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October 14, 2016

UNESCO Continues the Lies


UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, recently proclaimed a historic revelation that the Jewish People have no historic connection to the Temple Mount. This is the Temple Mount where Herod extended the area building the modern walls in order to enlarge the area such that the Temple he built, the Second Temple, would stand in a large plaza making the building and its environs more grand. This is the same Mount Moriah where Solomon constructed the First Temple which was a wonder of the world of that era. This is the area which overlooked the city of David which is currently being archeologically and meticulously excavated and where numerous findings of ancient Jewish history from the First Temple era many providing proof almost word for word what was written in the Old Testament (see video below). But all this Jewish historical stuff is of no concern to the modern world of men of study and the deciders of truth, the new truth which bears an uncanny similarity to the “Big Lie” sold by the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels that the Jews have no real history and that by disowning the Jew the world would be free and all would become right with the world under the leaders of the Third Reich.



But who are the members and the ruling deciders of this great human endeavor known as UNESCO? The Organization claims to include have 195 Members and 10 Associate Members. A listing in alphabetical order can be found here and for the record they include Israel as a member state as well as Palestine. Looking a bit deeper into the organizations we find it had numerous field offices set up to oversee regional interests. There is one in Khartoum which oddly enough does not decide anything for Africa where the Sudan is located but instead decides for the Arab States. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of regional offices which are dedicated to the Arab States including one in the vicinity of Israel, Ramallah. There is no regional office in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv nor does any regional office list Israel amongst the nations they are responsible for looking out for her interests. Israel appears to be the sole nation in the world for whom no representation is provided in UNESCO, but my bet is they would claim that they are covered by the offices for Europe.


The offices for Europe are listed as covering Europe and North America and are located in these cities; Brussels, Geneva, New York and Venice. Our bet is that if one were to inquire as to whether any of these field offices is responsible for Israel their immediate answer would be no, that is part of the Middle East, and then perhaps look up in some book and reply, wait, it does say we are responsible for Israel in here, who knew? Just for the record, there are no offices responsible for the Middle East and all offices which one might suspect would be are instead labeled Arab States in order to separate their coverage of the Middle East and North Africa to include every state except Israel, specifically except Israel. Perhaps that explains why they are unaware of any Jewish claims, when Israel tries to protest they tell them to bring that up in their regional office of which they have none. Israel is not directly represented in UNESCO, which is the plain and simple truth. As Israel has no representation through any field office, there are no Jewish State interests which UNESCO could be said to cover or even hear about. This is nothing new to anybody following the machinations of UNESCO who will remember their insistence on admitting the country of Palestine and setting up a field office for now in their current temporary capital of Ramallah. The generous people at UNESCO also recognized that there is no Jewish history or attachment to Jerusalem, the Cave of the Patriarchs where Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah are buried and is located within a large rectangular Herodian-era Judean structure which has been since modified to sort of resemble a Saladin-era mosque.


The recording of this plot is in the Old Testament, the Torah, stated that Abraham bought the Cave of Machpelah as a burial place for his wife Sarah, Abraham did not argue or haggle on the price paying well above market price for this cave with the field of Ephron the Hittite outside Hevron. Abraham weighed to Ephron the silver, which he had named in the audience of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver. Abraham paid for the land and cave using foreign monies such that the cave and field were not bought with Canaanite currency thus it could not be claimed that Abraham was in any way just another Canaanite thus reinforcing a distinction Abraham made all his days that he was of a different people than those amongst whom he resided. Abraham even took care to find Isaac a wife from outside Canaan and from a member of the tribe, the family from which Abraham was descended, Laban, the son of Nahor, Sarah’s brother. This was the extent of Abraham specifying his separateness in Canaan for he had been told by Hashem that he was to be the father of a new tribe which was to be separate from all the existing tribes. Such was the beginning of the Israelites whose tribes of Judah and Benjamin and their Priestly class became known as Judeans and eventually simply Jews.


Back to UNESCO we find that Israel National Commission for UNESCO is listed, believe it or not, as a part of Europe and North America as their overseeing body. One can only wonder how that has been working out for Israel. Wait, we can attest to that, horribly. Piece-by-piece Israel is being parceled out of existence. The Cave of Machpelah, Kever (tomb) Yosef, Kever (tomb) Rachel, Temple Mount, Western Wall and other Jewish religious sites from antiquity, as distinct from Islam by approximately a thousand years have all been determined to be Islamic shrines, mosques, structures and their histories altered to match the Quranic version of the world. The Western Wall built by Herod in the times prior to the modern Western calendar was determined to have been built, likely by magic, just for Muhammad to get off his magical steed (horse) in order to mount another magical steed (also a horse) to fly into Heaven. One can only wonder why the steed which brought him from the regions of Mecca and Medina to Jerusalem and back within one night and leaving time for the other steed to take him on a journey where he spoke with every prophet, whose names Muhammad remembered from living amongst Jews and Christians, was unable to fly the entire distance using one magical steed. Also, Muhammad presumably traveled to Jerusalem which had the farthest mosque, the al-Aqsa Mosque, which was not built until 705 CE, many years after Muhammad had died and if his trip was to the farthest mosque even if not yet built, then why did he not fly to the al-Aqsa Mosque in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States? So many queries and so little time, and this one I know not the answer unless he actually went to the farthest mosque of the time which was some ninety miles north of Medina. More questions and we have no answers, how sad.


Al-Aqsa Mosque Temple Mount, Jerusalem Al-Aqsa Mosque Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Al-Aqsa Mosque Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Al-Aqsa Mosque Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Israel has come to understand UNESCO as well as the numerous other United Nations affiliated organizations and committees. There is the special place Israel has ensconced itself in the Human Rights Council which more often than not adopts some resolution at the majority, some have stated all, of their meetings no matter the reason the meeting was called. It is so nice to be appreciated (sarcasm alert) by some of the warmest and most just of UN committees. Sometimes we wonder for what reason is Israel even a member of the UN. Israel has never served on the Security Council and there had been plans for Israel to be the European and North American representative until Germany decided they wanted another turn. It still remains to see which country will be chosen through the United States, Mexico, Canada, Britain and the European Union members. Germany would be the safer of bets but weirder events have transpired in the past, so we will see. Taking the many tentacles of the UN and its two main bodies, the Security Council and the General Assembly, and peruse through their archives and one would be amazed at the frequency with which Israel is the topic of discussion and if not Israel then Jerusalem or any of the myriad of Israelite holy sites which are always defined as having no Jewish roots despite full knowledge of their true origins being of the Jewish Israelite people.


Arab World Showing Twenty-One of Twenty-Two States with Comoros Off the Map South of the Arabian Peninsula and Depicted Bright Blue the Sole Jewish State with Original Borders of Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea


To tell it as a story, imagine a visitor from another solar system would be given access to the UN records from all the various major agencies. They would likely average a guess that Israel is one of the most aggressive and threatening nations which has size, geographic area, military might and great resources in order to garner so much attention. Israel must be attempting to control the entire world and is literally squashing all who get in her path. Such a visitor when shown a map of the unfortunate Arab states which are all feeling so threatened from the nation of Israel located centrally within their area would suspect of seeing that these Arab nations must be a collection of smaller states which all neighbor Israel and are under near constant border trespass and are under great duress. Imagine their shock when shown the map of the Arab states and Israel and they are shown the map below. Their laughter and complete loss of understanding and complete incongruity would be amusing if it were not a situation so turned on its head. The Arab nations plus Iran are not threatened directly, indirectly or in any other way by Israel except that they have defined the mere existence of Israel as a mortal threat to their understanding of the world. But they also believe they are the rulers of the world and that the entire world should bend to their slightest of desires. The visitor would leave Earth fully believing that a full third tf not two thirds of the peoples on the planet they had visited were exhibiting some form of mental delusional sickness. They would be correct and the disease is known as creeping anti-Semitism. That is the truth behind so much and we would be hard pressed to find any other reason for Israel being the main target of every form of investigation of criminal acts by nations of the world. How else can the imbalance be explained as no nation could ever be as evil as Israel is portrayed and be so diminutive in size and still manage not to be crushed by one of the larger and more militarily powerful nations. This parting map tells the size story in its entirety.


Four Maps of Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and India with to scale map of Israel super-imposed for comparison on each map depicting her actual rather than perceived size.

Exactly How Small is Israel
A Comparison Against Four
Well Known Countries


Beyond the Cusp


November 28, 2015

Abbas, PLO, and the Endless News Cycle


Why does the world sympathize with the Arab side of things against Israel? Sheer volume of noise coming from Mahmoud Abbas, Dealer of Lies, alone even without including Bassem al-Tamimi and family with the endless incitement of the IDF every Friday; Saeb Erekat and his once or twice news condemning the Israelis for some super-critical impingement of the Arabs from some right or freedom; Marwan Barghouti and his updates on the horrific treatment of Arabs by the Jews from his almost country Club prison accommodations; the nearly endless parade of NGOs, Human Rights groups, media stringers feeding stories to the mainstream media usually at times most convenient for European news cycle with some intended attention to the United States media as well; independent research group hoping to find that singular item which propels them into the limelight; college or university campus holding demonstration against Israeli mistreatment, victimization, incarceration, crushing of spirit, demeaning or other Israeli criminal adventure against some innocent Arab; Independent research group reporting on Israeli crimes as fed them by Fatah Party; Yasser Abed Rabbo twice monthly complaint of Israeli criminal actions; Knesset Minister Zoabi or Tibi or other Arab or pro-Palestinian or Israeli leftist complaints against Netanyahu or other fascist government entity or group within the Knesset making their representing the Palestinian cause near impossible; or any number of Pallywood releases against Israel; governments imposing embargo, labeling, pulling from nation’s store shelves of Israeli products; the Israeli blood-libel or two of the week be it the old Israelis stealing organs and limbs from bodies of terrorists, who died while conducting attacks on Israeli civilians, returned to PA; and lastly the denial of some Arab’s right to free expression by ramming their vehicle into crowded bus stop or bombing some Pizza Parlor.


Every single story which conceivably might have occurred with film showing the action of the complaint is immediately sucked up by some European media outlet or leftist United States media and then this one story is repeated day after day as it winds its way to production with each rendition of the story having ‘new’ details as reported by some obscure but Arab sounding name at least once every other month. I have lost count of the number of times beautiful blue eyes have been removed from some Arab corpses and replaced with the brown eyes from the Israeli wanting the blue eyes but the sister, brother, mother but rarely father (not quite sympathy grabbing as the other options) remembering solemnly and tearfully how they loved their son, brother or whatever relation, eyes switched before turning them over to the Arab PA officials which is provable by the sheer numbers of Jews with blue eyes as if it were impossible for a Jew to have blue eyes (and I assure all that my blue eyes are original equipment for my body and have been blue since my birth) though apparently fairly common for Arabs. But the volume of complaints, charges, demands and endless cycling of condemnations of Israel, Netanyahu, the Zionist criminal of the week, crime against Arab of the moment, demand for recognition, denunciation of the heartless Zionists, settler story, stolen fruit from Arab grove which the Israeli was seen stealing the fruit after tilling, planting, pruning and all other care but the reaping the fruit was one thing too many, after all, what did the Israeli expect living beyond the all-important Green Line.



Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis

Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council
Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis



Never mind the realities that even if the Jews generally, the Israeli government, or any Israeli politician or activist particularly, attempted to file a report and seek an interview to state their case in some similar story that nary a reporter would even bother to file a report without them needfully being vetted and validated and then questioned by their being asked some pertinent question starting with a statement as if it were fact followed by this ending, ‘and how long had that illicit torturing of Arab babies been happening and when do you plan to ever stop such acts?’ The propagation of almost exclusively the Arab narratives, and the most radical stories always have some victim who was now forced from their home overlooking the Sea of Galilee and are now forced to reside in their main much less roomy home, please do not remind all the second house is a villa on a mountain top with only a dirt driveway reaching the front door (the implication is undeniable that the Israelis were the reason why there was no paved road). Such is the reporting news cycle after news cycle. If you do not believe us then please try this little experiment, it is a rather easy experiment; first choose a leftist newspaper such as the New York Times or television news such as CNN or some easily identified newswire such as AFP (Agency France Press) or radio on the hour news such as the BBC or even a leftist Israeli newspaper such as Haaretz and simply tally the number of stories filed, one can even restrict their search to front page above the fold newspapers that way they need not actually buy any newspaper as they can read that much simply browsing newspapers at the stand without purchasing one. Now that you have your sources all you need do is to log reports in the main section and grade each from a one to a nine where one is heavily pro-Israel and nine pro-Arab and do this until you have collected one-hundred stories which usually will take about eight weeks or so and you will have your data, the lengthier the sampling period the more accurate the results. All one need do is add together all the scores and then divide that by the number of stories and then you will have your newspaper’s honest reporting quotient which can be rated as follows; a score of one to two and the news source is untrustworthy as they are whitewashing everything using a strongly pro-Israel position; from three and a half down to but not equaling two the news is definitely slanted towards Israel; from higher than three and a half to four the news is slanted towards Israel; if your news hits the sweet spot of between four to five then your news is respectfully reporting on both sides, but such a source would be difficult to find as even here we slant towards Israel while trying to give credit and criticism where demanded; from five to almost six and a half the news is slanted towards the Arabs; from six and a half to almost eight the news is slanted pretty far towards the Arab side; from eight to nine, the news source is untrustworthy as they are whitewashing everything using a strongly pro-Arab position.



Prayers offerred at Kever Yoseph



With all of that out of the way, now we can, each and every one of us, can grade our news services by their printed, spoken words. Truth be told, we all know on which side our bread is buttered and towards which end of the political spectrum our news sources slant the news and we would like to think that our readers know we support Israel but endeavor to call things straight up reporting on Israeli aggressions just as we do Arab Palestinian aggressions. As with many news services the slant comes just as much on how we represent our side and how we admit to the truths presented from the other side.


We report a lot on what President/Chairman/and whatever other titles he has taken Abbas quotes simply because he provides new material far more frequently than does any other person we cover and often says things with which we disagree and thus we try to refute those positions he takes which we find dishonest. We also attempt to present facts with links where such are found. Some of the statements made about Israel simply make no sense at all considering the facts. The statements that the Israelis are threatening to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque are ludicrous and when the rebuilding of an ancient synagogue which was gutted and left to fall by the Jordanians as they did to for too many Jewish religious sites after their gains made taking Israeli lands of Judea and Samaria as well as East Jerusalem in the 1948-9 war for the annihilation of Israel and her people led by the Mufti of Jerusalem; the same war the Israelis emphasize as their War of Independence as they knew if they had lost the war outright instead of losing some territory, though much of the territories lost held either great historic and religious importance as well as tactical importance, there would have been no Israel and another Holocaust, though of lesser magnitude, would surely have ensued. Perhaps we could look at some of these as Mahmoud Abbas claims all of these sites as being exclusively Arab and/or Muslim sites. The Cave of Machpelah (also called Cave of the Patriarchs as it is the cave holding the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah. It sits in its subterranean areas under a building built by Herod the Great, a large, rectangular enclosure over the caves, the only fully surviving Herodian structure from the period of Hellenistic Judaism. Herod’s building, with 6-foot-thick stone walls made from stones that were at least 3 feet (0.91 m) tall and sometimes reach a length of 24 feet. Muslims added a roof and renamed this Jewish holy site the Ibrahimi Mosque. Additionally are Kever Rachel (Tomb of Rachael) north of Bethlehem and Kever Yoseph (Tomb of Joseph). There had been numerous Synagogues of which any were located on the Old City of Jerusalem and thus were conquered and held under occupation by the Jordanians who destroyed the vast number of these centers for prayers and learning.



Destroyed Josephs tome after Palestinian assault and the tortured death of IDF soldier Palestinians allowed to bleed to death



This is another of Mahmoud Abbas’s favorite areas to make grand statements denying the Jewish holy sites and along with that denial he denies there having ever been any holy sites for the Jewish people in all of Israel and goes further claiming that the Jews who returned to Israel were not even the original Israeli Jews but rather some sect of Europeans who converted to Judaism though this is a common libel against European Jews. One need also remember that Mahmoud Abbas was awarded his doctoral degree based on his study which proved that the Holocaust never happened and that only a small number of Jews were ever used for labor or simply murdered claiming instead that the entire idea of a Holocaust was perpetrated by the Jews and Nazis so as to be able to conquer the world together. Abbas was amongst the Arab officials who perpetrated the Jenin slaughter which even a United Nations investigation proved was not the case and that the majority of those who died in Jenin were actually fighters from both sides. Abbas had been known to also give credence to the idea that Israelis murdered Yasser Arafat and that Arafat’s death was anything but due to natural causes or a natural result of Arafat’s life style. Personally, my thought is that often when one lives for seventy-five years it is entirely possible they died of being seventy-five years old as not all of us are permitted a life reaching to one-hundred-twenty years. Unfortunately, all too often much of what Mahmoud Abbas claims are simply spun from the same cloth as were the Emperor’s new clothes yet just as all were far too scared of what the Emperor might do if they revealed the truth so nobody was willing to step forth and tell the Emperor that he had been played for the fool and that he was parading about the city in his royal undergarments. I keep waiting for someone with a decently loud voice to carry the message far and wide that the Emperor is wearing no clothes and that Abbas spins tales of woe and incitements to murder just as he lies claiming that he is the one true peace-seeker despite turning down peace agreement after proposed agreement always without a counter demand as he fears that he will demand too little one day and the Israelis will accept and then he will find himself in the same trap that Arafat found himself almost trapped.


Along these lines, Abbas recently outed himself in a rare moment of crystal clear truth sneaking its way out his mouth when he stated he had refused an agreement offered by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert which granted him virtually everything he had ever claimed to want in order to make peace. This admission is the real truth which Abbas skirts around like a professional ice skater pirouetting around the elephant in the middle of the ice rink, a large pink and orange stripped elephant which can actually speak one phrase over and over while Abbas continues to skate. The phrase the elephant speaks as Abbas twirls and jumps making a great spectacle stating, “Slow down and make peace before you trip and fall getting hurt and the peace walks away as do all elephants on the room or on the rink if you ignore their proffers one too many times.” The problem is Abbas claims that even should he agree to make peace, peace does not include surrendering the Arab claim to all the lands and their struggle to replace Israel with Palestine, not share the lands. That is the definitive problem, which Abbas wants to continue the struggle indefinitely which will only lead to one final outcome, the Arabs receiving nothing and being forced from the lands of Israel, all of Israel. Abbas knows the reality is that all the lands are Israel under International Law and that the occupying entity are the Arabs who refuse to recognize Israeli rule or who wish to overthrow the government of Israel and slaughter the Jews taking their lands. This dream that they will possess all the land will lead to their residing on none of the land as if they insist there can be only one nation, then so be it and may we observe the admonitions of Torah and make every inch of the lands given to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob be settled and the claims settled once and for all if it is to be all or none, we will take all and Abbas will have let his people down as he could have had so much and his risky game will result in no land for the Arabs who oppose Israel and the national home to the Jewish People from ancient history our return had been known, prophesized; and going against the prophets is a very risky business.



This is the model of the plans for the restoration and rebuild of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. The Synagogue was originally constructed in the 1860s and was destroyed when the Jordanians dynamited the original Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue along with virtually every other religious or significantly Jewish building in all ot Eastern Jerusalem which includes the entirety of the Old City Jerusalem which includes structures over two thousands of years in age and other built throughout the centuries. These destructions were wanton, senseless, vile acts for which there was no outcry in 1948 as the world turned a blind eye as has proven to be the reaction to virtually every terrorist or destructive act towards Israel and particularly the Jews residing therein.

This is the model of the plans for the restoration and rebuild of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. The Synagogue was originally constructed in the 1860s and was destroyed when the Jordanians dynamited the original Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue along with virtually every other religious or significantly Jewish building in all ot Eastern Jerusalem which includes the entirety of the Old City Jerusalem which includes structures over two thousands of years in age and other built throughout the centuries. These destructions were wanton, senseless, vile acts for which there was no outcry in 1948 as the world turned a blind eye as has proven to be the reaction to virtually every terrorist or destructive act towards Israel and particularly the Jews residing therein.


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