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June 22, 2016

The West has One Vital Choice to Make Now


The so-called Clash of Civilizations is upon us if you ask the alarmists who have been banging the warning gong at the center of town for, some of us, decades now since the founding of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) June 2, 1964, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy on June 05, 1968 or as the latecomers claim was the start, September 11, 2001 despite the earlier attempt to bring down the World Trade Center Towers on February 26, 1993 using a truck bomb weighing 1,200 pounds that detonated around 12:17 PM knocking out the World Trade Center’s incoming high-voltage lines which feed much of the electrical energy to the complex. Making matters worse was that the explosion also knocked-out the generators, elevators, sprinklers, emergency command center disabling everything necessary for an emergency situation, which may have been a blessing in disguise as it exposed numerous weaknesses. The truth is that the problems the world is currently facing began and have continued at varying levels since the Seventh Century, yes, that’s right, approaching fourteen hundred years ago when the Arabs first poured out of the Arabian Peninsula and began their age of conquest. What is very difficult for people in Western civilizations to grasp and get their arms around is that people were capable of conquering much of the known world starting with a few bands of tribes and reach within two decades from India and the Ganges River to Andalusia, Spain and Portugal for the Eurocentric, and all of Northern Africa and on across Turkey and into the Balkans eventually reaching Vienna. What makes their incredulous reaction to the Arab conquests would be even further challenged if they were to also realize that these Arabs and their Empire fell to a single tribe from northeastern Turkey known as the Ottomans. The Ottoman Turks began their conquest and establishing the last caliphate in the mid-1300s. The entirety of the Pan-Arab Empire known as the Ottoman Empire at the start of World War I chose the wrong side to ally with and thus was amongst those who lost and were placed under the whims of the allies, Britain, Russia, France, Italy and Japan as the United States hemmed and hawed as they sat on the sidelines thus not needing to take on any supervision or ties beyond the final peace treaty. The Sykes Picot Agreement and the San Remo Conference set up the Middle East as it was in 1944 at the end of World War II which miraculously changed nothing outside of Europe which means the Middle East remained as it was divided at the conclusion of World War I even at the end of World War II.


Ottoman Empire Thrusts into Eastern Europe

Ottoman Empire Thrusts into Eastern Europe


Islam had been in remission of a sort after World War I as the Ottomans discovered that the battle plans and formation used by Islam during World War I only proved favorable when defending or holding a stronghold, and even then it was questionable. The Middle East had slowly grown angrier and less stable as the divisions made in the Sykes Picot agreement had drawn the borders of the states seemingly at random and with little concern. That concealed the reality which was the centerpiece of the European plans at the end of World War I and also a large part of the reason the United States desired absolutely no part of the settlements made at the conclusion of World War I.


Let us start with the part mostly ignored other than the predicament faced by Germany. The Austria-Hungarian Empire which was demolished and defeated was basically sliced and diced to produce a number of smaller nations which were largely drawn along ethnic lines. The main exceptions were Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Germany. The former two were combined nations having at least two separate and rival tribes and were strategically placed so as to foil any plans for rebuilding the Empire. Germany lost some prime lands to France and Poland as a punishment along with being saddled with heavy debts which crippled the German economy. These vindictive arrangements and disposition after World War I all but guaranteed a World War II or at least a pan-European War. The other half of Sykes Picot rearranged the Ottoman Empire lands into independent countries which were almost drawn randomly, the question being was there actual animus driving the actual drawing of the borders. Common understanding believes that there was actual animus and that the problems currently and previously were by the intentional design of the countries and their borders. What came next?


Ottoman Empire Ascending includes Golden Age of Islam

Ottoman Empire Ascending includes Golden Age of Islam


Ottoman Empire in Decline 1800 through 1914 and Start of World War I

Ottoman Empire in Decline 1800 through 1914 and Start of World War I


As the borders of these new nations were apparently random but actually did have one major consequence, the tribal allegiances were ignored. An example would be the Kurds who were promised a nation for their people which never was formed largely due to Oil found on their lands so their lands were incorporated with those whom the Europeans had agreements for their oil, always favorable arrangements. The Kurdish lands ended up split between Iraq, Turkey and Syria while the Kurdish communities in Iran remained untouched as Iran was not part of the Ottoman Empire. With the different tribes and even forms of Islam there would always be problems in these new nations keeping the peace. This lent the situation to needing a strong and unrelenting leader such as Saddam Hussein, Hafez al-Assad, Mubarak, Kaddafi and too many others. These problems was the one idea where the Islamic State actually had a legitimate complaint against Europe but they long since squandered any hope that they would be trusted to make necessary changes. Their ploy to use the Sykes Picot to dictate the new borders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) was destroyed by the Islamic State with their slaughter of the Yazidis and the raping of women, Christian or Islamic with little difference shown to either religious background. The atrocities committed by the Islamic State should have been sufficient to galvanize an alliance set on the singular task of the destruction and dismemberment of the Islamic State. What is strange is that the Russians are willing, the European Union is indifferent and unwilling to commit, while some European nations such as Britain and Italy are willing to take a stand against the Islamic State but lack the gravitas to destroy this manifestation of evil. The main source remains on the sidelines as President Obama refuses to see any threats which originate from Islam.


All of this will be the past, what we will call the ‘then’ and now we will look ahead after the United States has had their fall elections and the next President has just taken the oath of office and returned to the White House. The two major party candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We can predict what the main differences will be between the two. Hillary Clinton will pretty much continue the Obama politics domestically allowing the economy to be largely stagnant but slowly gaining some momentum where growth may actually approach the one and a half to two percent growth with measured unemployment remaining around five to six percent. A Trump White House would probably also freeze the economy in place with everything waiting anxiously to see what path he will decide to take. The most important figures will be one that has remained pretty much out of the public eye as it is a true and horrifying indicator of the sad state of the economy since sometime in late 2002 and just accelerated downward to levels not witnessed even during the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s and ended by World War II. We had best hope that the seemingly unavoidable events, which would change the economic picture as such resets do their magic through destructive employment accelerators, as when half of the cities are bombed to rubble and employment accelerates, is not what will be the path of economic repair in our future. While the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) will level out at long last as the economy and the long term unemployed settle into a brief equilibrium and the next step will depend on the policies put in place in the first few months of the new administration. We really have little to judge what Donald Trump might do and we have a fair idea what Hillary Clinton will do, but this article is not about the economy though below is a graph of the LFPR.


Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR)


The real challenge before the next President, whether it is Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, one of the minor party candidates or some knight in shining armor come to save either of the major parties from their less than wonderful choices will be setting a course and then have the faith and fortitude to keep to that path. Now while the choice may fall entirely upon the United States, a scary thought at best knowing the probable choices for their coming elections, but there is also a channel where the Europeans may save the day and the future which currently is charging headlong to a dark-age which may last for the foreseeable future. The first test has already been passed by France but only if their recent actions are the beginning of a new path forward. Another test is coming up tomorrow with Brexit. Should the British decide to pull out from the European Union and make a determined exit in less than six months, not the two to ten years different predictions claim it will take, they can then take immediate control over their borders and refuse any undocumented refugees and only allow documented individuals in after an application has been accepted and a full background investigation all the way back to their first school or madrasah they attended. Should anybody have mostly unreliable or complete lengths of no references and that is made a disqualifier and the backgrounds are fully validated to assure honesty and an actual verified history before allowing emigration, and a similar qualification system even for visitors on vacation, then the British Isles will be far more protected than is currently the case. A checkpoint on the exit into Britain side of the Chunnel would also be a great idea. The future in Europe needs to be all about security and keeping the freedoms that Western Civilization has worked centuries developing and realizing that human individual freedoms and free expression are conducive to an advanced and productive society and limited freedoms and closed government intrusions leads to economic collapse as people have less to live for thus less to work for. The United States and Europe over the past two centuries plus have proven that more freedom equals a stronger economy and higher productivity. The unfortunate item is despite this knowledge the politicians are still hankering for greater control and less freedom. There have been politicians who have expressed ideas such as requiring travel permits if one desires to cross arbitrary lines going from one zone to the next. This could lead to people who live away from the major cities not being able to go to the store or visit the neighboring farm without a permit. These are the people who have no voice in their governance as the cities now control governments and this will lead to less and less freedom as people prefer dependence on government over self-reliance. The reason behind this trend is directly tied to the increased city dwelling. When one lives in a rural area many times you actually have to repair items with what you have or can borrow from a neighbor just to get through the day or week. In the city you call a repair person, a handyman or an expert. City life is conducive to dependence while rural life requires independent thinking and often ingenuity. Add the terror threats and the willingness of many to sacrifice certain freedoms for additional appearances of safety and you end up with a vicious cycle which eventually leads to totalitarian governance, even if the government is elected. People will end up electing those who promise to keep them safe while regimenting their lives further in order to be capable of detecting something amiss. Amiss will define people like many of us because we value liberty and freedom.


There have been polls conducted at numerous colleges and universities in the United States and the students actually desire to make certain types of speech illegal and people caught using such language fined and if they persist then they would need to be sent to a school to learn why their speech is dangerous and injurious. So much for what we learned as children, ‘sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never harm me.’ These word police are playing into the hands of the Islamists who desire Sharia be imposed where any language which denigrates or demeans or insults Islam would be severely punishable. The results of surveys and research can be found starting on this First Amendment site with numerous links to further information and a wealth of eye-opening information. Free and open speech is necessary for a free society and there is no guarantee against being offended. This is necessary because if only speech which offended nobody were allowed there would be very little ever spoken. Going out of ones way to offend a person by following them shouting or even whispering words that one knows would be upsetting, that comes under harassment laws and is preventable or bringing such activity to a halt legally. What is a far greater danger is allowing for one group of people to dictate what is permitted and what is forbidden in a society by dictation completely separate from the governance. Allowing such is dangerous especially in mixed neighborhoods or areas where disparate groups have access and reason to visit the locations. Areas which have been purchased by a group such as a compound or fenced neighborhood where those residing decide whether other people may enter can have their own cultural system but that system must never be permitted to become a general system covering others. Freedom of religion includes freedom from having a religion. People must be free to believe or not and those who choose to believe must be free to choose what to believe. The limitations come at some blatantly obvious points such as no human sacrifice, even if the subject for sacrifice volunteers as by definition in Western society such a person is not rational and thus needs help, not their beating heart removed in an ancient ritual worshipping Ba’al. The limits on religion need be similar to general laws governing interaction between individuals. Your religion is absolutely wonderful as long as it stops between you and other adherents.


Proselytizing is another area which can be sensitive. That too needs to be limited in that ‘no’ or ‘please leave me alone’ means exactly that and ‘tell me more’ is a license to inform to your heart’s content. No religion can be allowed to dictate laws. That is one guarantee that freedom demands. No religion is superior or should be permitted to dominate by force or threat especially. Those who believe their religion has the right to dictate the law and force others to live by their religious laws, they need to be returned to whatever place they came from as in a free and open society such must never be permitted. Even in Israel which identifies itself as the Jewish State there is no restriction on other religions. If there are any restrictions on religion in Israel, it is on Judaism and its practice at certain holy sites where religious purity is required by Jewish law. But even such rules do not apply to a non-Jew. An example would be that there are certain locations upon the Temple Mount where a Jew is forbidden from treading as it may be too close to the location where the Holy of Holies was located when the First Temple and Second Temple existed. A non-Jew can walk freely as can be seen in many videos where Arab youths are playing soccer in central areas near the Dome of the Rock, an area where Jews are restricted from walking as this was close to where the Holy of the Holies was located (video below).


Temple Mount Visit Sunday, March 6th 2016- Arabs playing Soccer


Islam has spread over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and in much of these lands Islam is almost the only faith and Jews are so rare that the Christians and other native religions from Africa are now being victimized and persecuted. We look at the nations where fifteen-hundred years ago over 90% of the people were Christians and Jews and now the area has changed and is predominantly Islamic. Below is a basic representation of the current religious breakdown. Where Muslim is only figure given we assumed that the vast, if not all, were Sunni, the predominant form of Islam (map of Islam by percentage of population below).


Algeria 98% Islam 1% Christian 1% other
Bahrain 70% Muslim 15% Christian 10% Hindu 3% Buddhist 2% Other
Egypt 90% Muslim 9% Coptic Christian 1% other
Iran 99.4% Muslim (89% Shiite 9% Sunni) 1.2% Christian 0.4% other
Iraq 99% Muslim (65% Shiite 35% Sunni) 1% Christian
Jordan 92% Muslim 6% Christian 1% Druze
Kuwait 100% Muslim 0.02% Christian
Lebanon 54% Muslim 40% Christian 6% Druze
Yemen 99% Muslim 1% other
United Arab Emirates 77% Muslim 12% Christian 4% Hindu 2% Buddhist 2% other
Libya 97% Muslim 0.7% Christian 0.3 Buddhist 2% other
Morocco 98.9% Muslim 0.9% Christian 0.2% Jewish
Oman 95% Muslim 5% Christian or Hindu
Israel 80% Jewish 16% Muslim 2% Christian 1.5% Druze 0.5% other
Qatar 67.7% Muslim 13.8% Hindu 13.8% Christian 3.1% Buddhist 1.4% other
Saudi Arabia 100% Muslim
Syria 87% Muslim 10% Christian 3% Druze (est. in 2006)
Tunisia 98% Muslim 1% Christian 1% other


Muslim Population by Percentage of Total Population

Muslim Population by Percentage of Total Population


France has taken steps that may mean they are pointing themselves in the right direction to resist their otherwise certain submission to Islam. It has been reported and confirmed that France raided three Mosques and discovered over three-hundred fully automatic rifles and other weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. In an article from Al Jazeera claiming that France intends to raid and shut down more than one-hundred and as many as one-hundred-sixty Mosques over their either being suspected of weapons, preaching hate, are run illegally without proper licenses, or use takfiri speech. Takfiri is preaching Muslim on Muslim violence due to apostasy. It is estimated that there are 2,600 Mosques in France. These raids and the decision to take these actions is believed to be due to the November 13 attacks on the capital by well-armed Muslims striking multiple locations using military tactics and murdering over one hundred innocents. Time will tell if France has decided to clamp down on instigating violence from the pulpit and is ready to take a serious look at what is happening inside the Mosques and other places where intolerance may be taught or used to instigate violence. Europe has a choice as do the rest of the western nations of protecting their freedoms and liberty or slowly sinking under Islamic pressures until they have bowed away their constitutions and after that their lives. There had to be blowback and it may be starting in France and about to strike again in Britain starting with Brexit.


Beyond the Cusp


May 27, 2016

What is Really Behind Hamas Executions and UN Complaint


Here is the story which you will hear. Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, has gone before the United Nations Security Council to report on Hamas and to formally file a complaint against the intent by Hamas, a terrorist entity recognized by the United Nations and much of the world, to publically execute numerous criminals. This is unacceptable and illegal and Nickolay Mladenov is hopping mad and demands Hamas reconsider this drastic and dire intent. Further you will hear how these executions are being carried out without the approval of Mahmoud Abbas as required under the Palestinian Authority charter which requires that Abbas approve any execution, thus these executions are doubly illegal and ill-advised. You will be informed that Hamas has gone rogue and is intentionally ignoring Abbas who is recognized responsibile for Gaza under United Nations authority. Then there will be the commentary on how Abbas, in whose mouth butter would not melt, is just so civil and calm and level headed and would never resort to such extremes as Hamas. It will be stressed how Hamas and the Palestinian Authority do not cooperate or get along or have absolutely anything in common. There may or may not be included in any report, depending on the length they desire to go and whether this information will make Abbas look more sympathetic or pathetic in the eyes and minds of the readers of this news, that Abbas lost Gaza after being granted self-rule in Gaza by a cruel and merciless coup and by force of arms Hamas took over all of Gaza. This makes Abbas look weak but also engenders sympathy for him as well. Further, it may reopen the Israeli claim that should Abbas be granted full authority in Judea and Samaria it would result in Hamas taking these areas as well in much the same manner without the IDF keeping order and preventing such a coup.


Where will these complaints lead and what good are they. This is where it gets interesting and the area between what they will say and reality gets further blurred. The very first thing they will claim you must understand is that there is absolutely animus and no cooperation between the Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) and Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas. Hamas and the PA are polar opposites and Hamas killed dozens of PA security soldiers in the coup where Hamas illegally took control of Gaza. Hamas has been provoking Israel which might renew the warfare between the two so Hamas is on notice. And then comes the big lie, Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister who just brought in Avigdor Lieberman and his Yisrael Beytenu Party into the coalition, is making the government more right leaning. Further is that Lieberman was given the Defense Minister position replacing the outgoing Moshe Ya’alon who was a force for moderation and a real moderate force in the government and would even take risks for peace. Lieberman could be characterized as the Israeli version of Donald Trump. It is always great if you can malign two people with a piece of superfluous information which has little if any validity or grounding in reality. Further, it will be intimated that Netanyahu had best make overtures and sacrifices for peace with Abbas for a number of reasons. First is that he would not want Hamas to come to power in Judea and Samaria (West Bank is the term they will use as the other actual names are too Jewish, especially Judea). This threat ignored the fact that making sacrifices for peace and granting Abbas rule over Gaza and removing the IDF completely from Gaza is exactly how Hamas came to power in Gaza. The reports will also omit that Hamas won the last elections for Arab Palestinian election for their Parliament and Abbas cancelled all further elections knowing that his position would also go to Hamas in any fair election or at best would remain with his Fatah Party but would elect Marwan Barghouti in his stead despite, or because of, Barghouti being imprisoned in Israel serving five life terms for his part in the murder by terror attack of five Jews out of the numerous murdered in his planned and carried out bombing and other terror strikes and not to mention the scores upon scores injured, many scarred and disabled for life.


Then, once Hamas has actually publically executed a small number of those whose executions are planned and while Hamas holds the remainder still subject for public execution, there will be European and United States State Department and President Obama all in coordination with the French initiative which will come from a French planned extravaganza presumably for restarting the “Peace Process” which have remained shattered from the last futile attempt. There will be no mention of the recognition and unity attempts between Hamas, Fatah, Abbas and the PA which forced the termination of the last initiatives. There will be no mention of all the offers for an Arab state that have been turned down since the Arab refusal to accept half the lands and share them with Israel from back in 1948 where instead Arab nations banded together to crush the newly formed Jewish State before they could assemble and arm a military force. The Arabs gained some territories, namely Gaza and Judea and Samaria, but failed to crush Israel who miraculously not only survived but also managed to keep parts of Jerusalem. This was made all the more miraculous when one realizes that the British left almost every fortified position of theirs fully armed and operational throughout much of what was to become Israel in Arab hands weighting the situation so far out of balance favoring the Arabs that it truly was a miracle that Israel managed to survive at all. Further, in their final few months the British attempted to find every “illegal” arms cache the Jews had been hiding using rifles and small arms they had manufactured and after confiscating these weapons and munitions such as bullets they were given to the Arab militias to use in the coming war against the Jews. In some ways this is more of the same reaching for any straw to destroy Israel.


The demands will come from Paris and be echoed at the United Nations headquarters in New York City and their Human Rights Council from Geneva as well as from numerous European governments and the European Union for Israel to immediately pull their IDF forces and all the “settlers” from beyond the Green Line and from East Jerusalem, an area where Israel had annexed into their capital city and granted a path to full citizenship to the Arabs residing within these areas, allowing for the formation of Palestine which is about to be formally recognized by the French, the European Union, the United Nations, a dozen or two European governments, Russia, China, almost every Arab and Muslim nation and almost every nation of the world with few exceptions making Israeli refusal tantamount to Israel declaring war on the world at large. This ultimatum is not only the world impinging on Israeli right to govern itself but also the world is reneging on every promise made at Oslo and numerous other peace efforts as the Israeli position was eroded on the international stage inch by infernal inch as the world continuously demanded concession after concession from Israel never demanding even a minimal compromise from Abbas all the while claiming it was Israel who would not sacrifice for peace despite the only side which ever sacrificed was Israel. There will be no mention that the BDS Movement (boycott, divestment, and sanction Israel) was invented and is run and financed out of Ramallah and the PA governance along with Fatah and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization, another terror entity which is very similar in tactics and desires but is secular rather than religious based) with additional financial support from numerous Arab governments but disguised as a western grassroots pro-peace movement attempting to persuade Israel to return to the negotiating table and surrender totally to Abbas and the PA. They will claim that even if the Arabs were granted their right of return and took over Israel in an election due to sheer numbers that since Israel is now a multi-ethnic free nation with free speech, freedom of religion, free political actions, free and fair elections, freedom of the media and in every way an open society that the Jews would have nothing to fear should the Islamists take power as they would be restrained by Israeli law. Any bets on how fast Israeli law would become Sharia and every Jew rounded up and murdered where they stood? Still, there will be demands made for Israel to make a deal with Abbas before Hamas manages to replace him like Hamas could not replace him once Israel gives him rule over Judea and Samaria and pulls out completely just as was done in Gaza in August of 2005.


Then there will be the demands and counter points that Abbas is the only sane person and thus Israel must deal with him. Israel need choose immediately between Abbas and the PA or Hamas and it will be stressed how the two entities are at odds and would never cooperate even to kill every Israeli likely to include a large segment of the Arab population as they are viewed as apostates for remaining in, living in, voting in, working in, enjoying citizenship in, and enjoying every freedom in Israel and having more rights than any Arab has in any Arab nation while a full citizen of Israel. Another recent event that will also not be making these news reports is the story where “Israel intercepts weapons transfer from Judea to Gaza Strip”< the very day that Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, has gone before the United Nations Security Council to report on the planned Hamas public executions setting in motion the next pressure Israel to surrender just a little more campaign to follow.


Rockets and Mortars Hidden Within Building Supplies Being Shipped from PA Controlled Hevron in Judea To Hamas in the Gaza Intended for Future Attacks on Israel

Rockets and Mortars Hidden Within Building Supplies
Being Shipped from PA Controlled Hevron in Judea
To Hamas in the Gaza Intended for Future Attacks on Israel


The reality is that Abbas and Hamas are playing good terrorist-bad terrorist against Israel with a full supporting cast of thousands if not millions. There has been an entire industry built up around forcing Israel to ever continuously surrender piece by piece to the Arabs. These nations could not care one whit about the conditions and freedoms for the Arabs because if they cared one shred there would have been no prolonged war destroying Syria. If anybody honestly cared about Arabs there would have been troops safeguarding Sunni from Shia and Shia from Sunni and the Kurds and Druze from the rest of Islam and lastly protections for the Sufi Muslims. The truth is that the only reason that there are any being concerned with the Palestinians is because they are the bludgeon with which the world will erase what they see as their largest of all errors, allowing the Jews, the Hebrews, returning and reclaiming their ancestral lands and from which to set up a nation which will lead the world in acts of moral fortitude and live as an example and a light unto the nations of the world. No, no, no, no, no, the world does not want to have any return of Israel as she has always been and will always be, the people who brought morality and freedom and the vital worth of the human being into the world starting with Abraham not sacrificing his son Isaac and being told that human sacrifice was immoral and unacceptable before Hashem. From that beginning began the greatest moral play the world had ever known and through the Hebrews and their relations with the Almighty, Hashem gave the world the Ten Commandments and a moral code upon which much of human civilization rests. The world has realized they have brought to fruition another of the prophetic promises that the Children of Israel would return home after near two thousand years of living at the whim and fancy of every world leader throughout human history. They became no longer Hebrews with a land to tend and preserve according to their covenant with Hashem, a covenant they disregarded with the most dire and severely tortuous punishments which would have destroyed a normal people. The Hebrews now cast to the winds by the Roman Empire and spread across the globe were rejected by nearly every nation in which they resided and were often hunted down, burned at the stake as heretics against the chosen religion of the lands in which they would reside, forced to convert or die practicing their religion in quiet solitude secretively, were imprisoned for learning Hebrew with which to read their holy Torah. The Jews became a people who were no longer bound by a land as all others remained a nation but instead were a nation bound by their law, Torah, and a longing that it would be next year in Jerusalem. The Jews are returning to their lands but still the world tries to renege on the promise of inviolable lands from the Jordan River all the lands to the Mediterranean Sea, a mere 22% of the promised Mandate exchanging the other 78% for the right to remain in that 22% which was placed as a guarantee by the British Crown, the League of Nations and by the United Nations in their Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.


Varied and Different Branches and Sects of Islam

Varied and Different Branches and Sects of Islam


The world is currently using Hamas to force Israeli hands into making further acts of contrition and sacrifices for a peace which Abbas cannot provide even had he so desired as he has built his right to office on the total destruction of Israel and the founding of Palestine only on the graves of the Jews and others in Israel. There is little which separates Abbas from Hamas. While Hamas is Islamist religious fanaticism, Fatah and thus the PA are nationalist Islamic fanaticism. They are as different as International Socialism and National Socialism and despite the European cleaving to the supposed vast difference between Fascism and Communism, they are in fact simply two forms of the same socialism with the sole difference being one portends to be the classless society ruled by the world at large while the other believes in a classless society sworn in its allegiance to the state with the power to transcend to ruling the world instead of their little corner which they were unfairly restricted. Either way you end up with a classless world society and the sole difference is who gets to be in the government and thus steal everything not nailed down from the classless people beneath their feet. The same is true of the two forces, Hamas in Gaza and Abbas in Judea and Samaria. The reality is that as soon as the PA can have the world force Israel to surrender all the lands east of the Green Line including East Jerusalem, Hamas will forcibly take over all of Judea and Samaria from Abbas who will immediately fortify himself in East Jerusalem, the reason here is why he insists that East Jerusalem be his capital city, and demand IDF protection before Hamas takes over East Jerusalem as well. Then, with East Jerusalem secured by the IDF from Hamas and with the entirety of former PA lands in Hamas’s hold, the terror war of rockets throughout Israel will soon begin. In the meantime, Abbas will begin agitating that it is completely unfair that he was cheated from representing the Arab Palestinians who are now languishing under Hamas rule. Well we will have to give him that one as that is true not that life under the PA is that much better. Now Abbas will start to claim that he is the rightful leader of the Arab population inside of Israel and will start demanding a state with guaranteed exchanges of Arab populations through Israel as if they do not have the right to travel from one Arab village to the next currently. There will be the next BDS and demands Israel forfeit lands to this new Arab entity which has been suppressed. The Europeans will immediately hold emergency sessions to recognize Abbas and his claim to be the true leader of Israeli Arabs. There will be demands that Israel allow parallel governing giving Abbas equal power to the Israeli Prime Minister and that can only end one way, a final war for the right to all the lands between the River and the Sea. That will be a horrific day in the history of Arab and Jew alike and neither will be the winner as both will lose and lose badly. The end result will depend on whether the Arab world is in any shape to come and join in the struggle to destroy the Jewish State. With sufficient support and all these places where troops can be positioned throughout Israel herself, there will be slaughters upon slaughters until the IDF takes control of the lands within the Green Line with the possible loss of Jerusalem initially. If the IDF does succeed in gaining their foothold on the heart and coast of Israel, then expect Israel to ignore the admonitions and condemnations which will assuredly be leveled against her and simply take that which is rightfully belonging to the Jewish State, the Jordan River to the Sea Israel will finally be free. Should the Arab world jump to support Hamas, as the PA will have ceased as an entity and their relations as the front group for Hamas will finally be revealed and the lies will finally be out in the open. That is where this latest good terrorist-bad terrorist is heading and Hamas are bad and Abbas is good, or is it Abbas is bad and Hamas is, no, that…


Beyond the Cusp


May 20, 2016

Israeli Predicament with the World


Once again the world is teetering on the brink of another disastrous attempt to press a Middle East grand plan for peace. Do not misinterpret this as the idea that Israel is against making peace as there is nothing the Israelis desire more than a real and just peace. On the other hand what they fear is the concept being once again driven that if only Israel were to surrender further and just find that correct balance of sacrificed level of secure area while giving away dangerous high grounds and leaving from the areas where her intelligence gathering has proven sufficient to prevent another disastrous terror war as well as preventing the replacement of the Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) governance by Hamas or the potentially worse Islamic State replacing Abbas in another coup just as they did Gaza placing all Israel under mortal threat, then there would be peace and no further threat to Europe. Under the world’s radar Israel has prevented any number of schemes to forcibly replace the somewhat milder terrorist PA, and do not ever lose sight of this fact that the PA is a terror entity, with the religiously fanatical Hamas or Islamic State over the last decade since giving that same PA control over Gaza which they lost in a quick but deadly putsch by Hamas allied with Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood which brought onto Israel a number of ever increasingly dangerous terror rocket wars. These all proceeded in the same methodology of a slow ramping over weeks leading to months of rockets being fired into southern Israel and eventually in this last war reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv all the way up the coast to Haifa. This slowly raising the terror rocket temperature to slowly boil Israeli in the pan of explosive projectiles while not disturbing the media always received little if any coverage only when there was loss of life or such loss being achieved through apparent miracles succeeded in its aim of stealth. This always led to the first mentioning of any violence always came when Israel was finally forced to use the IDF at a high level of force to end the hundreds of rockets raining down on Israeli towns, farms, kibbutzim and into its industrial heart.


The same being able to be directed from the overlooking Judean Hills would be more devastating to Israel than any story realized thus far. Hundreds to over a thousand and approaching two thousand rockets and now missiles being launched and directed from the heights overlooking central Israel where almost three out of four Israelis reside and over eighty percent of her industrial and power generating power is centralized and the shuttering of Ben Gurion International Airport would be ruinous for Israel and an assault from which she would take decades upon decades to recover from assuming recovery were even an option. Such an assault would cause a mass and panicked race for the borders of potentially the majority of the Israeli population which could send ripples through the IDF as soldiers moved with their families to anywhere outside the range of the rocket and missile threat. The Arab forces would then have an IDF in disarray and weakened state with the backing of her reserves likely decimated by the exodus to safety. This would be the exact scenario should the French initiative prove to be the grand success that they believe they are targeting and what President Obama might just utilize as a last grand push for peace and a second Nobel Peace Prize as well as cementing his legacy as the President that brought ruination in the form of a grand peace to the Jewish State. Trust that should the Jewish State of Israel be erased from the map, the actual desired end of the Palestinian and Arab peace plans, the Nobel Committee would be beside themselves is glorious celebration that that perceived thorn in the side of a true and lasting peace and end to all Arab terror had finally arrived that they would be handing out Nobel Peace Prizes like candy on Halloween.


The reality would turn out to be something quite different. With Israel out of the way the first casualty would be Cyprus followed by Crete and on to the Grecian Islands leaving an Islamic beachhead in the heart of Europe which was not dependent on Turkey or Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan whose desire to lead the next Caliphate relied on Turkey being the Islamic beachhead. Such a situation would also illicit an advance through Sicily and up the Italian Peninsula where the two thrusts would meet once again at Vienna except this time the city would fall. This would in turn permit a push northward across the Balkans and into Austria, Poland and Germany then turning westward through France and into Spain and northward into Britain. This would inevitably lead to the invasion of Scandinavia and finally the push from the west and south into the heart of Russia. This scenario is how the Islamic Caliphate which would have been formed would anticipate such a conquest aided by the millions of advanced troops using the refugees as their regular soldiers and shock troops starting internal strife and rioting escalating as the Islamic forces approached spreading each national military and law enforcement thinly defending the country from forces external and internal simultaneously. The only variable is how far into such a scenario would the remainder of Europe awaken? Assuming that such a scenario were planned and executed over a number of decades the Europeans would be slowly devoured and likely never awaken from their war weary slumbers.


Fortunately the forces of the coming Islamic expansion will be anything but inexorably slow and planned for minimal upheaval attempting to weaken each region internally before striking as the saviors from rioting and terror. Instead there will be an explosion of terror and rioting across much of Europe upon the conquest of the Grecian Isles and the spread into the Balkan States. Romania will be one nation which will likely be bypassed as the perception of a bitter and long struggle will linger from wars past and initially Romania might be bypassed and the assaults strike headlong into Poland and Germany while North African arm assaults Sicily and the Italian peninsula. As this will be one persistent assault and conquest, the sleeping Europe will likely awaken and unite this time before the situation has deteriorated beyond repair. Of course this is predicated on nationalist governments being elected as the more leftist socialist humanitarian governance proves inadequate to the task at hand. Such a uniting of an awakened and truly terrified and terrorized Europe with the enlisted assistance of the United States could terminate any advance before the complete fall of Poland and Germany could be completed and the Italian assault closing but not yet in possession of Rome. The Vatican calling for assistance for the sake of the Church and all Christianity could, especially with a Pope from South America, solidify a united Christian front to counter Islam and all future peace would be dependent on one side or the other being completely victorious and vanquishing the other pressing the other religion literally into the recesses of secrecy and potentially all but eradicated from the Earth.


Of course this entire scenario can never be carried out as long as the cork is in the bottle and that cork is Israel. The mere existence of Israel stabilizes the immediate area allowing for a moderate and economically focused military nexus in addition to security oriented Egypt and a stable situation in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. A strong Israel also acts as a restraint on Iran and its slowly deteriorating offensive to build a crescent of power across to the Mediterranean Sea through southern Iraq, Syria and Lebanon also gaining a foothold on the Israeli border and potentially striking at Jordan and the PA in order to weaken Israel. Such a scenario coming into fruition would shock and threaten Erdogan and Turkey which, if attacked, could request assistance through NATO treaty obligations bringing the powers of Europe and the United States et al into the fray and likely ending the advance and with it any Iranian hopes for further conquest. Trust that the biggest threat does not come from the Islamic State, though they are a direct threat to peace in the area any time soon, but from a nuclear armed Iran threatening nuclear ruin on any opposition and once nuclear weapons in any form from an EMP device to a hydrogen city killing device, use of such weapons would bring far more than a slap on the wrist and assisting compliant actions from the United States and even Europe. The civilizational conflict of the ages is once again simmering and potentially about to boil over. The quencher who can turn off the burner before anything gets a foothold is a strong Israel. Simply explained, with Israel positioned to be a ruinous force against any supply lines from the Middle East to any European front and the Israeli long arm which can disrupt even shipments intended for Hamas while they are still traversing the Sudan is just further proof that Israel, especially if sided through secretive agreements by Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, has an extended reach and intelligence network such that any overt actions can be anticipated and mitigated.


Arab and Muslim World After the Initial Breakout until World War I


Arab and Muslim World After the Islamization of Europe except for Switzerland and Israel in Red Both Standing Against any Islamic Assault or Tide


The name of the game is to prevent the fall of Europe directly to Islamic forces. That does not mean that Europe is safe as even Israel cannot prevent a European politically correct surrender to the Islamic forces within. The Stealth Jihad has been extremely effective despite not even having any coordinating framework yet established. This is most definitely changing and the race is on between the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahabbists, Iranian Shiites and the Islamic State as to who will be the puppet master coordinating the terror actions throughout Europe and beyond into the Americas. Iran would be the most dangerous as they would necessarily require changing the dynamics of the entire equation proving to the vast number of Sunni Muslims that their Shiite form of Islam was the preeminent Islamic force and being led by the Mahdi or those sent to prepare for the Mahdi’s arrival which would need to also be sold as imminent. Of course this would require an entire propaganda coup making such an eventuality appear to be within the Iranian grasp but solely by its Shiite narrative within Islam thus giving the Shia Islam the claim of the right path following the strong horse. Until now the strong horse had always been Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Needless to point out, a nuclear armed Iran changes such a scenario once and for all or at the least until the leaders of Sunni Islam develop or procure their own nuclear weapons. Such weapons might very well be utilized by Bashir al-Assad as a final strike weapon of last resort. This is likely to be prevented by the fears of European national reaction which would agitate the European nations and potentially awaken them to the shocking and imminent threat they jointly face.


The Europeans and the Americans must open their eyes and realize that Islam is not a religion so much as it is a supremacist document replete with instruction to conquer the entirety of mankind, subjugate them to Islam and utilize Sharia to terrorize the masses of people into submission. There is a reason the Quran requires one to surrender to Islam. That is due to its all-encompassing directives about how to live every minute of one’s life. It invokes a class system which makes social advancement directly related to ones dedication to the precepts of Islam. Islamic teachers will tell people that it has always been the future of mankind and that none may escape the icy hand of Islam as it imposes its dominion over mankind. The ideals of Islam are totalitarian and are blatantly anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Buddhist, anti-Shinto and against every other religion and other governing structure which does not enforce Islam on all their subjects, their people. It can cause scientific stagnation and potentially lead to regressive scientific knowledge as in its most virulent form, the ones in use today in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State, Iran, Hamas, Erdogan and all too many others. The individuals attempting to mitigate some of the sharp shards enforced under Islam leads to physical sexual mutilation of women, suppression of all thoughts outside of the Quran and Muhammad’s life, bigamy, honor killing of female (and rare cases of male) members of a family who is believed to have committed a sexual act forbidden in Islam thus detracting from the family name thus requiring their murder, misogyny, slavery (still practiced in some Islamic communities), no religious freedoms, no freedom of speech, no free press or media, no individual liberty, no freedom of thought, the murder of all found to be living a gay or homosexual lifestyle, no deviation from the accepted lifestyle limitations as interpreted by the Imams (which can include bans on such activities as dancing, objectionable lyrics, music, movies, books other than the Quran, singing outside of prayer, clothing restrictions, hair style, beard requirements and other impingements on personal choice) and Islamic supremacy. Islam as it is being applied today is straightforwardly a geopolitical framework for world conquest and domination with no allowance for accepting any other religious or political system to exist throughout the entirety of the world. Islam is banned as a threat to peace, security and general happiness in several nations. It is banned as a practice, a religion, a governing format and is to be fought by these societies wherever it may attempt to root itself within their borders and the closing of exchange be it trade, commercial, movement of people and especially religious leaders as they view Islam as a threat to their way of life and the things they hold dear within their society. These nations also banned Communism for many of the same liberty crushing reasons. Islam demands complete world conquest and subjugation as part of its observance allowing for no other religion or ruling entity other than the Caliphate which is headed by the Mahdi, the supreme Islamic entity.


The Islamic final conquest of the world is currently preoccupied with Israel. Their main problem with Israel is multifaceted and starts with the fact that Israel is the land of the Jewish People, strike one. In Islam Judaism is the highest form of evil and must be stamped out. Their final world conquest begins with Israel as it sits on former Islamic lands, strike two. Finally, Israel has a strategic placement which sits at the crux, the joining lands of three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. Such a strongpoint must be taken before any real conquest of these three continents can be pursued. The Islamic phrase which captures their initial required conquest of Israel does not mention Israel and solely states in Sahih Muslim Book 041, Hadith Number 6985, “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” Note it says nothing about Israel, Judea, Jerusalem, al Quds, West Bank, Gaza or any other location but insists on the death for all Jews wherever they may be found and that the Earth herself will reveal the Jews who attempt to hide. One can assume that Islam would also look favorably on the destruction of any groves of Gharqad trees.


Four Examples of Vegetation Thought to Represent the Gharqad Trees Mentioned in Sahih Muslim Book 041, Hadith Number 6985

Four Examples of Vegetation Thought
to Represent the Gharqad Trees Mentioned
in Sahih Muslim Book 041, Hadith Number 6985


Lastly and in closing, allow us to quote Winston Churchill cited a passage said to have been taken from a speech by Churchill, as reproduced in his 1899 book The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan, spoke of Islam stating,


I am sending the attached short speech from Winston Churchill, delivered by him in 1899 when he was a young soldier and journalist. It probably sets out the current views of many but expressed in the wonderful Churchillian turn of phrase and use of the English language, of which he was a past master. Sir Winston Churchill was, without doubt, one of the greatest men of the late 19th and 20th centuries.

He was a brave young soldier, a brilliant journalist, an extraordinary politician and statesman, a Great War leader and Prime Minister, to whom the Western world must be forever in his debt. He was a prophet in his own time; He died on 24 January 1965, at the grand old age of 90 and, after a lifetime of service to his country, was accorded a State funeral.

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

“A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

“Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”


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