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June 4, 2014

Tribalism to Subdue Cultural Society Yet Again

The number of times that clan or tribal based societies have overpowered the more technically advanced civilization is beyond our ability to count as we can only reference the times such has occurred since written records have survived. The Greco-Roman civilization eventually fell to tribal societies which brought Rome down for a multitude of reasons among them the fact that Rome hired out the very tribal clans to guard the borders once the Roman citizens no longer felt they needed to submit to such a low level of employment. Once the empire of Rome could afford to hire those from the outside to perform the most menial and lowest of tasks, which eventually included guarding the gates, the dye was cast and the end of Roman society had been purchased. The Chinese society was threatened by tribal clans from outside their borders and found the answer in the Great Wall of China. This defensive structure took decade upon decades to complete and eventually it was sufficient to protect the civilized from the barbarians at the gates. Eventually the Chinese decided that they no longer needed to demean themselves when they could hire “responsible” members from the tribes beyond the Wall and figured that they would serve that position well as they received all the benefits of civilized life as long as they continued to protect China. Well, the day came when the guards decided to allow in their tribal brothers and sisters likely figuring they could take over the whole of China and then all of them would enjoy the pleasures of a more advanced way of life. Oddly they were unable to continue the levels of civilized life and the rules of law and polite society once they had defeated the Chinese and slaughtered their leadership, and along with them the keepers of knowledge and customs and China fell back into a tribal society.


The basic rule appears to be that once a society reaches a certain level they also reach a point where securing their society and performing all the necessary tasks becomes either so utterly undesirable or regarded as menial and demeaning that they hire outsiders, the unwashed, the less advanced societies’ members to perform these tasks. This is not meant to demean those whose origins and roots grew from a less advanced society. What is meant is that those who are raised in a less advanced society will necessarily lack the education and knowledge base to maintain all of the mechanisms and societal delicacies which are the appeal of a more advanced society but also the Achilles Heel of advanced societies. Once a society reaches a level where the average person refuses to perform some of the most basic and undesirable tasks, especially protecting the borders, and outsource these tasks thus inviting in peoples who are not steeped and raised with the laws and societal expectations of the more advanced society, they have planted the seeds which will inevitably bring down their society. But it takes more than simply hiring out the defense of the borders and the enlisting of people from less advanced societies and cultures to perform the least desirable functions as these do not alone lead to the ruination of the advances society, it takes a series of compromises in the ideals and ideas which were required to build the more advanced society.


So, how does this happen, what does it entail and how does this bring on ruination? When an advanced society is in its infancy and is establishing itself there is a basic attitude that the members of said society are privileged to be a part to such a meritorious effort. The differences between the cultural mandates of the advancing society from the less advanced societies are protected and seen by the society as a precious and special set of societal and individual rules and expectations. These rules and guidelines are respected and deviation from them results in ostracization from the whole of society thereby protecting the whole of society from runaway misbehavior within the society. The societal norms are well defined and taught to the youth as part of their education and the history of the culture and nations is taught along with the praise of belonging and fitting within the societal norms being defined as normative. Eventually the society reaches a point where they decide that individualism is more important than complying and fitting into the societal norms and expectations. This eventually leads to a universalism which tends to blur the differences and relegates judgmentalism based societal distinction to be defined acts of segregation and elitism which are discouraged. Continuing down this path eventually erases all distinction and leads to a society based on complete and unbiased acceptance where all beliefs and all actions are considered to be within the personal rights of every individual. When a society reaches such a point, those who hold that the historic base ideals of the society which differentiated it from those less advanced are necessary and must be preserved and serve as the continued basis for behavior if the society is to remain advanced and hold on to those differentiating qualities are scorned and berated as narrow minded and hateful. Such a society has lost its way and will meander and eventually be destroyed from within.


This is the current situation in Europe and much of the industrialized world and to say so will bring scorn and castigation down on oneself. Claiming that the basics, especially those based in religious beliefs, were the reason that the modern industrialized world became preeminent is now considered foolish and is demeaned by claiming that holding such thoughts is what led to such distasteful actions as imperialism and colonialism. Now, being a member of enlightened society one must accept and live by a creed that claims that all cultures, all societies, all nations and all people no matter their background must be considered, treated, accepted, and lauded as full equals with no preference given, especially to those who were raised in a similar background and societal norms as were the basis of the industrialized west just fifty or so years ago. Another symptom of this obsessive equality is the rejection of any religious beliefs which originate and were the principle mainstream religions prevalent in the culture during its rise to preeminence. The majority in a declining society will hold being religion free by the definitions from the earlier periods of the society when it was on the rise is another symptom. The name this is currently given is secularism which, whether or not its congregants wish to admit it or not, is a religion where the state is the divine source of all goodness and the claimed rejection of structured religion is a mantra used to denigrate the former mainstay religions and to proclaim that their rejection of normative religions makes them the enlightened when all it does is make them members of the choir of secularism. The rejection of every societal norm and rejection of societal judgments leads directly to accepting everything and anything and is put forth as the only acceptable manner where universal rights and universalist agendas can be implemented. This leads to unrestricted immigration which eventually places what previously would have been referred to as undesirable barbarians within the gates from where they eventually will collapse the society. These are the symptoms of a society which no longer values standing for the defense of its core beliefs necessary for its continuance. When the principles have been forsaken the society will soon follow and once forsaken will destroy itself with only the merest whimper of a complaint. Finally we know the truth posed by T. S. Eliot in his poetry. Elliot’s described the shallowness of contemporary society in the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock where he wrote, “In the room the women come and go, Talking of Michelangelo.”  He predicted the end when he wrote in his poem The Hollow Men, “This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper.” Live long enough and eventually things fall into place and make sense at last, and understanding Elliot is placed high on that list.


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January 26, 2014

Anti-Semitism Rising to Newer and Uglier Heights

The obvious and very public acts of anti-Semitism are on the increase throughout much of the world and have closed in on being an epidemic infecting Europe. In Rome, Italy this past week an act of anti-Semitism hit a new level of crassness bringing to mind memories of the desecration of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the period of the Second Temple. The historic insulting and crass act was perpetrated by the priests and governing oppressors of the Jewish people during the Cyrenaic Greek occupation. Boxes containing pigs’ heads were recently delivered to the Israeli Embassy, the Synagogue in the Parioli neighborhood and the Jewish Museum of Rome which is currently hosting an exhibit on the Holocaust. This act goes beyond any simple hatred due to its historical implication of the sacrifice of pigs and other non-kosher animals to the pagan Greek gods which was committed over two thousand years ago and was declared to be being performed by the occupying Cyrenaic Greeks as an intentional desecration and insult intended to belittle the Jews and demonstrate the falseness of the Jewish faith and against G0d. This act now perpetrated in the modern times exemplifies the depth of the depravity of those who hate the Jewish people today with all the raw and unbridled spite as was on display in the ancient world where civility by presumably today’s standards was not generally practiced. The Repubblica daily reported that a letter was inside the boxes contained derogatory comments about the Holocaust and references to Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism. This was not the only sign of the growing anti-Semitism as there was fresh graffiti in one of Rome’s suburbs Saturday which read “Holocaust fake” and “Anne Frank liar”.


Reaction by officials was immediately forthcoming denouncing the barbarous acts with Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino stating, “Those who insult the Jewish community offend Rome. We reject the intimidation outright.” Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge was also quoted declaring, “I want to express my full support to the Jewish community for what has happened. We will do everything possible to find the person behind this unspeakable act.” He further promised to track down those responsible as police are analyzing fingerprints and DNA traces found on the boxes and following up on the lead that all the boxes were delivered by the same postal company. Making these acts of bigotry even worse is their timing coming just three days before an international memorial day for Holocaust victims which falls on Monday, January 27.


This act comes amid rising anti-Semitism across Europe which has already reached levels high enough to be considered a threat to the Jews living in much of Europe and other places as well. This trend has a very long history beginning soon after the end of World War II. The initial wave washed across the Muslim world, particularly the Arab nations, after the founding of Israel in May of 1948. The Jews were dispossessed of their belongings, their businesses confiscated in many cases and sold for a pittance where time permitted. These actions occurred over more than a decade with some of the evictions of the Jews in these nations was committed by the government and was even incorporated into the laws making being Jewish a capital offense. In other instances the cleansing of the Jews almost completely was accomplished by pogroms, riots and other violence forcing the Jews to leave hastily and under duress. We are beginning to witness an increase in anti-Semitism which will likely result in an exodus of the Jews from Europe to the United States and Israel. The numbers of Jews who made Aliyah returning to their ancient homelands in Israel made a marked and significant increase in France by fifty-seven percent last year over the previous year and even larger increase over the average of the previous half a century. There have been reports of mayors of cities flat out stating that they are unable to provide for the safety and security needs of their Jewish citizens with the former Mayor of Malmo, Sweden, Ilmar Reepalu, who had served in that position for seventeen years, not endearing himself to the Jewish community as he laid the blame for the local anti-Semitism on the city’s Jews themselves. At an interview in January 2010 about growing anti-Semitism in Malmo, then Mayor Reepalu responded, “We accept neither anti-Semitism nor Zionism in Malmö.” On another occasion he had stated, “There have been no attacks against Jews, and if Jews want to leave for Israel that is not a concern for Malmo.” When confronted about his apparently anti-Semitic views and statements he blamed it all on the orchestrations by “the Israeli lobby.”


The Mayor of Malmo is far from alone as similar statements have been recorded from previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Mr. Livingstone’s hatred of Israel and the contempt he feels for the Jews in general is well documented. In Ken Livingstone’s case the documentation of both disdain for Israel and anti-Semitism removes all doubts that in his case, hatred for Israel is a result of his anti-Semitism. Unfortunately the rising anti-Semitism is not restricted to Europe. Anti-Israel, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism is alive as growing on the campuses of numerous universities and colleges across North America. In some schools the epidemic has grown so serious as to require court orders to force school officials to address the problem and provide safety in the campus environment for its Jewish students. Two students at the University of California, Jessica Felber and Brian Maissy, filed a suit accusing the University of California system of failure to mitigate a hostile climate against Jewish students in March 2011. The lawsuit was settled out of court and instructed changes to the university’s campus policies regarding campus protests. Despite the settlement, the students’ lawyers, Joel Siegal and Neal Sher, filed a Title VI complaint Justice Department and the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, urging them to investigate what they describe as “a pervasive hostile environment toward Jews” on the campus. Additionally, acts of violence against Jews in particular have surfaced in major cities throughout the United States coming to be referred to as the “Knockout Game” or the more specific name of “Get the Jew.” There has been a marked rise in Nazi and other anti-Semitic graffiti in Jewish neighborhoods and on Jewish buildings including Synagogues, daycare centers, Yeshivas, Jewish owned businesses, and most alarming, Jewish homes. Despite these unarguable facts, most Jews in the United States continue to have a false sense of security claiming using the exact phrase used by assimilated Jews in the Weimar Republic in the early 1930s that, “It cannot happen here and not to me as I am accepted and am respected as I holding high office.” Those denials were soon to be regretted as the truth became obvious, no position, stature in the community or other presumed mitigating factor was of any worth towards saving any Jew as time progressed. The delivery of packaged pigs’ heads to numerous Jewish institutions in Rome has brought the rising atmosphere of anti-Semitism into shocking and immediate attention. This should act as the severe threat that it represents and imparts a strong message to Jews everywhere to examine critically and honestly their position and the growing and visceral hatred brewing within Western societies and address this phenomenon and make arrangements and plans with care and act decisively before the contagion spreads further and becomes unstoppable. Closing one’s eyes and pretending that these are disparate acts with nothing linking them together can only result in tragedy. The history of the Jewish people contains ample examples of similar episodes of dismissible hatred of Jews which inevitably grew accumulating disciples who spread the venom until it became an integrated part of the societal whole leading to tragedies waged against our forefathers. Unaddressed, the current seeds of anti-Semitism will slowly spread and engulf the entire world making victims of all of us. Wake-up please.


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January 20, 2014

Further Delusional Denials from the Truth by UNESCO

UNESCO has once again chosen to deny representing truthful history and instead placating the hateful demands from the Arab world. This is the same UNESCO which bowed to the anti-Israel lobby and admitted the Palestinian Authority as a full member state almost immediately after the United Nations General Assembly granted upgraded status to the Palestinian Authority of non-member observer. Now the guiding board of UNESCO has chosen to kneel before Arab nations’ demands to cancel an exhibition, entitled “People, Book, Land – The 3,500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel”, which was to open next Tuesday at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova told the Simon Wiesenthal Center that the decision arose out of UNESCO’s support for peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. She said, “We have a responsibility in ensuring that current efforts in this regard are not endangered,” according to The Jewish Chronicle.


UNESCO had chosen to travel the United Nations apparent default path of refusing to recognize the Jewish People’s historic record in the land of Israel and bowing to the whims and demands to rewrite historical truth to fit the Arab history which omits any claim by Jews to their roots in the Holy Lands. Irina Bokova reportedly received a letter from the Abdullah Elmealmi, president of Arab groups of nations of UNESCO, laying out the group’s members “deep worry and great disapproval” of the program as it gave credence to an age old connection between Israel and the Jewish People. He further wrote expressing, “The subject of this exhibition is highly political though the appearance of the title seems to be trivial. Most serious is the defense of this theme which is one of the reasons used by the opponents of peace within Israel.” He further explained the Arab position as worried that “the exhibit can only cause damage to the peace negotiations presently occurring and the constant effort of Secretary of State John Kerry, and the neutrality and objectivity of UNESCO.” His letter concluded demanding that, “For all these reasons, for the major worry not to damage UNESCO in its … mission of support for peace, the Arab group within UNESCO is asking you to make the decision to cancel this exhibition.” These quotes are courtesy of <a href= target=blank> European Jewish Press.</a>


Where the cancelling by UNESCO of an exhibit depicting the historical facts concerning the Jewish People and their historic attachment to the Land of Israel would be tantamount to claims that an exhibit of the historical identity of Egypt under the pharos and the building of the Pyramids as being highly political though the appearance of the title seems to be trivial and potentially damaging to the efforts in Egypt to establish a stable representative inclusive government which recognizes the rights of all Egyptians including the members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Peace and Justice Party. History is history and preventing an exhibit which depicts proven historical information simply because it disagrees with the arguments being proposed as a replacement for actual history is willful blindness. Such blindness can most often be traced to some form of bigoted hatred, be that hatred of people of a particular religious, racial, national or other origins or descriptor. This tactic of rewriting history to fit the preferred narrative in order to lay claim to rights to govern and control lands has been the mainstay of almost every effort of expansive ideology be it communist, dictatorial, fascist, religious, philosophical or other universalist force throughout history. Many of these efforts throughout human history have aimed to erase the Jewish People and have, fortunately, failed in these efforts. There are many claims as to why even after the Roman Dispersions post the year 73 revolt where the majority of Jews were forced from their lands and spread throughout the Roman lands even to the furthest corners in a final attempt by Rome to end their problems with the Jews who refused to comply with Roman edicts and revolted against Rome repeatedly. Similar efforts from ancient empires have erased numerous peoples from the pages of history and some of these civilizations have only been rediscovered in the ruins and archeological digs performed in the recent past. There are those in the Arab world who today desire to erase the Jewish People from the future and are working on attaining that goal. These are the Arabs behind this attempt to deny the truthful and documented historical attachment the Jewish People have with the Land of Israel.


This decision by UNESCO should not come as a surprise for the exact same reason that every meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) opens their meeting voting to condemn Israel for crimes against the Palestinians as this has been written into their bylaws as an integral part of their functioning. This goes hand-in-hand with the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to hold International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People every November 29th, in place of recognizing the historic vote which was taken on November 29, 1947, which was the impetus which launched the founding of Israel. The irony of this United Nations ritual is that the original declaration provided for two states to be founded between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, one Arab and the other Jewish. Where the Zionist Jews rejoiced and founded their state of Israel, the Arabs mourned and denounced the decision refusing to allow the founding of the Arab state as doing so would have been taken as recognition of the legitimacy of Israel as the Jewish state. Instead, over a half-dozen Arab nations’ armies and militias attacked Israel the morning after her declaration of statehood with the genocidal intent to wipe what they viewed and denounced as an abomination from the face of the Middle East. The Arab demand on UNESCO is simply another attempt to erase everything Jewish from history as well as from the world today.


This has seemed to have become one of the overriding and central objectives of the United Nations and appears to have been placed ahead of every other problem in the world today. Were it just the Arab world and the United Nations, but alas these anti-Israel and anti-Zionist forces are far from alone on the world stage. They are joined by numerous other groups of which a good number are based on anti-Semitism though such a vile hatred is not required. The sole requirement for joining in the near universal pogrom to eradicate Israel, and often the Jewish People as well, from the face of the Earth (and likely the Universe should there be some elsewhere not yet discovered) is the ability to ignore proven history and be capable of taking actions as directed without first performing any critical thought attempting to verify what truths if any have been applied in the attempt to single out Israel for contempt, boycott, violence or other deleterious actions. The most egregious of these groups are those whose membership is entirely or almost universally Jewish as they advocate the harm of their brother and sister. Many of these very same Jews would scoff that they have nothing in common with those right-wing radical Zionists who insist on going against the entire world and would challenge the reference of their being brothers and sisters to the Israeli Jews. The truth is that almost all Jews are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and thus related. Being a Jew includes one as part of a religion, part of a peoples, part of a history, part of a way of living, part of a Holy Covenant, and among other denotations, part of a family. Intra-Jewish hostilities are, for all intents and purposes, a form of sibling rivalry run amuck and as such are some of the most repugnant of all hatreds. Unfortunately, this too is an inherent part of the Jewish history which has plagued us throughout the millennia. All things taken into consideration, the Jewish People today are facing what may prove to be their greatest threat since the exiles in Egypt and Babylonia, a threat even more dire than the Holocaust; they face threats that have the potential to eradicate Israel through brute force even to the point of nuclear weapons on the near horizon and in the Diaspora they face the eradication through assimilation, a peril to the Jewish People faced once before under the rule of the Hellenistic Greeks. Should the nations of the world who desire the eradication of Israel ever succeed, the very existence of the Jewish People going forward will be challenged and may result in a Jewish community that is miniscule compared to today’s Jewish community which accounts for less than one-quarter-of-one-percent. That is written as 0.25% which is roughly equal to the number of people that die in a two week period on planet Earth. Even the estimated number of people who either are Jewish by Halachic definition or claim Jewish ancestry which is almost fifteen-million, is insignificant when compared to the population of the world which is estimated at just over seven-billion and is approximately equal or just less than to the populations of Cambodia, Chile, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Mali, Niger, and lastly the Netherlands. Add to these comparisons that Israel, including Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank) is approximately the size of New Jersey while the combined size of the Arab world is more than three-and-a-half times the size of all fifty states of the United States. Just some facts to chew on and consider the next time somebody tells you that Israel is this large, hegemonic power in the world with a huge military force and other hypocrisies. Israel and the Jewish People are a small, fragile, and of late, threatened minute minority which could be completely obliterated with the merest of ill winds and has been through most of human history. The existence of both Israel and the Jewish People in modern times is one of the greatest of miracles ever, and that is the true reality.


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