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March 5, 2017

Republican Distress Self-Inflicted


The Republicans appear to be in disarray and acting as if they are completely unaware of the fact that they control both houses of Congress and the White House and are in the catbird seat exactly as the Democrats were the first two years of President Obama’s two terms. They are capable of setting the rules in the Senate such that they would have sufficient votes to ensure cloture by requiring a mere fifty-two votes ending any filibuster. The Democrat use of the so-called nuclear option set the precedent for adjusting cloture to fit your needs when you have the majority in the Senate. Yes, doing so would allow for the Democrats to do similarly when they gain fifty-one seats in the Senate and who does not believe they would do exactly as such anyway. The Republicans instead are fighting with the White House declaring the President’s budget dead on arrival. This is a party in need of better leadership as currently they are wasting their first and possibly only opportunity to prove they are the better option by acting as a whole to enact their vision for the United States.


I hear people demanding what we would propose if we think we have the answer. Well, perhaps they could actually get everybody on the same page instead of having a different set of priorities for every twenty or thirty Republicans. They need to have the Senate choose ten Senators and the House of Representatives choose twenty-five or thirty Representatives and have these people meet with the President and each Cabinet member in a series of meetings taking a week out of their schedules. Initially the President on the first day along with his preferred advisors should meet with the delegations and set a general structure for the ensuing week or even two and have the President and everyone else at the meeting express their preferences and ideas and have them discussed in a general sense setting up a framework. Then they should have meetings with cabinet members and the President each morning and then return and meet with the Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate each with their own chosen delegates such that everybody has some input and in the end they reach a consensus which is acceptable to the President and his Cabinet and advisors. Once this framework has been set, then the House of Representatives and the Senate can begin to work on the enactment of these ideas putting them into action. These agreed upon initiatives should be enacted through the House of Representatives and the Senate in quick order and signed by the President getting a basic set of accomplishments enacted and presented to the public as actual accomplishments in the next election cycle. If their ideas actually capture the minds and match the ideas of the population in the majority of the nation, then the Republicans can reap the rewards and press forward with even more action and accomplish what they promised in the first place.


President Trump National Security Advisor McMaster Speaker of the House of Representatives Ryan President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Hatch

President Trump National Security Advisor McMaster
Speaker of the House of Representatives Ryan
President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Hatch


The first thing they need do is revamp healthcare. An idea we would like to suggest is to keep the choice parts of the current system adjusted to make them include competition between the many insurance companies. Much of healthcare need be taken from the employers and returned to the people such that their demand for the most and best options and the insurance companies need meet their hopes at an acceptable price, this will bring healthcare costs back down within reason. Further, the government need remove most of the regulations, reporting requirements and other unnecessary paperwork which has completely destroyed the concept of a single doctor working from their home in the neighborhood where their patients reside as had been the case before the government needlessly intervened and destroyed affordable healthcare. The government should only require that insurance policies cover major medical allowing people to decide to pay for any minor care out of their own pockets. The one idea which the government should make illegal would be controversial but in the long run would produce lower medical costs, and that is to make group policies illegal such that companies, unions, and other groups such as retirement groups or social groups from offering insurance to their workers or members. Make individual policies the sole type of health insurance allowed and only require minimal coverages. We suggest only what used to be considered major medical which would include emergency rooms treatment with a deductible, surgical procedures, any hospital or clinical procedures again with a deductible, and hospital stays with a deductible. The deductibles would depend on the cost of the coverage with the less expensive coverage having a higher deductible while there could be specialty additional coverages which would cover these deductibles but this should be banned from health insurers offering. Such a system would produce insurance affordable at any level such that younger and healthier people could take the risk of higher deductibles and with people paying for most of their own healthcare we would see prices become lower for most standard healthcare needs. The main way to cut healthcare costs would be to put a cap on rewards for malpractice suits and make one vital change, the lawyers losing any malpractice suit would be responsible for both sides’ court costs and lawyers’ fees within set limits. This would lead to fewer malpractice suits as lawyers would be very careful to only take such cases which they felt quite sure of their case and winning the case, period.


There are probably many other means for lowering court costs which we have not included which the Congress could enact. Removing regulations and paperwork would be one of the greatest means to relieve the burden on physicians who have had to form groups to defray the clerical costs imposed by both government and insurance companies who often are demanding additional paperwork simply because the government demands they file paperwork. Government is once again the greatest contributor to the costs of a commodity which they also demand everybody purchase. This is simply something the people’s need should have to accommodate and not employers or government as that is the current system which the people declared broken and becoming overly expensive with far too many forms. The government should never have the power to add costs beyond reason to an industry and then require the people purchase said product. As happened with car insurance, whenever the government demands people to purchase a commodity the price of such commodity will naturally skyrocket reaching the limit of what the people are capable to pay, not the actual required cost of the commodity. Simply ask yourself what would you charge for widgets if the government required every person to purchase one widget every month? You would price them set the highest price the market would bear rather than a competitive price because every other widget salesperson would be doing the same. The highest probability is all widget salespersons would agree to set an inflated price where all would become wealthy beyond what any normal competition would prevail had the government not required people to purchase your product. That is simple reality of life and not rocket science, or advanced economics. The proof of this theory has been the cost of health insurance since Obamacare hit the market. This is why competition must be returned to the health insurance markets and as much government involvement must be removed back to bare bones or less. No government involvement would be the most preferred state of healthcare. But first the Republicans need to unify and find some leadership which can work well with President Trump, both by leading when necessary and following when Trump is leading constructively. We can only hope.


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October 17, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Harrowed Conundrum

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There has been near constant accusations and bloviating all about Donald Trump’s presumed short fuse. These attacks have come furious and provokingly and these are being used as chum in the water for the mainstream media to feast on; and believe us they have been coordinating and laying aside above the fold for every leading news-story; or should we say political editorial. These salacious assaults on Donald Trump would be far more convincing and less conniving if they were to include even a hint on Hillary Clinton’s short fuse and ill-tempered side which were a driving force behind much of what has displayed her being ill-fit to be the President of the most powerful nation on the planet. When Donald Trump has an emotional outburst, his response is verbal and short-lived. Hillary Clinton is known to carry forth for the remainder of life, hers or her newly acquired target. When Bill Clinton lost his reelection election she famously called the Christian Campaign Manager a “F—-g Jew B——d.” She became the wounded warrior and claimed that a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” was behind the accusations of sexual misconduct of her husband. Beyond that, Hillary took charge of the intimidation, belittling, slandering, character assassination, media control, story massaging and sundry miscellaneous attacks targeting any and all allegations and accusations against Bill Clinton thus assuring that no more women, or bimbos as the White House labeled those coming forward, would be coming up with any additional accusations or verifications against the President. This was a well-coordinated assault just as well planned and executed as was the campaign to get out the vote except this was a suppress the evidence effort.


Hillary Clinton on the Prowl for Voters

Hillary Clinton on the Prowl for Voters


If this was the extent of Hillary Clinton perfidy, there would be little evidence of her unsuitability for the office of President of the United States. Hillary claims how she has always been so transparent in all her actions that the public can trust that all her actions will be entirely open and able to be monitored by all who are interested. Apparently Hillary Clinton has completely forgotten her efforts at designing her own version of a healthcare system. Her committee contained some of the best minds in the progressive movement plus the fly in the ointment, Hillary Clinton. The public was left in the dark. Congress was left in the dark. The media, including the leftist media, was left guessing, being fed tempting morsels but actually only gristle and no red meat. The universe was led on the merry path of flowers and unicorns with all the wonderful reports of total free coverage with almost no additional costs. Perhaps the promises of everything for nothing proved to be the straw that broke the healthcare back. When Hillary Clinton and companies’ plan was presented to Congress, even the democrat faithful headed for the hills escaping as fast as they could. Her produced healthcare plan was such a monstrous and unwieldly conglomeration of regulations, legal demands, meticulous record keeping and required filings with the Federal Government that all who read the plan were flabbergasted. Commentary from numerous sources inside and outside, but close to the manners in which the plan was hatched, told of Hillary Clinton riding roughshod over all contrary opinions doing exactly as she thought best. This kind of leadership, totalitarian leadership, had actually driven a number of leading surgeons and physicians from participating or even signing the plan sent to Congress. They told of fiery outbreaks replete with profanity at some of the mildest of suggestions or alternative proposals where Hillary Clinton appeared to have lost all sense of reason.


Finally, there were numerous reports and even complaints filed against Hillary Clinton for abusive language, abusive treatment, violent outbursts and some workers fearing for their safety. These complaints and requests for transfer or alternate position from people who had nearly a lifetime of service climbing to reach a White House assignment and to then risk never making it back to their former privileged position was an acceptable sacrifice to be rid of Hillary Clinton. All of these point to Hillary Clinton not only having an explosive temper but also a short fuse with a vengefully long memory. Such was a temperament of throwing items, oft of value, for periods as long lasting as an entire day and even lasting through the next day or beyond as well. Some who have been found to get on the wrong side of Hillary Clinton have related that despite attempts to settle their differences or even apologize have failed dashed on the craggy cliffs which make up the beach at shoreline Clinton. Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a person with a malleable core where beliefs come to die especially after receiving poor poll ratings. Taking the sum of these parts produces a picture of an unbalanced individual whose coworkers fear working anywhere near her spheres of influence.


Many have spoken similarly of Donald Trump, but from most appearances his tantrums have been largely bluster with little threat of physical violence, at least before the October Surprise of crass claims of sexual violence. Given the claims of violent actions, we would feel safer with a Donald Trump Presidency than a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Unfortunately, elections remain out by three weeks and it is still anybody’s election to win or lose. Donald Trump will be facing sexual harassment charges most of which are likely people coming forth for their moment of fame. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is facing a truly deep character fault which will have a direct effect on her Presidency. As to which one is most likely to get the United States embroiled into a war, it would be Hillary Clinton with her establishment of a “No Fly Zone” probably on Aleppo could escalate with the downing of a Russian fighter jet leading to a direct confrontation. That is but a single potential point of contention where a single miscalculation could lead to great problems soon thereafter. That alone is food for thought.


Beyond the Cusp


August 9, 2016

Republicans More Zionist than Israeli Government, Honest


Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, on July 28, 2016, speaking at the Democrat National Convention and representing the government and its ruling coalition which includes the likes of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Minister of Education plus Minister of Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett, Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev, Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon, Minister of Intelligence Yisrael Katz, Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, Assistant (and acting) Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely, and numerous other highly acclaimed Zionists when he stated to the world, “There is no reason, concretely and in principle, why Jews should not be able to live in a future Palestinian State.” How could such a statement be permitted to pass through the vetting of this historic and vitally important speech after Israel was gifted with an opportunity to finally, once and for all, and definitively bury the Oslo Accords and the two state paradigm. The opening came just a week or so earlier at an equally public and historic event, the Republican National Convention, where their platform expressly declared their support for Israel in all of the lands set aside by International Law, the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, the League of Nations and numerous other treaties and accords including all of the lands west of the Jordan River all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. This was a colossal opportunity for Israel to endorse the Republican stand which is a pure Zionist and pro-Israel position voted into the party platform overwhelmingly and endorsed by their candidate for President, Donald Trump, not a perfect man, but who in politics can make such a claim other than the Clintons, and we all really believe that. After having the Republicans endorse the Israel first position and recognizing that Israel has acted in good faith only to be refused credit but instead always the blame for refusals which were coming from the Palestinians who were declaring Oslo dead and that instead they were to be the governing body over all the lands west of the Jordan River and that their first initiative would be the eradication of the Zionist menace. The Palestinians declared openly and brazenly numerous times their intention to commit a second Holocaust despite their not believing there ever was a first Holocaust and their position that they had held the lands for nine thousand years of history, invented language, invented government, invented writing and Allah only knows what else and that the Zionist entity was a colonial invasion and they declared all agreements dead and their genocidal intent and the Republicans responded in kind supporting the true historic claims to these lands, to Jerusalem, Hevron, Shechem and all the other Biblical locations well known to any Jew or Christian with even the slightest religious education. The Republicans opened the door for true Zionists to walk through and claim all that is truly theirs and Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, slammed that door shut and closed in the faces of the Republicans who truly love Israel just to curry favor with the Democrat Party which supports the Palestinian cause lock, stock and barrel.


This was nothing short of pandering to extreme leftist groups whose platform begrudgingly mentions support for Israel while haters of Israel such as Wendy Sherman, former State Department official and chief negotiator of the Iran Nuclear deal; Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota who insisted he be sworn in on a Quran and has voted against every aid and legislation potentially beneficial for Israel and openly supportive of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Fatah, the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions of Israel (BDS Movement) and with possible ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood; Cornel West, professor and social justice advocate and active supporter of the BDS Movement and numerous radical groups which oppose Israel claiming it to be an Apartheid state and committing genocide against people of color (Arab Palestinians); James Zobgy, president of the Arab American Institute, BDS Movement supporter, backed a number of flotillas to Gaza and proponent of many anti-Israel programs and groups. Compare this with the Republican platform committee having as one co-chairperson Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, a supporter of Israel and as Oklahoma Governor who has pressed to establish trade between the state manufacturing and research groups with Israeli companies and researchers and met with Israeli Ambassador Shlomo in 2012 where Governor Fallin stated, “Israel is a friend to Oklahoma and to all of the United States, and as Ambassador Shlomo and I discussed today, we have many common interests. I am particularly excited by the opportunity for Oklahoma’s energy companies — which possess unique expertise and world class personnel — to aid the Israelis in developing their oil and gas resources.” Governor Fallin has travelled to Israel in hope for better relations and as a show of support for Israel. The difference is as obvious as it is divergent with the Democrat Party sliding distressingly towards some horrific stances and seeming to play with openly supporting terrorist groups over a nation, Israel, which has been a true and patient ally despite some vicious attacks from the White House and State Department over the recent past while the Republican Party has actually taken the lead on a pro-Israel stance which the Israeli political leadership had best support the idea even at the risk of no longer being impartial concerning the Presidential elections in this critical year.


There are many purists who claim that Israel must always tread carefully and take the middle ground never striking out in a definitive direction or challenge the status quo as doing so could upset the delicate balance and nuance which the Israeli political class has worked so seemingly hard and with a singular purpose to build the framework and remain trapped as if in amber to the two states for two people paradigm which has so obviously failed and failed horrifically that it has become threateningly dangerous for Israel not to do everything to rid itself of the two state curse. It is no secret that back toward the end of 1999 the Clinton White House sent Stanley Greenberg, James Carville and Robert Shrum to coordinate the publicity and get the vote out in the Israeli election in an all-out effort to defeat the sitting Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and many claim that Hillary was the one pressing for Bill to rid himself of a man she hated simply because he was acting too Jewish, the same Bibi Netanyahu that she, as President Obama’s Secretary of State cursed and berated in a forty-minute call where she lost all sense of decorum and dropped any pretense of respect or cooperation demanding that the Prime Minister of Israel toe the American President’s and Secretary of State’s line of reasoning and positions or else face dire consequences. We know what those consequences were as the very next Israeli election President Obama and likely Hillary Clinton directed the identical effort to rid the Democrat leadership of the same elected leader of Israel, Netanyahu, with a group known formerly as “V15” now became “One Voice,” a group reportedly being led by Obama’s 2012 field director Jeremy Bird. With such blatant and obvious meddling in Israeli elections, would it be so horrible to support the Republican Platform position that there is no possibility for the two state Oslo Accords direction to ever produce fruit despite Israel giving it every opportunity for a two state solution and being rebuked at every opportunity followed by more terrorism and propaganda campaigns often aided by European government and the European Union itself and the United States State Department demonizing Israel for refusing to surrender totally and allow a second holocaust to be the result should Arafat and then Abbas or any of the other Arab Palestinian leadership from Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO and now also Islamic State all agreeing on one issue, every Israeli Jew must be cleansed to make the land whole and Islamic. Abbas has declared that every grain of sand is an Islamic Waqf meaning that all of the land is a holy imperative to be cleansed of all that is not pure and Islamic in a purging orgy of blood. Where is the neutral and fair partner for peace that Israel is supposed to deal fairly with? The answer is there never was one, there is none now and there will never be one because the Arab Palestinians and now even some of the Arab Israelis are being fed a constant diet of hatred and promise of rewards for their murdering of the Zionist enemy, the Jews of Israel. Not the settlers but every Israeli Jew and any Israeli Arab who does not join this Jihadic revolution. The Republican Party can plainly see reality and it is time for Israel to speak truth to power and end the farce and pay any Islamist to leave and start their life where Sharia already exists as it will never be permitted to take hold within Israel. Israel gave Gaza to Abbas and he promptly lost it to Hamas who immediately started a war of rockets onto Israeli towns, Kibbutzim and cities often timing their barrage to coincide with school opening or end of school day in the hopes of murdering the children. There was the Kornet guided anti-tank missile fired directly at a school bus murdering one teen remaining in the bus to reach his grandmother and injuring the driver. A greater calamity was narrowly avoided as the bus had just discharged the majority of the students less than a minute before the strike.



Volunteer Picking Up Pieces of the Remains of School Bus Struck by Guided Anti-Tank Weapon

Volunteer Picking Up Pieces of the Remains of
School Bus Struck by Guided Anti-Tank Weapon


School Bus which was struck by a Russian made Kornet anti-tank missile murdering one teen remaining in the bus to reach his grandmother visit

School Bus which was struck by a Russian made Kornet
anti-tank missile murdering one teen remaining
in the bus to reach his grandmother visit


The Republican Party can assist in ending the farcical but deadly game of catch as catch can where lies and deceit are prized over truth and a real desire for peace. The Oslo Accord fiasco has turned a promise of cooperation and mutual assistance forging a prosperous and free life for both Arab and Jew into a death dance where children are offered up in an effort to murder other children or any Jew who can be murdered. There was a recent young lady, a thirteen year old girl, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, sleeping in her bed in her bedroom in her house in her community who was stabbed seventeen times in the back. When security responders arrived the terrorist injured one of them and continued attacking until neutralized. Many European and Arab news sources referred to this incident as Israel summarily executing Palestinian youth without trial. Then they note that a young woman was stabbed and leave the story at that until forced to report the reality, but by that time the damage was done, the Palestinian propaganda was reported half way around the world before the truth got its pants on. Israel must awaken from this death trance and grab ahold of the opportunity granted by the republican platform and end the dance of death and begin the life of light and the fulfillment of the promise of Zionism as Jabotinsky envisioned it, and his vision was crystal clear and glorious. Wake up, we have friends and they have come around, we must do our part as well and immediately, not when we feel the time is right as now the time is right and every moment wasted is a moment lost and let us hope it is not also another life lost.


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