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May 21, 2012

Why All the Hate Towards Israel?

All too often the news reports make it appear that the entire world would be happy if Israel would simply cease to exist. Some have gone so far as to suggest that the United Nations should undo what they believe was a mistake in late November of 1947 when the Security Council passed a nonbinding resolution to partition the land west of the Jordan River forming a Jewish state and another Arab state. The Arab nations declined this recommendation and instead opted to mount a united attack with numerous armies on all fronts the morning after Israel declared her independence. Somehow the tiny upstart nation managed to survive and has continued to survive despite numerous more attempts to annihilate them. Now the weapon being implemented against Israel is terrorism. The intent is to wound Israeli spirits and drive the Jews to despair so they surrender the land. The sadness is this threat has worked upon too many Israelis who have taken leave and sought safe refuge leaving Israel. But why do so many others who proclaim to be abhorred by all acts of terror and to take the steps necessary to fight terrorism manage to find that the terror which attacks Israel is somehow a different form of terror than the terrorism they fight. This is a form of treachery played only by those who claim civility and honesty as their prime virtues while practicing expediency.

When seeking the reasons why Israel is held to scorn and to a separate standard one needs to find an answer which explains millennia of hatreds from the servitude in Egypt right through to today and likely to continue until time is no longer a care to mankind. The ailment which places so many hands from disparate lands, both allies and enemies, all share one consuming hate through all times must have a source which is unlike any normal animosity. The sole redeeming providence of this hate is that it has yet to ally enemies to join and bring their forces in alliance for the death of their shared spite, the end of Israel for all time. The ill treatment shown Israel is just as much a hatred of the children of Israel, the Jews, as it is a desire to be rid of the country. Anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism despite all efforts to try and draw a distinction between the two in order to give soothing and comfort to those who wish to deny their anti-Semitism by claiming they but disagree and have difficulties with the political entity of the state of Israel and not the Jewish people. The problem with this is that in truth the Jews are the children of Israel and as such the two are inseparable. This leads to an understanding of the root of the reason behind the treatment shown Israel and also reveals that the hatred for Israel has the same root cause as does the hatred for the Jews, despite the protestations of those who insist falsely that there is a difference.

There have been many attempts to explain the reasons driving the different attitudes and treatment shown Jews and Israel. When examined many are unable to explain the totality of these attitudes when you consider the entire spectrum that includes the entire timeline under consideration. The one constant is that the strongest and most extreme hatreds have as their origin totalitarian government and societies which have an elitist class who hold the power. Where this is the source of the hatred, it is often explained that since the Old Testament has such strong admonitions against allowing a King or ruling power to gather wealth or place themselves above the laws is perceived as a threat to their positions and as the Jews are the keepers of these ideals and ideas, they must be considered to be a challenge to those who rule in violation of the Biblical admonitions. Those who hold absolute power and claim that their power comes from G0d or take themselves a position as a god, have sought to destroy the Jews and with them the Old Testament declarations which not only oppose such claims, but actually forbid such claiming that all people are the children of G0d and thus equal in His eyes. Such equality of all men is considered as an opposition to absolute rulers who hold themselves as being endowed with the powers to lord over other people. Thus, those who place complete and total faith in governance perceive the Jewish philosophies as threatening to their position. It probably does not help that often Jews would take open adversarial positions against such rulers who likely decided that if one Jew would stand in such disobedient opposition to their rule, why take any chance that all Jews hold such thoughts. This likely was at the source of some of the ancient hatreds as well as those modern leaders who oppose religion of any kind but what about the rest who suffer these hatreds?

One trait which makes this hatred even more perplexing is the fact that it is even found amongst some of the most educated of people who have presumably managed to rise above all other forms of hatred yet still are susceptible to hatreds of Jews and Israel within their ranks. Perhaps finding the reason that these hatreds persist to this day will never be unraveled and it may just have become something inherent and ingrained genetically with some peoples. The only truths I can bear witness to are that such hatred persists to this day, these hatreds will likely not die in the near future, and I will probably never understand this condition even should the root reason be determined. All I do know is often those who hold these hatreds often do not understand the reasons themselves, they just know they hold a hatred that drives them.

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