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December 18, 2016

Imagine the Return to a Revolutionary Ideal


Once upon a time there was the Black Robe Regiment which was the name given by the British to the Colonial Preachers who supported American independence. Not only did they preach independence, they very often were officers in the militias against the Red Coats. The British did all they could to murder these preachers and many gave their lives for the Revolution but the danger did not curtail the Black Robe Regiment preachers who refused to be cowed and were one of the main inspirations of the American revolution. Their sermons inspired and often their brash and brave actions kept the Revolution alive and brought a number of victories against the odds with their bravery and words motivating their fellow congregants often at the most crucial of moments. The United States owes much of the founding in the fighting and the religious basis of the Founding Fathers and the state legislators whose input and approvals were required in the formation of both the federation of America and then the Constitution which was the foundation for the United States of America. There is a possibility that the Revolution could have failed without the local inspiration and organization which was often centered around the churches and their Black Robe Regiment preachers.


Black Robe Regiment

Black Robe Regiment


All that changed in 1954 at the behest of Texas Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson’s proposed legislation to amend the tax codes affecting houses of worship such as churches, synagogues, mosques, or temples and other nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) tax exemptions. The amended tax code limited the freedom of speech by members of organizations and entities who had tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) regulations making any political speech such as supporting a candidate, party or other specified political speech. The amendment to the tax codes was named for its presenter and is called the Johnson Amendment. Particularly prohibited was conducting political campaign activities to intervene in elections to public office or other sermonizing which may be perceived as backing a candidate or party. The language was vague and unspecific enough that many clergy were silenced from mentioning even certain Bible passages near election times as they might be construed as taking sides on a campaign issue and by doing so backing a particular candidate or party. Such brought to an end political preaching from the pulpit, at least in theory as some such still exists but as long as the parishioners are singing the same tune, nobody complains and such activity continues. This was specifically used to target and silence clergy from endorsing candidates. Over time this embargo on political speech became partisan in nature in too many locations as a ban against conservative politicking while backing leftist causes or progressive Democrat candidates. Still, care was taken to never mention any names and instead to often mimic campaign slogans working them into sermons or choosing verses carefully for recitation which would appear to back one candidate’s positions or damn the opposing candidate. Still, clergy still need be far more reserved and careful and a far cry from the history of clergy, especially when one remembers the Black Robe Regiment.


Texas Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson

Texas Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson


Should Donald Trump as president keep his word and successfully repeal the Johnson Amendment thus freeing certain tax exempt institutions and their personnel from conducting any political activities, especially campaigning or endorsing candidates, imagine the consequences. We would witness the liberation of the clergy and the resultant rebirth potentially of a new Black Robe regiment preaching and supporting political positions more aligned with their religious beliefs. There need be no great fears from secularists as they won’t be in houses of worship forced to hear any sermonizing, especially political sermonizing. Rescinding this regulation, expunging it from the tax code, would be a strike for freedom of speech. Placing a political muzzle on the clergy and threatening their tax exempt status was a bad idea from the start, one might even say criminal. But then Lyndon Baines Johnson was not exactly known for tact or freedom of expression for anybody disagreeing with his views. He was better known for strong-arming political rivals by any and all means at his disposal. This was most evident during his time as President which also served to allow his passing every piece of legislation which became the backbone of his “Great Society” and a remaking of the social safety net and the start of an increased welfare system. Some have blamed this for many societal problems being faced by American society currently. Just maybe a little moralizing before Election Day voting would serve as a positive influence. Just Maybe.


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April 3, 2016

Israel is All of Israel as Defined by San Remo


We have discussed this almost ad-nauseum but please allow us to once more try to take a different tack and perhaps wake a few more minds. The San Remo Conference took place during the early 1920s close after the end of World War I. Obviously it took place in San Remo, Italy right on the Mediterranean Sea in a picturesque location and as always really plush hotels. Just once I would like to see an international conference or negotiations take place somewhere such as Tiksi, Siberia, Russia which also has beaches on the Buor-Khaya Gulf of the Laptev Sea, southeast of the delta of the Lena River. The pictures are below and we invite our friends to choose their preference in comments, if you will. We can guess that when a global warming conference to discuss the thawing of the tundra permafrost lands in Siberia and Alaska are held in Marrakech, Morocco that it proves the United Nations knows how to throw a conference as their studying thawing tundra on the arctic is held on the edge of the Sahara Desert proving the United Nations is more interested in going on holidays than solving anything.


Tiksi, Siberia, Russia which also has beaches on the Buor-Khaya Gulf of the Laptev Sea with Northern Lights or San Remo, Italy with the warm Mediterranean Sea and year round fair weather; you decide

Tiksi, Siberia, Russia which also has beaches on the Buor-Khaya Gulf
of the Laptev Sea with Northern Lights or
San Remo, Italy with the warm Mediterranean Sea and
year round fair weather; you decide


Aside from climate change and getting more serious, Israel was given guarantees from the League of Nations and the San Remo Conference where the Mandate System was put in place which was followed by the Treaty of Sèvres which codified the decisions from the San Remo Conference which had based their findings directly quoting the Balfour Declaration as the basis for the British Mandate. This eventually led to the Churchill White Papers where when Transjordan was formed the Zionist Congress was guaranteed that all lands west of the Jordan River and the Jordanian border would remain for the formation of the Jewish State of Israel presumably sacrosanct. The war was initiated by six Arab nations, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq with additional forces from Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan, Sudan, Holy War Army, Arab Liberation Army and further support as able from the Arab League against the Israelis, who were not well armed at the onset as the British did everything possible to disarm the Jewish communities. Fortunately the Israelis soon received some arms smuggled and timed to arrive immediately after the British leaving and much assistance from what was then Czechoslovakia as well as planes and other left over World War II armored vehicles and rifles from France, yes, France. Russia also kicked in some armament and the Israelis managed to secretly hide a few British Spitfire fighters which somehow went unaccounted for as the British left. Still, Israel was outnumbered close to 2:1 at the outbreak and by the time peace was established Israel, where every man, woman and boys above fifteen were placed on the front lines while the rest of the population did whatever they were able including reloading cartridges to make additional bullets, making simple machineguns, armoring cars and adding small bore cannons or high caliber heavy machineguns, making hand grenades and mines as well as anything even to cooking and taking food and water to the soldiers who were fighting, that was the Israeli side. At the end of over a year of fighting the Israelis were gaining ground as the final ceasefires were being imposed which had they been refused for another few weeks by the Israelis they might have pushed the Arab forces out of all Israeli territories which were promised by the British and there would have been no talk of occupied West Bank which is a bald faced lie.


So, where does the idea of an occupied Gaza and West Bank originate? The United Nations inherited the British Mandate and French Mandate Systems after it was formed to replace the League of Nations which had proven incapable of preventing World War II. The United Nations has claimed to have prevented any war of sufficient size to be considered as World War III, to be exact. The reality is that nuclear weapons likely did more to prevent a World War III more than the United Nations which has problems with keeping promises or showing any amount of integrity or ability to enforce human rights and all too often their peacekeepers have been more of a problem to the women and children where they are stationed than those they are there to prevent from any malfeasance. Some things are too shocking to even list as nobody would believe us so instead we linked the disgusting behavior of European peacekeepers in Central African Republic which we could only shake our heads and feel saddened by these abuses. So, with such as a rule more than the exception in items concerning the United Nations and their propensity even from the start to bend and bow to Arab and Islamic demands, we really should not have been surprised when after the British set up an Arab Palestinian residents named Transjordan which was renamed simply Jordan in 1950 where the population was enforced such that no Jews were permitted residence as Jordan was determined to be a predominantly Arab population ruled by the Hashemite King that the United Nations then insisted on making the remaining land split evenly between its Jewish and non-Jewish Arab residents. The Arabs were offered much of the prime irrigated lands while the predominant of the land the Jews were to receive was all of the Negev Desert. The Arab League refused the United Nations suggestion instead resorting to their plan to annihilate the Jewish State and every Jew they could find. All of this was the result of the General Assembly meeting and drawing a non-binding Resolution, which remain valid only if accepted by all the parties; so the Arab League refusal invalidated the resolution allowing the situation to revert to the preexisting condition which was that the Jewish State would be formed as promised by Winston Churchill and the British had guaranteed originally when Transjordan (Jordan) was founded.


Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid

Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs
Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands
as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League
and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid


So, at midnight and one second Israel was born (though the Jews day started at sundown so they had celebrated their founding the evening of May 14, 1948; Iyyar 5, 5708) with the borders of the Jordan River and Jordan to the east, the border with Egypt separating the Sinai Peninsula and the Negev Desert to the south, the Lebanon border to the north and the Golan Heights for their border with Syria and the Mediterranean Sea. All the land borders had massed armies and the Jews knew that dawn would bring an invasion which they may be unable to repulse. That started the war too many Israelis refer to as their War of Independence and we recognize their viewpoint and using this name as it was a war to remain an actual viable nation but we call that war the Arab War of Genocidal Expectations. The Israelis claim they won their War of Independence while we hold that they survived the deadly threat which placed every last Israeli in perilous danger under threat of a genocidal slaughter promised by vastly superior forces. We look at this war more pragmatically and realize that the State of Israel as settled by the separate armistices between Israel and her Arab neighbors which were the Blue Line with Lebanon which was the same or very close to the original borders, the Golan Heights with Syria which was also close to the original with the difference being the armistice line was at the bottom of the heights instead of at the apex, and along the Sinai Negev border with the exception of Egypt occupying the Gaza Strip and the border with Jordan now left half of Jerusalem and what has ever since been named the West Bank (originally the lands were Judea, Samaria, Benjamin with Jerusalem having previously been entirely Israeli and their eternal Capital City) and occupied by Jordan. This is what is important about the wars of 1948-9; the Jewish State of Israel lost land to invading offensive armies namely having half of the Golan Heights occupied by Syria, all of Judea, Samaria and Benjamin (West Bank) occupied by Jordan. Jordan went a step further and declared they annexed the West Bank and provided every Arab living there citizenship and forcibly removed every Jew stealing their property and anything they were unable to take with them as they were forced to leave with great urgency. Only Pakistan and Great Britain recognized Jordan annexing the lands they were occupying but the United Nations and the world mostly remained silent not challenging the Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian occupations. During this occupation by the Arab states there was absolutely no talk of founding a new Arab state using the West Bank and Gaza. The world remained silent about the occupied Israeli lands and simply adjusted to the new armistice lines.


When the 1967 Six Day War struck as Gamal Abdel Nasser massed troops from Syria and Egypt on Israeli borders, while for weeks on end broadcasting propaganda that the superior Arab armies would drive the Jews into the Sea, that war was inevitable. After the fighting had started, the Egyptians and Syrian broadcast propaganda telling of their great gains and how both were closing on Tel Aviv and hearing this, King Hussein of Jordan declared his intent to join in the massacre and allow his people to enjoy the spoils. Israel did all they could to convince the Jordanian King that the broadcasts by the other Arab leaders were lies for their own peoples’ consumption. Israel was routing both armies but the Jordanian King believed Israel was bluffing and was actually losing and he needed to rush if he was to be in on the end of the Jewish State. Jordan troops poured into Western Jerusalem and started towards Tel Aviv and the Israelis redirected some troops which were heading for the Sinai to back troops against Egypt. Within a few hours of the redirected troops they reported having taken the Temple Mount where the troops stopped and prayed with some putting on Tefillin and prayer shawls (Tallit). Their joy almost prevented their continuing their mission but by the time the fighting was halted, Israel held the Golan Heights from Syrian occupation, the Sinai Peninsula and had liberated the Gaza Strip from Egyptian occupation along with liberating Judea, Samaria and Benjamin (West Bank). The peace Israel made with Egypt, Israel returned the entire Sinai Peninsula while Egypt surrendered the Gaza back to Israel returning all occupied areas to their rightful owners on the Israeli southern front. Soon after there was a peace reached with Jordan who returned Judea, Samaria and Benjamin (West Bank) to Israel, its rightful owner. One would think that would be the end of things, especially with nobody able to claim lands which correctly belong to Israel.


No, such thinking would be incorrect. Here is where we start to make some people angry on both sides. First and foremost Israel must develop and build their own fifth generation fighter and cancel their orders for the F-35 JSF from the United States. This should most definitely be a priority. Israel must necessarily produce the entirety of the Military Equipment from the smallest truck to the most advanced tanks and aircraft including requiring their component parts, ammunition and other munitions and lastly they must also make bombs. These newest of aircraft require communication with their production company in order for parameters, potential repairs, stress levels and other reading the aircraft makes on itself and various items needed to schedule maintenance properly. The problem is that the aircraft must file a flight plan with the United States who must then approve any flight. Israel has the capacity, the means and the people to manufacture a top of the line aircraft and anything else. The weapons industry is a very lucrative business and Israel needs to be self-sufficient with all items concerning the safety of the nation and its people. Further, the aid money that Israel has received from the United States is earmarked with some heavy duty ropes attached demanding that Israel spend 75% of the cash buying weapons from the United States. Israel could survive without the money which has become an addictive drug which only weakens the victim. As long as you are on the dole from the United States they get to sell you defense weapons systems and you have no control over the future which the past going on eight years has proven may not be so wonderful if Israel is relying on the United States for their defensive weapons. Once a nation enters such a deal they reach a point where all their military equipment comes from the United States and one wrong person ascending to the Presidency and that nation just may awaken one morning being gotten up even earlier than usual to be informed that the United States has deactivated all your weapons systems and the nation is completely vulnerable. Now that would be an Excedrin moment.


The other main problem with Israel being dependent on the United States for weapons and arms, especially the entire inventory of the Air Force, is that the United States has too much power and a certain threat which could devastate Israel militarily just by simply refusing to allow Israel parts to repair their aircraft. Israel is in a sensitive place and really needs a radical solution to her dilemma. Such a solution will not be accepted by the United Nations, the European Union and likely the United States and why not throw in Russia and China for good measure. The solution we are referring to is simply claiming the remainder of Samaria, Benjamin and Judea taking all the land which would return Israel to the early morning May 15, 1949, the morning in which seven Arab armies moved against Israel and stole lands. Now would be as great a time as any to reclaim all of the lands promised and remove the terrorist entity, leadership and actual terror threats and be done with it. Those who desire to remain as part of Israel and are willing to sign and pledge to make a loyalty oath which will state that any felony or terror related conviction will result in the criminal being forcibly exiled from Israel may remain and integrate into Israeli society and take a path to full citizenship. Those Arabs who choose to leave Israel will receive a cash payout for their property and a resettlement bonus. The terror masters will receive our fondest wishes as we wave good-riddance! Israel would necessarily need to control their schools and thus their curriculum if there would be any possibility of retrieving the minds of many of the younger students and even potentially making productive members of the society as many of the students have thus far been fed a steady diet of hate for Israelis and particularly Jews. As long as Israel remains dependent on the United States she will be unable to take the steps required for a safe and prosperous future for her citizens including a number of Arab Muslims.


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February 12, 2016

Even in Israel Claiming Our Birthright Controversial


One would think that with all the reasons that continue to pile up that in Israel at least we would see the solution and not be blocked by what is termed a right of center nationalist Zionist government, but you would be wrong. Naftali Bennet, who campaigned as a nationalist, religious Zionist, has turned from insisting that once we settle in an area that we stay and not destroy Jewish neighborhoods traumatizing complete communities and sparing few from the soured grapes of government wrath to Netanyahu’s pet attack bulldog assailing all who were those who supported Jewish Home with their votes. Benyamin Netanyahu claims he understands the will of the people, the vast majority of the people, when they yell in their hearts and minds to settle the land and send the bands of thugs from amongst our midst, but he sits on a report which grants and explains the reasons, legal and solid foundational reasons, which tell the entire story that the lands belongs to Israel and not to be used for anti-Semitic rabble to plot how to murder us best in our beds. We get fed our daily dose Pablum, our daily bread, which claims that if we just wait things will turn out well in the end and the world will finally stop their irrational hatreds of Israel and we will settle our heartlands when the world is a better place. The world will never be that better place and they will instead chip away at Israel for as long as we quiver with unjustified trepidation in the corner begging them, “Please don’t be so mean to us, we are doing everything you demand, why are you all so angry and what can we do to ease your wrath?” You know their answer is exactly the same as the Arab terrorists; they want us to drop dead and allow the Arabs to mutilate our corpses in the hopes that that will quench their thirst for blood and not move on to Europe and then the Americas after that. So what if they are wrong, in the immediate future they are calling for our blood. Settle the lands now and end this torment that the world watches with a fair amount of glee telling themselves that Israel is the problem. They are petrified at the anger and the murderous practices of Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and the founder of them all, Yassir Arafat’s and Mahmoud Abbas’s PLO, transformed to respectability, original fanatical, anti-Semitic, ravenous, rabid terrorists.


Vengeance is Mine Said the Lord as the Hand of G-d Can Strike Using but One Sole Finger Aimed at the Sinning Individual and Only that Individual or the Fist Throwing Fire and Brimstone as Was the Fate of Sodom and Gomorrah

Vengeance is Mine Said the Lord as the Hand of G-d
Can Strike Using but One Sole Finger Aimed at the
Sinning Individual and Only that Individual or the
Fist Throwing Fire and Brimstone as Was the
Fate of Sodom and Gomorrah



The reality is that the world sees the Middle East as an entity which cannot leave the sands of the Middle East. They see Israel as the necessary sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered on the altar of Baal. For them Israel represents the necessitated blood sacrifice to the pagan gods to be slain before their idol, the al-Aqsa Mosque, in a blood ritual which will then pacify their bloodlust for the time being and they will rest after their sacrificing a few million Jews and they will have their ‘peace in our time’ and be able to sleep well at night as the horrors will finally be completed and the Arab beasts will rest at long last. They choose not to remember the last group which demanded their rights to slaughter the imperfect and the condemned which included six million Jews and another seven million Roma, mentally challenged, physically handicapped, the terminally ill, the unwanted from amongst their midst which was supposed to calm their savage hunger for death. It also claimed between fifty million and eighty-five million deaths before the enmity was quelled and that still took an Allied presence to remain assured that the beast was not to raise its head again. The problem is they failed because that very same beast is rising once again and it is feasting on Jewish blood and the other impure within its nations before turning on the rest of the civilized world, though they are really no more civilized than are their barbarous cousins in the Middle East, both have a lasciviousness for Jewish blood that cannot be sated.


Their hunger for the destruction of Israel, which they view Israel as the monument to their hour of weakness when they relented and allowed the abomination to be born, cannot be sated for as long as Israel continues to exist making a mockery of all of their pantheons to their gods which stand on the homelessness and damnation of the Jew to wander the world as an object upon which all the troubles and plagues can be cast without worry of their becoming an armed threat capable of defending themselves. Israel was the darling until 1967 and again with even greater odds against survival in 1973 when they defeated Arab armies with greater superiority in troops, aircraft, tanks and every other possible military advantage and the cursed Jew not only survived but thrived. At least in 1948 and through most of 1949 even though the Jew was not eradicated despite the aid behind the scenes the Europeans gave the Arab forces, a coalition from both sides of the European theater, German and Allied, the Arabs at least gained territory so there was the promise that they would prevail in stages. The Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War put to rest that the defeat of the Jewish entity, that mockery of their gods, would be removed by Arab forces alone, other accommodations needed to be formed. That was where the mastery of the KGB which aided greatly the concept of the indigenous Arab entity from before the Jew ever set foot in the lands became a reality. Finally there was the assault on the legitimacy of the out of wedlock birth of that place, that Israel. Now progress could be made if they just sit back and let perfidy do its worst setting upon the Jewish State the uncouth and unbridled blood lust of the Arabs who would slowly eat at the body of the Jew, that Israel, as a cancer eats a body left untreated. They would condemn the assaults as if to treat the cancer and feel the pain of Israel but they actually huddled in the darkened corners rubbing their hands together a titillated with every Jewish death.


Their thirst never quenched as they watched rabid forces of hate grow and purify into a blood-lust uncontrollable and the fear began to set in as the blood began to run in their streets. Where have they laid the blame, at the doorstep of Israel for not giving up and surrendering their bodies to the altars of hate. This was the fault of the Jew for defending themselves so well and proving that the Jew actually could fight as was stated in their Bible, the book they had mostly discarded as a bunch of gibberish and silly anecdotal morality lessons. These were of no use to those so civilized that they invite and normalize even the worst of the deadly sins and adopt it as their cause celeb. But how has the Jew not only survived, defended itself against forces so diabolical they should have eradicated the Jew from amongst the real and actual and deserving nations such as those of Europe and still managed to enlighten the world adding to the body of knowledge in so many areas, computer science, medicine, agriculture, and so many others that they were becoming a beacon, a light unto the nations, but still it must be completely cleansed and cauterized as despite all the wondrous things, it was still the Jew amongst the deserving and as such it must be brought low and destroyed.



Top Left depicts the original tribes of Israel reaching south from the Litani River currently in Lebanon to the Egyptian border and from the Mediterranean Sea to both sides of the Jordan River, boundaries Israel is not even seeking in modern times. Top right map depicts the borders of Israel if one simply interprets the promises, treaties, conferences and agreements which reaches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and from the current Lebanon border to the current Egyptian border and the border with Syria, Syria? Well OK, Syria as whatever comes out the other end of the conflagration consuming it today and Israel retains the Golan Heights. The middle map is of Israel compared to the current Muslim World and the bottom is similar but after the refugees, Islam, swallows most of Europe and we may have made a small error as Hungary and even Poland might remain free.

Top Left depicts the original tribes of Israel
reaching south from the Litani River currently
in Lebanon to the Egyptian border and from the
Mediterranean Sea to both sides of the Jordan River,
boundaries Israel is not even seeking in modern times.
Top right map depicts the borders of Israel if one simply
interprets the promises, treaties, conferences and agreements
which reaches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea
and from the current Lebanon border to the current Egyptian
border and the border with Syria, Syria? Well OK, Syria as
whatever comes out the other end of the conflagration
consuming it today and Israel retains the Golan Heights.
The middle map is of Israel compared to the current
Muslim World and the bottom is similar but after
the refugees, Islam, swallows most of Europe
and we may have made a small error as
Hungary and even Poland might
remain free.


They even devised a trap that just had to work, just had to foil the Jew nation. They gave the Arab hatred a name reminiscent of a long dead culture of Grecian seafarers and slowly but surely brought it forth into the world of nations laying claim of lands from the river to the sea. Here we have invented the beast which will finally allow us through slight of diplomatic cruelty slowly drown the Jew in the bloods of terror and war while all the while the European betters could stay clean and watch from a distance as their plot slowly erased the Jew nation. They had at long last made the United States into their craven image hating that Jew nation and cheering the beasts they had let free to feast upon the eventual corpse as the Jew could not survive this threat, they would finally have their sacrifice to their gods of the pantheon and Baal would rest sated. Now all they need do is let the inevitability take place as they gave the beast its name, Palestinian Arab nationalism but their beast had born a child which was now a restless and murderous teen and its name was Islamic supremacy. It has taken on the form of the refugee and slashed across Europe groping and molesting its women and fighting their law enforcement such that one can only wonder how soon their knives and screwdrivers will be drenched in European blood. And whom do you think they will blame? The Jewish State of Israel for not dropping dead upon commanded to so sacrifice themselves. The Jewish State of Israel for even having the audacity to come into existence. The Jewish State of Israel for not failing before the Arab Armies. The Jewish State of Israel for being too Jewish. The Jewish State of Israel for exceeding all expectations. The Jewish State of Israel for giving so many advances to the world. The Jewish State of Israel just for being. It is time that Israel, the Jewish State of Israel assume its prophesized role as a Light Unto the Nations. And the Jewish State of Israel for reminding the world that there is a true G0d, Hashem, and that He does still make for miracles and the proof comes every day from out of Zion, out of Yerushalayim. So let the Jewish State of Israel actually fulfill its Biblical commandment from Hashem and settle all the lands Hashem hath given unto thee, from the River to the Sea and if they scream with upset, perhaps we should also take from the Litani River to the borders of Egypt, Mitzraim מִצְרַיִם.


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