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October 6, 2013

Why the Israel Palestinian Peace Talks Fail

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This is not an article on why the current peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority will most likely fail but about why all of these negotiations have and will forever fail. The common perception is that all that is necessary for there to be peace is for the Israelis to make sufficient sacrifices and surrender sufficient land for there to be peace. The mantra we hear over and over to the point it has become almost a chant that the world leaders recite whenever the Israelis and Palestinian Authority leaders meet is “Land for Peace.” There is actually no amount of land that Israel can surrender which will result in peace or even an agreement with the Palestinians. The simple truth is that there is only one result which the Palestinians are willing to accept, the complete annihilation of the Jewish State to be replaced by an Islamic Sharia State completely free of any Jewish, Christian or any non-Muslim religious group allowed to reside within. There will be protests with this claim which are fully expected.


I can hear the protestations already that the Palestinian Authority has been accepting and good to the Christians in their midst as claimed by those very same Christians who place the blame for their troubles with the Israelis where it belongs. The reason that the Christians leaders from within the Palestinian areas in Judea, Samaria and Benyamin have little choice in expressing their preferences; as if they do not blame Israel for their every woe, then the Muslims will lose vindictive destructions upon Christian businesses, churches, homes and people even higher degree than they currently inflict. Explain why in all of North Africa and the Middle East, an area almost exclusively under Islamic rule, everywhere in every location with but one exception the numbers of Christians have been decreasing for decades upon decades. The sole exception where the numbers of Christians has been steadily on the increase is Israel where freedom of religion is a treasured value which is held in high esteem. The Muslim lands are not so generous with their acceptance of those who even follow a branch of Islam which is different from that of the governing preference, let alone any religion other than Islam. If you wish to see what the treatment the Christians would receive under Palestinian rule if they spoke the truth all one need do is look to Egypt at the treatment of the Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood since they were removed from power. There have been days where as many as fifty churches have been completely looted of anything worth taking before being burned to the ground. Also, Christian owned businesses which have also been torched along with Christian homes, all of which have burned solely as the result of Muslim anger and perceived insult resultant to President Morsi being removed. The Christians were victimized and blamed for his removal despite the protests of literally tens of millions of Egyptians against his actions which excluded all except his cohorts within the Muslim Brotherhood. The Christians who used to make up approximately three quarters of the population in Bethlehem before the Palestinian Authority was gifted security and political control over the birth place of Jesus but now only a remnant making up less than ten percent still reside in this holies of holy cities in Christendom. The only part which Israel played in this entire procession of events was to gift control to the Palestinian as a result of the tragic Oslo Accords.


There are a number of horrific results from the continuing tragedy called the Oslo Accords. Perhaps the greatest of these has been the requirement on the Israelis to placate those who cannot be placated. We can boil down the Israeli needs to a single item which would be sufficient to destroy any possibility for peace. This one item is probably not one the majority of people would even be able to name, let alone be high on their list as Israel is often chastised for making too many demands and not showing a willingness to do what is necessary to reach a peace agreement. This one item has absolutely nothing to do with the settlements or Israeli towns and businesses that are in areas liberated from Jordanian illegal occupation as a result of the June 1967 War. It does not have anything to do with whether or not Israel will be allowed to retain the eastern half of Jerusalem which they have already made an integral part of Israel placing all of Jerusalem under Israeli political and security rule. This one item is not in reference to Israel being permitted to keep some defensive positions and monitoring stations in the Jordan Valley just west of the Jordan River as an early warning system to detect any attack approaching from over Jordanian space. The one item Israel insists the Palestinians meet is to recognize that Israel exists as the state for the Jewish People. The recognition that Israel is the reestablishment of the ancient Jewish homeland is about as basic an understanding of the real reason the world agreed upon when they setup the British Mandate with the stated intent to establish a homeland for the Jewish people. This was voted upon and established international intent for the creation of a state for the Jews before 1920 which is decades ahead of the horrors of the Holocaust. The claim often made that Israel was established as a guilt offering by a world shocked by the horrors of the Holocaust is so easily proved false it is remarkable that it has survived. The Balfour declaration came in 1917 and by 1920 the entire League of Nations had made the Balfour Declaration an international treaty recognized by the world. There have been numerous conferences and accords made all before World War II and the Nazi horrors which echoed and restated support for the establishment of a Jewish State in the Jewish ancient homelands. So, requiring the Palestinians to simply recognize that Israel is and was established as a state for the Jewish People is far from asking the impossible, yet this is the one point above all others which the Palestinians and rest of the Muslim World refuse to grant. Until the Muslim World can recognize that Israel is the state for the Jews, which is even mentioned in the Quran, there can be no peace and that is as simple as it gets. If the world really wishes to find a path to peace between the Jews and the Muslim World they need to require the Muslim World recognize that the Jews have rights to a homeland and that homeland is located as stated in the Old Testament, the Christian Bible and the Islamic Quran on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and includes all of Jerusalem, and only after this has been established should they demand that Israel give even more lands to the Palestinian authority.


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January 29, 2013

Israel Needing New Leaders with New Validating Justifications

Israeli leadership are finally realizing that the old arguments and the old reasoning for supporting Israel have been corrupted and turned on their heads as a result of decades of propaganda. The spreading of half-truths, utter falsehoods, and other fronts of agitprop has turned Israel from the underdog facing overwhelming odds defending against the entire Arab World into an oppressor which uses means and oppressions against the nearly defenseless Palestinians which are reminiscent of the Nazi crimes against humanity thus corrupted the memory of the Holocaust turning it into a liability instead of an event of horror that must be remembered if it is to be avoided in the future. With the Palestinians stealing the Jewish history and claiming it as their own, Israel needs to reestablish their legitimacy and disprove the Palestinian house of lies which the world has eagerly adopted in order to facilitate and validate their hatreds of Israel and Jews in general. The spreading of anti-Semitism, which has broken out attaining unprecedented heights with the promise that the steep increase is just the beginning, is simply the tip of the iceberg of cold hatreds and calculated threats to eradicate Israel and the Jews.

So, what is required for Israel to turn the tides of abrogation of the Jewish State by supplanting it with a Palestinian binational state or a two state solution which will render Israel indefensible? Some of the initial steps would be to state in simple but firm language the positions which Israel is prepared to defend and not bend or surrender their positions any further. The sacrifices of territories Israel has made from the agreement by the early Zionists, who ceded all of the Mandate Lands east of the Jordan River in return for a promise by the British and the countries of the League of Nations that all of the remaining Mandate Lands west of the Jordan River would remain as the Jewish State in perpetuity free of any future partitions, was a huge gift of seventy-eight percent of the promised Mandate lands for the purpose of establishing a Palestinian Arab state to guarantee a peaceful future. Display the White Paper treaties which frame this guarantee which established what is owed Israel under International Laws. Remind the world that Israel liberated Judea and Samaria in a defensive war which would allow the Israeli retention of all or parts of the lands gained from the hostilities in 1967 and 1973 under International Law and the Geneva Conventions in particular. Israel needs to remind the world which claims Israel has made no concessions for peace and demands that Israel surrender land for peace in order to establish yet another state for the Arab population which mostly immigrated subsequent to the initial return of Jews from the Diaspora during the Nineteenth Century. One such claim was the surrender of the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula back to Egyptian control in exchange for a peace with Egypt and in that treaty the Egyptians ceded any claims to the Gaza Strip. Point out that the treaty made with Jordan that the areas west of the Jordan River which had been illegally occupied by Jordan was returned to the previous owners of these lands under numerous treaties and conventions back to Israel fulfilling the obligations made by the League of Nations and acknowledged in Article 80 of the United Nations Carter.

But Israeli and Jewish leadership must go beyond the dry facts of treaties, conferences, proclamations, and edicts of governments and men and reassert the expressions of the inspirations, dreams and aspirations of the Zionists and their love and desire to reestablish and rebuild their historic homeland. The Zionists and Israelis must reclaim the emotional front and thus personalize their claims to their Biblical homelands and the establishment of the dream of an Israel that would be a light unto the nations through exemplary conduct, establishing a just state, and leading development in all fields dedicated to the betterment of the human existence. Israel must proclaim the good they have presented to the world and the potentials of future miracles, scientific developments, agricultural inventiveness, medical discoveries, and general improvements in countless fields of human endeavors complimenting and furthering knowledge and accomplishments. Above all of these arguments must be accompanied by the human emotions and inspirations which tie Eretz Yisroel and the Children of Israel and attach the modern return to the first return out from Egypt and away from Pharaoh. The Biblical establishment of the claim to the land must become a driving force and validation just as it drove the Zionists to expend their energies in reestablishing the State of Israel with the blessings and cooperation of not solely Europe and the United States but also with the blessings of King Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi who signed numerous treaties, conventions, and conference agreements as the reigning Arab leadership in setting aside lands for the establishment of a Jewish State. The real histories which prove that the initial investments of the world towards the establishing of Israel were committed beginning at the end of World War I and had nothing to do with the Holocaust. The agreements to found a Jewish State in the Middle East was an idea that has its roots in the mid to late Eighteen-Hundreds and the returning of the Jews to the area which would become Israel began even earlier. It must be expressed and displayed that there has been a Jewish presence in the areas which now constitute Israel with an emphasis on the facts that a Jewish presence and historical relationship has existed for over three-thousand years with large presence of Jewish communities in cities such as Jerusalem, Hevron, Tiberius, Shechem (Ramallah), and among many other towns and villages throughout the lands.

The need for an update of the arguments used to validate the Jewish presence in the Middle East may require an entire change of the leadership with a passing of the torch to a new generation. The old leadership which are still steeped in the old arguments and who dream of a return to the times when Israel was loved by most of the world believing that is possible to rekindle must be supplanted by those who are ready to establish new and uncorrupted by Arab propaganda arguments and validations of the correctness and promise of Israel as the Jewish State. New arguments which reveal the perfidy of the lies which the Arabs utilize to steal the legitimacy of Israel being established for the Jews and are making every effort to corrupt and adapt the Jewish history and rights into a falsified collection of arguments establishing a Jewish Israel to establish an Arab replacement must be revealed and the truth reestablished. They must no longer present the apologetic appearance which begs for favor and recognition all the time presenting a meekness which is unbecoming and undermines their arguments. This is the time for rekindling the fire of Zionism in the souls of the Israeli leadership. The Jewishness of Israel and the right of the Jews to their eternal homeland must be presented forcefully, beaming with pride and challenging any who might choose to deny these truths. The old ‘if I may’ attitude should be relegated to the scrapheap of history and a new, inspired, reinvented Zionism needs to be presented the world, the same Zionism which burned hot and bright resulting in the Balfour Declaration and the ensuing documents which laid the foundations for the current state of Israel. Inspired presentations of the truth in an unapologetic manner even to the point of arrogance rather than meekness is necessitated due to the surrender of the preeminent claims to the lands being perceived to stand with the invented entities of the invented peoples, the Palestinians, who are simply Arabs who before immigrating to what is today is Israel since the late nineteenth century were simply Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraqis and other native Arabs from neighboring lands. The time for polite discourse passed decades ago and, as was predicted, the only arguments and reasoning that will be heard by the rest of the world are those presented with a forcefulness with which truths must be presented. The phrases which need be adopted by all the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora are those of the late Meir Kahane, “Never Again” and “Am Yisroel Chai.”

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May 14, 2012

What the Media is not Telling You About Israel and West Bank

The mainstream media in Europe, the United States, around the world, and even throughout Israel is keeping a dirty little secret under wraps as to admit to its existence would ruin the perfect image of the poor and downtrodden Palestinians being victimized by the big, bad, mean Israelis. The secret has numerous facets of which I will recount some of the most flagrant examples of the conspiracy to hide the truth. Every once in a while there will be a report that a few rockets or mortars were fired from Gaza into southern Israel. These reports are usually forced into the public eye due to injuries or the miracles which happen with regularity where the round hits a schoolyard or smashes into a classroom and either does not explode or explodes but the children had just been moved to another location in the school for other activities. The former is reported as when there are Israelis hospitalized or worse from these attacks the particular attack cannot be kept secret any longer. With the miracles which have occurred more times than I can count, are reported partially to prove that these attacks are harmless as nobody was injured despite a school or home or other structure being hit and partially destroyed. What is almost never reported unless you read <a href= target=blank>Arutz Sheva</a> or live in Sederot or other community near the Gaza border is the affect the often daily rocket attacks and the sounding of the Code Red sirens has on the people who live under this constant threat, especially the older citizens and the children. There have been numerous reports made by healthcare officials and psychologists about the stress induced problems, especially on the children many of whom have developed sleep disorders among other problems.

Along the same locations there is also the sniper fire and the placement of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) near the fence between Gaza and southern Israel where these are used to ambush IDF personnel and vehicles which monitor the border road. The threats which at one time only included those Israelis living within a few miles of Gaza have now been extended with the longer range and larger payload carrying rockets to now reach to all of Ashkelon, Beer-Sheba and now Eilat as similar rocket and mortar attack have begun to be launched out of the Sinai into even more of the south of Israel. As the terror groups within Gaza receive more and more of the stronger, larger and more accurate armaments the areas of Israel coming under threat and the ability to make more accurate selection of targets continues to increase. Soon we will see these attacks from within Gaza reaching all the way to Tel Aviv at which time the media will have no choice but to cover such attacks. But in the meantime, as long as the attacks are only targeting some of the poorest towns kibbutzim and developments, the news will willfully ignore them as they are not striking anything the elites find valuable. Soon they are going to get the rudest of awakenings and will be asking the question, “Where did this come from and why did we not know about this threat?” What will the media say then?

On to the other front which gets an even less respect and reporting from the press; the area they call the West Bank instead of using its real names of Judea and Samaria. The purpose of using the term West Bank in place of Judea and Samaria is to keep hidden the historical relevance these lands had as the heart of the ancient Jewish lands. I mean Judea, how can Judea be anything but Jewish, it is the root from which the term Judaism originates. Also, by changing the name they are able to blur the full meaning and intents of the myriad of papers, declarations, decrees, treaties, and inclusionary terms in founding documents all of which distinctly place all of Judea and Samaria as well as all of the rest of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as the intended lands for the Jewish homeland. Truth be told, originally the Jewish homeland also included all of Jordan. But as that was signed off on in an agreement that the area today known as Jordan and originally Transjordan would be the Arab Palestine whiles the remaining lands west of the Jordan River were to be Jewish Palestine. The media avoids any reference to the original definition of who was a Palestinian. Before 1964 if a person was referred to as a Palestinian, they were Jewish. The Arabs were called Egyptian, Syrian, or simply Arabs. On rare occasions they were referred to as Arab Palestinian, but never as simply Palestinian. During the World War II the Palestinian Brigade consisted of Jewish soldiers fighting with the British. The Arab forces that entered World War II did entered on the side of the Axis powers, in particular with Germany.

In the lands of Judea and Samaria there have been escalating attacks made on Jewish motorists by rock and Molotov throwing, carjacking, and sniper fire. The rock and carjacking have become daily occurrences which the mainstream media chooses to ignore. Even when they have covered it, the coverage has only included the initial findings of the authorities which are most often that the vehicle was in a single vehicle accident. It is often later that the attack is reclassified as a terrorist attack but why change the story at such a late date. Even when one of these rock attacks murdered a father and infant son, Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan, the authorities listed this event as reckless driving. This determination was made despite the small amounts of evidence to the contrary such as the large rock in the back of the van, the large hole in the windshield just above the steering wheel about the same diameter as the rock and the smashed in face of the father with an indentation about the same size as the aforementioned rock. It took over a day and a half before the Police finally surrendered to the findings that a thrown rock may have caused the accident that tragically took these innocent Israeli lives. One such rock attack was filmed and despite the evidence that the car was swerving to avoid the attack, the driver was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder for striking an Arab youth who had run straight in front of the car and thrown a rock point-blank at the windshield. The charges were eventually dropped. But why is the press ignoring all these attacks? Whatever could be their purpose?

This is where the truth gets really sickening. Why does the media refuse to report there are daily occurrences of terrorist activities against Israelis, usually Jewish Israelis but not exclusively as some Arab Christian and even Arab Muslims have ended up on the receiving end of these rock attacks simply due to their having the wrong type of license plates (Israeli plates)? They avoid reporting this for two reasons, it would be too repetitive with reports saying the same basic thing just sometimes differing locations each day, and it would spoil the narrative. What narrative you ask? The narratives that the Palestinians are always the victims and on the receiving end of harsh and cruel Israeli oppression while the Jews live the high life with no regard for the Palestinians. The Palestinians have to be portrayed in the kindest and most flattering light while the Israeli “settlers” must be portrayed as interlopers stealing the land and the food out of the Palestinians’ mouths. It must be shown that the Arabs are having their land stolen by Jews while the IDF stands by with their rifles forcing the Palestinians off their native soil. It can never come to light that the vast majority of these people being referred to as the Palestinians are also recent emigrants who came to the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea seeking better employment which was available as the Zionists turned swamps and desolate wastelands into profitable farms and industry. The most common names of “Palestinian” families are also very common names of Egyptian and Syrian families and if you research the vast majority of the so-called Palestinians you would find they have numerous relatives back in the homeland from which their names indicate is their actual heritage.

One last little item which will be another example of the truth you have not been told. Most have heard that name which strikes the notes of oppression of the Palestinians. That word is “Naqba” which means catastrophe and is currently used to denote the Palestinian response to Israeli Independence Day. But this was not the original use of the word Naqba. It had a much earlier and vastly different meaning which had absolutely nothing to do with Israel, the Jews, and was used when Palestinian equaled a Jew living in the British Mandate Lands. Simply try a little experiment and search the terms, Naqba Syria France Britain 1920, and let the true and original meaning of the word Naqba be revealed. You will find that the Naqba was the division of greater Syria between France and Britain thus cutting the southern Syrians off from their beloved Damascus. The commonly thought of meaning it denotes today did not come into being until the earliest the late 1970s and mainstream usage in the 1990s. Like so many of the terms and presumed history and facts surrounding the “Palestinians”, it is all stolen from other times, peoples, and histories. The one thing that remains true and cannot be challenged is that the only country in all of recorded history to reside between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea with Jerusalem as its Capital has been the Jewish State whether it was known as Israel or Judea.

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