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May 17, 2015

Israel Under the Gun as World Tightens Trigger

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There are numerous fronts where Israel is under assault and all threaten the legitimacy of Israeli claims to lands defined as belonging to the Jewish State by International Law. Yes, we’re back to the San Remo Conference and Treaty and the legitimacy of its contents accepted by the world by means of Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. The sole means by which any lands are to be removed from the official boundaries of the State of Israel stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River is by treaty made, approved and signed by Israel. The Oslo Accords demanded discussion to forming a Palestinian entity within these lands and were to be terminated by the year 2000. It was in the year 2000 when Israel made her most generous offer through efforts extended by United States President William Jefferson Clinton which included almost 95% of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Eastern Jerusalem as its Capital City. This was the effort which Yasser Arafat declined even to make a counter offer and stalked out of the talks in Paris and continued refusing entreaties made at Taba, Egypt January21, 2001 to January 27, 2001 as President Clinton, with complete cooperation and willingness from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to concede to virtually any compromise required to make a peace deal, made final proffers. All advances and offerings were left refused without even the slightest hint regarding what made the proposed deals unworkable and with Israeli elections were coming the final tender was communicated on January 27, 2001 with an addendum that this was the final opportunity to reach an agreement and still only silence from the Palestinians.


This lack of acceptance will forever be contemplated seeking any logical reason for Yasser Arafat’s refusal of an offer which met every last demand, which included the eastern half of Jerusalem along with 95% of the ‘West Bank’ lands and all of Gaza, Arafat had demanded for him to accept such a deal in his private meeting with United States President Clinton, which eventually brought forth the offer to meet every demand expressed to President Clinton granted grudgingly, but full hopes for the promised final peace agreement by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. If ever a deal was to be made, this would have been the best moment and greatest offer but Yasser Arafat had to refuse this deal or any deal which did not also include the remainder of the lands between the River and the Sea, that is Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, as that is the actual claim of the so-called ‘Palestinian’ the actual and only acceptable claim for their imaginary land of ‘Palestine’, as accepting anything less as the final deal will always be unacceptable. The only manner in which even a deal which is backed by the rest of the planet Earth and all the leaders within including the entirety of the expressed demands for two States for two Peoples living side by side in peace and security would be accepted is if the offer is interpreted by the Palestinian leadership as an accord and not necessarily the final peace allowing for the Palestinians to continue their war of attrition through the use of terrorism and subterfuge towards their final desires of all of Palestine from the River to the Sea, exactly as chanted endlessly by their advocates and provocateurs on college and university campuses across the Western World. Now the world in its numerous formations and connivances is collectively working to force the demarcation of a State of Palestine by force upon Israel without the inconvenience of an actual treaty ending the violence, assaults and provocations by the Arab Palestinians or resolving once and for all the demands for the liberation of the remainder of the land of Israel by Arab Palestinian terrorist and political intrigues and subversions.


The first real and cast in cement, not quite stone, was the refusal to issue a birth certificate for Ari Z. Zivotofsky and Naomi Siegman for their son, Menachem Binyamin, to have his passport, United States birth certificate and other documents requested from the State Department to show Israel as his country of birth as he was born in Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital in western Jerusalem. The United States Department of State current policy requires that Menachem Binyamin’s and any other children’s passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (equivalent of a birth certificate) only show that their place of birth as Jerusalem without any mention or denotation of nation so as not to imply that United States policy has changed in regards to the final claims to the city of Jerusalem. So now the United States Department of State does not recognize Western Jerusalem as part of Israel but rather as contested lands. First step in the assault on Israel and the eventual dissolution of the entirety of the Jewish State, a desire the State Department has advised and remained as their policy that Israel not be treated as an actual State, and actual nation replete with the normative respects and treatments legal and otherwise as granted every other nation. All of this controversy despite law passed in 2002 by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush providing for children born in Jerusalem and being United States citizens by birth to have their birth listed Israel as their birthplace; what could be more obvious and simple.


This Sunday, May 18, 2015, Pope Francis will canonize four nuns who include Sister Maria Baouardy and Sister Mary Alphonsine Danil as well as the 19th-century nuns Sister Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve, from France, and Sister Maria Cristina dell’Immacolata of Italy. Sister Maria Baouardy and Sister Mary Alphonsine Danil Ghattas will be canonized denoting them as being the first Palestinians to be so honored. This is only the first of the official offences to Israel coming from the Vatican this weekend. Already Pope Frances has met with Mahmoud Abbas referencing Abbas as being an “angel of peace” during the traditional exchange of gifts at the end of an official audience in the Apostolic Palace. This is far from the first slight by this Pope. Pope Francis on his first trip to the region met first with Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem making numerous complimentary statements toward Abbas and the Arab Palestinians which was followed by a processions by Pope Francis with an ‘unplanned,’ ‘unscripted’ and ‘completely random’ stop to pray and contemplate for peace standing before a section of the security barrier which was adorned with graffiti which compared Bethlehem with the Warsaw Ghetto, called for Palestine to be Free and various other similar references arranged in such a manner that a central space was left clear as if planned for somebody to stand in that exact spot for a photo shoot, how unbelievable fortunate this random choice came to fruition. Pope Francis presented Mahmoud Abbas with a medallion explaining that it represented the “angel of peace destroying the bad spirit of war.” Now the Pope will make saints out of two nuns presenting them as having lived in the state of Palestine despite the truth that they resided and worked in the Province of Greater Syria within the Ottoman Empire and not in any pretend state of Palestine. To make reference to Palestine, Israel, Jordan or Lebanon during this period is simply theater of the absurd. But when have such small inconveniences such as reality and facts gotten in the way of making reference to the Palestinians and their claims against Israel ever caused the slightest of difficulties. Had the Pope really have desired to make reference to any form of Palestine he might have chosen to Canonize as saints some figures from the period when Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire renamed all of the “Provincia Judaea” as “Provincia Syria Palaestina” which is far closer to Palestine and did occur during the time of the early Christians though it was slightly before the birth of actual Catholicism. The final slight it has been announced that Pope Francis will be making a treaty with the State of Palestine. The Vatican announced this past week that the final touches were being applied to an accord summarizing the Catholic Church and its life and its activities in Palestine which “will be submitted to the respective authorities for approval ahead of setting a date in the near-future for the signing.”


Perhaps a brief summary of the lives of Sister Maria Baouardy and Sister Mary Alphonsine Danil Ghattas is in order. Sister Maria Baouardy received her beatification by St. John Paul II in 1983. She was born into the Melchite Greek Catholic Church in 1846, in a village near Nazareth in the Province of Syria within the Ottoman Empire. Sister Baouardy went on to join the Carmel of Pau in France and was subsequently assigned to India where she founded several convents, before retiring to Bethlehem where she died in 1878. This was quite an accomplishment as she was an illiterate which must have presented Sister Baouardy with great challenges. The Vatican has noted that Sister Baouardy “experienced many sufferings together with extraordinary mystic phenomena” from an early age. Sister Mary Alphonsine Danil Ghattas led a somewhat less travelled life being born in Jerusalem in 1843; she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition at the age of fifteen. Sister Ghattas subsequently founded the Congregation of Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of Jerusalem where she “worked tirelessly to help young people and Christian mothers,” according to statements from the Vatican.


In the United Nations Security Council the French delegates will be presenting for consideration a resolution setting the borders for a Palestinian State using the pre Six Day War in June of 1967 boundaries, also called the Green Line, with mutually agreed swaps and to designate Jerusalem as the capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state, a dangerous wording if there ever was one. By making any exchange of territories subject to mutual agreement all Mahmoud Abbas need do is meet every proposal for an exchange of lands and amending the borders with the same silence utilized so efficiently to avoid making any nature of agreement to force Israel to abandon even the main settlement blocks and repatriate almost one million Israelis taking them in homeless and also probably unemployed should they have also worked in their neighborhood or region close to their residence. This would place a financial burden upon Israel which would take decades to recover from and place a hardship beyond measure of the entirety of Israel, but that only makes such a refusal all the more tantalizing. Responding to the information of the French resolution Abbas stated during a Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), “We do not need more decisions that then fail to be implemented. It is known that we have 12 resolutions passed by the Security Council, including resolutions endorsed by America, but despite these calls for de-colonization no progress has been made.” He of course failed to mention why no progress has been made as that would have also meant his taking responsibility for the failure of progress due to his intransigence and refusal to accept any agreement which does not include the replacement of Israel, all of Israel from the River to the Sea, by Palestine and for that area to be voided of any Jewish presence. This is the small truth that has been ignored and will continue to be ignored as it does not fit the agenda that Israel is the impediment to peace. Anything which contradicts the ‘it is all Israel’s fault’ line of reasoning originally endorsed and forwarded for the world to adopt by the Europeans and passively accepted by the United States, especially the State Department, and definitely adopted by the Arab League has made Mahmoud Abbas using the silent treatment and refusal to sign any agreement and also never present in a formal proposal what would be acceptable and gain his signature while permitting the world to assume he merely desires the ‘pre 67 lines with East Jerusalem as its Capital’ when he desires exactly the same as his predecessor Yasser Arafat, the desire of Palestine replacing all of Israel with all its Jews removed or resolved by whatever means prove necessary including another holocaust style genocide. Abbas will gladly and silently allow for the French resolution be applied and forced upon Israel as by refusing to respond to all Israeli entreats he knows the world will force Israel to meet what they believe falsely is exactly what Abbas has agreed with.


This agreement they put so much faith in has been fashioned without ever receiving Abbas’s signature or even a whisper of compliance or agreement. They have received his smiling façade which he puts on as part of his suit and tie, the face for the Westerners is understood by every Arab Palestinian as it is not his revolutionary face which they see when he claims that ‘from the River to the Sea Palestine must be free’ and every denunciation of the Jews and how the Israelis will foolishly fall before the requests that he allows the rest of the world to enforce despite his actual statements to Arab audiences as it is impossible to translate Arabic to English and get an accurate translation. Abbas calls for the end of Israel and the death of the Jews in Arabic and the West translates it to match the United States Department of State official translation which reads, ‘Abbas, the great maker of peace, desires minimal amounts from Israel, just the slightest of sacrifice, just the West Bank and East Jerusalem, nothing more and accommodating swaps of land he has said nothing against such things.’ There is truth in their translation when they claim that Abbas has said nothing officially to them against such an agreement, they ignore that he has actually said nothing, nothing for, nothing against, nothing at all. There is no agreement when one side refuses to even grant an answer as to whether or not they will sign such a treaty. But that is where this United Nations Security Council is such a gift to Abbas, it demands Israel to meet the demands of the Western Nations and their belief of what constitutes a fair resolution to the problem, never does it claim to have the agreement from the Arabs, especially Abbas, it just claims that Israel must sacrifice for peace. Abbas has never promised peace, he has only promised misery. His promise is for misery when possible for Israel through the coopting of the Western weakness to stand up to his aggressions and misery for the Arab Palestinians because of the corruption and kleptocrats who feed and gorge themselves on Western monies which they send millions upon millions and even now billions and trillions. They blame Israel because the trillions they have granted to Gaza has not rebuilt or built replacement housing ignoring that almost all the concrete and rebar and other building materials have been confiscated and utilized to rebuild the tunnels even better, deeper, larger, many more in numbers and reaching further under Israel readying for the war this summer which will bring Hamas and Islamic Jihad more supplies for even more and deeper tunnels eventually reaching the depths of, well, you know.


What will the West do when the forces under ISIS take over the terror state in Gaza as they have sworn to be their primary responsibility for their forces in the Sinai Peninsula? Will the trillion of Euros and Dollars continue to flow even to ISIS as long as they promise war and destruction on Israel? Of course the funds will flow and attacks upon Israeli civilians including women, children and the elderly and all in between, both Jewish and Arab, Christian and Muslim, any who reside within Israel are legitimate targets. Will such matter or will they ignore to whom the trillion to rebuild the terror infrastructure continues while the attention is on forcing Israel out of Judea and Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem. Never mind that this places the holiest places in all of Judaism outside of the reach of Jewish prayers and they will be too far to see the Jewish tears but they will in the still moments harken to the Jewish sobbings and lamentations as they have always heard and in time there will be an answer and Israel will be able to rejoice the coming of the Mashiach (Messiah), the restoration which His coming promises and the final coming of the Mashiach will bring peace, lasting peace for as long as we can foresee into the future. But those thoughts are the highest of hopes of which we know not their timing. We can pray and attempt to deserve the Mashiach, but we have no way of foreseeing or bringing about this deliverance, His deliverance. Unlike what the Ayatollahs claim they can do which will bring their messiah, by creating a world of conflict where all the cities burn and all peoples suffer the depredations and chaos of all-out war across the entirety of mankind, that is their desire and why they have the need for nuclear weapons, to make the world burn. That is also the aim of Hamas and ISIS and too many others who promise a world in flames on their way to world domination. The desire to rule the world did not die with the Romans, nor did it die with the end of the Crusades or the Ottoman conquest. The desire to rule the world is alive and thriving across much of the Arab world and in Asia and Russia. There may be others who so aspire but the Western world believes such desire has died simply because they have reached the reformation that amongst all its beliefs includes that the destruction accompanying the desire to rule the world makes such undesirable if not also impossible as the weapons required would destroy the world making ruling it a pyrrhic victory.


Beyond the Cusp


August 1, 2014

Do Anti-Israel Demonstrations Equal Anti-Semitism?

Even in normal times one can often find some form of demonstration against Israel for one reason or another. There are the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) protests aimed at stores carrying goods most often from Israeli owned businesses beyond the Green Line in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) claiming that they are stealing lands and profits which should belong to the Palestinian people. The fact that these companies all employ Palestinian Arabs right next to Israelis giving them equal pay and equal benefits providing them with the second best paying positions for those residing in the Palestinian areas, the terror prisoners receive a greater stipend which is proportional to the number of years they are sentenced to serve and how many Israelis they murdered and are among the highest paid officials within the Palestinian Authority government. Some of these BDS protesters and protests call for the complete divestment in all matters against all of Israel claiming that Israel is an illegal entity and actually belongs to the Palestinians. What is telling about many of these protests, especially those which are held on University grounds where Jewish students are more likely known to many of those demonstrating making recognizing whether a passer-by is Jewish than a regular street protest, is that the manner in which they react to any Jewish person passing by with threats, taunts, personal space infringement including such offenses of bumping and spitting. These Jews are not Israelis and may not even support Israel yet their being Jewish is sufficient to make them a target for scorn and potentially violent assaults.

Every year in a growing number of University and College campuses across the Western world there is an event under the idea of protesting perceived racial preferences placing Jews presumably in an advantageous position by racial preferences. The effort is to equate Israel with the racist apartheid in South Africa and is often titled “Israel Apartheid Week”. Often these demonstrations will include fake checkpoints and references to the separation anti-terror fence constructed in Israel which decreased suicide bombing and other terror acts by close to 90% by making a mock stone or brick wall labeled Apartheid Wall. During these demonstrations and even outside of Apartheid Week there have been protest of Israeli anti-terror actions such as destroying the homes where there is a tunnel entrance found by placing eviction notices made to resemble a valid University order often using official stationary which has been provided by sympathetic University employees. Another tactic often utilized during these demonstrations where known Jews, more often known pro-Israel Jews but not always so restricted, are surrounded and screamed at with accusations such as “murderer”, “baby killer”, “apartheid supporter”, “hater” and other hateful and scornful derisions.

During the current confrontation between Israel and Hamas we have had on display some of the most virulent anti-Israel demonstrations accusing Israel of war crimes, using disproportional force, murdering civilians, genocide, and a litany of other recriminations. They have pictures that were taken from the internet supposedly showing the result of the Israeli actions though the BBC noted that many of these pictures have been taken from other areas in conflict such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya and more. Why let something so minor get in the way of a good cause? What has also become obvious is that these demonstrations are not solely against Israel as much as they are calling for the annihilation of the Jewish People in every nation. This has been made evident the clearest has been in Europe, France in particular and Paris to focus in tightly at the worst of the worst. These demonstrations have often turned violent attacking the police and once they are able to break free they went on a rampage damaging Jewish owned businesses and attempting to make assaults on Synagogues including throwing Molotov Cocktails in attempts to burn down the Synagogue with the Jews inside. Across Europe in particular there have been protest signs and chants claiming Hitler was right and that the time to finish what the Nazis started has come. There are calls to annihilate the Jews, not just Israelis. What is most interesting is that at any of these demonstrations you are equally capable of hearing people advocate the destruction of Israel and returning the Jews to the countries from which they originated and people demanding that the Jews residing in their country be deported to Israel where those Jews belong. There are two ideas which are difficult to reconcile. Well, actually there is a path in which two ideas are reconcilable, but that leaves very few Jews in the world if it is applied universally.

Another result of returning the Jews to their nations of origin would require returning half of the population of Israel across the Arab and Muslim world as by the middle of the 1950s approximately half of the Jews residing in Israel were from Arab and Muslim nations where they were actually and under threat of or acts of violence used to drive them out or their lives made so difficult that they felt forced to leave. Those making such claims mistakenly believe that all of the Jews in Israel came from Europe. Further, what would these people suggest be done with those Jewish families who had never left their ancestral homes with some of them only being forced from their ancestral homes after the Israel Arab war at the birth of the state of Israel. These Jews had resided in places like Hevron, East Jerusalem and other areas which Jordan occupied and demanded these Jews leave or face death at the hands of the Jordanian leadership. Despite these differences between reality and the perceptions of many at these anti-Israel demonstrations, that is not as dangerous as the equating Israel with Judaism which would be equal to equating Japan with all Japanese or Ireland with every Irishman. Would it have been acceptable if during a demonstration against the Irish fighting with the British to deride all of the Irish worldwide or anybody who ever celebrated St. Patrick’s Day? Of course not and such would be roundly denounced by virtually everyone. Not so much when hatreds of Israel are further applied broadly to include all Jews worldwide and there are many who stand by such generalizations as being obviously valid and true. Those who permit and accept such are not only anti-Israel but anti-Semitic.

There was a set of three questions which can be applied to determine if an action is anti-Israel and potentially a valid point or if it is driven by anti-Semitism and thus invalidated as it is based on a venal hatred and not so much facts. This guild is referred to as the “Three D’s of Anti-Semitism” and was formulated by Russian Refusenik and head of the Israeli Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky. Quoting from the website of the “Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs” here are the “Three D’s” and their description for application.

The first “D” is the test of demonization. When the Jewish state is being demonized; when Israel’s actions are blown out of all sensible proportion; when comparisons are made between Israelis and Nazis and between Palestinian refugee camps and Auschwitz – this is anti- Semitism, not legitimate criticism of Israel.

The second “D” is the test of double standards. When criticism of Israel is applied selectively; when Israel is singled out by the United Nations for human rights abuses while the behavior of known and major abusers, such as China, Iran, Cuba, and Syria, is ignored; when Israel’s Magen David Adom, alone among the world’s ambulance services, is denied admission to the International Red Cross – this is anti-Semitism.

The third “D” is the test of delegitimization: when Israel’s fundamental right to exist is denied – alone among all peoples in the world – this too is anti-Semitism.

The guide is quite simple to apply to any situation, any commentary, and demonstration or individual demonstrator or any other situation where there may be a hint of doubt as to whether some criticism of Israel should be taken as valid or dismissed as anti-Semitism. The revelations after applying these three determining factors are a real wakeup call and show the base hatreds which lie within much of the anti-Israel vindictiveness. This becomes even more clear and obvious when one realizes that so many of those at the United Nations vindictively tearing into Israel are remaining silent concerning the wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya or the actions of Boko Haram or ISIS. One of the telling events which demonstrated the anti-Semitism from anything else was the former Mayor of Malmo, Sweden. Former Malmo Mayor Reepalu was considered to be one of the problems challenging the Jewish residents of Malmo. In March he told a Swedish magazine that the far-right Sweden Democrat party had “infiltrated the Jewish community in order to push its hatred of Muslims”.  Furthermore, he had stated that should the Jews of Malmo want to avoid being attacked they should publicly denounce Israeli policies.

There have been reports and commentary claiming that anti-Semitism has returned and become acceptable once again in Europe. The only problem I have with that statement is that it does not go far enough. Anti-Semitism actually never completely disappeared and has been growing since the early 1960s and has reached the tipping point and has crossed into acceptable, and that is true well beyond Europe as some Jews have experienced outside of Israel. The United States has not escaped this rise and will very soon cross that same tipping point and return to the days when people who were openly anti-Semitic paid no price as proven by Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh. It was not until the horrors of World War II were revealed that anti-Semitism was relegated to the dark recesses and back alleys of our societies in the West. But as has been proven throughout the history of mankind, no matter how honest and worthy the efforts to bury hatred of the Jews is initially engaged and its apparent initial success, over time this ugly side of humanity returns and anti-Semitism rises and grows until it brings forth the one chosen to rise up against the Jewish People. We are warned of this truth in the Passover Haggadah and the world is once again proving the old proverbs and warnings are far more valid than our wishes and chosen blindness to avoid those truths which we find deplorable or even threatening. But eventually all threats if ignored and permitted to steep and ferment will eventually explode and subsume a society, nation, continent or in this age possibly the entire planet and drag the human race into darkness in the belly of stark hatreds. If anti-Semitism continues to be ignored, excused, refused ridicule, not taken seriously and dismissed as belonging to only those at the extreme fringes of society and not generally accepted, then it will subsume all that is humane and rot the compassion of mankind for the entirety of humanity to except the Jew from being a part of the body of humankind allowing for the worst of inhumanity to blossom and become acceptable and even desirable. This disease has struck before next to countless times and apparently has not worn out its welcome if the current demonstrations around the world are any sign of our future. If nothing else makes the case, the growing anti-Semitism is reason enough for Israel’s existence as a safe refuge when the need should again arise.


Beyond the Cusp


June 12, 2014

Reading Daily Assault News Reports Out of Europe Sickens Me

I remember while growing up many people of my parents’ age would discuss how life and the world had changed after World War II and how after the reports revealing the atrocities committed in the Shoah, the Holocaust, that anti-Semitism had passed silently into the dustbin of history never to raise its vile and hateful head again. I would suggest that they were wrong and that the only change was that anti-Semitism was more subtle and subdued but still just as prevalent and just as viscous as it had ever been throughout history. They would dismiss my comments angrily and accuse me of being some kind of paranoid, disturbed  and possibly mentally challenged person and I had no way of knowing of what I spoke being too young to have ever experienced anti-Semitism. I never again told them about the times I had been witness or even victim of anti-Semitism after I first tried to explain the problem to my parents who would hear nothing of my complaint and just became upset and insisted forcefully I never speak of such again as if speaking as I had would not only resuscitate anti-Semitism and bring back to life but actually inject it with a renewed ferocity and give it even greater power than it had ever possessed before. I prayed they were correct and never bothered them again despite my experiences.


Perhaps a short trip back to my early youth will help explain. I lived in a county outside the nation’s capital which was consisted of a large Jewish community. My family was middle class but barely and we often skimped in order to remain solvent. Because of this we lived in a modest house in a neighborhood which had a rather small number of Jewish families and a very large number Christian majority which mostly attended a religious school located between my neighborhood and the expansive apartment community adjacent to us. My having a rather Nordic appearance with blonde hair and blue eyes was pretty much excluded from the Jewish groups until around age twelve when the fact that I was studying to have my Bar Mitzvah ceremony finally proved definitively that I was Jewish. This left me to my own devices when at certain times of each year there were raised tensions between the Jewish and Christian youths over claims of historic and unforgivable crimes committed by the Jews against the earliest of Christians. These tensions often targeted me as the one Jew who was pretty much assured of being alone and thus undefended. Resulting from my flight or fight reactions, I became quite a sprinter as I found I could outrun my adversaries better at shorter distances usually just sufficient to place me near any help available. I had experienced that what the adults claimed had ceased to exist was in fact still very viable and for the same underlying reasons that anti-Semitism has always existed, Jews are different and a small minority which makes them a target of opportunity. But, as explained, nobody cared to listen and actually went to any extent to shun any mention of what I knew.


Taking us further along in the years, also due to my appearance, I did have people approach me while I served in the military and ask if I was interested in joining their club, group, or sometimes even referred to as their militia which inevitable proved to be supremacist or neo-Nazi. I respectfully, well, not so much, declined in no uncertain terms and with full expression of my disgust and insult at their offers. Fortunately, by adulthood I had grown to sufficient size and the United States Army had made me all that I could be and this was years before they used that as an enlistment incentive. Also, by my preteen years of my childhood I had already become a Zionist, a goal that tugged at me for most of my life. I made myself a promise to act on this desire to return to the ancient homeland of my people with one proviso, that I had been of whatever assistance my parents might require for the rest of their lives. When I retired my Father asked what my plans were now that I was not working. When I explained, for the first time as the subject had never been breached before, that I intended to make Aliyah as soon as I had given whatever assistance and care for he and my Mother; my Father insisted that that promise had been met simply through my having shown the intent and that as they might live long enough to make my realization of returning to Eretz Yisroel, he released me from the self-imposed obligation and demanded I follow my heart as soon as possible. Soon as possible proved to have pages upon pages of forms and required gathering documents generated in a very full life which had the property of a wandering soul who had travelled widely. Finally I made my way home to live a simple life just a medium walk from the Mediterranean.


Still, I had watched the growing animosities towards Israel and the attempts by some of the most ardent anti-Semitic haters to try and explain they did not hate Jews; they only had trouble with Israel. This, of course, led to reading about the “3D Test of Anti-Semitism” which can be applied to anyone whose acts are centered on Israel to discern whether they have realistic and honest problems with the Jewish State of if their hatred of Jews drives their difficulties with the Jewish State. The three ‘D’ test concerns looking to see if the person’s range of complaints and determining if their roots are based on demonization, delegitimization, and double standards. These tests were originated by Natan Sharansky, a man very respected worldwide and experienced with the many facets and kinds of hatred who learned much through his times as a Russian dissident in the former Soviet Union who spent his share of time incarcerated and in reeducation camps and today is in charge of The Jewish Agency which is tasked with Zionism and assisting returning Jews and Israeli Jews in general. His own explanation of the Three D’s can be found here. My concerns over anti-Semitism grew greatly after the Six Day War as the world slowly but inexorably turned from loving Israel and lavishing this little underdog nation which faced extermination almost daily from the nations surrounding her and those even a little further away. Right after the Six Day War, much of the world would have been completely understanding and even supportive had Israel immediately annexed all of the lands gained even including the entire Sinai Peninsula and even if she had offered the Arabs who remained within those territories a monetary incentive to leave and start their lives anew in any nation in the world which Israel would fly them there on El Al or another airline company if El Al did not fly to their desired destinations, say like Saudi Arabia, and include a somewhat generous stipend to offset the difficulties of reestablishing your life in a new nation. Slow and steadily that position was eroded until we are at the impasse today where Israel is often expected to return to the original demarcations Armistice lines which existed in June of 1967 and made an attempt to annihilate Israel so tempting to her neighbors.


If that was but the only problem Jews worldwide faced, then it might not be so troubling. It would still be disheartening, but not as serious a problem as what honestly exists today. You almost cannot read the news from around the world each day and not find a report of Jews being attacked in some town or city in Europe or North America. In the past week alone there have been at least five attacks I have read about and those were just in France with three from just outside Paris. Often the perpetrators of these assaults are described as Asians or North Africans with no further descriptions provided. Not only have the numbers of assaults increased but also the severity of the attacks have climbed where taunting has given way to assaults which in turn have given way to group muggings of individual or pairs of Jews and gone on to include attempted murder and on to murder itself. There were the strings of attacks across the United States and were referred to as the “knockout game” or “hit the Jew game” which continue but are no longer considered newsworthy as it is seen as simply more of the same and not a breaking story. There is the almost constant ritualistic desecration of Jewish cemeteries or Jewish sections of cemeteries where swastikas and hate phrases painted in the signs, gates, fences and tombstones and grave markers themselves and often the gravestones are smashed and toppled. This too has pretty much become such a common crime that often they get little if any mention unless you read news sources which tend to cover the minutia of attacks and assaults on Jews, Israel and Judaism. There has been a new twist being reported where desecrations and thefts are occurring at Auschwitz and other concentration camps as well as people posing making anti-Semitic salutes such as the regular Nazi stiff-armed salute or using the “quenelle” originated by anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.


Even with the news the way it has been, it was not until the last few years that any of my friends and acquaintances with whom I had shared my concerns and belief that anti-Semitism was returning to become acceptable in large portions of Western society concurred with my prognosis. Now they are asking how long it had really been increasing and want to know how could they have missed such a serious and threatening change in the body public as well as the coming acceptance of fascist and xenophobic political movements often which include Jew hatred as part of their platforms, even if unofficially as it has not quite gotten to be completely acceptable. Their concerns are heartening as many of these friends are not Jewish yet their concerns are serious and their new perception has opened their eyes and they have sought to find actual reports and information and have become quite concerned and troubled. Hopefully the fact that it appears the vast majority of the public, Jews included, have been untouched and have chosen to downplay or even try to ignore the increasing anti-Semitism as they prefer to believe the world had finally buried that hatred with it discarded and never to return. Well, return it has and with a renewed vengeance which is just as startling and frightening as it has been any time previously throughout history. There is one even more disturbing truth which I have felt and discerned and that is just as throughout history each time anti-Semitism rose in the world it covered more of the globe and included a larger segment of the world’s societies and peoples. This time it appears that it may reach epidemic proportions unseen previously and even exceed the Holocaust in its inclusion of the world’s populations joining together to eradicate the Jews. The terrifying truth is that this time the intentions are not to eradicate the Jews from their midst and cleanse their part of the world of what they claim is a nefarious Jewish presence, the intentions nearly universally this time amongst the majority of anti-Semites is to eradicate all of planet Earth of its Jews, not just the six million plus in Israel or the almost six million in the United States but the approaching fifteen million Jews worldwide. That is why this time all peoples who are decent and caring people must band together and put anti-Semitism into its grave and bury that diseased state of mind once and forever. Those who choose to fight this chilling and growing reality had best start soon, if not immediately, as waiting will only feed the beast making it all that much more difficult to overcome and, at some point, it will become impossible to stop, making the inevitability of the situation, if not drastically prevented, that will result in a bloodbath unseen in human history for it will not stop with the Jews, it never just stops with the Jews, and the next on the list are the Christians followed by the Secular Humanists in all its many forms, and on and on until the majority of humanity will have been cleansed, leaving the smallest core of fanatics, of true believers, who are willing to murder the whole of humanity, if that is what it requires to save humanity.


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