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January 22, 2015

Horrific Knifing Terror Attack in Tel Aviv and More

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An Arab, Mohammed Hassan Matruk, age 23 infiltrated Israel this morning making it from his residence in Tulkarem, which is under the control of both security, laws, social rule, as it is within the autonomous area which is under complete control of the Arab Authority ruled by the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah Party both of which have Mahmoud Abbas at their head, making it all the way to board the #40 bus in central Tel Aviv where traveling on Begin Road at the Ma’ariv Bridge where he started his stabbing spree by stabbing the bus driver. Magen David Adom (MDA) reported receiving a frantic phone call at 7:28 AM reporting of a string of stabbing attacks where a woman can be heard saying “there was a terror attack on a bus. A man with a knife. A terror attack on a bus in Tel Aviv. At the Ma’ariv Bridge.” When the dispatcher requested further information such as how many had been injured the woman responded, “I don’t know how many. I feel blood all over my body.” There were twelve people who were stabbed and treated for their wounds initially by Magen David Adom as well as a fair number of others were treated for shock. Of those stabbed, three or four were severely wounded with an equal number receiving moderate wounds and the remaining five receiving relatively light wounds. Not all of those wounded were passengers on the bus as the terrorist fled the bus stabbing people as he ran before being shot in the leg by officers and arrested. Making this terror attack all the more distressful was the immediacy with the reaction by the Arab Authority and Fatah Party in uploading cartoons celebrating the attack and then other posts simply to recall and celebrate previous terror attacks over the years. This was not the first time such had been the reaction to horrific terror attacks as a similar cartoon was also uploaded after the slaughter of the four Rabbis and the injury of a half dozen other worshipers including other Rabbis and the murder of a Druze Israeli police officer at the Har Nof Synagogue. For keeping a record of these cartoons and one picture which catches Mahmoud Abbas in a revealing capture during the recent solidarity rally and march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo massacre please see it all here.


As horrible this terror attack was, what was even more telling was the fact that at the same time the leadership in Ramallah was planning their next attempt to have the United Nations grant them their desired statehood without demanding from them the making of peace with Israel or giving up their terrorist war against Israel. This time they are planning to possibly also demand that the United Nations force Israel to accept five million Arab refugees changing Israel into a majority Arab state which will vote to be annexed by the Arab state they are expecting to receive from the United Nations thus forming their Arab state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the fulfillment of their protest chant heard on college campuses around the world on Israel Apartheid Day rallies. They are hoping that with the changes to the Security Council that the new countries will provide them with the required nine votes they had mistakenly thought they had in the bag when they attempted the same ploy without the demand for Israel to accept the suicidal influx of five million Arab refugees. Their confidence must be sky high which we discussed previously denoting changes which took place over New Years and the rotation of Security Council members dissected in our write-up If Only! If Only!!! The other subject supposedly being discussed in Ramallah at the same time as the terror attack was how to present the most damning evidence before the International Criminal Court (ICC) during the upcoming investigations in order to have Israel condemned and thus be able to use such rulings to better berate Israel before the rest of the World especially in Europe and throughout the Western World. One could easily bet that there was no feelings that perhaps there might be just the slightest hint of hypocrisy when the news of the stabbings in Tel Aviv reached the meeting and all was then dropped in order to maximize the news of this latest terror attack as there were cartoons and other uploads to be had for the enjoyment of their adoring public using only the most vulgar and base humor possible.


In the meantime, as a result of an purported Israeli strike on some Hezballah forces caught positioning explosives along the Syria Israel border and another team making ready rocket launchers to launch rockets into Israel the surprise that included in what was initially determined to be low level teams setting up another attempt to strike at the Israeli forces along the Golan Heights it was later revealed that amongst those killed was a highest level Hezballah commander, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) General and four or five other Iranian IRGC soldiers. The report of the caliber of those killed by what was thought to be a groups of lower level units from Hezballah as have been the usual culprits when such activities were previously executed came as a shock. What became a further shock were the warnings from Iran and Hezballah that Israel could expect severe strikes like unto great thunderbolts striking swiftly and completely but that such strikes were not intended to provoke a new war as there was no desire to escalate the situation at this time into such as a war footing. It was simply unusual when the usual warning about strikes of great magnitude and other superlatives, the lightening was a nice touch not used often before, and then the qualifiers warning that there is no desire to escalate the situation takes away from the dire wording of the threats initially offered. Still, the Israelis have increased the levels of awareness along the Golan Heights, the Lebanese border and the Galilee with the installment of a number of Iron Dome batteries along the northern border regions. Other than a few road closures which were in the extreme north and easily visible from the hills along the Israeli Lebanese border as a precaution, for the most part life continues on unchanged. May the situation stay that calm.


There was somewhat of a dust-up between the White House and the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu over there being no notification of an invitation for the Prime Minister to address the United States Congress next month. Where the breakdown occurred is not entirely clear right at the moment. It has been long known that there is little love lost by the White House and many amongst the upper level members of President Obama’s team for Prime Minister Netanyahu and it was an invite from the United States Congress so there may have been a slip somewhere in the invitation and the acceptance where some from both sides probably assumed that the other side would be informing the White House. One would hope that there would not be any real sleep lost over this situation. It is not like the White House or the State Department has been exactly candid about some changes they have instituted with the United States Consulate in Jerusalem which have transgressed Israeli laws. The remarks follow reports of a sharp decline in United States Israel relations, resulting from an explosive report in Yedioth Aharonot last week that the United States Consulate in Jerusalem views itself as the United States Consulate in Palestine and not Israel. This has been further pushed towards a scandalous proportions in that the Jerusalem Consulate has been replacing the Israeli security guards with Palestinian Arabs often with some having criminal records which is in flagrant violation of Israeli law. Add this to the events of several weeks ago where United States Jerusalem Consulate officials entered the Samaria community of Adei Ad with guards armed with M-16s and sidearms without permission or notification of the IDF or other Israeli authorities which nearly came to an altercation and exchange of fire between the community security forces and the unannounced American security team, which may have consisted of Arab personnel, and nearly caused an international incident. One can read our report from the next day in our article Why Were United States Consulate Security Taking Part in a Planned Provocation? Where all of these strands emanating from the Palestinian Arab’s deep seated hatred of Israel, the Jews and Western civilizations, a hatred shared by Jihadists the world over, will take the world, G0d only knows and he has yet to inform us.


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