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July 10, 2016

Panic! Panic! Revealed Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques!


The actual title of the Townhall editorial article was Some Of Hamas’ Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques in bold block print extra, extra large. We were surprised it was not blinking red with audio warning that they were about to reveal the Big Secret and then went on to quote directly “according to Israel National News (Arutz Sheva).” Much of the rest of the article was the Arutz Sheva article which to the best of our collective memories never made top billing on Arutz Sheva for the reason is it is ancient news, we have known all of this for ages, and the main point of the article had nothing to do with the tunnels which were additional news used to flesh out the article. The main point was a Shin Bet caught “Faiz Attar (65) of Beit Lahia, and Itallah Sarhan of Jabalia. Both towns are in the Gaza Strip” These gentlemen were smuggling tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros from Hamas in Gaza where they run the government as much as it can be referred to as such and were taking the shoe money, as they had special built shoes with an area to contain the cash, to finance Hamas in Judea and Samaria. This too is not exactly earth-shaking news either, just the names are new and really of little importance as these were couriers from families known to be Hamas related.


There was another well-known item here in Israel that we would hope gets some additional circulation throughout the West that there exist numerous tunnels which have entrances placed inside of homes of Gazans who have thusfar refused to join up with Hamas and are simply trying to get by day-to-day. Of course when these tunnels are detonated the two terminal points receive the brunt of the relayed force and destroy anything around those deadend termination points of the tunnel. The other end is often in Israel and also gets destroyed. The problem is when the tunnel is destroyed, whenever that blessed event may occur, these unfortunate innocent people end up the victims in Gaza and the Western media will be quoting these people’s life stories in great detail covering every detail of what they lost when their house exploded being targeted by those IDF forces who have no pity on the innocent. The media never places the blame with Hamas. Why, you might inquire. Let us explain.


The media desire to tell the stories of human tragedy, which these innocent people are a perfect example and their neighbors and all the other homes with tunnel entrances and those innocents and somewhere is the most devastating and touching story about poor grandpa who being old was too slow and is in hospital in very serious injuries and requiring surgeries which the hospital in Gaza could not provide and they now miss grandpa because he is gone. What is not explained is that gone means he is beyond their reach temporarily as he was transferred, during whatever else may have been in progress, to a hospital in Israel where he will receive some of the greatest medical care the world has to offer and they will be reunited with grandpa all staying free of charge while grandpa recovers free of charge and then they will all be returned to Gaza. The saddest part in our minds for these people is they need to return to Gaza. But if you are not willing to possibly sacrifice one of your children for the cause and refuse to shoot rockets at innocent Israelis, then Hamas uses your home for their tunnel entrance and tell you what an honor has been bestowed on you. One is assured that none of the tunnels end in Hamas family homes and especially not their leaders’ homes or neighborhoods or other high price locations and those places the in-people live and play (see montage below).


A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack,
Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance


A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance


These are the poor and struggling Gazans scraping out their living as many of the poorer people in Israel also work hard to get by. These are the stories that are told repeatedly every conflict for the same reasons which are ignored, Hamas sets these people up by placing tunnels in their bedroom or living room or place rocket launchers next to their homes or on their roofs and then they are attacked to destroy the rocket launcher. The Israelis have nothing against these people as has been proven dozens of times over always with the same ending, failure due to Hamas. Hamas knows that if these tunnels or rocket launchers are not destroyed they have a victory and can continue trying to murder Israelis 24/7. If the rocket launchers or tunnels are destroyed possibly killing these intended victims of Hamas actions, then Hamas wins as they parade these victims by the Western media who eat it up loving every innuendo and scintillating detail of what those monstrous Israelis have caused. Hamas is innocent of any blame because if you write the truth about Hamas your privileges for reporting from Gaza are revoked if you are lucky and you simply vanish if you wrote something which caused that news to amplify and others quoted your report. Thus reporters with rights to tell the right stories about suffering Gazans who are victim of the Israelis and Hamas has done all it could for the family, which is true, they built them an underground cellar which reaches all the way into Israel onto their homes or placed a rocket launcher on their roof, who wouldn’t desire such favors.


That is the Modus Operandi of all the terror groups when fighting in their own lands amongst their powerbase and they all use their populations to their complete advantage, dead or alive. The victims, slowly and inevitably become permanent victims with which to flog the Israelis to gain concessions. These had been the reason that there are Arabs living in the midst of some of the largest cities of the Middle East but are not permitted to work except at the most menial and revolting jobs the local population would not perform at a minimal salary, thus they double as political refugees and slaves. These camps even exist in Gaza and in the Palestinian Authority (PA) controlled and ruled areas of Judea and Samaria. How one has refugees for going on three-quarters of a century fenced off from, in some cases family members who have not been deemed refugees, at least not yet, is beyond all rational thought except for one item, it is big business and people are gaining millions of Euros and Dollars. The most disgusting and revolting use of innocents has been the placing them on rooftops of buildings used as bases for operations, near rocket launchers or carried on one’s chest as if the child was body armor which is exactly what they have become (see videos below).


Another abuse which is fed directly by the United States, United Nations and almost all of Europe both individually or as a member of the European Union, is the dispensation of the cement and building supplies. Under extreme foreign pressures, Israel reluctantly permitted the importation of cement, concrete, and other building supplies including rebar, doors, utilities such as refrigerators and similar items. What could be utilized for building or replacing tunnels were taken right off the top thus far averaging close to ninety percent of the supplies have been stolen and appropriated by Hamas to build tunnels, bunkers and whatever else they desired leaving many Gazans still without a roof over their heads. It has been estimated that upwards of a thousand units could have been built or repaired with what has been permitted into Gaza but there has been negligible progress as the supplies simple are taken before they can be used for the intended purpose. Of course the world is still demanding that Israel provide or at least allow for provisions be permitted into Gaza until all the people have had their homes rebuilt. With close to ninety percent of the provisions going for military use, the world is once again demanding Israel cut her own throat and smile claiming to the end that we like it.


Europe had best figure out their coming Islamic problems as terror is far from being solely an Israel thing and has spread to the European Union and beyond. If they have thought the past year was awful, it will only get better. And be glad that when a police war breaks out and a large swath of apartments which ring the main cities where many Muslim reside are burnt to the ground, will the plan be to provide them with cement and concrete to permit their building ground floor bunkers and reinforced rooftops as set up for snipers? Just asking. Life does have this way of slowly engulfing everyone in the advanced world when the barbarians gather inside the gates. We cannot complain as we all allowed them in and gave them the idea that we would serve them in whatever fashion they desired. Now is the time to repair the breach before it becomes too late. It is always best to stand against a problem while it is small than to allow growth and further organizing might become the platform for changing the entire system into something we would hardly recognize, it goes by the name ‘Shriya’. There is no law or war or other descriptor placed after it as Sharia is a set of rules religiously motivated. Most of the terrorist have taken the most militant quotations from the Quran and verse by verse such that the Medina Quran superseded anything in the Mecca Quran which was far more open and accepting. If only the Muslims would utilize the original texts from the Quran which were written in Mecca as the story goes and as those writings were along the lines of Judeo-Christian writings of that era. The later Quran was more violent and the Shiites and Sunni have been using a separate idea as for the lineage one should follow. Unfortunately both sides believe that violence is the only way of proving who was correct all along, so they war as they are providing the proof in spades across Syria and much of Iraq.


That fight as well will find its place in Europe and when either population, the Sunni or the Shiites reaches twenty to twenty-five percent of the population they will then move to take command, implement Sharia, a religious framework build in conjunction with a political structure placing Muslims at the top and Arabs are considered better Muslims by the Sunni while the Shiites are split on that currently though they appear to be taking more to their Persian, their Aryan viewpoint of the world. This makes the Shiites far more dangerous than the Sunni, and the Sunni always install a chosen leader and they hold all power and can make law on a whim. They can also always be replaced by religious and secular means as their position places them atop both structures as well as commander of the military. This combination of holy man, ruling dictator, head of the police, both regular and religious including the dreaded morality corps, head of the Military and responsible for directing trade within and outside the nation and it can get messy very fast. Perhaps the Western World had best awaken, drink some coffee, smell a rose or two, put away the rose colored glasses you purchased in the 60s or 70s in a head shop in Greenwich Village (The Village) or the head supplies store two blocks from the epic Lombard Street brick paved winding tourist trap (see below). You guessed it, when visiting San Fran (San Francisco) you got to drive the section of Lombard Street just because it is there. It is almost as important as Muir Woods (see below) with the tall version of the sequoia trees.


Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Muir Woods

Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Lombard Street


The glasses would soon break as under Sharia one will comply or one will die as Islam is spread by the sword once again and these gentlemen have not gotten past knives hardly capable of the chore at hand. Then there is Islamic State who attempts to be ever more disturbing with every execution video. Europe, United States, Canada and even the new to be liberated Britain, we hope you are stepping forward with eyes wide open because it has appeared you are groping in the sunlight refusing to open your eyes to what it is you are doing and it will result in many people needlessly dying because of the coming blunders as your minds are completely shut to add on top of the blunders already committed. As our favorite song calls out, “America, where are you now, Don’t you know your sons and daughters need you now, A-m-e-r-i-c-a!


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April 16, 2016

Requiem for Europe


Europe has survived former presses by Islam and done so with great glory. The first was when the Crusades responded to the surging Muslim Arabs out of Arabia in the Holy Land. These surges into the Holy Lands with the intent and oft success in liberating lands and even Jerusalem may not have kept the lands from eventual Islamic ascendancy, but it did prevent the further surge of Islam into Europe. Constantinople had stood for years against the battering by Islamic forces with catapults, ballista and similar siege equipment but the walls built to withstand any attack of its day did exactly that and Constantinople withstood every barrage thrown at them. It was the eventual equipping the forces of Islam with the newest of weapons, the siege cannon (see picture below) which caused its fall. These were not any normal cannons nor did it throw normal cannonballs. The stone cannonballs weighed hundreds and hundreds of pounds (or kilos) which would bounce across the ground retaining most of their speed and eventually they brought down the walls that had stood since the height of the Roman Empire. The fall of Constantinople revealed the secret weapon of Islam, the renaming; so as to end the former period and reference and restart the history, making it purely Islamic with no reference to the glories of the past. Thus Constantinople was renamed Istanbul and as Istanbul the city had no former existence as a Roman or Byzantine city; Istanbul was purely Islamic while Constantinople now no longer existed in this new history.



Great Turkish Bombard Siege Cannon Utilized by Mehmed II in his Siege and Breaking of the Impenetrable Great Walls of Constantinople

Great Turkish Bombard Siege Cannon
Utilized by Mehmed II in his Siege
and Breaking of the Impenetrable
Great Walls of Constantinople


There was another assault on Europe from the west with the moors spilling across Spain into France, appearing to be unstoppable. The Moors simply ate up one city after another and another beating one force of Christian Europe after another. Finally a French army commanded by a German set a strategy to stop the Moors. Their plan was to not fight the main body of the Moors; they simply had forces meet the main body and slowly fall back allowing them to surge forward. The French main heavy horse cavalry swept in a wide arc around the main body and set down upon the camp and supply lines and destroyed the food and reserves of weapons and destroyed the supporting military mechanism and people, leaving the front unsupported. They then set upon the fight from the rear and succeeded in breaking their lines. With no support and no food or reserve troops, the Moors assault into France had been thwarted. The commander was Charles the Hammer Martel.


There were pushes from the West as well with one of the most famous coming and laying siege to Vienna. The city was holding but required that the siege be broken or the Islamic Turks would extend out of Istanbul (Constantinople) and set upon the rest of Italy and threaten Rome itself. One King offered to lead his entire armies and break the siege relieving Vienna and protecting Rome. There was a catch which he demanded a set of promises from every neighbor and king of every petty fiefdom to protect his borders and hold from attacking while his entire army led by him set forth across a thousand miles and relieve Vienna. The king was the ruler of Poland, King John III Sobieski and his forces broke the siege and liberated Vienna on September 11 and 12, 1683. This stalled the push into Europe and saved Europe once again.


Now Islam is making a new assault on Europe and the European leaders are actually inviting Islam into their nations as their negative population growth leaves there a demand for workers; and while the economies were healthy and demanding workers, things were great all around. The surging economy of twenty years finally ground to a doldrums where growth has slowed and the demand slackened and now the young Islamic population is finding there is little demand for their employ as hiring is at a standstill. Add to this the flooding of Syrian refugees as well as refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and other places across the Islamic world. There is little work and their native society is at direct conflict with the European liberal lifestyles. This has shown itself during the New Year’s Eve celebrations where the women, who were scantily and immodestly attired which was a signal that they were loose and simply asking for lecherous treatment and were open to sexual advances. The reactions of these new refugees sent a ripple of discontent and fear through the women who were receiving treatment and indecencies which they did not understand. The police were handcuffed by demands from their superiors to not arrest the refugees as they required certain leeway and understanding while they would adjust to their new lives. Many did not adjust and expected their new societies to adjust to their demands and the rules and inhibiting societal rules from the lands they had fled. This was a clash of civilizations; one the liberal socially uninhibited modern society facing an invasion of inhibited socially, strictly structured, and socially stunted, demanding women to live shuttered existence ruled by a retrograded strictly restricted and socially shuttered life. What will be the result of this clash will depend on the worth the liberated Europeans place on their social liberated lifestyle against their refugee’s demand that their rules replace those which Europe has developed since the reformation and the renaissance and the political liberation of the people from the stunted social structure of the medieval Dark Ages. Thus far all appearances point to the replacing of liberal Europe with some dark and foreboding repression and stunting of their social fabric. This diseased repression will eventually threaten the United States and only strong leadership will be at all capable of preventing the complete closure of liberal democracies being subjugated and inhibited until they become Islamic theocracies with the stunted social structures mirroring life in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and possibly falling before the Islamic State as they dissolve themselves through weak and unworthy leadership. The backwards bending of the rule of law replacing it with the rule of foreign inhibitive oppression where nothing can be permitted to offend the sensibilities of the Islamic invaders, the invaders invited to conquest by the weakness and spinelessness of their leadership. Will Europe survive? They probably will not if the current actions are any indication of their future.


While Europe appears to be lost, or at least failing to act in self-defense, and failing to stand against the waves of barbarians; the United States may fair better if they choose the proper leadership. Fortunately, the United States, as usual, is running as much as a decade behind Europe. The threat is likely to advance upon the United States somewhat faster than a ten year delay as the current leadership is taking the right steps to allow the United States to admit large numbers of potential disruptors who will attempt to impose their stridently restrictive societal rules upon America. The American societal structure is more independent than the somewhat stunted European societal structures and thus more difficult to over whelm, but that does not make America invulnerable as nobody is immune to societal disruptions. With Europe poised to collapse before Islamic hordes crashing their shores and stunting their societal freedoms in an attempt to refashion their society into an Islamic one, they will rename the great structures making the great Cathedrals into Mosques and rename the iconic buildings removing their former references and now have them attest to their Islamic greatness. The Leaning Tower of Pisa could be renamed the Bent Minaret of the Caliph, the Eiffel Tower simple redone in a Green Patina Eiffel Tower and Big Ben might be renamed the Great Clock of Allah with Buckingham Palace named the Grand Mosque of London; that is assuming London is not renamed as was Constantinople. The great museums will be destroyed and the art works burned, the statues smashed, the David transformed into marble ruins and the Vatican transformed into Mecca II and the place the Europeans will be permitted to use for their Haj.



Eiffel Tower from the Past to the Future?

Eiffel Tower from the Past to the Future?


Europe managing to turn the tides around and salvage their history and societies will only happen if they find the soul which made Europe great and capable to strive into a future with any promise. The likelihood that the Europeans will find that spark depends on whether they are willing to return to the Christianity which permitted their survival and resistance to Islam in periods past. Without such a return to their religion, Europe will lose as those who are fighting for something greater than themselves will always defeat those fighting for comfort and personal existential existence. Those fighting for Islam and Allah will defeat those fighting for nothing more than their comfortable, secularist, laissez faire, free society as such a lifestyle are designed around this abhorrence for violent behavior, the only thing which could save Europe. Will the United States be willing to fight the good fight or will America also fall due to their abhorrence to fighting the good fight which will take generations upon generations with no end in sight. There is a Chinese curse which decries that one live in interesting times, well; we are indeed living in interesting and dangerous times. Will the survival of a society outside of Islam come down to China and Asian nations or will it fall to the world against Israel, a battle already written about almost two thousand years ago with an ominous tale which depends on miraculous forces beyond out mere mortal imaginations ability to behold. These times may get more interesting than anybody is capable of imagining. The first battle will be fought in Europe, assuming the Europeans actually believe their lifestyle and societal norms are worth fighting for. Will they fight or simply fold without even a whimper?


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February 7, 2016

Israel Palestinian Peace Must be Around the Corner

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We have heard things must be prepared to fall into place and negotiations resume with an end clearly in sight. How can this not be as President Obama has made a slight aside to distract those opposing him by claiming he doubted any progress could be made before he leaves office. Don’t let this fool anyone; he still has his eyes on a second Nobel Peace Prize by forcing peace on Israel no matter how much of Israel he will need to destroy before stepping down next January. Throwing his weight into the mix is another man facing a lackluster career as Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon has thrown his support behind Palestinian terror giving his understanding of the frustration having forced their acts of wanton murder of Israelis (read Jews). He preceded that with throwing a hissy fit because Israel had not taken whatever was demanded of them and had not resumed the peace talks with Mahmoud Abbas. Ban Ki-Moon was probably daydreaming about Pope Francis when he prayed at a carefully chosen segment of the anti-terror barrier near Bethlehem which had painted in English its comparison with the wall around the Warsaw Ghetto. The montage below is just a sample of the numerous pictures taken and released with who knows how many other pictures were given to the numerous NGOs which do their best to ravage Israel around the world in the many media outlets. This is the very Pope Francis who praised arch terror master and financial procurer for the Munich Olympics terrorist murders of Israeli Olympic team members Mahmoud Abbas as an Angel of Peace when hosting him at the Vatican, probably the most horrific mischaracterization in modern history.


With the visions of Pope Francis, the status and media availability at the beck and call of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon seeking his legacy and the other leader in search of a legacy and President of the United States Barack Obama all focusing laser-like glares at Israel demanding that they do whatever their darling, Mahmoud Abbas, demands of them to make peace at long last. They claim simply by returning to the boundaries of the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Green Line, and the removal of those infernal settlers and make the land pristine and devoid of any Zionist menace to threaten Palestinians into committing terrorist acts and allow the formation of Palestine. What could go wrong and defeat the efforts of such monumental efforts pressing Israel and aiding Mahmoud Abbas and the long stricken and stateless Palestinian Arabs whose existence without a state of their own has gone on longer than can be measured. What is insane is that is actually a true statement as it was that in 1770 the British colonists in the Americas along the Atlantic Ocean who were demanding their own nation too had waited to establish their nation since the beginning of time. These two peoples had something in common, neither had ever had a nation of their own and any claim they were making was to establish a nation on lands which had an aboriginal peoples already living on them. The American colonists were sharing lands sort of with the Native American Indians and the Arab Palestinians are sitting on lands which sole surviving aboriginal people which are the Jewish descendants of the Tribes of Judah and Benyamin and their surviving priests of the tribe of the Levites which included the Levites and the Kohanim. The reason the surviving Israelites are called Jews is because after having lost of the Ten Tribes of Israel after they were taken into captivity and enslavement by the Assyrians and then nothing as they assimilated or moved to the fringes of the Assyrian Kingdoms and then beyond seemingly lost to the rest of the remaining Israelites until recent times. The southern Kingdom which resisted the assaults of the Assyrians and eventually fell to the Babylonians and were freed and allowed to return and build the Second Temple by Cyrus the Great of the Persians as he conquered the Babylonians setting the Judeans and the remaining members of the priesthood and the tribe of Benyamin who reestablished Judea which lasted until the Roman dispersion. The Judeans were referred to by both the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire thereafter as Judeans and the slang was to call them Jews, it stuck.



Montage of Pope Francis Impromptu Stop At the Safety Barrier Near Bethlehem Where the Pope Prayed Giving the Media Ample Time to Get the Best Angles Which Gave Voice to Graffiti in English For all the World to View and Get His Message Of Contempt and Anger Over the Wall

Montage of Pope Francis Impromptu Stop At the Safety Barrier Near
Bethlehem Where the Pope Prayed Giving the Media Ample Time to
Get the Best Angles Which Gave Voice to Graffiti in English For all the
World to View and Get His Message Of Contempt and Anger Over the Wall



But little items such as the truth and promises and treaties reached after World War I which redrew the maps of much of the world outside of the Americas, China, Russia, southern and central Africa, and the Far East. The Austria-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire being defeated and this ended the self-rule of the latest version of an Islamic Caliphate and its colonization of the Middle East outside the Arabian Peninsula on across North Africa and into the Balkans and Caucuses around the Black Sea and into Spain where the spreading colonization had lasted an average of 900 to 1250 years replacing numerous indigenous self-ruling nations by force of arms. The average of 30 to 50 years of colonialization by European powers are constantly scorned for their sins of colonialism and slavery. The slavery trade by the Islamic societies long predated the Modern European period of slavery (post Roman Europe). If all of history were to be used to measure some of what modern Western society has judged to be vile and hateful activities are now used by the very societal descendants of those who had committed the sins of slavery and colonization long before, during and even after the Western nations and societies had relegated such practices to the dustbin of history.


Still, despite the promises of the League of Nations, the allies met and reached a solution referred to as the Mandate System to assist in the formation of two separate states for Arabs under two leaders and societies, a Christian homeland and a Jewish homeland out of the French and British Mandates. That Jewish State was to border the Christian State of Lebanon on the north, Egypt at the meeting point of the Sinai Peninsula and the Negev Desert and Jordan at the Jordan River. After the War of Annihilation by over a half-dozen Arab militaries starting the morning of Israeli existence with the genocide of the Jews and other non-Muslims as well as any Muslims who refused to join in murdering the infidels as its battle plan. The entire operation was expected to take days, maybe a couple of weeks to completely destroy these weak and inferior Jewish upstarts. The Arabs were coaxed by the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini to leave their homes and farms and join behind the massing Arab armies in camps for a few days and then they could return and share in the plunder of the Jew’s homes and other assets along with the invading conquerors of Arab armies. Something went wrong and the Jews, while losing lands did not lose entirely and remained on the lands the Arab armies were unable to conquer and built the State of Israel. Gaza was held by Egypt, the Golan Heights by Syria, and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) by Jordan. These lands belonged to the originating state of Israel and were the initial lands held by Israel on the morning that the Arab armies invaded and initially pushed the Jews before them until the Jews finally stopped the initial thrust and over the next year and a half the Israelis initially held the line and finally began to make headway gaining back the lands she had lost and that is when the world set the date when the fighting would end and an armistice line formed. Had the Israelis never had started pushing the Arab armies into retreats the war would have been allowed to continue in the knowledge that the Jews would eventually lose due to attrition as they would slowly be killed until a tipping point was reached where the numbers of defenders would leave the only solution a routing and annihilation of the Jews and their nascent state. The Jews winning would become a familiar point where every Arab Israeli war would be stopped.


But fear not as Pope Francis will likely assist as he is capable while United States President Obama and Secretary General Ki-Moon will combine their powers and efforts and press Netanyahu to get the peace process started or else they will make terms for settling this dispute finally and once and for all. They will demand that Netanyahu and the Israelis do whatever it takes to reach a peace agreement. The word will be they have spoken to President Abbas and he has pledged that he is ready to make peace if Israel and Netanyahu can get past their never ending demands that the Palestinians give up on their homelands and settle for living in Bantus just as the native South Africans were forced to do. Their use of the same word, Bantus, for the settlement areas they agreed upon in the Oslo Accords. But if one were to be honest, they would have paid attention to the demands and maps used by the Arab leaders of the Palestinian Authority, its predecessor the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), a near universally recognized terrorist organization, and the media and education systems well documented by a number of groups including MEMRI, PMW, and CAMERA. They all document the incitement and demands not for two states but for the eradication of the state of Israel and the genocidal slaughter of every Jew in Israel.


The masks are coming off and with only a year to go Ban Ki-Moon will be going full out to repay his masters who awarded him the position of Secretary General for one reason, to rid them of that ugly stain known as Israel and he has skillfully led a United Nations and various sister organizations and NGOs in the expanding of boycotts, divestments and sanctions through their assistance and supportive activities such as the labelling of every possible Jewish historical sites such as Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb as not belonging to any list of Jewish historical sites as they are in what the United Nations holds are Arab Palestinian lands and within Palestine. President Obama and the United States State department also raised complaints at Israeli insistence that these sites be renovated as Jewish historical sites. What does it matter if these tombs are four thousand years old, they have to be part of the Arab and Palestinian heritage. At the time Secretary of State Clinton was enthusiastic in supporting the Administration and UNESCO and other United Nations groups in the denunciation at this Israeli attempt to steal these Palestinian sites.


This will be a fateful year for the continuation or death of the state of Israel. You might think that such a dire existence would make Israelis nervous, worrisome and potentially frantic. You would be wrong as we have much practice at looking impending death in the face; we have been doing it as a peoples for the last three and a half millennia. There have been numerous empires (Roman, Greek, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, Spanish, various Caliphs, Wazirs, Emir, Sultan, Kings, Barons, Czars, Communists and you name it), maniacal leaders (Hitler, Stalin, Haman, Ramses and again you name them), and just about everything else you could name such as the Spanish Inquisition, and also from 1315-1326 Emir Ismael Abu-I Walid forced the Jews of Granada to wear a yellow badge. We are familiar with persecution and somehow despite our small numbers throughout history we are still here, we are still vibrant and we are still fulfilling our imposed role in our influence commanded to be as a light unto the nations when we as a people have our own lands as we also serve Hashem and in all things walk humbly with our Lord. Yes, it seems we are facing ever graver threats from all corners. We look around us at those closest who desired our demise and note their worlds are the ones in complete turmoil and unrest while despite our problems and even internal threats and challenges we will persevere and meet the challenges and mitigate the threats, both internal and external, and continue to discover and develop the needs and items for the future of mankind and eventually Hashem will allow us to be rewarded with the arrival of the Messiah, the rewarding time we currently can only dream about as there is more we need to conquer in ourselves before we would even recognize and follow our Messiah should the Messiah arrive tomorrow; bless Hashem.


And we did not even get to mention France, the European Union and at least a dozen others willing to give away all of Israel so they will be eaten last.


Beyond the Cusp


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