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May 14, 2016

How Democracy Dies in Israel


Though we had discussed thoughts of this nature we could only obliquely refer to our suspicions but thanks to Caroline B. Glick for her article which is the meat of our commentary and worth reading as her manner and ability to cut to the bone and serve the meat on any subject is particularly poignant and we would feel as if we had deprived our readers of every morsel and fact within her article The Fruits of Subversion which we read in Jewish World Review which is one of many places where Carolyn Glick can be found. The discussion we will attempt will be to delve into some of the ramifications; both the potential, and the other simply dread and hopefully never come to pass. Needless to point out, adding to a Caroline B. Glick article is not a task for the queasy and in this endeavor failure is not only an option but even a probability. I guess by now we can simply assume that Caroline B. Glick is a reporter and editorialist extraordinaire whom we hold in high esteem. Now let us proceed and try and tackle this not so simple task and hope for the best.


There has been a shadow government operating in concert with the administration of a foreign power, that of President Barack Obama and the United States Department of State. This government has taken upon itself the pursuit of an agenda which is completely the opposite of that of the elected government. These individuals have taken upon themselves to assist the aims of President Barack Obama and report to the State department, administration appointees and even the Secretary of State or the Director of Central Intelligence Agency any deviations from the presumptive and United States approved policy potentially taken or in the plans of the government in Israel. Examples from the article included reporting the plans for a strike on the Iranian nuclear sites and we might discern that other such treasonous revelations granted the United States and Obama Administration would include any objections or arguments which Prime Minister Netanyahu might have regarding any peace and concessions and any resistance to of President Obama’s carefully laid out agenda which he and his tools in Israel believed to be superior and a better path for Israel going into the future and against the will of the voters and their elected governance. The problem is that this infection had spread throughout much of the highest ranks including the general staff as well as the intelligence community. Caroline Glick mentioned some names but we suspect, as does she more than likely, that the disease is rotting through many institutions who see their job description to include preserving the democracy their politics support, the people be damned, as what do the people know about the realities of the world and the best of paths for the state of Israel. Another place where this rot had held sway since the beginning of the state of Israel and through the same process of self-appointing replacements and choosing those of identical political philosophies while punishing those who hold contrary opinions even to the point of demotions or forced retirement from serving the country is the Supreme Court and likely the entire legal and judicial system.


Perhaps this might be a good time to confess that we did not vote for Likud and much of the reasoning was a dislike and distrust of Prime Minister Netanyahu and wished that there was some way of either limiting the number of total years or terms a Prime Minister is permitted to serve and after that set period of time they would need to set aside their leadership of the nation and allow another to be the representative of their party as Prime Minister even if they continued to lead the party. Such an example might be that Prime Minister Netanyahu after serving, say, a decade holding the office of Prime Minister he would need appoint another from the party, or better yet, have the party choose the new Prime Minister designate to represent that position for example it might be Gilad Erdan, Yuli Edelstein, Yerael Kats or any other Likud member in good standing. Perhaps with such a limitation allowing for fresh leadership even if the same party remains as leading the government year after year after year which might prevent the self-appointed demi-gods from perverting the elective process and the choices of the people and destroying the democracy in order, in their minds, to preserve the democracy.


Part of the problem, as we estimate the situation, is that due to sclerotic and often paralytic political power structure which retains a small group of leadership holding all of the positions including Prime Minister and his Cabinet that stresses the top positions in the military, courts, intelligence and other political and security positions which are not elected directly or indirectly by the people into using their privileged positions and access to the decisions, plans and other intelligence including both external, internal and even secretive plans which only the very highest military position and heads of intelligence have privilege to acquire and who are trusted by the people not to overstep their boundaries and serve the people and its government. What is even more disturbing is the seeming support these paragons of perfect knowledge, or at least self-perceived as such, have abused their positions and forfeited the trust of the people and the government they are presumably serving have been celebrated and even granted privileged acceptance and praises from their political allies who are leaning on these people of rank to allow for their political goals and views to be implemented through abuse of force and forfeiting the votes of millions of their nation’s citizenry. The actions of the previous Director of the Mossad, Maj. Gen. Meir Dagan, and commanders such as Deputy Chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. Yair Gola, compared Israeli society to the Nazis on Holocaust Remembrance Day; the General Staff’s vilification of Sgt. Elor Azaria, for killing a wounded terrorist in Hebron; and the drumming from his position as a commander of an Infantry Company of Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner for striking a European leftist instigator who had earlier broken a number of Eisner’s fingers and caused other equally painful injuries which required medical treatment.


Ya'alon and General Staff

Ya’alon and General Staff


The general policy being empowered by these paragons of democracy, well, at least in their own minds, and that of the extreme leftists, the defeatists, the leftist media which is to say the majority of the mainstream media, the European Union, United Nations, European government and media, and worst of all the anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli Administration of President Barack Obama is one duly leftist in its approach to all policies and completely placating and forgiving empowering the Arab Palestinians and the terror infrastructure and support systems all in the name of peace at any price even to include the complete compromise of the freedom and identity of Israel as the Jewish State. The obvious question is why these generals are not simply forced from service and replaced with other senior officers who hold more reasonable understandings of the power and responsibility of the military to serve the governance elected by the people. One reason is that it is very likely that the Supreme Court would intervene and return these general staff officers and likely find some choice names of officers who are approaching senior positions and blame them for attempting to overthrow the general staff and they themselves would find themselves drummed from service and potentially incarcerated, thus is the established leftist shadow governance. As far as removing such generals from the IDF, such a move would necessarily require the support of the Defense Minister and MK Ya’alon leans left himself and would likely defend these generals and may be partly the reason that Ya’alon was chosen for the position such as to have a person who could work with the generals the IDF offered and not one to shake things up and rock the boat. The entirety of the system of unelected policy experts who are pursuing their own agenda is an echo chamber which amplifies the problem which will take a brave and ready to fall on their political swords for the nation and its people.


The final item we will attempt to cover is why it may be time to find a new Prime Minister to replace Netanyahu, from Likud if necessary. The nation needs a bold leader who is willing to take whatever steps are required to enforce the will of the people. Such a person would be, by necessity, somebody with an almost careless outlook and one who does not prefer the limelight and instead simply desires sacrificing to serve the nation and its people. Unfortunately such a person is unlikely as a parliamentary system is not usually capable of taking dire steps even when many see it as necessary. A Parliamentary system most often places a party functionary who has the right pedigree often the result of years of steady service to the party as a dedicated soldier. This is how Ya’alon became Defense Minister as did the rest of the Prime Minister’s inner cabinet. One of the complaints we have often heard was that there was such a seeming dearth of politicians who would be worthy of being the next Prime Minister. Even when other parties are added to the discussion with their presumed additional candidates there are still very few if any additional candidates who might excite the people, or at least none of us here. We did have one we would have hoped would offer themselves as a challenger for the office of Prime Minister as the lead of their party but they made a couple of defeatist comments, one in particular which displayed a serious deficiency which displayed they were not ready for prime time, let alone Prime Minister. If anyone has any ideas on a viable challenger, please encourage them as Israel cannot long survive these closed systems and their ruinous effect acting against the will of the people. The leaders in the legal systems, military, intelligence and law enforcement systems are presumed and designed to serve the people and the government and to implement the desires and policies of same, not take it upon themselves to be gods and rule taking power upon themselves simply because they see themselves as superior to the elected governance. Such is a closed system free of outside forces for change thus not reflecting the will of the people as they serve and should not be placing themselves above the people and their welfare, which is also against Torah.


Thank you all,


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January 23, 2015

Obama Deceit and Vindictive Contempt Erupts Even Further

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One has to wonder if there actually is no limit to the perfidy, dishonesty and betrayal by the White House in their double-dealings with Israel and particularly with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is no secret that President Barack Hussein Obama reserves a special visceral hatred towards Israel and most of her leadership. This has come to the fore repeatedly and has now boiled over with what borders on treasonous misrepresentation and direct meddling in just the past week. There was the insistence by Martin Indyk who demanded that since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited by the leadership in the United States Congress to address them and share with them his reservations and any pertinent information which he may think the Congress should include in their deliberations pertaining to the Iranian nuclear program and the possibility and wisdom for applying additional sanctions at this time that the Congress must also invite Labor Party leader Yitzhak Herzog to address them in an attempt to be fair considering that Israel is heading for elections on March 15th. Mr. Indyk did not also believe that any other of the party leaders be invited including even Tzipi Livni who would be sharing the Prime Minister position should the combined Labor Party with her Hatnua Party nor did they suggest the somewhat of an outside but viable candidate for the position from the Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennett. The singling out of the Labor Party leader and placing him on an even level of importance to the current Prime Minister reeked of partisan politicking and interference with the Israeli elections. It would have been the equivalence of the Knesset having invited Mitt Romney to address them along with requesting President Obama to have addressed them on a sensitive and vitally important issue months ahead of the 2012 elections. Israel had immediately extended an invitation to President Obama before the 2012 elections upon being informed that candidate Romney was planning on visiting Israel, an invitation the President chose to decline and then spokespersons from the Democrat Party then claimed that the visit by Romney was an Israeli attempt to sway the Jewish vote away from President Obama and that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had endorsed Romney which the Prime Minister had gone to extreme lengths to assure the media that he did not favor one candidate over the other and was ready and willing to work with either candidate when the elections were over. But all of this pales when compared to the latest revelations which are on a par with some of the other select betrayals by the White House over the last six years.


Over the last couple of days a source from the White House released information claiming that the head of the Mossad Tamir Pardo had during a private briefing with a select group of United States Senators at their request disclosed his disagreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu and that he was opposed to the Congress passing additional sanctions on Iran as such a move would disturb any possibility for diplomacy to work. The high level leaked news story was reported by Bloomberg News which stated that Mossad officials advised US senators who were visiting Israel recently to hold off on further Iran sanctions, saying that they would hamper, not help, efforts to persuade Iran to give up or allow full international supervision of its nuclear program. This was a rather alarming report which was claiming that the Prime Minister and the Mossad were at odds over support for the intention of Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and Republican Senator Mark Kirk to impose stricter sanctions on Iran if a nuclear deal is not reached by March, a timetable that has already been extended for a second time this one past the reset November deadline from the original June deadline, a postponement which put off any agreement until after the midterm elections. The top level Mossad briefing was given during a meeting with Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, along with fellow Republican Senators Lindsay Graham, John Barrasso, and John McCain, and Democratic Senators Joe Donnelly and Tim Kaine. Senator John Barrasso was the person quoted by Bloomberg News as stating that they “met with a number of government officials from many different parts of the government. There’s not a uniform view there.” The quote did not claim as to where the dissenting opinions were given to the Senators and definitely did not present such as coming from Mossad Head Tamir Pardo. Still, a statement from the White House was quoted claiming that Mossad Head Tamir Pardo was the source of the dissenting opinion from the known position against much of the seeming weakness demonstrated by the White House in their negotiations with Iran and their seeming inability to force concessions from the Iranians as well as an eager willingness to alleviate much of the sanctions pressures from further pressing Iran just as the stronger sanctions were beginning to show some real progress.


The reactions from both the Prime Minister’s Office, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steintz, senior government source and from the Mossad all disputing the fraudulent claims from the White House and expressing disdain and feelings of injury and the breaking of trust and decency by these fraudulent mischaracterizations expressed by the Americans. A senior source expressed vehemently the distrust which these misrepresentations had caused stating, “The fraudulent claims against the Mossad Head were raised by the Americans yesterday, despite a message that had been transmitted to them on Tuesday by Intelligence Minister [Yuval] Steintz.” He relayed how the minutes had been gone over numerous times in order to positively discern whether there might have been anything stated which may have led to a misunderstanding and no such possible statements had been recorded in the minutes. The senior source went further protesting that any such comments were released about a private and secure conversation stating, “Leaking the Mossad Head’s statements, even if they had not been falsified, is a serious breach of all the rules. Friends do not behave like this. Information from a secret meeting must not leak out.”


A spokesperson Mossad added officially, “The Head of Mossad did not say that he opposes additional sanctions on Iran.” This was in response to the United States White House claims that Mossad officials advised United States Senators visiting Israel to hold off on further Iran sanctions claiming that such sanctions could hamper rather than help the United States efforts to persuade Iran into giving up their nuclear weapons program while pressing for Iran to permit the full implementation of international supervision over the entirety of their nuclear program. The agency further claimed, “The Head of Mossad did not say that he opposes additional sanctions on Iran.” Furthermore, the Mossad released an official statement which read, “Mossad Head Tamir Pardo met on January 19, 2015, with a delegation of United States Senators. The meeting was held at the request of the senators and with the Prime Minister’s approval. At the meeting, the Head of Mossad stressed the extraordinary effectiveness of the sanctions that have been placed on Iran for several years in bringing Iran to the negotiating table. The Head of Mossad noted that in negotiating with Iran, a policy of ‘carrots and sticks’ must be adopted, and there are not enough ‘sticks’ nowadays.” The Mossad concluded stating that Mossad Head Tamir Pardo “said specifically that the agreement that is being formed with Iran is bad and could lead to a regional arms race.” The Head of the Mossad could not be in any greater agreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the claims of and differences were erroneous and an attempt to place distrust in both the Mossad and the Prime Minister for reasons which only the White House is aware. Whether their intent was to muddy the waters before Congress by implying that the Israelis were divided on the issue of sanctions on Iran or that the Prime Minister was demanding actions not supported by the intelligence agency and against the information gathered and presented him or whether this was an attempt to bolster the campaign of the opposition by presenting the Prime Minister as being unreasonable and over the top and being out of step with all information and especially of causing difficulties between Israel and the United States, the actual reason will remain unknown but hopefully the record stands corrected.


What makes this attempt to paint Prime Minister Netanyahu as out of step with the rest of the universe and not just the White House and President Obama by implying that the briefing given visiting United States Senators by the Mossad was contradictive of the position represented by the Prime Minister was bad enough if it was the only perfidy and treachery coming from the White House which has compromised Israeli positions over Iran at every turn over the past six years. The one instance which sticks out as potentially the most significant betrayal by President Obama and the White House goes back to a report in Foreign Policy on Line on March 28, 2012 which detailed the rumored agreement between Israel and Azerbaijan whereby Israel would have obtained the right to use four abandoned, Soviet-era airfields should the Israelis need such for refueling or for emergency landing should the Israelis strike the Iranian nuclear sites. The initial prospect of Israel and Azerbaijan having reached some amount of agreement on the use of airfields for an Iranian attack was first made public in December of 2006, when retired Israeli Brigadier General Oded Tira angrily denounced the George W. Bush administration for their lack of action on curbing the Iranian nuclear program. The availability of rights to use these airfields is of vital importance for Israel as they would provide an alternative such that the Israeli F-15 and F-16 attack aircraft would not have to perform mid-air refueling at some point in their flight likely both just before entering Iranian airspace and soon after departing after their potential need to burn fuel in order to avoid or engage Iranian forces from wither ground fire or air combat during their strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The making even the slightest chance of such an agreement exploded the Muslim world such that after the report of the potential agreement Azerbaijan was forced to deny any dealings with the Israelis and definitely were not permitting any use of their airfields, airspace or any other Azerbaijani facilities or assets for any reason, let alone an Israeli strike on neighboring Iran. The leaking of the cementing of this deal ended that possibility for Israel to militarily target the Iranian nuclear facilities. A similar leak killed an agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia which terminated another avenue with which Israel could have potentially struck the Iranian nuclear sites thus setting Iran back hopefully decades if not longer.


These betrayals by the White House under President Obama almost appear as if they have been working with Iran to give them the needed funding and cover from Israeli interference or attack in order to guarantee that Iran realize their aim of attaining nuclear weapons capability and potentially be given the time to build up a sizeable arsenal of deliverable nuclear weapons. In a USA Today article on February 28, 2013 the theory that the latest nuclear bomb test carried out by North Korea was not a weapon of indigenous production but was rather an Iranian device tested by North Korea in order to prevent affirming the Western World, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations as well as European nations worst nightmare of an Iranian bomb. Unlike the previous nuclear devices tested by North Korea, this was not a plutonium bomb such as the previous two North Korean tests but rather an enriched uranium device similar to what the Iranians have been working towards. The reason Iran might desire testing their device in North Korea boils down to two main reasons, first so as to not affirm beyond and plausible deniability that they have mastered the production of a nuclear device and secondly that they do not as of yet have a test facility within their borders while North Korea has a fully functioning test facility and both nations have cooperated before on rocket and missile technology and likely also their nuclear weapons expertise. The additional fact that there was a full complement of Iranian nuclear physicists and engineers present at this nuclear weapons test makes the case for the origin of the device as having been Iran. Such would mean that President Obama’s lifting of nearly half of the sanctions on Iran was a direct response to their already having developed nuclear weapons and now sanctions were useless in the mind of President Obama. Having failed to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear bomb production capability, President Obama felt that it was no longer necessary to continue the strict sanctions on Iran. Should this be an actually honest assessment which is completely valid, then the lessening of the sanctions was the exact opposite to what was necessary as the loosening of the sanctions gave the Iranians the immediate funding to now produce a few hundred of such bombs. Perhaps this was part of the reasoning behind the last two extensions of the final date for reaching an agreement as President Obama is granting Iran all the time they need to produce sufficient nuclear arms to utilize in whatever manner benefits Iran the most. Even considering such an eventuality should send cold shivers up the spine of even the most hardy and strong of those amongst us as I know it does me.


Beyond the Cusp


June 23, 2014

Israeli Abducted Teens Remain Captured, No Demands Yet Made

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The three teenage students abducted by Hamas remain captured as the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) remains on high alert with extensive search details canvassing all of Hevron area. The young boys, Eyal Yifrah age 19, Naftali Frenkel age 16, and Gilad Sha’ar age 16 have been missing since Thursday evening with all evidence, much of which the Israeli government remains tight lipped about keeping their evidence unannounced in order to withhold what they know from those responsible for the abductions. There have been numerous statements which have revealed the bias and anti-Israel dispositions existent from many corners of our world. The newly appointed Hamas-Fatah unity government Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki, a member of the government which the United States, United Nations, European Union among other world and national bodies continue to recognize, fund and receive with all the honors granted actual national representatives claiming they represent individuals with whom Israel should have no misgivings over negotiating a lasting peace or other initiatives, was quoted claiming that Israel is conducting an “exaggerated” and “political” search for abducted teens from last Thursday making fabricated claims of Hamas involvement. Speaking to Agency France Press (AFP) during a session of the French Senate in Paris, Malki criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accusing him also of fabricating the abduction itself. Malki further stated, “He (Netanyahu) cannot keep blaming one side without showing evidence,” he said. “When you go to court if you don’t show evidence you lose your case. If Netanyahu has any evidence, he has to put it on the table.”


While one might expect such comments from a representative from the Palestinian government no matter from which of the various terror organizations they may have originated from, one would not expect similar statements to originate from the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon. The spokesperson for UN Secretary General, Farhan Haq, was quoted stating, the UN has no “concrete evidence” that the three youths were “actually” kidnapped by Hamas terrorists last Thursday. Meanwhile there were numerous instances where condemnations of the kidnapping of the three boys were slow in being issued or representatives were simply absent. Additionally, United Nations Middle East Envoy Robert Serry not only criticized what he assessed to be heavy-handed operations conducted by Israel in Judea and Samaria; United Nations Middle East Envoy Robert Serry was attempting to transfer twenty-million-dollars from Qatar to Hamas leadership in Gaza. When Mahmoud Abbas turned down Sperry’s request, he had the chutzpah to request that Israel handle the transfer which was obviously declined. Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman and others in the government are considering expelling Sperry and label Sperry persona non grata, the most serious form of censure which a country can apply to foreign diplomats.


Where United States Secretary of State John Kerry did issue a statement hoping the boys would soon be located and returned to their families, President Obama has yet to make any similar comment. There has also been only deafening silence from the Vatican, especially from Pope Francis whose actions while visiting the Middle East spoke very loudly of his animosity towards Israel and his unyielding support for the Palestinian claims against Israel. As well the European Union took several days before EU Foreign Policy Chief the Lady Catherine Ashton made a tepidly sympathetic statement for the youths safe return. There have been numerous demands that the Israelis show greater sensitivity and take a less invasive and more measured approach in searching for the teens. Despite the calls for increased sensitivity from the Israelis, there have been no denunciations over the Palestinian broadcast of a fictional reenactment of the abduction despite numerous Palestinian claims that Israel had fabricated the entire affair simply to enable their turning Palestinian life in Hevron upside-down and to use the search in order to destroy Palestinian improvements and infrastructure, never mind that the majority of the infrastructure in the Hevron area was built by and kept up by the Israeli utility companies and government. There has also been no denouncement of the Palestinian Authority’s calls for shopkeepers and others who own security cameras to erase any records they might still hold from last Thursday night so that the Israelis will not be capable of using such recordings to either eliminate or identify any possible routs or activities from that evening. They also have ignored the Palestinian Government’s calls for the Palestinians to refuse to comply with any requests from the Israelis searching for the abducted youths and to do everything in their power to obstruct all Israeli efforts to the best of their abilities. There have been calls from Palestinians that the abductors should demand that Israel release terrorist prisoners anywhere from three-thousand to over five-thousand as they believe they should receive a complete emptying of Israeli terrorist prisoners for the youths safe return.


Much can be gleamed about the expressed views and demands coming from numerous places, peoples, nations, organizations and spokespeople where many of the commentary to the Israelis have been demands that Israel take every precaution not to inflict any inconvenience to the Palestinians and prevent any destruction or undue disturbance and also refrain from accusations without also revealing all evidence with Israeli secrecy being interpreted as proof that Israel has invented the entire abduction story in order to disturb Palestinian life and take vengeance out on the new unity Fatah-Hamas government. Meanwhile, the Palestinian calls for obstructionist activities and their airing of a fictional reenactment nor have there been any denunciation of Hamas over their having committed the abduction. The demands that Israel release all the evidence they have collected before the majority of nations and other spokespersons will feel comfortable condemning Hamas for the abduction. Imagine if a city’s media demanded that the police department release all of the evidence that a kidnapping had occurred before they would be willing to cover the abduction as part of their news coverage and insisted that the police should have no expectations that the public would aid them in any manner until they had released all of their information and even requested that people erase any camera footage from security cameras and take whatever measures conceivable to impede and impair the police investigation and search for the abducted individuals. Yet this is a fair corollary of the positions taken by numerous spokespeople, organizations, national governments and religious figures. This disservice and defamation along with the denial of the veracity or any sympathy for the youths who are suffering through this terrifying experience has only served to further cause most Israelis to feel estranged and thus caused increased resentment and consternation over the kidnapping and their angst is building in a manner that could produce an rage reaction beyond that usually exhibited by Israelis who often take the acts of terror against them with a peaceable restraint unwitnessed across the rest of the world.


This may have its origins in another development which has been growing for quite some time and reached epidemic proportions throughout the Arab world and much of the Muslim world after growing steadily starting in the 1920s peaking in a sustained period from the founding of Israel in 1948 for the ensuing decade up to 1958 and continuing with peaks continuing through the present day. The peak periods are easily discerned as they gave evidence in wars or periods of increased terrorist activities and attacks referred to as intifadas. These include the Six Day War in June of 1967, the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, the First Intifada from December 1987 through September 1993, the Second Intifada from September 2000 through February 2005, and the Third Intifada which many are claiming has not occurred but some believe started somewhere around ten or somewhat more months ago and has been steadily escalating ever since. The levels of anti-Semitism began largely as overt anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activities where Israel and Zionism were often singled out for Demonization, Double Standards, and Delegitimization as described by Soviet Refusenik Natan Sharansky as the Three D’s in his determining definition of when people’s actions and assaults against Israel and Zionists were actually a form of anti-Semitism. These offensive actions and statements grew over time from an apparent low point of blatant anti-Semitism after World War II and the horrors revealed as the death camps were liberated and the Holocaust (Shoah) and its horrors spread to the world causing a brief respite from anti-Semitism as it had become uncomely and unacceptable especially in Western society. The horrors of the Holocaust had a far less if any effect on the Arab and Muslim worlds as much of the Arab world felt a kinship and attempted to ally with the Nazis, especially the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini who spent most of World War II in Berlin and the Balkans where he commanded Muslim troops and made radio broadcasts to the Arab world in support of the Nazi cause. There was also the allying with the Nazis by the nation of Persia which took a new name using the word for Aryan, Iran.


If there was a singular event which revealed that anti-Semitism was returning and becoming an accepted part of European society, particularly the so-called elites of society; that event would probably be when the French Ambassador to England Daniel Bernard made a comment referring to the Jewish State as, “that shitty little country Israel.” More recently another French politician was caught making another anti-Semitic comment in an exchange of such slurs between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and United States President Barack Obama where President Sarkozy stated speaking of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.” Not to be outdone, President Obama retorted, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.” The little exchange would have been a nonissue and have passed without notice except that the microphones in the meeting room at the G20 summit at Cannes were still hot and the comments were heard clearly in the press room where members of the world press were still present and heard the errant commentary. The final example of a respected individual outing their hatred of the Jews and surprising much of the world, even those who thought they knew the person well, came from the grand dam of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas who expressed herself to Rabbi David Nesenoff of stating, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine,” the doyenne of the Washington press corps said. Remember, these people are occupied, and it’s their land.” When then asked where she thought they should go, she retorted, “Go home.” Pressed to explain further, Ms. Thomas exclaimed, “Poland, Germany and America, and everywhere else.” Since then the levels of anti-Semitism in Europe has escalated beyond anything thought possible just a decade ago. Of course there have most likely been levels of anti-Semitism far more common and immeasurably higher than was commonly thought. Those who continued to hold such racist thoughts would mostly restrict their expressions of their feelings to those people they knew shared their hatreds.


In the recent past the levels and blatant explosions of anti-Semitism have risen to levels where the majority of Jews in Europe answered a recent poll that they had experienced some forms of anti-Semitism and a plurality explained that they hide all signs that they are Jewish when they will be out in public. The numbers of Jews making Aliyah out of France has tripled in the past year. In the strife and violence currently being experienced in the Ukraine it has been reported that anti-Semitism has escalated and is common on both sides. In Greece a recent polling found anti-Semitism exists amongst a majority of the population and Italy in the same poll expressed surprising levels of anti-Semitism. The anti-Semitic libels that the Jews control the media, manipulate the world’s governments, control too high a percentage of businesses, control the banking systems and are capable of manipulating world events to a point where they cause harm and take unfair advantage of their high positions throughout societies is as much a falsehood now as it was when the Nazis used it in their propaganda and when the Czars used it in their propaganda. How such beliefs can hold any amount of veracity after logical inspection is astounding as the Jews make up less than 0.002% of the world’s population. A recent census of Jews in the world gave a total population of thirteen million three-hundred-thousand Jews against a world population of seven-billion-two-hundred-fifty-million people. The figure given most often for the percentage of Jews residing in the United States shows the Jews being a mere 0.02% of the United States total population. To claim that the Jewish populations outside of Israel as a percentage of total populations are insignificant would not be an overstatement; it would be a truth and an optimistic evaluation.


Yet, for reasons which defy logic, the world spends an inordinate amount of time and energy combing through every little act taken by Israel seeking that single strand which can be inflated to the importance of immeasurable proportions and then deride Israel, or the Jews, over some inflated depiction of an otherwise unnoticeable trifling which would have passed by without affecting anyone or anything anymore than a butterfly flapping one wing. There are protestations from the far corners of the Earth insisting that the Jews should be forced to take their adversities from amongst the native lands where they are unwelcomed and return to their Biblical homelands so that their departure will leave well enough alone and their misdeeds will no longer plague anybody but themselves. These same individuals as well as numerous others also demand that the Jews in Israel take whatever steps which would be required by the Palestinians and their allies such that all the troubles of the entire world which can all be traced by some tangled web of deceitful doctrinal ideology to the Palestinian’s lack of their own homeland. The item that all refuse to acknowledge is that the Palestinian-Israeli problem is not about land or geography, it is a religious war between the Muslims, mostly the Arab Muslins, and the Jewish existence not only in the Middle East but throughout the entire planet. Read the Hamas Charter, Part I – Knowing the Movement, Article Seven: The Universality of Hamas, where towards the end it quotes a Hadith stating, “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree.” When seeking some manner of complying with the two contradictory anti-Semitic demands where Jews are supposed to all return to Israel while simultaneously vacating that same land granting it to the Arabs as they believe they have rightful claim over all of the areas surrounding and including Israel just as they claim Andalusia, also known as Spain, simply because these lands were once ruled by Muslims and as such must always be ruled by Muslims. The reappearance of anti-Semitism is not necessarily surprising and will most probably be a terrible truth which will continue until the end of days and the coming of the Messiah (מָשִׁיחַ). May our youths, Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel, and Gilad Sha’ar be released unharmed and in good health to return to their families and soon witness the coming of the Messiah, מָשִׁיחַ.


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