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October 30, 2015

Israel Must Answer Threats and Enforce the Law


Israel is being challenged by what has been termed as the Third Intifada by Israelis and likely a fair to large percentage of Arabs and the Stabbing Intifada by the ever more descriptive and often more morbid Islamists Arabs who are supportive of the violence and actively support the drive to remove the Jews and replace Israel with their mythical state of Palestine. The Arab Palestinian Islamists take great pride and even a morbid fascination in how the world reacts to their violence and extremist demands along with their interactional unapologetic violence and instead of decrying their uncivilized threats to civilized societal behavior by threatening the lives of innocent civilians they decry any attempts to enforce the law or any other steps deemed necessary to protect the public such as adding checkpoints at all places where the public mass such as malls, theaters, bus stops, light rail spots, public functions and other place deemed as potential targets for the extreme terror assaults using knives, firearms, vehicles or potentially homicidal suicide bombers should Hamas suggestions for such attacks and additionally any following of the other Hamas suggestion of placing poison on their knife blades adding to their potential for lethality. Anywhere else on planet Earth which would face such a challenge to the public safety would be met with sympathy and understanding from the rest of the world and there would be unquestioned support for any and all steps used to restore civility and safety for all members of the society. The Israeli public, not just Jews, but the entirety of those living, working, studying or visiting Israel are in risk of being targeted by these horrific terror attacks. One hopes that there exists a silent plurality if not majority who are just as appalled and horrified by the assault on society which has been slowly escalating since immediately before the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with much of the violence centered on the Temple Mount with the aim of denying the ability for Jews to ascend to visit the holiest place on Earth in the Jewish religion. From there the violence spread out beyond the central place in Jerusalem out across the remainder of Jerusalem and also out into the areas both within and outside the Green Line, thus so much for it being the “occupation” as some of the attacks occurred within the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and in the central northern Galilee. What has also been omitted from most of the media reporting we have seen from outside of Israel has been the nearly endless rock throwing at vehicles on the roads and highways in Judea and Samaria with many reaching back over numerous years numbering over a dozen but mostly not reported upon because the rock attacks became the definition for normal and thus were ignored by and large. Now the knifing attacks are attempting to follow the same path of becoming a commonplace part of life in Israel and thus not worthy of being reported as such things becoming normative.


There will be those who will claim that if Israel would simply give the Arabs their own state then everything would be just fine and the terrorist attacks would end. That worked so well when Israel pulled every last Jew and every troop, police and other presence from Gaza turning it over to Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) who almost immediately lost it in a coup to Hamas who has launched rocket offensives at a rate averaging of at least every other summer with the numbers of rockets per day in the hundreds and exceeding one thousand each week and once Israel responded by using the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was immediately met with a drastic increase of rockets fired per day. This past summer if not for the miraculous precision of the Israeli developed anti-missile Iron Dome systems and at least one case of divine intervention (the story of how central Tel Aviv was rescued when the anti-missile system failed is worth a read) there would easily have been thousands if not tens of thousands of Israeli dead from the rocket barrages. Of course the one matter during Operation Protective Edge was all about the lack of dead Israelis, or as one media reporter asked allowing a slip of the tongue, lack of dead Jews, compared to the numbers of Arabs that Hamas managed to place in harm’s way by firing rockets from next to or even on top of shelters, schools, hospitals, clinics, residences and anywhere else which would cause damage to infrastructure and homes or place civilians in danger resulting in casualties not to mention the number of rockets Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired which never cleared the border striking instead within Gaza with one striking one of the Gaza Hospitals. If these actions by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror factions in Gaza act when the Jews and all other Israeli interests have been removed, why would anybody believe for a second that should Israel turn Judea and Samaria over to Abbas that he would not simply hand it over to Hamas or Islamic State as soon as either challenged his forces or that Abbas and friends would be any different. The real problem is Abbas has already promised to continue with the armed conflict, translates to murdering Jews, until all of his pretend Arab state of Palestine has been liberated, and by that he means all of Israel as depicted in the pictures below.



Mahmoud Abbas holding up his treasured gift depicting his state of Palestine replacing all of Israel and the lands from the River to the Sea



Palestinian Textbook Maps depicting Palestine as replacing Israel, not sharing the land in peace and security as the Europeans and the rest of the West insist to misrepresent




Arab Palestinian Depiction of History as They View Events as Having Destroyed that Nation We All Know Never Existed


The violence has been driven by incitement which has come from the very top of Fatah Party, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as well as from the PA itself including Mahmoud Abbas as in the video below where he refers to the “Jews Have No Right to Defile the Al Aqsa Mosque with Their Filthy Feet” despite knowing full well that no Jew has even approached the al-Aqsa Mosque with the possible exception of Israeli security forces though the majority of these police are Druze and other non-Jewish members of the force in order to avoid such confrontations. Abbas also praised the “men and women in rabat. We salute every drop of blood spilled for the sake of Jerusalem. This blood is clean, pure blood, shed for the sake of Allah.” Abbas continues saluting the martyrs and those a who were merely wounded and thus not achieving martyrdom before getting around to denouncing the Jews, but you can read and see it all for yourselves as we again give you the most quoted video of the past few weeks which relates to the instigation which is above and beyond the near constant incitement which permeates the entirety of Arab society in the PA through camps, schools, videos, music and virtually everywhere the youth can be reached and brainwashed. But first Chairman Abbas who heads virtually every organization from the PLO to Fatah to the PA and thus his words carry additional weight, or if not why is he then a partner worth negotiating with.





The PA had not been resting on their achievements as Abbas has been active speaking before a special session of UNESCO where he made great efforts to attempt to have the boundaries of the al-Aqsa Mosque increased from covering the entirety of the Temple Mount to have it cover all of the Old City of Jerusalem and specifically the Western Wall and Kotel Plaza where Jews gather to pray as close as they are able to be and still permitted prayer as any Jews ascending the Temple Mount is denied the right to pray and are always under constant observations to assure they do not even squint, close their eyes for more than a second or two or especially move their lips without making obvious conversation and should any Jew dare to pray they are arrested and barred from the Temple Mount for often a minimum of six months. UNESCO refuted the claim for al-Aqsa to include the Western Wall but did grant the coverage for much of the Old City though the definition will need to be granted before any definitive decisions can be stated as fact. Abbas then traveled for a special meeting of the Human Rights Council where he presented charges against Israel seeking their denunciation of Israel, an actual waste of time as they already perform this function regularly as if it was a tradition to be observed. He then pleaded with the United Nations to provide security forces to protect the PA Arabs from the Israeli persecution as it should be enforced that the Israeli security and law enforcement forces are not permitted to interfere with the attacks and murderous intents of Arab terrorists who should be free to do as they desire and murder more Jews without interference, after all, terrorists have feelings too and they deserve to be permitted to realize their aspirations. One wonders how they could ever become martyrs if the Israelis are barred from defending themselves or their enforcement personnel from applying the law throughout the land and protecting all the peoples from threats and attacks from those who are seeking martyrdom to serve Allah. Should the United Nations in their infinite mediocrity decide to actually send international troops to presumably defend the Arabs from some presumably racist squad of murderers who have been shooting innocent Arab men for no reason simply on the circumstantial evidence that they are holding a knife chasing after a bleeding person and blood dripping from their raised knife; what else could be more demanding than for the United Nations to provide troops to protect that person carrying and running with a bloodied blade, after all they might trip and stab themselves as well as any Israeli they can catch. Perhaps Abbas should go straight to the Arab and Muslim world and request they send such troops to protect the right of Arabs to murder freely and bring pride to their family who might have received more money and greater pride had they tripped and fatally wounded themselves making themselves martyrs.



Har Nof Synagogue Terror Attack which Murdered Four Rabbis and injured half a dozen worshipers and murdered a Druze policeman who attempted to save the other worshipers. This was the cartoon which festooned the Facebook pages and homepage of the Palestinian Authority as well as the Fatah Party homepage, both organizations headed by Mahmoud Abbas who has editorial approval for all posts presumably.

Har Nof Synagogue Terror Attack which Murdered Four Rabbis and injured half a dozen worshipers and murdered a Druze policeman who attempted to save the other worshipers. This was the cartoon which festooned the Facebook pages and homepage of the Palestinian Authority as well as the Fatah Party homepage, both organizations headed by Mahmoud Abbas who has editorial approval for all posts presumably.



Run over the Jews

Run over the Jews



Picture uploaded within two hours after knifing terror attack in Tel Aviv was reported by the media celebrating the stabbing of a dozen Israelis

Picture uploaded within two hours after knifing terror attack in Tel Aviv was reported by the media celebrating the stabbing of a dozen Israelis



The fear is that the United Nations might take a vote in the General Assembly which would readily pass a resolution approving for any United Nations countries wishing to assist with the keeping of order that protects and defends the Arab rights to pursue their privilege of special recognition within the society and secure their families receive the generous rewards given the most valued family members of those who attain status as shahids. What could be any more obvious that the Arabs must be permitted to become shahids if they so choose as it is the right of every Arab both in the PA controlled territories, Jerusalem, Gaza, Judea, Samaria and even within Green Line Israel to reach for the greatest privilege and respect which a family and individual receive when one achieves the status as a shahids, a martyr in the plain and course languages such as English. What happens when some of these potential shahids find out that the only path open to achieve this respected place of privilege is to attack the protection force placing them in a position where they must defend themselves against such attacks and resort to shooting these attackers granting them their wish to become shahids? We can tell you what will happen. The United Nations approved troops will become the new enforcers of the peace. Maybe it is for the best that the Israelis would never allow these troops entry and the General Assembly does not have the power of binding resolution such that as soon as any member nation declines the resolution from the General Assembly the resolution loses all power and is made null and void, very much like when the Arab League refused to accept United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 from November 29, 1947 which called for the partition of the lands from the British Mandate west of the Jordan River to form an Arab and Jewish States but the Arabs preferred to attack the nascent Jewish State in an attempt at genocidally removing it from the map on its first day of life. After that idea failed, as did two more attempts to push the Jews into the sea, the Arabs have put forth that they should be permitted to reverse their decision to refuse Resolution 181 and have it enacted today over a half a century later after their decision to reject it actually permanently nullified the resolution making it null and void. Live and learn and watch as the idea of imposing United Nations troops anywhere within the lands under Israeli protection, which is all of the land west of Jordan, and they are not even permitted to exit their plane or cross the Allenby Bridge, whichever route they use to attempt entry, and that should about close the deal right there. Chalk up another failure of either Abbas, the United Nations, or conceivably both.


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May 22, 2015

Obsessed Appeasement Expropriators Descend

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The circus which accompanies the establishing of a new Israeli government finally formed after any elections cycle, planned or unexpected, comes this time in force beyond imagination. Usually there is coordination resulting in a single team arriving all carrying briefcases brimming with demands for new sacrifices Israel will be expected to make simply to allow these experts to meet with Mahmoud Abbas and his minions and receive another list of demands that Israel submit in order to attain a humbled attitude considered suitable for a meeting an Arab Palestinian delegations whose diplomacy is more insults and degradations than hospitable intercourse which usually accompanies normative mediations. This time the demands will be presented in surround sound as teams from the United States, the anticipatory fomenters, the United Nations, the European Union who come salivating for Israel’s destruction, and an outside agitator granting audience and treaties recognizing Mahmoud Abbas as the maker and seeker of peace granting him every comfort and recognition of his nightmarish nation without setting borders permitting Abbas to define as he desires. All these messengers bleat tired and tortured phrases which have been repeated for over twenty years to a point where they no longer have any real meaning. The most basic of these entreaties is the demand that Israel make some great offer which might ingratiate Israelis in the eyes of the leaders of the Arab Palestinians who already have proven their desire for peace as they have repeatedly asked for any and all these parties to intervene and plead their case in order that they might finally be granted the peace they so desperately desire. The problem is nobody has ever bothered to research and inquire of the Arab Palestinians exactly what their concept of an acceptable peace would require and what the Israelis might be required to sacrifice and perform in order for this peace to finally be attainable. Perhaps that might someday be the first step for these angels for peace who will be descending upon Israel to once again bless Israeli sacrifices even to the point of suicidal dispensations as a first step towards appeasement of the Arab unarticulated demands for peace.


As Israel has already offered the Arabs as much as 95% of Judea and Samaria, detached from their Jewish history by Jordan renaming the area to West Bank, all of Gaza, which is already in Arab hands since the disengagement in 2005, and all of East Jerusalem back in 2000 and again in 2002, both times with exchange of properties and lands to equate the final 5% of land and both times the Arab leadership simply walked out of the negotiations without even making a counter offer, demands for adjustment or any commentary, just refusing in the most impolite and insulting manner possible, silent dismissal as if such an offer were an insult. Perhaps the United States, United Nations, and European Union could, as long as the whole representation of the Western World and beyond are represented, take a different initial step and instead of starting with Israel take a stroll to Ramallah and simply inquire as to exactly what the Arab Palestinian leaders would demand of Israel in order to establish a fair and mutually acceptable and equally beneficial entertaining equal sacrifices and accommodations and once the great leaders who claim they are only in the Middle East to facilitate peace can finally establish the desired demands for a final settlement from Abbas and company and then perhaps there can be some fair and egalitarian resolution with both sides finally reaching a meeting of their minds. Somehow we here at Beyond the Cusp suspect that such a meeting would be revealing as the Arab leadership would either refuse to speak in specifics and decline to even approach a map, let alone speak of borders or perhaps they might surprise the world and actually state their actual demand, all of Israel with the Jews removed by any means necessary including another holocaust. Should the delegations from the United Nations, European Union and United States actually manage to gain a potentially acceptable offer from Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the leadership which might be in any way presentable to the Israelis, then finally the crux of the real problem might finally be brought into the light. The reason that all the demands are always placed on Israel and never on the Arabs is because of a basic truth, the Israelis have proven their desire for peace while the Arabs have only proven their desire to destroy Israel by any means possible. History has shown this truth to the point that it is beyond the ability of any fair and honest observer to avoid, but these presumed messengers for peace are anything but fair or honest, they are coconspirators in the Arab conspiracy to destroy Israel and, if possible, the entirety of the Jewish People. The one thing which has become obvious is that should Israel fail and its population destroyed, then the potential future of the Jewish faith would be relegated to a near oblivion with small cores of religious Jews holding on to what would otherwise be a dead faith.


This was an integral and clearly stated goal by the Arab League and in the Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967 where the three no’s became the resolute avenue in the pursuit of the destruction of the Jewish State. The actual resolution which can be read here set forth what became known as the three no’s which stated that the Arab states would observe no formal peace treaty and no direct negotiations and no recognition of Israel. This agreement was broken only once when President Anwar Sadat of Egypt negotiated and reached a peace accord with Israel’s President Menachem Begin in what was the Camp David Accords ending the state of war between Egypt and Israel as of September 17, 1978. For breaking the three no’s Anwar Sadat paid with his life as he was assassinated on October 6, 1981, just over three years after reaching a peace with Israel when during the annual victory celebration he was shot along with a vast number of people in the formal reviewing stands including eleven others killed outright or suffered fatal wounds, including the Cuban ambassador to Egypt, an Omani general, and a Coptic Orthodox bishop and twenty-eight were wounded, including Vice President Hosni Mubarak, Irish Defense Minister James Tully, and four US military liaison officers. These three no’s have been observed via a specific series of accommodations and variations allowing for skirting the letter while accommodating the spirit of the Khartoum Resolution. The compliance to the three no’s of the Khartoum Resolution and the rest of its stipulations is behind the complete refusal of the Arabs to reach a peace despite the Israelis having at least twice meeting or exceeding the demands relayed by Yasser Arafat to President William Jefferson Clinton during the negotiations in Paris where Israeli President Ehud Barak which upon being told that the Israeli President had agreed to meet the conditions for peace even to splitting Jerusalem right along the Green Line boundary from before the 1967 Six Day War where Israel had liberated Jerusalem along with Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation he simply walked out refusing to even make a responding additional demand straight to his awaiting car which he had arranged to make ready just in the case that the Israelis might actually make the sacrifices he had thought beyond acceptable. Arafat showed no surprise likely because he realized that President Clinton might actually convince Israeli President Barak that this was the best chance for peace and the Israelis would make the necessary sacrifice for peace and so he knew he would need to beat a hasty prearranged retreat so as not to be caught in a compromised position and have to actually sign an agreement. It was the awaiting vehicle with the motor running and the driver at the wheel allowing Yasser Arafat to make his get-away before Secretary of State Madeline Albright could catch up with him and corner him demanding an explanation. Arafat was on his jet back to Jordan within an hour avoiding any potential interception by President Clinton and never did Arafat ever make an explanation to the American President. So, let these angels of peace alight on their gentle wings and draw from Mahmoud Abbas a specific description of what he would demand in order to make peace. When he refuses to make the same potentially problematic misstep made by Yasser Arafat and actually deceive these merchants of peace and give a response which he is assured in his mind the Israelis would never make such sacrifice for peace because he learned from the Arafat embarrassment of turning down the exact stipulations laid out for peace because the Israeli desire for peace actually made them stretch to their breaking-point in order to have peace, so Abbas will never present what he demands for peace because to do so would reveal that the Arabs do not want peace, they desire Israel’s extermination and nothing less.


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May 10, 2015

American Anti-Semitism Alive and Flourishing

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What happened to Pamela Geller with her being raked over the coals for provoking the attack by a pair of ISIS wannabes by insulting Muslim sensitivities and asking to be assaulted as she had invited people to draw the prophet Mohammad and was honoring those instigators from Charlie Hebdo who also provoked an assault by Islamic enforces of the Sharia. Pamela Geller had gone beyond accepted speech and had all but yelled “fire” in a crowded theater or its equivalent which was unprotected speech. After all, did not Ms. Geller have this coming as she had been tweaking the noses of Muslims everywhere at every opportunity with her support for the Apartheid State of Israel and its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians whose lands they occupied. She had been a defender of the indefensible, a stick in the eye of every sensible person, an itch which just had to be scratched out of existence and came close to finally getting her just rewards there in Garland, Texas. The real problem with these provocative actions of Pamela Geller was the fact that she always had innocents who she would inevitably place in danger and this time one of the guards who checked the invitations of the participants who received a bullet to the leg before the off-duty traffic cop who managed to shoot and kill the two ISIS wannabes in a flash of an exchange of bullets where the two would-be jihadists were encased in full body armor armed with AK-47 .30-calibre high powered rifle rounds capable of penetrating straight through the light chest-protector armor worn by the officer who was shooting back with the Glock version of a M-1911A-1 semi-automatic pistol firing .45 caliber pistol rounds which was incapable of doing more than leaving the smallest of indentations to the heavy body armor and would only prove effective by a shot to the head or a number of shots to the exact same location fired at close range. The wannabe-Jihadists likely thought they were invulnerable against the handgun used by the officer who, unbeknownst to the world, was probably the highest scoring officer in his department every year during qualifying as he placed head shots, the only place the officer could strike the assailants and do any damage, on both assailants as they moved towards the entrance dispatching both to Allah within fifteen seconds from the first shot. Pamela Geller is so absolutely fortunate that the officer at the front entrance was so cool under distress and engaged in a lethal firefight with all the odds stacked against him yet he calmly set his aim at the one place the assailants were vulnerable, a target of less than a square foot on each attacker and struck them both while under a hail of bullets fired from the two AK-47s which would have proven lethal if any round had struck the officer in the torso or head; yet he remained uninjured and saved the day for all inside the event, a real and perfect hero whose name must remain unspoken such that he does not become a target for other Jihadists but who knows he is a hero.


The above is the gist of the coverage Pamela Geller has received from the mainstream media from both ends of the political spectrum. She has been berated by both those on the left and those on the right though a few brave individuals on the right have bothered to place the blame where it belonged, to the two heavily armored jihadists who came guns blazing with ineffective fire and were put down by very effective and well placed shots which put an end to their assault almost before it began. So few, Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and CNN’s Piers Morgan both proved the exception and stood with Pamela Geller and the First Amendment guarantees of the freedom of speech, all speech, especially political and controversial speech as popular and easy, uncontroversial and uncontested speech needs no protection, only that speech which is likely to draw opposition or hatreds with threats of violence to silence one is the speech which requires protection from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. How soon we forget that the speech which requires protection is solely such speech which is most likely to ruffle some tail-feathers which requires protection such that freedom of speech is one of the five protected items in the First Amendment and the officer at the front entrance used the Second Amendment for the exact reason it is the Second Amendment and the enforcer of the First Amendment freedoms and the rest of the rights listed within the Bill of Rights and those from without but still guaranteed free men everywhere though some will face the scorn of their governments and its peoples who, like the majority of the United Stated mainstream media, refuse to step-up to protect the very Amendment which guarantees their very existence and rights to deliver the news, all the news and not just the light news of flower shows and other events having no controversies, having no enemies of freedom who will always attempt to silence those who brace the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and outrageous speech needful of the protection of the Second Amendment and the willingness for the rest of us to protect by echoing their words loudly bringing them into the light where the haters fear to tread.


But speaking to protect Israel and her people, the Jews, is no longer affordable speech and has been relegated to the darkness hidden in the shadows where it is spoken only in whispers for to do otherwise brings forth those who would slay us for less. On numerous college and university campuses whenever there is a counter protest in response to a pro-Israel rally, the pro-Israel rally is more often than not made to pack up and end their rally even if the pro-Israel rally had been set and received all the required approvals and the counter rally was apparently an impromptu response which occurred as a popular response. These counter rallies are often just as planned and have even been known to have approached the administration of the college or university demanding that when their demonstration begins it would be wise to close down the pro-Israel rally before anybody was injured as to allow the pro-Israel rally to continue would be an affront to their demonstration and a provocation to violence. A study performed by the Louis Brandeis Center in Washington resulted in findings that over half of Jews had been subjected to or witnessed an anti-Semitic act in the past year with a sizable number having witnessed or suffered multiple such acts. In the majority of instances the student was advised to let it pass rather than file a complaint. It is becoming more common on American university and colleges for Jewish students to be forced to prove their disapproval of Israel or face what can only be described as hate actions which will only be terminated once they have performed a mia-culpa and satisfactorily renounced any pro-Israel feelings. Student body election candidates have been requested to sign agreements whereby they promise to refuse any trips to Israel offered them by numerous Jewish organizations which have Zionist support but they are not made to sign any similar promise against Israel tours offered by pro-Palestinian or Muslim outreach organizations. When such petitions are brought to the attention of the administration there is often a lax attitude claiming such petition demands of the candidates cannot be turned away as such is simply freedom of speech issue. One can only wonder what their reaction might be if the petitions were made from the opposing viewpoint. Many of the anti-Israel campus efforts are well-organized, well-financed and often work in partnership with one or more parent organization which will arrange for additional support for any counter-rally in order to force the termination of any pro-Israel rallies. These coordination of events are mostly occurring on major universities and have turned particularly disconcerting in California university systems. The America college and university campus is rapidly becoming a hostile environment for Jewish students, especially any who are religious or particularly pro-Israel. One can only wonder how much longer before Jewish students are simply found unacceptable to attend college or university in many of the mainstream campuses in the United States. Another item to keep in mind and this is an item of great foreboding, or at least should be taken as such, what one witnesses on the university or college campus today will be main-stream in society a decade later. Imagine the average large sized company being slowly forced to let every Jewish employee go if they hope to keep order in their company and avoid unrest and potentially rioting at their front door threatening all their employees not to cross their demonstration lines and those who refuse the warnings find their vehicles damaged or destroyed when leaving that day. How many vehicles need be damaged before their employees are afraid for their lives and inform their superiors they will be unable to return to work until the demonstrators’ demands are satisfied? Whatever you so please do not make the same mistake the Jews in Germany during the Weimar Republic and even the initial two years after the Nazis initially took power and tell yourself, “It cannot happen here. We have an advanced and open culture where everybody is treated equally.” This is not true on many college and university campuses right now, how much longer before it invades the society when sufficient numbers of students have been so conditioned at their university or college? It most definitely can happen in the United States and has already started in Europe. How much longer before the United States society and governance is demanded to turn on Israel and then soon followed by demanding they turn against their Jews? Twenty years? Ten years? Five Years? Watch your local university and college campuses and see what happens should a pro-Israel individual be invited to give a presentation and see if they are permitted to speak freely. There was one instance last year where one such speaker was permitted to give his speech he had prepared but was told there might not be anyone attending their lecture. This was almost the case but a couple dozen students braved all opposition and the event was transferred at the last minute to a classroom and not the school’s auditorium. The even more frightening question is how long before these activities and hate campaigns move to the high schools and permeate the entire school curriculum. Think this is impossible? Check your school board or the textbook committees in your state and see what choices they have made for history and other course books. These school boards and particularly the state committees that choose the textbooks are often being infiltrated by people who choose books which omit mentions of Jews from their history lessons and show Jews in a dark light when they are mentioned. The history lessons and often the reading assignments in English classes include subtle anti-Semitic phraseology and in some cases outright anti-Semitism. This is an insidious creeping infestation of the secondary school curriculum and is slowly moving into earlier and earlier levels of education. Do not simply think that this is impossible and cannot happen in the United States as that has been the response throughout history and in just about every case it did happen here and the people eventually accepted it as an inevitability and would make the excuse simply asking, “What could I do against the whole of society?” It would do well for every person of good faith to remember and be mindful of the warning which was initially sounded by John Stuart Mill though also often credited to Edmund Burke which stated, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” The variant most often heard and probably more familiar goes something like this, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So, when you see this evil approaching do not rely on your neighbors to launch into action, take the charge and lead them to action, the feeling of empowerment to have acted and thwarted such evils is reward in and of itself, the gains of society are immeasurable.


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