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September 23, 2015

Next Year in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount


The people behind the decision not to permit the Birkat Moshe Yeshiva from Ma’ale Adumim to go up on the Temple Mount as they have done the morning before Yom Kippur as part of an annual tradition dating back years, if not decades, should hang their heads in shame. To prevent these students to experience the momentous occasion of ascending to the Temple Mount as they have done for years and many had anticipated the great feelings of holiness which would accompany such a visitation is bordering on criminal. The excuse given was even more of an embarrassment for the State of Israel than anything I can think of in recent history. To tell these students that they are not to be able to observe what for them is a ritual that accompanies their High Holiday traditions because the Muslims have been staging riots and the police are unsure if they could guarantee their safety is ludicrous. The Yeshiva had made all the proper arrangements, they had the official documents permitting their ascension to the Temple Mount and the police had plenty of warning and if they were unprepared, then they should have contacted their supervisors and either gotten additional police or IDF soldiers, whatever it would take for these youths to have the government’s promises kept. This was inexcusable.



Temple Institute concept for what building the Third Temple in modern day Jerusalem would appear like from a distance with modern buildings of Jerusalem in the background. May their vision and this concept figure become fact and fulfill our desires for unity and a single Temple and House for Hashem in our midst. May this dream be fulfilled before the next Ninth of Av so our lament will be lessened.

Temple Institute concept for what building the Third Temple in modern day Jerusalem would appear like from a distance with modern buildings of Jerusalem in the background. May their vision and this concept figure become fact and fulfill our desires for unity and a single Temple and House for Hashem in our midst. May this dream be fulfilled before the next Ninth of Av so our lament will be lessened.



The entire manner in which the government has treated the entire embarrassment where Jews are forbidden to enter the Temple Mount because old women might screech at them, that Jews must be rationed going onto the Temple Mount because there is no manner of security if they were permitted free access and that rioting Muslims can determine the access afforded Israeli citizens regardless of their religion from free access to the holiest ground in all of Israel is the culmination of timidity and an emasculated governance. The time is now to tear up any agreement which places a foreign entity in charge of the Temple Mount. Allowing Jordan to rule the Temple Mount is the same as if Saudi Arabia allowed Tehran to control the Ka’aba in Mecca or the United States to permit the British to control who has access and how many Americans can visit the Washington Mall and all the monuments therein. The Temple Mount is and should always be the holiest monument which must be open and freely accessed by Jews and all others wishing to witness the closeness and holy aura which permeates the grounds. Anything less in a free and democratic state is paramount to dictatorial powers being handed to a foreign sovereign making them the master of these holy grounds and just the latest in the stream of pathetic signs that Israel is so unrighteously worried and fretting over the opinions of those either friend or enemy which seek to commit us to an enslaved mentality unrighteously subservient to the whims and edicts from outside our borders. This embarrassment must be terminated and the agreement placing the Waqf as the rule and sovereign over grounds holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims is positively ludicrous.



Ka'aba in Mecca is holiest Islamic site in the world definitively holier than Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is the holiest place for Jews alone.

Ka’aba in Mecca is holiest Islamic site in the world definitively holier than Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is the holiest place for Jews alone.



What need be done is to make the Waqf responsible and with absolute authority over the Islamic holy places on the Temple Mount, the Christians can also have a committee, body, or whatever they decide as their absolute authority over the Christian places on the Temple Mount and the Rabbinate in charge of the Jewish holy places on the Temple Mount and the areas which are more than ten meters from any holy building are free areas subject to the same restrictions as any other public monument in the world and with final authority belonging to law enforcement or military or whatever force is necessary to guarantee open and free access to the Temple Mount for all people of all or even no faith to visit and marvel at the wonder that is the Temple Mount. Any further building, antiquity recovery, archeology, or other action, digging, erecting or modification outside of those performed within the current structures, this does not permit expanding the footprint or enlarging any building or enclosed areas to be subjected to whatever applicable codes and restriction the Israeli government or Jerusalem government may choose to enforce. Should Israel decide in a democratic manner to approve the building of the Third Temple and decide the site to be upon the Temple Mount, a site which would by name imply it was made for such a structure, then it should be built with whatever footprint is approved and constructed observing all building codes and in any manner which is considered appropriate under one overarching restriction that it not be placed within some predetermined distance which will be imposed upon all religious and other structures raised on the Temple Mount such as to preserve the accessibility, balance of open spaces versus structures and other determinations which would be considered appropriate and acceptable. Obviously, building a structure which is fifty stories tall would not be befitting the Temple Mount as the structures residing on the Temple Mount are religious monuments and not office buildings or sky scrapers.



Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone

Bethlehem is one of the holy places of Christian history and arguably equal to Jerusalem yet the Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews alone



As far as access to the Temple Mount and upkeep of entrances, all should be made available to all of the public with universal restrictions limiting all such as having hours of operation and when the Temple Mount is closed for the evening nobody should be permitted to enter the area and all entrances should have guards to enforce the hours of operations. When holy days for each of the religions requiring their use of their places on the Temple Mount should be given preferences within limitations where it does not interfere with the general public’s rights to visit the Temple Mount and if there are requirements for nighttime services or observances, such should be afforded as long as such requests are for special occasions and not simply requests made to attempt to compromise the access by the rest of the public. The three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, must treat each other with the same reverence they wish for the others to afford them. None should be able to raise their control over the Temple Mount such that it becomes dominant over the others and no hierarchy should be permitted. This is the exact opposite as currently exists. That needs to end and end immediately.



Temple Mount with extension to make sufficient room for the Thirs Temple to hace its own plaza as displayed at far end of plaza



Order must be enforced at all times and there should be no tolerance of attempts to intimidate, harass, assault, deter or otherwise compromise the freedoms of others to visit, pray, marvel and even visit within the Holy Places with obvious restraints being in place as per the directives of each religion. For example, if the Islamic faith does not permit unbelievers from entering their Mosques on the Temple Mount, then that must be respected just as if the Christians refused to allow unbelievers rights to their Churches or the Jews restricting visitation to the Temple (once it might be built) to just the Priests except for a small public area, then any and all of such restrictions are to be included within the rules governing behavior on the Temple Mount. What cannot be permitted is for any religion to claim that the entirety of the grounds are holy unto them and to them and them alone are free access to be granted as that is totally unacceptable. These changes need to come about as quickly as possible and the current situation which has come to a head where something has to give is the perfect opportunity to alter the entirety of the balance of power regarding the Temple Mount. Make and preserve the Temple Mount a holy place where any and all may experience a holy visit or simply for tourists to take in the ambiance and holy feel of the Temple Mount. The preservation of this special place and the making it a place for all people to come and find their own holy experience or just a feeling of the historical significance of the Temple Mount, a center of religious experience for close to if not over three-thousand-years, should be the singular goal for the Israeli and for Jewish leadership over this first year after the Sabbath Year, the Shmita (Hebrew: שמיטה). Don’t you feel it is time for this to become the holy monument to all for the remainder of time? We know we think it should; and the sooner the better.


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September 12, 2015

Obama and Abbas to Start Israel Concessions Drive


Now that President Obama has cowed Congressional Senators and a fair number of Representatives into not opposing the Iran deal which was already forced down the throat of all Americans from President Obama taking an end run around Congress by using the Security Council as his enforcer drone making any opposition by Congress a mute matter. Once President Obama had his Chapter Seven United Nations Security Council Resolution giving a huge “Amen” to the Iran deal and side deals making them ‘Kosher’ and imposed upon a largely sleeping and uncaring world, Congress, even if they stopped the deal presumably by overriding a Presidential veto, was powerless to prevent the Iran deal being enforced on the United States. Even if Congress were to impeach President Obama for going to the United Nations as a get around on Congress, the Chapter Seven Resolution would still be enforceable and even with a willing President in the White House, without another repealing vote by the Security Council, the Iran deal is the law of the land as all Chapter Seven Resolutions are enforceable on United Nations members as long as they remain in the United Nations and enforceable even on those who are not members by force of arms by the permanent members of the Security Council and whichever nations they can get to join them. This is one of the fears Israel faces which are the arguments for their remaining in the United Nations as that gives them some influence just for being a part of the discussion and might make some nations to think twice before condemning Israel.


With Mahmoud Abbas basically remaining silent while he has had a number of subordinates trot out the idea that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is about to announce at the United Nations Opening Session Ceremonies that they are disbanding the PA and rejecting the Oslo Accords as unproductive and simply going to announce that the nation of Palestine, thanks to gifts which keep on giving from the United Nations General Assembly and NGOs, is declaring themselves as an occupied nation and petitioning the world to assist them in forcing the occupier from their lands. This threat will be leveraged by President Obama in any meeting he can force between now and then, even if he has to phone Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu twice a day, and three times on Sabbath, either forcing a meeting or simply announcing that he has discussed how Israel would be best served by reinitiating the Peace Process and will be required to make a grand sacrifice in order to get the Palestinians to reenter negotiations as the Palestinian Arab leadership has lost all hope in negotiations. This has been the scene which has played out every off-election year in the United States and the result has been exactly identical under Prime Minister Netanyahu as it has under every other Prime Minister (all of which were Labor leftists except for Prime Minister Sharon who already had collapsed before pressures and disengaged from Gaza which ultimately led to rocket madness with Hamas taking those lands) since the 1993 Oslo Accords were signed. So, in the interest of history remembered possibly being history not repeated, let’s take a look at what these grand sacrifices have produced for Israel since 1993.


The most obvious change since 1993 was the formalizing of the treacherous concept that Israel could trade “Land for Peace” and that this concept was also the way to reach a final accord with the Palestinians Arabs. So every time there were new talks or rumblings of Arabs going to the United Nations, where the Arab League and Unaligned Nations hold a majority in the General Assembly, it has resulted in a minimum of one-hundred out of one-hundred-ninety-three votes against Israel and supporting Arab Palestinian causes, which is why Israel has been denounced by the General Assembly and has been so willing to take steps to appease this “Land for Peace” threat in order to presumably give cover for the United States in the Security Council to fight against any Chapter Seven Resolutions from forcing Israel into a corner or facing military force used by the permanent members by using their veto if required. This had been the latest additional Sword of Damocles hanging over Israel held by President Obama who has more than any President, even George H. W. Bush (Bush Sr.), threatening to withhold the Security Council Veto and allowing the full weight of the United Nations from striking at Israel and forcing them to defend their entire nation from an assault by the remainder of the world, including the United States and the other four permanent members of the Security Council (Russia, China, France, and Britain) from invading with whatever Arabs felt like getting in on the fun and presumed defeat of the ‘Zionist Entity’ by the world at large. So we are now entering the Obama-Abbas Threatening Zone where anything can be demanded and every potential sacrifice threateningly paraded as potential demands eventually weakening the will of the Israeli Prime Minister and the Knesset allowing for grand sacrifices to be extracted.



Obama and Abbas together again and plotting on what to hatch on Netanyahu who is necessarily wary


One has to wonder what an Israeli Prime Minister might be capable of doing in order to counter such a unified threat coming with all sides, even Israeli (quote) friends (unquote) urging that Israel make some grand sacrifice as it is for peace. Somehow they always seem to get Israel when it is for Peace. One will note that they seldom claim it is do this or face complete annihilation. No, they always couch it as for peace. Even the Israelis who fought to have Oslo Accords implemented promised peace. They scream and promise peace, peace, yet there is no peace. And why is there no peace if Israel has regularly backed further into an indefensible corner for peace has peace not developed? Well, because the Arab Palestinians do not desire peace, they desire and will only accept a dead corpse of Israel with six million plus dead Jews as the cherry on top. The Palestinians have refused every offer even one which had been proposed under what Arafat, remember their arch terror leader, Arafat had stipulated the Arabs would accept only to have Arafat stomp indignantly from the next morning’s talks in Paris when President Clinton stated that the Israelis had agreed to release almost ninety-five percent of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), all of Gaza and even split Jerusalem in half allowing for the Eastern portion of Jerusalem to serve as the Palestinian Capital City just as Arafat had demanded the night before to President Clinton as acceptable. So, we have seen the truth of the hand the Arab Palestinians are demanding, even if Israel meets their demands they will walk away and instigate another intifada and blame it on Israel for not making peace. So, what is Israel to do, especially looking down the threats of an adversarial America President?


This is where Israel needs to look at past performances and what those brought. Even with George W. Bush (Bush Jr.) and Bill Clinton in the White House, two of the most pro-Israel Presidents if we are to believe history, and see what working with these brought. Under the assistance of President Clinton the Israelis were steered from the signing of Oslo Accords which defined Area A as Arab, Area C as Israeli and Area B as to be determined and divided as acceptable to each side, where now we have reached the point where Area A and Area B are now Arab, ninety percent of Area C is Arab including east Jerusalem and that is considered a starting point for more concessions and still is insufficient to make peace. One might look at that and believe that President Clinton was the Israelis greatest enemy yet in Israel he was seen as a misguided fool no worse than the Israeli Prime Ministers he worked with, or against as when he worked desperately through all channels to get one Israeli Prime Minister defeated in order to be the one who forged the peace and even after replacing Netanyahu with Ehud Barak, he could not force Arafat to make peace. Israel was not the problem here. Then under President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon gave away the entirety of Gaza so that the Arabs could prove they could live in peace besides Israel. All it proved was that the Arabs were not willing to live in peace next to Israel but such was still ignored and the United States basically claimed that if Israel were to now surrender all of Judea, Samaria and half of Jerusalem then there would be peace and an end to rockets falling on Israeli communities. Does anybody honestly believe this tripe?


Where all this is leading is obvious even to the most casual observer, yet all ignore the obvious and press forever onward. The problem is there are no casual observers. The United States leadership want to be the ones to have made peace no matter the cost, the Arabs want Israel destroyed no matter how long it takes, and the Israelis just want peace and to get on with their lives without the constant threat of war and terrorism. The problem is that there is no break in this viscous cycle which goes like this, the Arabs demand concessions of Israel to restart talks, the Americans force an Israeli sacrifice, the talks start, the Palestinians demand more and more concessions until everything breaks down, the Americans demand more and more until they realize they are demanding too much and they stop and the Arabs walk out or Israel meets some demand completely and the Arabs walk away or Israel finally says no and the Arabs scream foul and walk away demanding the world punish Israel and then the world punishes Israel, if only they would not do so with such zeal. The constants are the Arabs demanding more and the Arabs eventually walking away when the world refuses to completely destroy Israel for them. Eventually the world will tire of this stupid game and simply decide that it is not worth any more efforts on their behalf and demand that Israel surrenders. What, you’re surprised? Remember that Israel simply desires to live at peace, make wondrous discoveries and inventions in agriculture, medicine, physics, chemistry and every other field of human endeavor except one, violence against their fellow man while the Arabs are proficient in one thing above all else, and this is not a slam against the vast majority of Arabs who prefer to live their lives in peace and at peace with their fellow man, is threats and acts of violence. Eighty percent or more of the current wars on earth have as at least one of the sides as an Arab nation or Arab terrorism being the driving force. The greatest conflagrations currently is in Syria where Arabs and their allies have flocked from the world over to engage in a multifaceted war where there are at a minimum five groups engaged in mutual destruction including but not limited to, Bashir al-Assad and the remnants of the Syrian military, Hezballah, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Iran and Russia. Violence continues across Iraq, in Yemen, in the Sinai Peninsula, between the two sides in Sudan despite the presumed settling of that conflict with the establishing of South Sudan, in Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon and their neighbors falling within the violence by Boko Haram and one could continue on.


So, how will Israel extricate themselves from this viscous circle of destruction? The only answer is strength. We look at the one consistent item which should convince Israel that they must break free of this is that even those presumably acting in concert with Israel to produce peace only end up demanding more from Israel and delivering nothing ever in return except more demands. Israel must stand and scream out, “No more!” Israel must set what is in her best interest, even if taking all of Judea and Samaria and annexing them and finalizing the annexation of the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and all of Jerusalem and declare Jerusalem as it one and only Capital City and invite all nations to join in building an international zone where they will all build new embassies and a grand meeting place where all nations can come and participate in forging peace elsewhere in the world as Israel has always been and remains the nation that had sought peace even to their own detriment. The Arabs residing in Judea and Samaria should be given semiautonomous governance over their cities where they already hold such under the condition that all holy places as recognized by the Israeli government must be respected, remain open to all visitors and all who wish to pray at these sites can do so without any fears of violence. The Israeli security forces will see that such is the case and will act to prevent any act of violence by whatever means are required. The Arabs may become Israeli citizens with full rights and responsibilities through an established series of requirements beginning with their signing a loyalty oath with the understanding that any abrogation of this oath will result in their facing either a minimum ten years in prison or exile from Israel never to be permitted to return under threat of double the ten years in prison followed by exile. Any Arab caught in an act of terror will also face the same punishment as their loyalty oath will be judged to have been taken in bad faith and under the guise of deceit. The school systems will come under Israeli education department with the application of the same expectations and curriculum as any other Israeli academy. Islamic schools will be permitted and treated equally as are Yeshiva Jewish schools when it comes to curriculum and requirements. There will be some period of adjustment but with time and patient efforts and with proof of receiving equality before the law and equality and acceptance as time passes and wounds heal these lands and people will be accepted as full citizens with full and equal rights, some might even claim superior rights than they were afforded under the rule of the PA as the PA ceased having elections as soon as Abbas realized he could no longer control the outcome. Israel has no other manner to end the constant attempts at terrorism, rocket firing, stabbing, rock attacks and worse.


There is another reason which, unless one watches the media with great enthusiasm even including numerous Israeli sources, will pass unnoticed but the horrific effects will still be inflicted as the levels of violence and terrorist strikes will ramp up heading through the month and will be used by the Arabs and Americans as the reason that Israel must capitulate and make a grand concessions which will include but not be limited to any and all expectations the Arabs believed were theirs for the taking plus a complete new set of demands which they offer as the opening salvo in this year’s let’s see what the American fools will work with us to force Israelis to surrender in the name of the peace we will never make. Maybe this will be the year and the right leader in the White House to grant us final victory and defeat the Zionist Entity for us as we are unable of doing these ourselves. For this reason and as a stance taken for peace and the end of the farcical set of ruses which are passed off as the Oslo Accords and the path to peace, Israel must bring this circus to an end and take its own path to peace. When the world screams that Israel must return such of the lands they occupied after the Sex Day War, Israel must reply, “We have returned the vast majority of the lands we occupied. As far as Judea and Samaria, these we liberated from Jordanian occupation from the 1948-9 War of Annihilation which the Arabs gained these lands through their aggressions and held illegally. The Jordan River is our rightful and legal border and those Jordanian citizens who were moved into these lands are here illegally but we will grant them the same offers we offer the indigenous Arabs as Israeli is more than fair. As for what we will keep to assure our ability to defend our borders, we will keep the Golan Heights. Remember this above all else, we held the Sinai Peninsula and for some years the border of Egypt and Israel was the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, so do not even begin with Israel must surrender most of the occupied lands as we did so when we reached our peace with Egypt. This we do in the name of peace and if allowed to work through some difficulties we will have a peace that makes all satisfied and equality will reign within our borders for all our citizens and we will even grant better conditions for those who choose to remain as foreign residents within our borders as Israel is an open and equal society. But as Oslo Accords were used purely as a bludgeon, a cudgel to attempt to beat the life from Israel’s borders and crush the spirit of the Israeli people and to which we say, this weapon that used the name of peace in a blasphemous manner is no more and instead truth will be the weapon with which Israel will enforce a new peace, a workable peace while demanding no more and no less than was promised us through treaty and International Law, so be warned that this is the end and the rightfulness of this end. That is what Israel need do and anything less will result in an eventual war where too many will die needlessly as this option remains open and the only other option the Arabs have offered up is a great conflagration where either the Jews are mercilessly slaughtered or the world finally grants Israel her peace and secured borders as we now define such.


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September 2, 2015

Iran Should Not Have Been Partisan Enactment


The Iran Nuclear Treaty has reached its inevitable conclusion. There was a hint of excitement after Chuck Schumer announced he would vote against the Iran Nuclear Treaty and then the let-down as he then announced he would not be lobbying against the bill leaving all pressures on the Democrat side to emanate from the White House. So, this is a non-partisan act, turning a process on its head by claiming that the Iranian Nuclear Treaty was not to be introduced to the Senate for ratification because Emperor Obama did not feel like he had to submit his imperial decrees to the Congress as he was in his last two years and did not need to submit to such banal courtesies. So here we are just as it was for the Universal Healthcare Imperial Decree, we have the Imperial Iranian Nuclear Treaty which the President, oops, sorry, Emperor decreed that in order to prevent him from simply making a decree, the Congress would need to pass legislation blocking his decree which the Emperor would veto and if the Congress would manage for both Houses to override the Veto he would probably have ignored them and continued on down the Road to Perdition. So as the Imperial President has intimidated sufficient members of his Democrat Party to vote as he has decreed; they should, if they know what’s good for them and do not wish for his decree to send them to the Western Front or the Hinterlands to rot in political obscurity no longer mentionable in polite conversation, the Iran Nuclear Treaty will be passed and all aid necessary or even remotely possible will be granted to Iran as they are escorted to a nuclear weapons giant among nations.


Just like Obamacare we now also have Obama Nuclearized Iran which will lord over the Middle East and once they have neutralized the United States, likely to be performed after the next election but before Inauguration Day for tactical reasons, they will move across Europe and North Africa and from there South America and eventually Russia and China. So, get your prayer rugs cleaned and start practicing the Five Pillars of Islam if you plan on avoiding the reeducation camps. Men, stop shaving and women, well, I’m not sure what advice to give there. No, don’t worry. This is something to be celebrated. Emperor Obama has wanted to reach out to the Iranian leadership and grant them universal acceptance. If only he had gotten his priorities right. I am willing to bet, even if I lose, that President Obama was told he would get universal acclaim if he managed to increase the United States universal acceptance in the world over and prevent the Iranian leadership from acquiring a successful nuclear program; Emperor Obama got confused and forced Universal Healthcare on America and granted the Iran leadership the necessary acceptance and trust needed to complete their nuclear program. That has to be what has happened because the only other option is that President Obama intentionally destroyed the greatest healthcare system in the world and made becoming a physician no longer a desirable path and blessed Iran with a path to nuclear weapons with the full protection of the United States which would pull all military assets a safe distance from Iran to assure they could proceed unobstructed to build a nuclear stockpile of weapons and deliverable ICBMs so they could share their newly built warheads.


I had originally told friends and others something which cost me some of those friends as they claimed I was the worst kind of hater, a racist. I had claimed that President Obama was going to be Jimmy Carter on steroids. I must admit I only got it half right. I should have included that he was Jimmy Carter on steroids on domestic policy and had really outdone President Carter in foreign policy by such a degree as to qualify for Neville Chamberlin on foreign policy and preventing the next World War. I am disheartened to see that politics in the once great nation of the United States has been reduced to partisan warfare where there can never be any compromises and everything is run by the most extreme ideologues. This is the place the United States has sunk, that the Party comes before the safety and rationality does not count when Party loyalty is placed as the reason for political votes.



I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!



There is nothing much to add. The world has spiraled beyond control and entered the Twilight Zone and we have all gone through the foggy haze into a new Bizarro World where everything is upside down. I’m half expecting a rabbit running on its hind legs wearing a vest to run past me, stop and pull out his pocket watch, look at me and exclaim, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!” and to then disappear down the rabbit hole. What is worse is I think we have all followed that wonderful fuzzball down that hole and things are only going to get further from what many of us have thought of as reality from here on until the entire house of cards collapses in on us. Good luck my friends and be careful out there, it has gotten very strange and dangerous with sanity at historically low levels, especially in Washington, a place known for having a dearth for sanity and now it has an excess of insanity. Where have we voted ourselves and when will this ride slowly grind to a halt so we can get off? More fun and games right here for tomorrow.



Entering the Twilight Zone

Entering the Twilight Zone



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Update Update Update:


On our article Neutered IDF Lost Control of Soldier to Leftist Instigated Clash where we chose two frames from the video from the entire confrontation as provided by the provocateurs’ video and in first picture circled and second pointed him out with an arrow describing him as “wearing a blue-grey T-shirt, baseball cap and with a large backpack strapped on his back” and lo and behold, this person we suspected was suspicious and there was something troubling about his presence turns out is so much more. Here is the picture below from an article about “our friend” from Arutz Sheva titled ‘Don’t Fire the Teacher – Jail Him’ which has the teacher circled in their picture which was likely from IDF stock as they had a photographer on scene to validate claims and to be able to prove actions taken were ‘kosher’. Here is their picture.



You saw and heard about him first right here Neutered IDF Lost Control of Soldier to Leftist Instigated Clash

You saw and heard about him first right here Neutered IDF Lost Control of Soldier to Leftist Instigated Clash



Well, I guess we got lucky and he was a person of particular interest, a suspect you might even say.


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