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July 10, 2016

Panic! Panic! Revealed Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques!


The actual title of the Townhall editorial article was Some Of Hamas’ Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques in bold block print extra, extra large. We were surprised it was not blinking red with audio warning that they were about to reveal the Big Secret and then went on to quote directly “according to Israel National News (Arutz Sheva).” Much of the rest of the article was the Arutz Sheva article which to the best of our collective memories never made top billing on Arutz Sheva for the reason is it is ancient news, we have known all of this for ages, and the main point of the article had nothing to do with the tunnels which were additional news used to flesh out the article. The main point was a Shin Bet caught “Faiz Attar (65) of Beit Lahia, and Itallah Sarhan of Jabalia. Both towns are in the Gaza Strip” These gentlemen were smuggling tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros from Hamas in Gaza where they run the government as much as it can be referred to as such and were taking the shoe money, as they had special built shoes with an area to contain the cash, to finance Hamas in Judea and Samaria. This too is not exactly earth-shaking news either, just the names are new and really of little importance as these were couriers from families known to be Hamas related.


There was another well-known item here in Israel that we would hope gets some additional circulation throughout the West that there exist numerous tunnels which have entrances placed inside of homes of Gazans who have thusfar refused to join up with Hamas and are simply trying to get by day-to-day. Of course when these tunnels are detonated the two terminal points receive the brunt of the relayed force and destroy anything around those deadend termination points of the tunnel. The other end is often in Israel and also gets destroyed. The problem is when the tunnel is destroyed, whenever that blessed event may occur, these unfortunate innocent people end up the victims in Gaza and the Western media will be quoting these people’s life stories in great detail covering every detail of what they lost when their house exploded being targeted by those IDF forces who have no pity on the innocent. The media never places the blame with Hamas. Why, you might inquire. Let us explain.


The media desire to tell the stories of human tragedy, which these innocent people are a perfect example and their neighbors and all the other homes with tunnel entrances and those innocents and somewhere is the most devastating and touching story about poor grandpa who being old was too slow and is in hospital in very serious injuries and requiring surgeries which the hospital in Gaza could not provide and they now miss grandpa because he is gone. What is not explained is that gone means he is beyond their reach temporarily as he was transferred, during whatever else may have been in progress, to a hospital in Israel where he will receive some of the greatest medical care the world has to offer and they will be reunited with grandpa all staying free of charge while grandpa recovers free of charge and then they will all be returned to Gaza. The saddest part in our minds for these people is they need to return to Gaza. But if you are not willing to possibly sacrifice one of your children for the cause and refuse to shoot rockets at innocent Israelis, then Hamas uses your home for their tunnel entrance and tell you what an honor has been bestowed on you. One is assured that none of the tunnels end in Hamas family homes and especially not their leaders’ homes or neighborhoods or other high price locations and those places the in-people live and play (see montage below).


A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack,
Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance


A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance


These are the poor and struggling Gazans scraping out their living as many of the poorer people in Israel also work hard to get by. These are the stories that are told repeatedly every conflict for the same reasons which are ignored, Hamas sets these people up by placing tunnels in their bedroom or living room or place rocket launchers next to their homes or on their roofs and then they are attacked to destroy the rocket launcher. The Israelis have nothing against these people as has been proven dozens of times over always with the same ending, failure due to Hamas. Hamas knows that if these tunnels or rocket launchers are not destroyed they have a victory and can continue trying to murder Israelis 24/7. If the rocket launchers or tunnels are destroyed possibly killing these intended victims of Hamas actions, then Hamas wins as they parade these victims by the Western media who eat it up loving every innuendo and scintillating detail of what those monstrous Israelis have caused. Hamas is innocent of any blame because if you write the truth about Hamas your privileges for reporting from Gaza are revoked if you are lucky and you simply vanish if you wrote something which caused that news to amplify and others quoted your report. Thus reporters with rights to tell the right stories about suffering Gazans who are victim of the Israelis and Hamas has done all it could for the family, which is true, they built them an underground cellar which reaches all the way into Israel onto their homes or placed a rocket launcher on their roof, who wouldn’t desire such favors.


That is the Modus Operandi of all the terror groups when fighting in their own lands amongst their powerbase and they all use their populations to their complete advantage, dead or alive. The victims, slowly and inevitably become permanent victims with which to flog the Israelis to gain concessions. These had been the reason that there are Arabs living in the midst of some of the largest cities of the Middle East but are not permitted to work except at the most menial and revolting jobs the local population would not perform at a minimal salary, thus they double as political refugees and slaves. These camps even exist in Gaza and in the Palestinian Authority (PA) controlled and ruled areas of Judea and Samaria. How one has refugees for going on three-quarters of a century fenced off from, in some cases family members who have not been deemed refugees, at least not yet, is beyond all rational thought except for one item, it is big business and people are gaining millions of Euros and Dollars. The most disgusting and revolting use of innocents has been the placing them on rooftops of buildings used as bases for operations, near rocket launchers or carried on one’s chest as if the child was body armor which is exactly what they have become (see videos below).


Another abuse which is fed directly by the United States, United Nations and almost all of Europe both individually or as a member of the European Union, is the dispensation of the cement and building supplies. Under extreme foreign pressures, Israel reluctantly permitted the importation of cement, concrete, and other building supplies including rebar, doors, utilities such as refrigerators and similar items. What could be utilized for building or replacing tunnels were taken right off the top thus far averaging close to ninety percent of the supplies have been stolen and appropriated by Hamas to build tunnels, bunkers and whatever else they desired leaving many Gazans still without a roof over their heads. It has been estimated that upwards of a thousand units could have been built or repaired with what has been permitted into Gaza but there has been negligible progress as the supplies simple are taken before they can be used for the intended purpose. Of course the world is still demanding that Israel provide or at least allow for provisions be permitted into Gaza until all the people have had their homes rebuilt. With close to ninety percent of the provisions going for military use, the world is once again demanding Israel cut her own throat and smile claiming to the end that we like it.


Europe had best figure out their coming Islamic problems as terror is far from being solely an Israel thing and has spread to the European Union and beyond. If they have thought the past year was awful, it will only get better. And be glad that when a police war breaks out and a large swath of apartments which ring the main cities where many Muslim reside are burnt to the ground, will the plan be to provide them with cement and concrete to permit their building ground floor bunkers and reinforced rooftops as set up for snipers? Just asking. Life does have this way of slowly engulfing everyone in the advanced world when the barbarians gather inside the gates. We cannot complain as we all allowed them in and gave them the idea that we would serve them in whatever fashion they desired. Now is the time to repair the breach before it becomes too late. It is always best to stand against a problem while it is small than to allow growth and further organizing might become the platform for changing the entire system into something we would hardly recognize, it goes by the name ‘Shriya’. There is no law or war or other descriptor placed after it as Sharia is a set of rules religiously motivated. Most of the terrorist have taken the most militant quotations from the Quran and verse by verse such that the Medina Quran superseded anything in the Mecca Quran which was far more open and accepting. If only the Muslims would utilize the original texts from the Quran which were written in Mecca as the story goes and as those writings were along the lines of Judeo-Christian writings of that era. The later Quran was more violent and the Shiites and Sunni have been using a separate idea as for the lineage one should follow. Unfortunately both sides believe that violence is the only way of proving who was correct all along, so they war as they are providing the proof in spades across Syria and much of Iraq.


That fight as well will find its place in Europe and when either population, the Sunni or the Shiites reaches twenty to twenty-five percent of the population they will then move to take command, implement Sharia, a religious framework build in conjunction with a political structure placing Muslims at the top and Arabs are considered better Muslims by the Sunni while the Shiites are split on that currently though they appear to be taking more to their Persian, their Aryan viewpoint of the world. This makes the Shiites far more dangerous than the Sunni, and the Sunni always install a chosen leader and they hold all power and can make law on a whim. They can also always be replaced by religious and secular means as their position places them atop both structures as well as commander of the military. This combination of holy man, ruling dictator, head of the police, both regular and religious including the dreaded morality corps, head of the Military and responsible for directing trade within and outside the nation and it can get messy very fast. Perhaps the Western World had best awaken, drink some coffee, smell a rose or two, put away the rose colored glasses you purchased in the 60s or 70s in a head shop in Greenwich Village (The Village) or the head supplies store two blocks from the epic Lombard Street brick paved winding tourist trap (see below). You guessed it, when visiting San Fran (San Francisco) you got to drive the section of Lombard Street just because it is there. It is almost as important as Muir Woods (see below) with the tall version of the sequoia trees.


Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Muir Woods

Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Lombard Street


The glasses would soon break as under Sharia one will comply or one will die as Islam is spread by the sword once again and these gentlemen have not gotten past knives hardly capable of the chore at hand. Then there is Islamic State who attempts to be ever more disturbing with every execution video. Europe, United States, Canada and even the new to be liberated Britain, we hope you are stepping forward with eyes wide open because it has appeared you are groping in the sunlight refusing to open your eyes to what it is you are doing and it will result in many people needlessly dying because of the coming blunders as your minds are completely shut to add on top of the blunders already committed. As our favorite song calls out, “America, where are you now, Don’t you know your sons and daughters need you now, A-m-e-r-i-c-a!


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July 6, 2016

The European Union Actually Planning Empire


It turns out that there is actual evidence issued in European Union (EU) documents spelling out their designs to extend their domain and control over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and on to Central Asia and Middle of the African Continent. These plans existed before the British voted to depart the EU with their Brexit referendum. Still, the EU will likely attempt to exercise this extending of the areas wrapped up in their web of dictatorial control and this may be part of the plan with the admitting of the refugees from MENA areas as their plans would incorporate much of the Muslim and Arab worlds in their extended governance. The actual released plans are in a PDF format titled Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign And Security Policy. The “European Union Global Strategy Executive Summary” begins as follows:

We need a stronger Europe. This is what our citizens deserve, this is what the wider world expects.
We live in times of existential crisis, within and beyond the European Union. Our Union is under threat. Our European project, which has brought unprecedented peace, prosperity and democracy, is being questioned. To the east, the European security order has been violated, while terrorism and violence plague North Africa and the Middle East, as well as Europe itself. Economic growth is yet to outpace demography in parts of Africa, security tensions in Asia are mounting, while climate change causes further disruption. Yet these are also times of extraordinary opportunity. Global growth, mobility, and technological progress – alongside our deepening partnerships – enable us to thrive, and allow ever more people to escape poverty and live longer and freer lives. We will navigate this difficult, more connected, contested and complex world guided by our shared interests, principles and priorities. Grounded in the values enshrined in the Treaties and building on our many strengths and historic achievements, we will stand united in building a stronger Union, playing its collective role in the world.


The wordy introductory summary continues for three more pages of droning boredom which one can read at the link above followed by approximately fifty or so more pages. The one thing which is made evident is that the European Union, a.k.a. Germany and Herr Merkel are looking at the first step to world conquest by absorbing the Middle East and the oil fields and Northern and Central Africa because that is as far as Germany got the last time they tried a somewhat more violent conquest of the world. This time they are taking, as we noted the other day, an economic conquest by simply out producing the other member states such that the Euro reflects German output thus making every other nation relying on German largess to remain financially solvent. This has been made excessively evidenced by the recent years as Greece would have starved and not been capable of even fueling their police vehicles without German ‘loans’ which came with demands for altering the societal work ethic and other actions by government and population to suit demands and desires of the German government. Greece proved more stubborn than expected but the Germans did accomplish impressing the idea that without the favors from Germany the Greek society would have collapsed and thus they owed Germany their warmest and most earnest gratitude, but the Greeks drew the line short of obedience. Still, it is evident not only in Greece but Italy, Spain and, to a lesser extent, France all are left looking at German economic output and work ethic and realize that as goes Germany, so goes the European Union.


The main sticking point at the moment is that should petroleum prices rise the EU economy would slow creating problems even for Germany. Further, raw materials are another essential requirement for the EU economic engines and assuring these will continue without interruptions or financial instability driving the EU economies accordingly. Should the EU expand their influence and control such that the Middle East oil and the raw materials found in Central Africa then the EU would become pretty much completely self-reliant and finally be capable of production controlling everything from top to bottom making everything flow without problems, price difficulties or any slowdowns to their economy due to lack of control over needed supplies of petroleum and raw materials as these would now be under EU control and Germany would have their production assured by which they could continue further expansion of the EU until they become that one world governance which has been so elusive.


Their documents themselves refer to global strategies. It claims so right in the title where it states theirs is a “Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign And Security Policy” and nothing less. Their contents list as below:
A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy: “Shared Vision, Common Action:
A Stronger Europe”


1. A Global Strategy to Promote our Citizens’ Interests
2. The Principles Guiding our External Action
3. The Priorities of our External Action
3.1 The Security of Our Union
3.2 State and Societal Resilience to our East and South
3.3 An Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises
3.4 Cooperative Regional Orders
3.5 Global Governance for the 21st Century
4. From Vision to Action


It is easy to see that theirs is an ambitious project and they are looking to expand their influence and they are willing to take any necessary steps and have already decided that they are to be the main world power and to slowly but inexorably swallow area after area starting with the petroleum supplies of the Middle East and the mines of central Africa and are willing to take on the nations of the Sahara Regions in order to spread into Central Africa and the access to raw materials such as iron and bauxite mines.


Natural Resources in Africa

Natural Resources in Africa


Add to this the resources, especially petroleum in the Middle East and Central Asia and one can see why the EU and Germany desire expanding their influence and control over these areas. This one simplistic map tells the story better than we could with a thousand words.


Petroleum Supply to Matching Petroleum Demands

Petroleum Supply to Matching Petroleum Demands


There really is not much one can add to what the EU released when their document became public, and we thank this revelation for putting to rest what the real intentions for their future and the future of the world the back room boys of the EU have in mind. Their delusions of grandeur and expectation to slowly expand their region of influence until they hold sufficient sway over production, raw materials and petroleum reserves that they will hold the controlling influence over virtually all manner of production and world economic health and indicators. Their claim that their intentions are for a global influence if not outright control is made amply evident but raises some serious questions. The first and most obvious question that comes to mind is exactly how does the EU plan on expending their control over these areas? We have some doubts as to the likelihood that these areas nations would be all that open to simply being subsumed by the EU no matter how generous the initial offers. We can be fairly assured that some nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Jordan would not be all that open to joining the EU and kowtowing to Germany’s heavy-handed running roughshod over other nations as they have with the less productive nations and even other near equals such as France and Britain, possibly one of the reasons that the British people felt the need to break with the EU, expecting other nations to pick up whatever slack these economies had as compared to the high productivity of the German heavy productivity. This pressure is less obvious for those nations outside the EU and have not received much coverage, but with Brexit the realities may slowly come to the fore and be revealed even faster should the EU, instead of executing expansion into new territories, begin losing member nations as others decide to head for the exits and try controlling their own borders, trade and currencies instead of being dictated from Brussels which sits more in service to Germany than anything else.


Then again, as most of the EU nations have abandoned their own currencies and have been using solely the Euro that the cost and burden of returning to their own currencies, as we have noted previously, would prove problematic and possibly so burdensome as to be prohibitive. The EU may be saved by a combination of prohibitive costs and challenges for individual nations returning to independence from the EU and inertia which would have leaders rather continue with what is already in place than challenge the independence from the EU which could be fraught with unforeseen challenges. Time will tell but the reasoning for why the EU desires to add these additional regions and the raw materials and petroleum reserves would be tempting under any circumstance. As for the feasibility, we would estimate they are somewhere around nil as the nations outside the EU, especially the Islamic nations, are not at all likely to take kindly to any pressures or attempts to compromise their independence by the EU which they already view as a colonialist aggressor. The funny reality is that Islam and the Arabs themselves have a far greater history of colonialism and their colonial pursuits are alive and well today across the MENA nations other than Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States which were the original Arab lands historically until the expansive thrusts which came soon after the advent of Islam and the Medina Quranic directives which spawned that expansive colonial expansion which they still retain to this day. Nobody can predict the future with any assurance of knowledge or prophesy but we will stand for now by our predictions that the EU should be more concerned with their own house before attempting to add additions to that home. Isn’t it just wonderful to live in interesting times just as a Chinese curse threatens?


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March 19, 2016

Israel Palestinian Peace Cannot be Negotiated the Same Old Ways


The Western ideal of negotiated settlement between the Arabs and Israel is not possible. The first rule is that the negotiations have nothing to do with a Palestinian state. As soon as Israel is destroyed, the surrounding Arab world will move into the areas dividing up the lands and slaughtering any Palestinian resisting their dividing up the long sought after spoils. There is no intention in the Arab world for a Palestinian state. Their only concern is Israel’s vaunted military power neutralized, and the Palestinians are the sacrificial lamb that disguises their snarling teeth in sheep’s clothing. The Israelis know this and the United States State Department knows this and anybody who has studied the Middle East knows this. Presidents of the United States knew this until recently as they had studied the wars with the Muslim Barbary Pirates starting with Thomas Jefferson and the wars pacifying the Muslim separatists by Blackjack Pershing in the Philippine Islands, a war that continues to this day against the Philippine government. But as has been stated, much to the shame of all, history has become the purview of nerds and misfits. Unfortunately knowledge of where we’ve been is not a prerequisite for leadership, a dearth and deficit which can only prove to be a great disadvantage as leading without a grounding in knowledge with a decent footing in history is taking the wheel of the ship of state ordering the rudder be removed. Perhaps we should have a campaign debate and hold a History Jeopardy debate with points et al; we might even get Alex Trebek.



Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek of Jeopardy


The United States is in its Presidential sweepstakes in what is a wide open field as there will be no actual incumbent. Hillary Clinton will try to play the role of incumbent though the closest she really has been was out at the State Department or decorating the table with the staff for a State dinner where she would play arm candy, probably not her strong suit. Meanwhile there will be in the other contest one who will claim he is the Trump suit. The next runner-up we can feel the Bern or continue on Cruz control. Whatever the result the eventual candidates will never face questions which actually matter for the position of President of the world’s main super power, or at least potentially its main super power if their leaders so choose. There will be questions which would be better posed to those running for Senate and the House of Representatives as they presumably are charged to be the legislators of the domestic issues. The President has the position of presenting the United States to the world and presiding over the foreign policies and all negotiations. If a President has no knowledge of world affairs and history leading up to the present and the precedents set by such, they will fall into the trap of being completely dependent upon the bureaucrats from the State Department for their foreign policy. This would soon commit them to the failures of the past as the State Department is not as adaptable and is more invested in continuing that with which they are familiar and comfortable rather than working to effect change and adapting when challenges present themselves. Government or other establishment career bureaucrats are not exactly daring innovators as they are go along to get along let’s just do that which has worked in most other situations and stick to the book. When it comes to the Arab Israeli conflict the book is what has everything mired in the failures of the past. Past administrations have tried taking the Israeli side, putting space between the United States and Israel and even placing, as President Truman did in 1948-9, an arms embargo on Israel as they were at war with half a dozen Arab nations and expected to perish and none of these positions have brought peace. There has been one policy never attempted and never likely to be implemented but which would end the discussions at least for the foreseeable future. Let us attempt to see what it might be and wonder which of the current candidates would be most likely to implement such an approach.


We need to look back to the first ten to twelve years of Israeli history. The initial starting-point of the Arab Israeli conflict dates to dawn on a Shabbat morning, namely Saturday May 15, 1948. On that sunrise the nation of Israel was but hours old, had no functional government and only a provisional government holding power until formal election would be held. Such would have to wait as that dawn brought half a dozen Arab armies and various militias over her borders with a genocidal intent and the end of what was considered an insult to the superiority, preeminence and invulnerability of the Islamic world. It took over a year before the fighting drew to an obvious stalemate and armistice lines were drawn, today known as the Green Line and the Blue Line. The Blue Line serves as the accepted border between Israel and Lebanon. The Green Line separates the Arab Palestinian disputed areas and Israel. It needs to be understood that the Green Line was demanded by the Arab League to never be considered or used as a border as doing so was tantamount to recognizing the existence of the Jewish State of Israel, an anathema to Arab and Muslim pride and self-respect. The original borders recognized by the United Nations and decided by the General Assembly defaulted to the Jewish State when the Arab League refused to accept the evenly divided United Nations map leaving the lands undivided to Israel (see maps below).



Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid

Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs
Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands
as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League
and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid


If a President were ever to understand that Israel took the remainder of the lands and built a nation which is determined to not merely survive but thrive no matter the threats or challenges instead of believing the State Department line that the Jews stole Arab Muslim sacred lands, then he might actually try something more effective than the past failures. The Israelis desire peace but not at the expense of losing their nation and towards that end the promise of defendable borders needs to be the primary concern. The matter of Israel returning lands has been satisfied with the return of the Sinai Peninsula, an area many times the size of Israel itself, and the release of claims to Gaza which is now in the hands of murderous terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other smaller families and splinter groups pledged to Islamic State, al-Qaeda and potentially others. These groups receive funds from the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Qatar and other Muslim and Arab sources and are equally threatening Egypt as they are Israel. Another fact glossed over were the nearly one million Jews dispossessed by their Arab and Muslim rulers who predominately came to Israel as refugees with barely any possessions and instead of placing them in camps and demanding the United Nations develop an agency with the singular responsibility of caring for them and their children and their children’s children into eternity or until they were permitted return to their former nations, they were welcomed and became functioning members of Israel and are today as vibrant and accepted as are every Israeli citizen and enjoy full rights. Another item glossed over is the numerous minorities such as Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Baha’I, Buddhists and virtually any other religious groups one might name who all have full rights as Israeli citizens including holding elective office, education, working and all other aspects while Israel’s neighbors cannot make the same claim about their Jewish citizens as they have none and the Arab Palestinians demand that any lands they eventually steal from the original borders of the Jewish State be completely cleansed of its Jews or they will annihilate them. This was put on its full and most gory display when two Israeli reservists made a wrong turn and ended up in Arab Palestinians areas. They were placed in the city jail in hopes of keeping them safe until they might be returned but the townspeople had a different idea. The police fled the building leaving them locked in the cells and the keys on the desk surrendering them to the mob which literally tore them limb from limb with one young teen making a display to the screaming joyous shouts of the crowd outside with the picture captured by a media photographer and secreted out and made public on newscasts worldwide as seen below.



Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands

Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd
Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists
Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands


Numerous peace offers and concessions have been made by Israel in exchange for promises and steps to follow, leading to peace yet every offer is pocketed and then peace is never forthcoming as in the end the Arab Palestinians walk away keeping every offer making it the required starting point. This had led to the now demand that Israel surrender half of Jerusalem and possibly even remove entire cities and manufacturing parks which employ Arab Palestinians as well as Jews in a state of equality and the Arabs receiving higher pay than even the Palestinian Authority average government employee. These are cities built in area C which originally was presented as remaining as a part of Israel and the Palestinian authority was forbidden building within yet now European governments and the European Union are buying exclusively lands in this area, building and bringing in Arabs to place facts on the ground and to force Israeli surrender of these areas which will leave Israel as vulnerable as she was in 1967 at the start of the Six Day War. This will only guarantee the next war and this time Israel might not be as fortunate as modern weapons are in every army in their area and combined the Arab nations easily have Israel outgunned and way outnumbered. Such a conflict might come down to the occurrence of a miracle rivalling the splitting of the sea. President Obama and Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry have all demanded that the borders for Israel be based upon the 1949 Armistice Lines which the Arab League had demanded never serve as such. What has changed? The Arabs in numerous attempts have been unable to destroy Israel so they are now hoping to use this entity they invented of an Arab Palestinian different from their brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, parents and relatives in Jordan, Syria (or used to be in Syria), Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and beyond because they must be different so they can claim they are indigenous and thus have a claim to their reconstituted nation of Palestine. Problem is there has never been such a nation as we find out every so often when let slip the truth and one of the biggest was when in an interview where Zahir Muhsein, a PLO executive committee member, in a March 31, 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw stated for the record:


“The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism.”
“For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”
As stated by Zahir Muhsein, a PLO executive committee member, in a March 31, 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw.



Perhaps the above quote should become required reading for those astute State Department career bureaucrats just so they can continue to consider themselves up to date and educated in the ways and machinations of the Middle East. The State Department has treated Israel as the land from Never Neverland which should be erased for the sake of peace and perchance restore Israel to her intended borders as per their existence on that Shabbat morning of Saturday May 15, 1948. There will be the cries that there are five or six or, who knows, seven million Arab Palestinian refugees. What will be left out is that these “refugees” have been living in actual apartment buildings and forced to be separate instead of allowed to be part of their parent country and were originally only slightly less than two-thirds of a million actual refugees originally. Put into a reference which is more appropriate, they were a few hundred thousand less than the eventual numbers of Jews expelled or driven from their homes across the Arab and Muslim worlds of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and that a goodly number of them are in camps either in Jordan, the original Arab Palestinian land where three quarters of the population are considered to also be Arab Palestinians, Gaza mostly just outside Gaza City, and Area A of the West Bank right outside of Nablus where Mahmoud Abbas is having his pleasure palace, office of the President and troop barracks to keep him as President built (see picture below). Perhaps the original plan where the Arab nations were awarded for their almost defeating Israel and then losing all the lands back to Israel in successive wars to keep Area A and negotiate (but to be nice why not just surrender) Area B while Israel retains Area C as the Oslo Accords spelled out and end the whole affair and call it done. The disputed areas contained in Areas A and B were roadways which were to have shared usage but perhaps many of those could be easily surrendered as well and conditions made for Arabs in Areas A and B who already have positions in the companies remaining in Area C to keep such employment.



Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks


All of Jerusalem would remain as the Capital City of Israel, undivided, and open to people of every faith as it currently remains never to return to Islamic imperialism as was the case from 1948 until early June of 1967 when the Old City, Mount of Olives Cemetery and Temple Mount were liberated and forever to remain freely accessible to people of all faiths or even no faith. As for any Arabs who were considered Palestinians remaining in Area C or Jerusalem, they would be granted a path for Israel citizenship dependent on their refraining from terrorism by any family member or they could choose to have their property bought at a generous price and be granted a severance of residency awarded which would easily cover any moving and other relocation effects and be permitted to seek citizenship or residence outside of Israel with a promise to not return to Israel. Such individuals should be granted automatic residence in any Arab Palestinian state which emerges from Areas A and B in the future. Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority would remain as the ruling body until the framework for a real government will be forthcoming. If Mahmoud Abbas decides to continue as President for Life, well, that would be none of Israel’s business unless he also continued to instigate terror and allow attacks across the borders. That should be termed as a declaration of war and any persons crossing an international border to commit terrorist acts would face a military trial with potential capital punishment. That too should be stipulated though such should be understood. Any Arab Palestinians in camps should either be relocated to the Palestinian Areas or permitted to remain in their current apartments and be given a path to citizenship in the nation where they have already resided for two, three or even four generations. As for those driven from their camps after they joined the insurrection against Bashir al Assad, their lives have taken a dramatic turn and are now amongst the Syrian refugees and as indistinguishable as could be possible and many which may have survived are very likely somewhere in Europe seeking shelter and all that was sort of eluded to or promised by Angela Merkel and her fellow leaders in much of Scandinavia and Europe. We wish the refugees and their new found national homelands the best of luck in all things. Honest, we feel your pain but not enough to offer much else.


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