scripted by some unseen director with the recent UNSC Chapter Six Advisory Resolution 2334 which declared that Israel had no legal claims to Area C thus voiding UNSC Res. 242 and the Oslo Accords setting an entirely new perception to the eventual resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. President Obama through the backdoor arrangement of UNSC Res. 2334 wording and particular specification delineating the abrogation of all Israeli rights presumably on the international stage, the world has set up a situation where another war is all but guaranteed in the Middle East unsettling any semblance of balance and leeway for actual negotiations to take place. The next step, should this procedural intention play out fully, would be to demand that Israel surrender every inch of lands they gained during their defensive efforts in the Six Day War. The world is treading on thin ice and teetering on the edge of falling through and unless in Paris a miracle occurs and the world decides to step away from the insanity and frantic attempts by President Obama to force a resolution which will only set up a situation with no good solution just to pretend he deserved that Nobel Peace Prize. It is borderline insanity to potentially force a predicament which could result in a dangerous faceoff between the United Nations Security Council, Israel and the viability and enforcement of President Obama taking a final shot in his vendetta against the Jewish State which it appears his aim had been its destruction from day one. That is the only way his frantic end of term insanity forcing solutions where none exist as well as his guaranteeing that Iran will become a nuclear armed nations with as many if not more nuclear weapons than all but the big three, United States, Russia and China, and possibly Iran will make that the big four and the world will live on borrowed time thereafter. Oh what has the world wrought and how can that tension be released peaceably? Perhaps it cannot and the result will become the real legacy for President Obama. Too bad so few might survive that legacy should it really turn for the worst. But then again, transforming the United States, specifically its relationship with the Jewish State, with Israel, has been the aim all along and was likely the most prominent piece of America Barack Hussein Obama had intended to mortally wound from the very start. He sure went after this first, last and consistently the hardest.


Beyond the Cusp 


January 1, 2017

The Only Way Out of Current Impasse


Recognize Gaza as the Palestinian State and annex Judea and Samaria. That is the solution in a nutshell. Simply allow the next attempted coup by Hamas, as allowing it to survive for just short of a week, say five days, as in five days any credible coup will remove the hierarchy of Fatah, decapitating the Palestinian Authority (PA). This would be the start of a bloodbath of fighting with much of the PA Security Forces, the same forces, which though trained by United States General Dayton and his cadre in Jordan, lost to Hamas in Gaza in just under a couple of weeks, resulting in their losing badly again. Any decently planned Hamas coup attempt would likely place one third of the PA Security forces against another third of the PA Security Forces while the remaining third would run to Jordan seeking asylum. The hue and cry from those selfsame United Nations Security Council which just passed a resolution all but demanding that Israel flee back from Judea and Samaria, if not jump straight into the Mediterranean Sea, would be blaming Israel for the Arab on Arab fighting and demanding that Israel dispense sufficient IDF force to save the Arabs from the other Arabs. This is where Israel points out their solving this problem, which will have all the appearances of Syria redux, comes with a price, Judea and Samaria, and that the world had best find someplace for these newly made refugees to be taken in and coddled, perhaps around Turtle Bay in New York.


The first step Israel should take when such a scenario of a Hamas coup explodes in Nablus would be to secure Area C and make sure everybody knows Israel is simply following through on providing security and protection for all people residing in Area C as per the Oslo Accords. Israeli leadership could produce numerous copies of the agreement if the world demands so and it will reveal that Area C security, both militarily and politically, falls to Israel and Israel alone while Area A is purely PA security and Area B is shared when necessary. On that note make sure to inform the world that Israel is carefully overseeing the security potential for problems in Area B and if the PA proves not to be up to the task that there are contingencies for the IDF to provide security in Area B as per the Oslo Accords. Israel would need to issue Hamas a stern warning that Israel takes a very dim and critical view of their activities in this coup and as Israel remains powerless to aid the PA, Israel will not allow any actions against Israeli forces, citizens or lands to go unchallenged and no such actions will be ignored. All this in place, Israel should monitor the situation, offer to secure Area B if the PA would so request and otherwise wish the PA well with their electoral problems and pretend they are finally holding those long overdue elections.


As the world begins to press Israel about the fighting in Nablus and much of Area A, Israel should simply point out that the world just demanded Israel honor its commitments to the Palestinian people and their government and that is exactly what Israel intends to do. We should invite the United Nations to send peacekeepers if they feel such is required in Area A but warn that once peace is restored that Israel expects to be included in any further governance other than the PA being reinstalled. If Hamas performs anywhere near to their past history, reinstalling the PA would necessitate new leadership and potentially the parties who should have had the power all along, the ruling clans who have lived under dire threat with the PA in charge, would regain their positions. With each town and village ruled by their clan elders things can become manageable and perhaps a peace could be forged. Of course, again, there would be a price for permitting these clans to have some form of autonomy where they could expect to rule without terrorist groups cutting the heads of leadership of the public body, both figuratively and actually. Israel could simply make a deal where the IDF rules the area keeping the boogie men at bay allowing semi-autonomous rule of the Arab enclaves by the local Arab clans with the international and national security provided by Israel. In exchange these clans would permit all of Area C, the Jordan Valley and the overlooking Heights to be annexed by Israel to further facilitate providing complete security for these clan leaders.


This ends the claims of from the river to the sea all Jews must be eradicated and in its place implants Arab rule over Arab peoples and room for both to expand and Israeli sovereignty over all of Israel as defined by countless conferences, treaties, articles in charters, white papers and just about every conceivable form of Internationally recognized legal proceedings. These clan leaders will also submit that their education system can be either handled completely by themselves with their curricula supervised to remove any instigation, they could hand the entire responsibility to Israel who would then run the necessary schools within their area for a reasonable fee or the two could collaborate and form a partnership. The final compromise would likely serve well and Israel taking their school system and incorporating it into the regular Israeli system would provide a high level of education and a promising opportunity for these students. The most difficult task will be the deprogramming of those swayed or involved with terrorism and those deepest in its clutches may require a deprogramming followed by an intense reeducation experience required to give them maximum normal education in an extremely abbreviated timeframe.


Many will claim that this is completely unfeasible because the PA is too powerful for any inferior Hamas force to contend against. If this is so, then the PA will continue, possibly wounded, but continue and things will only affect Area C which will still be locked down under the demands of the Oslo accords. If the world is going to pretend that the Green Line is the result of the Oslo Accords, then perhaps Israel should act exactly as demanded by the Oslo Accords and secure Area C. Such security would preclude any building by the European Union or any European government or NGO. When we speak of Area C we are speaking of the general areas defined within Area C and not any of the roadways beyond those required for access to and from Israel and Jerusalem. Securing the areas which the Oslo Accords favored Israeli retention of lands, Area C, and offering and potentially securing the shared responsibility and lands where the debate over who owned what was presumed to be negotiated, Area B, Israel will have reinstated the realities of the Oslo Accords. Should the debate by AK-47 in Area A between Hamas and the PA devolve into a Syria-like mire of horrific levels of hell on earth, Israel should offer to protect the areas which the world, especially the Western World, hold dear such as Hevron, Bethlehem, Jericho and other special religious sites which include but are not limited to Joseph’s Tomb, Rachel’s Tomb and all locations within the city of Jerusalem and immediate suburbs (see map below). There would therefore be some alterations but should the PA accept such terms, even after any coup attempt, these could be the final peace. The understanding would be that absolutely no terror activity which could be traced to PA instigation or having received rewards or special recognition by the PA and all such activity would not be tolerated. This must be an absolute sworn to before the world as witness and thus enforceable by both parties. Be assured that Israel does not desire to rule over Arab parties who desire semi-autonomous self-rule. These areas would be given sufficient autonomy to police their own areas, collect taxes, limit entrance if desired, and run their own governmental agencies. The understanding is that the IDF and Israeli security forces would be permitted to operate within these areas in order to combat terror and to secure the lands from outside threats, a duty taken over completely by Israel. Any electricity, water, sewage treatment and other necessary utilities would be provided by Israel if desired but must be paid for as received or face termination of service as would any other customer. As a part of being semi-autonomous such utilities could also be billed as is done in Israel but once again bills must be paid for continued service.


Map of Proposal for Peace with Palestinian Authority

Map of Proposal for Peace with Palestinian Authority


After any coup destroyed the local governance and after Hamas is defeated, then the Arabs residing in Areas A and B will be granted an opportunity to choose whether they desire local rule by chosen clan leaders or other tribal means, attempted inclusion within Israel after meeting a series of educations and understandings, or a return to rule by the PA or by Hamas. These choices will take place as voted under Israeli and outside observers from the United Nations, European Union and the United States along with other interested parties. Should the majority choose self-rule in semi-autonomous clanship ruled enclaves, then the PA will be dissolved and such governance as chosen will be set by another election held soon thereafter. This would result in a two state solution with Gaza as the second state ruled by Hamas, at least for now. What the lying political appointees and elected officials claiming to favor a two state solution are either making the choice for a three state solution with one under Hamas rule and the other under PA, unless they are admitting that they are already aware that should the PA be granted any form of governance, it would inevitably provide Hamas the high ground overlooking the Israeli center and the major developed lands both industrial and residential after they once again would route the PA in a mano-a-mano fight. Israel cannot and will not allow Hamas such ground with which to destroy the heart of Israel, and as such, Israel will never surrender our holiest sites to further ruin as has been the case with such sites in Syria and already perpetrated on our holiest grounds, the Temple Mount. As difficult as it might be for the world to admit, placing the Palestinian Arab people under clan and tribal rule would improve their lives immeasurably and far improve their opportunities for advancement. It would also remove from their shoulders the yoke of PA leadership’s embezzlement and oppressive and borderline criminal rule and the crony system by which a select few get unfathomably rewarded and the poorest find providing their family with food difficult.


What the world has proven through their actions supporting the PA kleptocracy and refusing the Palestinian Arabs honest governance by their own representatives and chosen local leaders in favor of the homicidal maniacs instigating a horrific injustice by instigating terror, is they support the destruction of Israel and the Jewish State even if the Palestinian Arab areas must suffer depravations only exceeded by Syria. This terror war is spreading now beyond Israeli shores into Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and virtually every place on earth with the exception, thus far, of Antarctica. France has been heavily struck as has Germany with both nations facing climbing criminal complaints with an unbelievable increase in sexual assaults. These increases can be directly tied to the social shock of attempting to incorporate one culture into an existing older order which one has a differing sense of order and moral behavior while the newer system believes in taking any woman who is not protected by law or criminal enterprise. Their governance has been largely corrupt and could not care less about their rights. In these mixtures, not all lives are created equal and the power appears to rest with the few at the top and the rest make do however they are capable. Such is a poor excuse for governance, especially when one realizes the last held election was approaching past a decade ago and that Abbas has been serving a four year term since 2005. There is no representation of the people or their interests within the PA. The PA operates for the special treatment of the select few and their armed protectors and in return the protectors provide the security in the same manner as the power is distributed. The entirety of the PA is as corrupt as one can imagine and is under the sway of the Iranians. As such it should be viewed with suspicion that they are working towards the destruction of Israel through subversion. Once routed out this time, it will be necessary to keep them out permanently. That is the sole path to peace.


Beyond the Cusp 


December 31, 2016

Obama and Kerry Were not the First


President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and the fourteen collaborators of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in the now infamous UNSRC 2334 were not those things which have murdered any hope in peace between the Arabs and Jews nor the Palestinians and Israelis. This was done by the Arab League in November 1947; the founding of the PLO initiated by the Arab League with great assistance from the KGB at their Cairo summit on January 13–16 followed by meetings in Moscow forming their Charter calling for the destruction of Israel formally declaring the PLO on June 2, 1964; the Khartoum Conference and the Three No’s, no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel; other steps through the years even unto each month, each week, often every hour of every day; and the refusal of Arafat and Abbas to negotiate demanding all or nothing; in the end they will have their wish, nothing. What Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama have done is merely write the opening stanza for the closing chapter on a very long story stretching back beyond written history and kept by the wolds of mouths in careful retellings until finally formalized in the writings of Torah and the Bible.


It was once the book which drove many including Egyptologists and Biblical archeologists to find ancient places which were unearthed and celebrated. Eventually the science is for science and should never be used to corroborate the fictitious writing in the Old Testament but if used properly will refute that old book of cautionary tales and fictitious tales more akin to Aesop than any formal study of real history. Every reputable archeologist would walk from digs in Israel, particularly Jerusalem, Hevron, Shechem, Jericho or any of the other Biblical cities and towns as if one found objects dating to and verifying any writings from the ancient Jewish texts was immediately cast as a Bibliologist and cast from the ranks of virtually every righteous and honorable archeological society and organization. Thus there have been credited archeology disproving Biblical records and discredited archeology which concurred with the biblical record, how absolutely predictable in our current age of science as a deity and religion as a blend of superstition mixed with mumbo-jumbo and archaic rituals all used to control the masses which now are under the thumb of the new false gods, the bureaucrats, politicians and their elitist masters. Times change but society little does.


Like many things when it comes to the Bible, Israel, religion and the Jews in particular, archeology too has its third rail, and the Bible is one such rail holding some of the highest voltages. The same can be said for modern politics. It has an irresistible allure which draws in those it will ensnare and draw down, even the mightiest fail and have missteps when coming abut the ancient promises, warnings and powers defined by its history and defined in deeds and legacy. The greatest of these admonitions, warnings, and protestations are the ones pertaining to the Promised Lands and particularly Jerusalem. The oft quoted lines derive from Zechariah Chapter 12 and read:

1) The prophecy of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Says the Lord, Who stretches out the heavens and founds the earth and forms the spirit of man within him:
2) Behold! I am making Jerusalem a cup of weakness for all the peoples around, and also on Judah, [that he] shall be in the siege against Jerusalem.
3) And it shall come to pass on that day that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all peoples; all who bear it shall be gashed, and all the nations of the earth shall gather about it.
4) On that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse with bewilderment, and its rider with madness. And upon the house of Judah I will open My eyes, and all the horses of the peoples I will smite with blindness.
5) And the princes of Judah shall say to themselves, “The inhabitants of Jerusalem were my strength through the Lord of Hosts, their God.”
6) On that day I will make the princes of Judah as a fiery stove among wood, and as a brand of fire among sheaves. And they shall consume on the right and on the left all the nations round about, and Jerusalem shall still stay in its place in Jerusalem.
7) And the Lord shall first save the tents of Judah, so that the boasting of the house of David and the boasting of the inhabitants of Jerusalem shall not increase over Judah.
8) On that day the Lord shall protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the weakest of them shall be, on that day, like David. And the house of David shall be like angels, like the angel of the Lord before them.
9) And it shall come to pass on that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come upon Jerusalem.
10) And I will pour out upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplications. And they shall look to me because of those who have been thrust through [with swords], and they shall mourn over it as one mourns over an only son and shall be in bitterness, therefore, as one is embittered over a firstborn son.
11) On that day there shall be great mourning in Jerusalem, like the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the Valley of Megiddon.
12) And the land shall mourn, every family apart: The family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart.
13) The family of the house of Levi apart, and their wives apart; the family of the Shimeites apart, and their wives apart.
14) All the remaining families-every family apart, and their wives apart.


Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes

Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes


Israel Through the Ages King David and Solomon plus Hasmonean Maccabees

Israel Through the Ages King David and Solomon plus Hasmonean Maccabees


Israel Through the Ages United Nations Proposed and Arab Rejected Partition and Israel as Promised by International Treaty Israel on Morning of May 15 Before War of Annihilation

Israel Through the Ages
United Nations Proposed and Arab Rejected
Partition and Israel as Promised by International Treaty
Israel on Morning of May 15 Before War of Annihilation


The only way such a warning could be ignored was by claiming that the Bible, despite any and all evidences, is a storybook which contains moralistic stories embedded within a story of a mythical history which was just as fanciful as the Arthurian Legend, the gods of ancient Greece and Rome, the ancient holy books from Indian legends (which may also contain truths which modern science soaked culture refuses to accept), Chinese ancestral books describing the early Dynasties, Egyptian pictographs throughout the Egyptian ancient sites and numerous other histories from ancient peoples throughout the world on every continent and even every island group. No amount of archeological verification corroborating the Jewish Bible and its telling of history will change the “open” minds of the scientific community as such a change of mind, more of a change of heart, would shake many of their most precious held tenets with which they filter all incoming information. If those in power would accept the Biblical realities and truths it would need to cause a change in policies in favor of the Jewish claims to the land of Israel, even the greater areas which is defined as the tribal lands for the Twelve Tribes (see map below). Even if they would accept a smaller Israel as defined by the lands defined by the San Remo Conference and the Churchill White Paper with the caveats for respecting religious, social and financial, but with an exception of political rights such as only allowed very limited self-rule but not necessarily allowed the vote which can be legally restricted by the Jewish State under these agreements, then the world, including the United Nations (UN) due to their obligations under Article 80 of the UN Charter, would have to accept the Jordan River as the Israeli eastern border with a line continuing down to Eilat on the Red Sea and drop any claims of necessity for another Arab State within the borders of Israel. The world would need accept that during the Six Day War in June of 1967 liberated Judea and Samaria and that in 1948 the vast majority of the Arabs who became refugees left on their own volition responding to the Mufti of Jerusalem and the commanding generals of the combined Arab armies massed against the nascent state of Israel who promised a quick war which would annihilate every last Jew and they would return and share in the spoils of Jewish wealth and have been kept in suspension, they and their descendants, an arrangement making them different with special magical claims which would span all of time and space which are denied every other refugee throughout history, simply to be a political bludgeon to use to destroy Israel, the true indigenous people. We in Israel do not expect the world to alter their position and rather mostly to reach ever greater extremes of anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism and especially anti-Israelism, though President Trump may prove a relief from this trend it is also feared that relief will be all too temporary which is evidenced by the rising anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, anti-Israelism and growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Movement on college campuses across the United States, until the prophecies such as the one above become yet one more chapter in history proving Hashem and the absolute power and validity of every single last one of the promises Hashem gave to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses.


The list of predecessors is a long, and some might say who’s who, of others who believed they had squashed the dream of Israel and the Jewish People. Just to name a few, there were the Egyptians, the Babylonians, and the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Polemic Greeks, the Assyrian Greeks, and the Romans. After the Romans the world thought they had finished the Jews and they were to be lost to history but they refused to disappear. The persecutions continued with pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, and the Holocaust. Israel was already in the works as after World War I as a part of the decolonization by the Europeans returning lands to the presumed aboriginal people. They ran into a problem across much of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as the aboriginal people were gone, destroyed. The Egyptians, Berbers, the Babylonians, and tribe after tribe except for one tiny strip of line along the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The Jews were still around and so the British started something and the League of Nations adopted their initial moves and verified the reestablishment of the state of Israel and the Jews began returning home. The British got cold feet and did everything in their power to prevent the finalization of the Jewish state but after World War II there was a moral imperative to finally get out of the way. Finally, after their longest exile the Jews had their homeland again. There are some who believe that their claims from fourteen-hundred years ago as the last conquerors that they were there before the Jews because the Jews only got there in 1948. These people also believe that history only exists once they have conquered some lands and there was never any history before them. How cute is that? There have been Jews in Jerusalem and Israel constantly for almost three thousand years. Those Jews remained through thick and thin remaining despite everything that threatened them. Whenever Jerusalem changed hands between conquerors, the Jews were murdered right along with the conquered. When it changed hands again, more of the same. For three thousand years and they refused to leave and refused to be eliminated and now some from half that time think they will push the Jews off.


There are only two things that can remove the Jews from Israel, all of Israel. The one guaranteed power is Hashem except he promised this return would be forever and that settles that. The other are the Jews themselves and never will all of us go and the rest would not go against Hashem, any others are not really Jewish or when they discover they actually are, will return as fast and as permanently as they are able. People ask why we had not attempted to return before we did. Truth be told, many did try and getting to the Promised Land when you are stuck thousands of miles away and must walk and the peoples inbetween you and your goal desire to kill you on sight, well, it makes things a bit difficult. Then others faced countries which refused to give the Jews rights but also refused to allow them to leave under pain of death. Those were our love/hate friends of a moment. The highs and the lows were countless. The contribution of Jews in philosophy and other sciences throughout the ages in every land was beyond imagination from a people so few in numbers. One would think that a people who were learned and worked diligently would have been treasured, we were not. No matter our accomplishments, we were the ones blamed for every failure. The Czar, the Kaiser, the Kings, Queens, Princes, Barons, Dukes and Sultans all found faults with their Jews at every turn. Despite this we survived and finally Hashem is bringing us home and here we are remaining, period. We are home and should anyone care to visit you will see a multi-ethnic society celebrating life and sharing joy wherever we can find it. We celebrate life every day and despite an enemy claiming their love of death is more powerful than our love for life, we know that life wins over death as long as life never loses hope. Our love of life has helped us survive until now and it will lead us into a future as bright as our best of times with one exception, our best remains ahead as we have always held as our main belief. We celebrate life and pass that love to the next generation as that is central to Judaism, and central for Israel.


We need to address a few things from Secretary of state Kerry stated as facts which were direct lies or misuse of statistics through selective or creative definitions. His biggest lie was that UNSC Res. 2334 was balanced. The resolution which demands Israel deconstruct “settlements” and basically remove all impediments that he and President Obama feel are impediments on the ground against asking the Palestinians to tone down their anti-Israel rhetoric and no longer glorify terrorism is as balanced as a see-saw with a duck on one side and a ton of bricks on the other and claiming the duck was given a balanced opportunity to keep its feet on the ground. Kerry lied that Israel has built settlements as there has not been any additional housing placed by Israel beyond the Green Line. The only structures Israel has built were replacements for houses destroyed. Kerry and Obama define increased settlement activity is any increase in population. Under this definition if a Jewish family has a child they must leave and return west of the Green Line because they have produced a new “settler” with that child. The fact is that there are numerous two and even three generations of families residing in single homes as Israel has refused to add housing in any sufficient rate to accommodate the growth of the population. Perhaps it is that the United States and Europe cannot understand a nation whose population produces more children than the absolute minimum to maintain population or not meet that number. Kerry said that they were supporting a solution when the parties were ready by redefining the borders as basing them on the green Line and that the Saudi Initiative be the base which he did not address the little point that the Saudi Initiative also includes the return of the Arab refugees into Israel, not the Palestinian state but into Israel making for a vast Arab majority for the Israeli population which would vote the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea at the following election. Kerry restated in closing the need to recognize and acknowledgement of the rights of the Palestinian refugees. He stated that the solution would be supported financially and implied that the absolute integrity of Israel resulting from that resettlement. His wording was as vague as one could expect. He stressed joint operations between Israel and their Arab neighbors and it gave us an idea, perhaps he had been smoking a lot of those joints while drafting that speech, a speech as balanced as UNSC Res. 2334 and all the resolutions approved over the years by the General Assembly. I had to be forced to listen to the entire speech and will forever regret relenting and not turning his droning off.


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