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August 31, 2011

What are Leftists so Scared of at Ir David Dig?

The Ir David dig is the private archeological excavations at the site of the City of David. This privately funded research has unearthed numerous interesting discoveries as well as the standard artifacts, potteries, utensils, and similar artifacts. The recent attempts to bring a halt to the research and digging at the site through the court system has spurred MK Yisrael Hasson (Kadima) to propose a law before the Knesset that would formerly legalize private, not-for-profit archeological excavations in an attempt to put an end to the over-the-top hysteria over this one particular site. Now, a group of 150 archaeologists and students sent a petition to Environment Minister Gilad Erdan and Sport and Culture Minister Limor Livnat asking them to drop their support for this law claiming it will allow for the politicization of archeology in Israel. They claim that “privatization of archaeology” would be the death knell of archaeology in Israel. This is hyper-hysteria as there are already numerous private digs being operated currently and such has been the case for as long as many can remember. What is disturbing is this entire dust-up began only recently as the research at the City of David dig has revealed some artifacts that, surprisingly enough, have proven enlightening and to affirm some of the history written in the Bible. Apparently, this automatically transforms this research from being scientific into some form of political activism as it has shown that there really were Jews and Jewish Kings and Priests and an actual City of David, and this is something these leftists cannot allow to see the light of day.

Normally, something like this I might let pass as it does not, on the surface, appear to be a story with much of an implication beyond those concerns of a few academics and history enthusiasts, but this time it just rang a bell as being the perfect story to reveal the hatred and complete disdain for anything of true and pure Jewish heritage that so infuriates the leftist Jews who always want to apologize for their Jewish existence. This whole affair really begs the question of what is it the Leftists are so scared of that might come from this actually wonderful research being carried out at a truly historically important Jewish, yes, I dare say it again, Jewish site? The actions of these leftists wishing to prevent any proof of Jewish attachment to the land of Israel are absolutely baffling. These are the same people who will demonstrate at the drop of a hat for the rights of the make-believe “Palestinian people” but will move heaven and earth, or not move earth in this case, to prevent any historical or, and this is their worst fear, religious binding to Eretz Yisroel of the Jewish people. These are the same people who will claim in highest indignation that the lands of Judah have no connection to Jews. Where do they think the word Jew comes from if not the tribe of Judah and the lands occupied by said tribe since the end of the Exodus is beyond me.

The attempts to close down this one archeological dig at Ir David failed in the courts, yet that did not slow down the assault by the left. You simply reword your complaint and back to the courts. Eventually, this tactic will bankrupt those you are attempting to prevent and that alone will stop their abhorrent actions. So, as they were revving up for their next assault, a Minister of the Knesset saw reason and proposed a law to prevent their continued harassment. Oh the pain and suffering this must have caused in the coffee shops in central Tel Aviv. The angst, the gnashing of teeth, the foaming rage, how dare anybody use the rule of law against the masters of legal lynching. When this law passes its final reading, hopefully in the nearest possible future, expect challenge upon challenge to be brought before the Israeli High Court until this evil law, which will allow research proving that the Israelites were a real people who lived in these lands, is ruled to be the affront to sensibilities it truly must be. How can any responsible leftist allow something to continue that might upset their Arab allies and actually prove that Jewish is more than an evil title they are ashamed to be labeled with.

Get over it and try just once to understand that those religious Jews in the funny clothing are practicing their ancient and truly enlightened religion in the land of its birth, the land promised to them and, somewhat unfortunately, to you by a higher power. Another little fact you may find troubling is that the settlers are residing in their ancestral areas and Judea and Samaria were and should remain as part of historic and modern Israel and not be used to form some mythical place that’s sole purpose will be a base from which to kill you and other Jews. And, as much as it might pain you and your distaste for anything more Jewish than speaking Hebrew, the Jewish people belong to this land and the land belongs to the L-rd our G-d who has tasked us to care for His land and has instructed us that it is not to be divided up by man. Learn and live with it.

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