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July 19, 2016

Some Ideas Never Die; Such as the Oslo Accords


Truly some ideas never die even when they have long passed their use-by-date. The Oslo Accords are one such set of ideas which died the day that President William Jefferson Clinton handed to Yasser Arafat, after beating Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak into complete submission, everything he had demanded and Arafat walked out without a word and started the Second Intifada. It was later revealed that Arafat had planned the Second Intifada as the Palestinian answer to not getting their demands at the Camp David negotiations and still insisted that Israeli resistance to a common peace was the reason for the violence. Over a thousand Israelis were murdered and tens of thousands were injured, many with permanent and severe damage from the bombings with bolts and screws lodged permanently next to their spines, hearts and other organs or jammed into their brains all inoperable due to location. Many lost limbs, an eye or both eyes and other disfigurements. The Second Intifada, on top of Arafat refusing to make peace even after his terms were met, defined the situation and should have been the post mortem for the Oslo Accords. Arafat’s understudy and successor, Mahmoud Abbas, has often made clear to any willing to translate his Arabic speeches that the only peace he will allow Israel is the peace of the grave. As the pro-Palestinian protesters throughout Western countries chant ad-nauseam, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine must be free.” The word ‘free’ in this chant has a double meaning, the obvious that all of Israel is Palestine and secondly that every Jew will have been eradicated as Palestine must be Judenrein. Abbas has flatly stated even in English that should they be forced into accepting a shared state beside Israel, it will simply serve as the launching pad for the remainder of the conquest and eradication of the Zionist Entity. Even his saying Israel is difficult for this man and his band of minions.


What is truly sad is not only the number of Western leaders who remain sold on the Oslo two states for two peoples principle; it is the number of Israeli military and intelligence leadership who also are still sold on these lies and deceptions. There never has been any Oslo agreement because the understanding of the two sides were as divergent as possible. Israel saw them as the opportunity for peace and cooperation and the Palestinian leadership, with the support of the Arab world behind them, saw it as taqiyyah, a deceit used against an infidel in order to advance Islamic interests and conquest. The concept of taqiyyah is well established and understood by any first year graduate student in Middle Eastern studies programs; and if not, they should find a different area of study. The problem is that peace is such a universal and central structure in Western thought and philosophies, as are negotiations and dealing honestly and forthrightly, that to believe that things are otherwise is difficult, though possible if one tries and concentrates on exactly what the other side says to their own people. What makes things more difficult is that the liberal leftist media and populations refuse to allow themselves, under any circumstance, to believe that peace might be impossible to attain in any situation. If the left today were faced with the onset of World War II, they would negotiate and negotiate until the free world consisted of some small atoll in the South Pacific surrounded by Japanese and German naval vessels, and they would be negotiating still. There is also the little fact that Israel is seen as the Jew amongst nations and as such has a separate and impossible set of expectations which are made worse by the leftist Jews, such as those who make up J-street and other similar groups, who also apply this absurd demand that Israel sacrifice and sacrifice with no end to how much or how far the sacrifice demanded be, as they are not the ones who will pay the price. Some have even gone so far as to claim, what do the Israelis have to lose in sacrificing for peace as they can always come and live in the United States. This is, in and of itself, an absurd piece of illogic not to mention, history has shown what happens when Jews face death and try to rely on the good graces of the Western nations.


We recently read an article on Politico targeting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over his disagreement with the outspoken and mostly retired military and intelligence corps, and how such a disagreement is leading Israel dangerously close to fascism. It was the author’s, and we trust the editors’ as well, that Israelis would be better led by its military and intelligence officers than under their elected leader. The article is titled Netanyahu vs. the Generals and went on and on endlessly stating the same tired logic as if repetition and quoting every last individual supporting the spitefulness against Netanyahu would eventually wear the reader down. The piece might actually be the opening shot across the bow announcing the candidacy of Ehud Barak for Prime Minister. Small hint to those in agreement, should Israelis have a choice between Ehud Barak and virtually any moderate or even extremist right wing politician, Barak would lose convincingly. Where his reputation is not nearly that of Guy Fawkes, the disasters attached to his time as Prime Minister preclude his ever holding that position for as long as Israelis have memories of his atrocious policy choices, of which the hasty and disorganized routing retreat from Lebanon is just the beginning of the highlight reel. For the record neither of us supported Likud and in one case, at least, Bibi Netanyahu was much of the reason why as there are numerous other Likud members who would very easily garner our votes, but that is up to the Likudnics to decide. We realize that changes take time, so time will tell.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


As far as peace with the Palestinians, we need realize that the term Palestinian once meant the Jews residing under British Mandate rule while at those times the Arabs were known as Arabs or Palestinian Arabs as compared to Palestinian Jews. One also need remember that this was during the period when both Jordan and Israel were simply the Mandate. Eventually the plan was enacted and Jordan became the Arab State and Israel the Jewish State. The most obvious difference was Israel permitted Arabs, whether practicing Muslims, Christians, Jews or any other or no religion, to remain residing with full rights as citizens, while Jordan expelled any Jew ever to come within their area under their control. That was made most evident after they conquered by force of arms in an offensive war parts of Judea and Samaria, renamed it West Bank, and evicted every last Jew under pain of death, gifting their lands to people favored by the government and destroyed every Synagogue and Jewish religious academy within said lands. The adopting of Palestinian by the Arabs was just one part of their adoption of all of Jewish history with some simple adjustments in an effort to claim them and not the Israelites, the Jews, were the earliest surviving peoples from these areas. Anybody familiar with Judeo-Christian religions knows this to be a deceit and even more so if they are knowledgeable of Islamic and Arab history, as the Arabs did not venture forth from the Arabian Peninsula until the Seventh Century. That date is almost, if not, two millennia after the Israelites arrived from their Exodus from Egypt; one might be familiar with this as there is a book of the Old Testament with the same name. If we were to count from the times when Abraham first arrived in the land, we would need close to another half of a millennia if not more. Their deceit can only last as long as people continue to give their lies credence, which they do at their own peril. Such brings us to our next discussion, the awakening of the Western World.


For most of the past century plus the casualty of Islamic violence has been the Jewish communities in the area of Israel both before the birth of the nation in 1948 and continuously afterwards starting with the invasion by multiple armies the morning of her birth. India and Russia had rather publicly covered conflicts and numerous African nations have also been subjected to violence as have much of the Balkans. Then there have been the intra-Islamic violence. It has only been the turn of the Twenty-First Century which has brought continued and sustained Islamic violence to the Western World. What is going to be instructive is exactly how the developed world reacts to the onslaught of Islamic violence. Of further interest will be whether or not their views and demands upon Israel are altered even in the slightest as a result of these experiences. Russia has shown Israel a fair degree of respect and freedom to act as necessary while not giving full measure as they also keep relations with the Muslim nations such as with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria; for it is with Syria they hold their Mediterranean warm water Atlantic Naval ports.


Beyond this, the longest standing restrictions on Islamic activities belong with Japan. Many are unaware but Japan has always refused Muslims permanent residence status in their lands. Further, Muslims may not own property, may not operate a business and the worship of Islam is banned. Needless to point out but no Mosque may ever be built on Japanese soil. Muslim tourism is permitted but any Muslim tourist caught conducting any form of Islamic instructions or otherwise attempting to spread the word of Islam is summarily and immediately deported along with their entire family; and if with a group, then the entire group is deported. The Japanese treat Islam as if it were a dread plague that once taking a foothold could threaten life on their islands. If the news is accurate, and we see no reason to disbelieve our sources, Cuba has recently refused permission for a Mosque to be built on their island, Cuba, that’s right, Cuba! Angola is but the first in alphabetical order of African nations enacting some limit if not outright ban on Islam.


In Europe the latest trend has been in opposition to Angela Markel‘s open door policy for Muslims with Norway having deported many hundreds resulting in a better than 50% drop in felonies. This is allowing their police to attend to other functions rather than putting out crime emergencies twenty-four-seven for the first time since the ‘refugees’ began arriving. Additionally there have been reports of attacks against Mosques and Muslims with some areas becoming so unfriendly that the Muslims are deporting themselves back to their home nations. The Czech Republic has flat banned Islam from their country declaring it to be an evil. Muslims in Ireland have reached the conclusion that they are less than welcome and in Belfast, as a start, the Muslims have been departing for home sweet home and this appears to be the trend across all of Northern Ireland. The British Home Secretary is preparing legislations which, though not expressly stating their application to Muslims, are aimed at curtailing anti-social behavior and allowing greater leeway in deporting or using other lesser methods to control an out of hand situation. The Polish Defense League has issued a warning to Muslims against their continuing certain behaviors and sixteen states have drafted legislation banning Sharia. A number of states in America are entertaining laws banning Sharia or any foreign code of laws all aimed at preventing the use of Sharia. China has imprisoned twenty-two Imams for preaching hate and anti-China themes and has executed eighteen jihadists. China is additionally stamping out any campaigns for separatism especially in the largely Islamic western province of Xinjiang. Muslim prayers are banned in government buildings and schools in China. Our last example of such measures comes from the Netherlands where a group of Ministers of Parliament are calling for the closure and destruction of all Mosques. One Minister stated “We want to clean Netherlands of hateful Islam.” He did not differentiate hateful Islam from any other form of Islam. Speaking on behalf of the right wing Party for Freedom, a nationalist party, Minister of the Dutch Parliament Machiel De Graaf stated, “All Mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam the Netherlands would be a wonderful, safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim ‘refugees’.”


The world appears to slowly be awakening to the real face of Islam; a violent and unruly cult more desirous of ruling the world than of acting in what the rest of the world believes is a religious manner. Every other previous imperialist religion, Christianity, Shinto, Hindu and any others, have all been reformed and now stand side by side with all these religions seeking peaceful coexistence and mutual assistance. The exception to this rule is obvious, Islam. When Mosques are discovered in numerous countries to contain more rifles, grenades, bombs and bomb making material than prayer rugs and prayer books, then there is a definite problem. As the developed world realizes, along with the rest of the world, this threat for what it is, it is hoped that they will apply their learned knowledge to the situation in Israel. This could finally allow the solution which should have been applied immediately after the Six Day War, Israel attaining her originally promised borders, which includes the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, and those previous Jordanian citizens and their families deported to the Arab nation of their choosing willing to receive them, or into Syria. The double standard cannot be continued after the truth has been driven home that Islam does not play well with others and is treacherous to the continued health of any nation it inhabits. What is good for the European nations and the world in general must, in all fairness, also be permitted Israel. To do otherwise is pure anti-Semitism, and this time that is an accurate accusation and an accurate application of the terminology.


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March 8, 2015

Ali Khamenei of Iran Dies and Societal Controversies in Pictures


Today we will not need to write any lengthy discussions or spell things out. There have been reports stating that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has died, with this rendition of brevity from Breitbart News reported Sunday. They were relying on statements out from Cairo and Israel where it was tweeted that Khamenei had died Saturday after a bout with prostate cancer, noting that the information stems from “reliable sources.” The lineage serving as the Iranian Supreme Leader has since 1979 passed from Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini followed by Ali Hosseini Khamenei and now the Iranian Assembly of Experts must find someone who will fit for the lineage of Khomeini then Khamenei and now what? Maybe there is somebody in Iran named Khumeinei? Kidding aside, the choice about to be made by the Iranian Assembly of Experts will have ramifications far and wide, especially concerning the ongoing nuclear negotiations. It is most likely that whoever is chosen will want to present a tough and strict initial action in any deal which may prove even more problematic than the situation which the world had been facing. This next period will be another time where the world will be holding their collective breaths; hoping and praying for some good news at the end of this still ongoing situation. I guess that once again all we can do is wait and see.


So from here we will just let the videos below speak for themselves. The only set-up needed is to point to the first somebody wearing a Yarmulke and Tzitzit and walking around several European cities and the reactions are interesting and surprising, the reactions are far from uniform. The second shows a Greek Orthodox priest wearing street clothes and a large and overly noticeable cross and walking through several areas in Tel Aviv. The reactions and lack of reactions are what one need contrast and compare between the videos.


Here is one final note on a completely different story. The Dutch Authorities have sent samples from soap purported to be from World War II and made from the remains of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. The story gets even more disturbing when one realizes that this came to the attention of the authorities who were responding to an advertisement attempting to sell bars of this soap online. This is either one of the most disgusting indicators of where human society can possibly sink or a hoax based on the presumption of the most disgusting indicator of where human society can possibly sink. Coverage of the story can be found here and here and below is a picture of the item in question. This is sufficient commentary and depictions of human society but perhaps things are not as bad as first viewed, the perverted soap salesperson has had the interdiction of authorities, and the wearing of religious symbols and walking the streets though revealing did surpass initial expectations and the last video does show that there is still much hope left in the world, well at least in one place.



Dutch Police Probe Sale Of Soap Made From Holocaust Jews Bodies

Dutch Police Probe Sale Of Soap Made From Holocaust Jews Bodies









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September 12, 2011

Israel and America, Differences Without Any Real Difference

So many of the authoritative sources on terrorism tell us how the United States does not face the same type of terrorist threat as does Israel. They will point to the numerous differences claiming their importance while ignoring anything which would tie the seeming disparate threats together. Some will point to the fact that most Israeli terror attacks produce fewer casualties per attack than the massive style bombing attacks against American targets. Some assert that America is vulnerable to attacks all around the world while almost all attacks against Israelis are committed within the borders of Israel and the contested areas of the West Bank and Gaza. Some have argued that Israeli terror is purely local while terror against the United States is global and shared by European countries, Asian countries, basically any country anywhere on Earth. At every turn the experts find differences that allow the world to react to terror attacks against everybody except Israel as one type of terror that is undeserved and unjustifiable while consistently pointing to Israeli actions or mere existence as reasons for the terror against the Jewish State bending events beyond simple definitions in order to place the blame on Israel while excusing the terrorists as acting with justification.

Perhaps these false differences can explain the reasoning behind the coming universal conference being assembled by the United States. This conference will be co-chaired by the United States and Turkey. Yes, Turkey, the same Turkey that sponsored the Mavi Marmara Flotilla that attempted to break the Gaza Blockade and attacked the IDF units that boarded the Mavi Marmara Flagship with steel rods, knives, bats, and handguns. That’s the same Turkey that has threatened Israel to break off relations should Israel not make a formal apology for the Flotilla incident and the death of nine Turkish IHH terrorists who viciously attacked the Israeli forces who were enforcing a legal blockade and have carried through on this threat. This is the same Turkey that has ignored a United Nations investigation which found that Turkey had supported this terrorist attack against a legal action by Israel, another United Nations member. Oh, that’s right, that was Israeli terror which has nothing to do with the terror faced by the rest of the world.

Maybe it would be wise to look at the rest of the countries which will make up the rest of this effort. Also invited will be Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and the European Union. All right, these are innocuous enough, though many of these countries as well as the European Union are often to be found taking a side critical of Israel at virtually every turn. Slightly more problematic members joining this American effort are South Africa, China, India, Colombia, and Russia. Both Russia and China are Iran’s protectors in the Security Council as well as helping with nuclear, missile, energy, and other technologies. The others in this group, especially India, are examples of countries that would make good additions to this conference.

But it is the last group that things get really questionable. Somebody at the State Department decided that no conference on combating terrorism would be complete without the participation of Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Is it honestly necessary to go into particulars and list the items that make these choices problematic at best? I doubt it, or at least it should not be required, especially for countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan.

But the most disappointing item is not so much who the United States State Department and other security agencies included as much as the one country conspicuous by its absence, Israel. The United States is holding a combating world terrorism conference and has decided to invite numerous countries where much of the instigation, training, indoctrination, monetary support, and other terror supportive activities yet decided that Israel would have little if anything to contribute. Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting that the terrorism that is committed against Israel is completely different than the acts of terrorism inflicted elsewhere in the world. I guess most have forgotten that until and aside from the one attack on September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda had committed fewer attacks and caused fewer American casualties than Hezballah. Have we forgotten the embassy and marine barracks attacks in Lebanon back in the 1980’s or was that a different era when America shared a problem concerning terror with Israel, a little matter that the United States appears to have forgotten.

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